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Suerte la mía q vive poniéndome gente buena en el camino 🙏🏽🍀 @mariopaez_zentury @nazita_b 💪🏽🙌🏽
Being a 21 year old business owner has NOT gone as planned... - From the outside looking into entrepreneurship you see that they get to set their own schedule, work from home, have more free time, work on a beach in Mexico if they wanted...all these things that look really freaken good from the outside. But these are the things you don’t see... - Constantly having to push yourself and set boundaries on when to work and get your 7 page word document of ideas created. When you don’t have a boss breathing down your neck..you ARE your boss. And if you don’t get the work done..nobody else will for you. - Staying up late at night to finish that project you’ve been working on for weeks to post it on Instagram and hope that people will resonate or hear you. Praying that this might be the thing that sets you apart. - The constant tug of war in your mind questioning what you are doing...if it’s working...if you are doing it right..if this really is your purpose. - Struggling to balance your social life with your work life, because every body else from the outside sees “free time” since you work from home...but in reality you have 6 billion things that need to get done and are overwhelmed with to-do’s. - The biggest struggle as a 21 year old business owner is time. Patience mostly. Patience that the thing you took a leap of faith on will work out for a His good. Patience with yourself that you aren’t a freaken super woman and can’t do it all. Patience with your friends and family as they don’t always understand your dreams. Patience. It’s what I need more of. - I am truly living my best life right now. But I also need you to see the side of the card that shows you that this life...this “dream” life doesn’t equal less work...it actually equals about 5x more. But it’s also 5x more rewarding. And dang...I’m blessed every single day to live it, no matter what. 💕 - #entrepreneur #coachlife #onlinecoaching #personaltrainer #onlinetrainer #reversedieting #flexibledieting #fatloss #faithandfitness #fitnessandfaith #christianbodybuilding #christianfitness #fitforhisglory #iifym #macrotracking #macronutrients #whattheydonttellyou #businessowner #beyourownboss #flytefam #macros
Here’s my Tuesday leg workout if you decide you want to push it and get reeeaaaal sweaty. You’ll do 15 reps of each move so as an example, it will look like this: 15 reverse lunge right, 15 Bulgarian split squat right, 15 reverse lunge right, 15 Bulgarian split squat left Increase weight and do the same thing with 12 reps. Increase weight and do the same thing with 9 reps. . Who’s gonna give this a go?
Just got annihilated by the heat on a 3 mile run, but it did get all the water out of my skin and make me appear more shredded. Thx heat. Also my front camera is the equivalent to a 2003 flip phone camera. I need a new phone...
Always start with legs after 10 days holidays💪😁👊
Goodmorning friends☀️ . . . I saw this quote and it hit me like a brick wall. I like to have a plan, and I like for my plan to go as I want it to. But just because it doesn’t go how I intended it to doesn’t mean it wasn’t and isn’t going to happen. Sometimes things aren’t meant to happen right now, but later when the time is right. And even if it doesn’t happen later, what’s lying ahead is SO much better than the things that lay behind. 🌻 . . Happy Tuesday🦄 . . . . #katyhearnfit #khspringchallenge #khspringpromo #positivevibes #motivationalquotes #positivequotes #positivity #faith #happy #iifym #intuitiveeating #inspirationalquotes #girlswholift #strongwomen #strongnotskinny #fit #healthy #fitspo #fitstagram #fitnessmotivation #progress #khgirls
#Pizza #Diavolo ◾◾◾ Zu Feier des Tages gabs heute mal ein nettes Auswärtsessen. Wir haben nämlich unseren #Urlaub gerade gebucht 🌍 🏖️🏝️🏛️🏚️ Für uns geht's im September auf #Kreuzfahrt #🛳 Wir sind dann auf dem Mittelmeer mit der #Aida unterwegs 💕 Ich freu mich zwei Kullerkekse gerade darüber ☺ War von euch jemand schonmal auf Kreuzfahrt? Es wird meine 1️⃣. ‼️ Kanns gar nicht mehr abwarten. ⚠️ Habt ihr gute oder schlechte Erfahrungen gemacht damit? Her mit den Infos 💬 ◾◾◾ Für die Pizza hab ich mir pauschal 1000 Kalorien berechnet. Schätzen ist imme recht schwer find ich. Sie ist aber der Diavolo von Dr. Oetker sehr ähnlich gewesen, deswegen denke ich komme ich damit recht gut hin, oder was meint ihr ⁉️ 😁 ◾◾◾ #rezept #lecker #kochidee #singleküche #abnehmen2018 #kochen #ichliebekochen #kochenistliebe #nomstagram  #kalorien #abnehmen #instafood #fettarmkochen #fettarm #foodblogger #Foodie #followme #highcarb #hclf #kalorienzählen #iifym #flexibledieting #mittagessen #nofilter
What people think will happen when they eat a brownie? That they’ll gain 5lbs🤰🏼, they’ve messed up theirs diet and that they should just “start again tomorrow”🤔 . What actually happens when you eat a brownie? You enjoy yourself, get rid of cravings and continue with your 80/20 balanced diet🥗🍰 . No food group should make you feel guilty, not should we see foods as “good or bad”. Yes some foods are more calorie dense and others provide the nutrients we need. Whether that be what I body needs to thrive, along with the mental cravings we get from time to time🤞🏼 . Just try your best to practice everything in moderation and keep your goals in mind🏋🏼‍♀️
Quinua (temperadinha com açafrão 👌🏼) + abóbora + linguiça Toscana, pro almoço! 🍴 . As comidas vão ficar repetitivas por uns diazinhos pq eu tenho marmitinha da dieta antiga e não vou deixar estragar, Tbm estou saindo de férias e vou esperar chegar na outra city pra poder comprar tudo e iniciar direitinho. 😉
Is it too late for #transformationtuesday ?🤔🤷🏼‍♀️😍 -43kg ... bis auf 2017 wo ich mein „stagnierendes“Jahr hatte .. muss ich auch zugeben das mir das Abnehmen nich wirklich schwer gefallen ist 🤔 #tuesday #fitnessgirl #strongnotskinny #fitness #lifestyle #myself #iifym #gymgirl #transformation #gymaddict #inspiration #fitnessmotivation #motivation #wirzusammenansziel #weightloss #weightlossjourney #sweatingbeauties #justdoit #healthy #diet #gymlove #life #justdoit #workhard #workout #happy #hardwork #goals
Breakfast was GREAT! Even though @fifaworldcup Colombia 🇨🇴 lost 2-1 😫to japan 🇯🇵. First 3 minutes 🤦🏽‍♀️ red card & penalty kick for japan. Sunday’s game is do or die 🤦🏽‍♀️🙇🏽‍♀️. . Anywho!!! Happy Tuesday 💆🏽‍♀️😀😅. . What’s on my plate 👇🏽 2 whole eggs. 1 egg white. Sautéed Mushrooms & spinach. 53g of @flapjacked waffle mix. Added 1/2 tbsp of @traderjoes lemon 🍋 curd into the waffle mix, cinnamon & sliced strawberries 🍓. . ✏️Kcals: 458/40P/34C/17F. . Enjoy 😊. . Make sure if you guys repost my food photos on your page, tag me 📢. . #nutritionist #iifym #iifymrecipes #weightloss #liftheavy #weightlossmotivation #flexibledieting #eatgoodlookgood #mealideas #recipes #cleaneating #healthyfood #healthylifestyle #fitmom #fitness #fitnessjourney #igfitness #igfit #igfitfam #breakfastideas #fitchick #foodstyling #powerlifting #gloobyfood #feedfeed #thechefpit #spoonforkbacon #healthycuisines #cuisinesworld #foodblogfeed
Trying to get my head in the game. I’m not overly hungry or in the mood for food but still trying to get my body recovering.. #snack #iifym #crossfit #training #motivated #onamission #goals #health #healthy #weightloss #fatloss #girlswholift #workout #workhard #fit #fitfam #liftheavy #lifestyle #healthylifestyle #fitgirl #getfit #eatforabs
Here’s the low carb, high fat chicken salad that I made in the blog post yesterday as some of you may have missed the picture. - It was a beaut to make, beaut to look at and a beaut to eat - Swing over to the blog to find out how to make it, it was sooooo easy! - #salad #chicken #chickensalad #healthyliving #health #diet #nutrition #nutritioncoach #nutritionblog #nutritionblogger #blog #blogger #themphmethod #macros #iifym #lowcarb #lowcarbhighfat #lowcarbhighfatdiet #protein - 🥦🥑🍍🍇🥥🍈🍑🍎🍋 - Need a customised diet plan? Feel free to contact me: - matth@themphmethod.com - 🌶🍏🍒🍌🍅🍐🍍🍇🍊
Been getting a lot of messages lately about food. People asking what I eat, what they should eat, etc. Many people don’t believe that I eat as much as I do. Typically I eat around 3000 calories a day. (I’m 5’8”, 150lbs, for reference) But sometimes my body needs extra recovery. Been feeling extremely run down lately after getting sick twice, back to back, and I’ve also been rehabbing a strained adductor the last couple weeks. For the past few days, I’ve been giving my body ALL the food and ALL the rest. 😴Finally feeling like my energy levels are starting to pick back up, even though my leg will still require more downtime. The thing is, you don’t build muscle by starving it, and I absolutely HATE feeling hungry. Sustained fat loss has to be done over the long term. If you drastically cut your calories, your body’s set point will just jump higher. Sometimes you just need extra calories to replenish those glycogen stores, facilitate muscle healing, or simply make you feel human. I ate nearly 4000 calories/day, the last two days in a row, and guess what? I didn’t balloon up, I wasn’t bloated, and I didn’t lose my muscle. I simply gave my body what it was screaming out for so that it could continue to do what I need it to do. Don’t be afraid to EAT THE FOOD! . . . #macros #cleaneating #fitfuel #fitfoods #recovery #muscle #iifym #paleo #food #eating #meals #fitness #fitchicks #fitgirls #fitgirlsofig #fit #restday #rehab #girlswithmuscle #strongwomen #strength #strong #eat #gains #hungryaf
If you look at both lunch boxes, do you see any difference? 🤔👀 Probably not but the bottom one has 192 calories more. How is it possible? Some changes in the list of ingredients and here we are 🤗 My lunch box on the top: 30g of whole wheat pasta, 100g of salmon, coconut milk used for the sauce and lots of butternut squash, broccoli and cherry tomatoes 😍 My lunch box on the bottom: 80g of white pasta, 100g of salmon, heavy cream used for the sauce, much less of butternut squash, broccoli and cherry tomatoes 😖 Both lunches would definitely keep you full for at least 3 hours but if you can save some calories for later then why not? 💁🏼😁 . . . 📷 By @nessasphere.. ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ Follow us 🍽 @foodfuly Follow us 🍽 @foodfuly ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ 😍TaG your friends . . . #healthyfood  #healthylifestyle  #healthy #slimmingworld  #beforeandafter #weightlossjourney  #health  #veganfood #plantbased  #transformation  #salad #eatclean  #diet  #wholefoods  #foodie #cleaneating  #nutrition  #iifym  #protein #vegan  #fitnessmotivation  #weightloss #fitfam  #fitness  #fit  #exercise  #inspiration #dinner  #avocado
When there’s sales on fruit 🙌🏼🍑🍍🍌🥑 Don’t worry I got that protein too! 😉 - Natural sugars from fruit are processed by our bodies much differently than refined sugars. Natural sugars come with vitamins, fiber, and antioxidants where refined sugars are really just crap. 🙅🏻‍♀️ - I love having fresh fruits around for when I have a sweet tooth 🍭🍬🍦🍰🍪
Another good session milled💪🏼💯
1) Consistency > Perfection. Weight loss (sustainable) will never be linear. 2) I really weigh that much. I’m 6ft tall. 🤷🏻‍♀️ For reference, about 17% BF. 2) There’s been 1 vacation, 3 work trips over the course of tracking my weight trends. Because LIFE. 3) No show in sight, working on getting my body in a balanced state that doesn’t freak out if I go over macros one day and under the next. 4) Grad school has started and I know all of my days won’t be perfect attendance at the gym or on diet, especially tackling school while still working full time. And training clients. If you can devote yourself to all things 100%, good for you. I will literally lose my noggin if I try to balance prep + 90 hours of study/work. 5) I like being able to have wine nights and participate in social functions like a normal human being - not eating out of Tupperware at a restaurant or passing up experiences on vacations. 6) @caseymfit @teambossbodies has been a blessing to me and my metabolism. That is all 😎 💪🏼👙 #transformationtuesday #ifbb #pro #bikinicompetitor #xxweeksout #balance #socialbutterfly #iifym #cleaneating #carbcycling #treatmeal #igfitness #fitfam #fitspo #healthy #lifestyle #notadiet #leangains #metabolism #alwaysimproving #tallgirls #longtermgoals #marathonnotasprint
Bom dia galera, hoje ficou pronta a minha tão esperada avaliação física e como podem ver o resultado foi muito bom! Após 60 dias da última avaliação esses foram meus resultados! . . Vou ser bem sincero, não esperava tanta diferença em dois meses, principalmente por estar fazendo uma dieta que nunca havia feito e por não estar treinando com força total. . Essa avaliação é para mostrar a vocês que da pra secar comendo de tudo mesmo, tendo moderação, contando macros e calorias o resultado vem. Vocês estão me acompanhando e tem visto todas as minhas refeições, meus treinos adaptados e todos meus resultados! Como podem ver sai de 83,55kg, 20,81% de gordura e 66,16kg de massa magra, para meu espanto após a avaliação fui para 79,35kg, 14,89% de gordura e 67,53kg, ou seja, além de perder peso, gordura, ainda consegui ganhar 1,5kg de massa magra mesmo fazendo dieta para secar. . . Espero que isso possa ajudar vocês a se animarem e começarem a fazer a dieta flexível, vou continuar no meu planejamento e daqui 60 dias realizaremos uma nova avaliação para ver como serão os próximos resultados. Não deixem de me seguir e acompanhar tudo sobre esse cutting diferente, fiz um pedido de suplementos essa semana e assim que chegarem eu irei postar aqui para vocês, mostrando o que eu irei começar a tomar. . . Fiquem ligados que hoje a janta será diferente, aniversário de casamento haha. . #dietaflexivel #dietaflexílbrasil #dieta #mudancaalimentar #alimentação #emagrecer #emagrecendocomsaúde #reeducaçãoalimentar #macrosnutrientes #macronutriente #evoluindo #jejum #jejumintermitente #foconadieta #secandocomendo #secandocomsaude #secandoecomendobem #comendodetudo #foconoobjetivo #batendoosmacros #vidafit #rotinaalimentar #treinoadaptado #treinopersonalisado #avaliacao #avaliacaofisica #semmimimi #queimandogordura #porcentagemdegordura #iifym
Breakfast is @deliciousalchemy rice flake porridge, cacao powder, #flaxseeds #unsweetenedalmondmilk honey and frozen strawberries #flexibledieting #iifym #macros #coeliacsdisease #glutenfree
We dough nut discriminate 🌈 Happy #pride month! Grab this rainbow beauty starting tomorrow thru the end of June!
I’ve come a long way. 🍑 #TransformationTuesday 💪🏼 2015-2018 - Swipe right ➡️ for some serious #Bootyful booty & posing evolution. Can’t wait to see what i bring to the stage next! 💯 • • • This week I’ve been more motivated than i have in a long time. And, i renewed my love and passion for the gym. Sometimes we get lost - but, as long as we find our way back, that’s all that truly matters. I am blessed beyond measure and know that I’m right where I’m supposed to be. ❤️
Throwback to TRX Training last week because I just got my TRX Function Training Certificate 🤗 Also, I still have spots open tonight for 6 PM JOYCircuit at @joyridetexas if you want to get in a good sweat today!
Banana and chocolate muffins🍌 Treat yourself without denting your macros. These muffins are perfect for that carb boost before the gym or whilst relaxing with a cup of tea after a long day☕️ and of course, they’re super yummy!! Made using organic cacao liquor buttons and cacao powder from @bulkpowders_uk and @myproteinuk chocolate smooth protein powder - If you want the full recipe just send me a message✨ Per muffin: Carbs | Fat | Protein | Kcal: 10.6 | 3.8 | 10.9 | 129 💪🏼 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀ #proteinmuffins #myprotein #bulkpowders #fitfam #protein #macros #fitness #highprotein #eatlean #proteinpacked #lowcarb #lowfat #healthyfood #healthy #gym #bodybuilding #fit #eatclean #nutrition #food #diet #health #cleaneating #gains #training #healthyeating #iifym
“Happiness is the highest level of success. Your happiness will not come to you, it can only come from you.” 🖤✨
Hey friends!! Take advantage of this awesome giveaway @fitcrunchbars is doing!! Find them at Walmart and you can win free snack size bars AND a $150 gift card!! 😱💸 Like WHAAAAAAT?! #teamfitcrunch #win #prize #food #walmart #free #raffle #giveaway #freestuff #bodybuilding #fitfam #Repost @fitcrunchbars with @get_repost ・・・ 😀🔎Find us at Walmart and instantly be entered for a chance to win some snack size bars & a $150 Walmart gift card! HOW TO ENTER: 1️⃣Take a fun pic or video with FITCRUNCH at Walmart 2️⃣Post it on IG, TW, or FB using #FITCRUNCHatWALMART 3️⃣Add store LOCATION BONUS: Tag 3 Walmart shoppers in this post Enter before 7/1/2018. Winners will be selected at random. US only. No purchase necessary to win. For full sweepstakes rules visit http://bit.ly/2CNThl7 #fitcrunch #walmart #giveaway #contest #FITCRUNCHatWALMART #fitcrunchbars #fitforsnacking #snack #protein #wheyprotein #fitmom #iifym #walmartfinds
Muscle Building Foods: Porridge. It’s a classic for a reason! It might seem simple, but Porridge is a great food pre-workout. Slowly releasing energy to fuel your training. Not only that, but the slow digestion of Porridge means that it slowly feeds your body with the energy it needs to build muscle. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ For more tricks, tips, and advice for skinny guys trying to put on size click the link in my bio and follow my Facebook page.
Fresh picked strawberries!!!
Progress !!!
“Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.” . . Back to the Shift Shop after almost a year of trying all kinds of new things. What I love about working out at home is the variety, it’s the best! Getting all prepped and ready to drive to Indianapolis for coach Summit with a bunch of amazing ladies tomorrow at 4 am! Going to learn so much from so many amazing and inspirational people, not to mention the workouts and fun we will have with thousands of other people who are in the biz to help people be the best they can be. Happy transformation Tuesday y’all! See ya in Indy! 😘
Wanted to share some of my prep travel tips with you all ☀️ I’m not going to lie, traveling while on prep is my biggest struggle and causes me the most stress. I don’t like being thrown off from my routine, but I’ve found a few ways to ease the stress 😅 ————————————————— 🌟1. If possible, pack your normal meals and make sure you have access to a kitchen! Eating your normal every day meals will allow you to stay on track, and you won’t be as tempted to fall off of your diet! 🌟2. If you don’t have access to a kitchen, try to order your meals from a food prep company! I’m traveling to Vegas this weekend, and I decided to fully order all of my meals so I don’t have to worry about tracking my food while I’m there! Planning ahead is key, especially when you are traveling far and won’t have access to a grocery store or full kitchen! 🌟3. Try to get your workouts in first thing in the morning! Then you can have your day free, and if something goes wrong you have more time to arrange new plans so you can get your workout in! I usually buy day passes at gyms when I travel or modify my workouts for a hotel gym. Most day passes are good for 24 hours, so you can use them twice if you go back to the gym earlier the next day! 🌟4. If you can, plan any untracked meals ahead of time! I’m on prep so I will be having on untracked meal on vacation, but if you aren’t preparing for a competition you don’t have to be so restrictive! Always remember BALANCE! A week of eating crap can do some damage, but one meal a day won’t put you as far behind and you can enjoy your foods in moderation while still maintaining your physique! 🌟5. Enjoy your time with friends and family! My vacation will be different than normal because I will be 9 weeks out, but there’s no need to fully restrict yourself unless you are competing. I chose to compete knowing it was extreme, and I am okay with sticking to my macros and workout split on vacation, but if I wasn’t this deep into prep there would be no reason to be so restrictive. Assess your goals, and form your own plan on how to enjoy your vacation while staying on track 🤩 ———————————————— #bairaesthetics #balance #fitfam #iifym #flexibledieting
An all vegan restaurant in Seoul! 👐 Korea is known for is BBQs and lucky for me, this place served a vegan alternative! 😀 Was nicely spiced and the texture was really chewy, unlike any other "meat" replacer I've had before 🤔 The whole meal was good though, had some Bibimbap too which was even better than the first one I hade in Korea! Highly recommend this place, as it also allows you to order whatever without the stress of any communication issues ☺️ 🇰🇷 #veganBbq #veganKoreanBbq #VeganSeoul #VeganKorea
📌Calorie Counting Mistakes #Repost @samuelforget ・・・ Calorie counting is my go-to fat loss tool when trying to shed body fat. It’s not perfect, but it’s arguably the best method of monitoring calorie intake. ⠀ But you’ll want to avoid doing any of these: ⠀ 1) Not using a food scale ⠀ A measuring cup is an okay start. Eyeballing your intake is silly. Weighing your food is the most reliable method of tracking. ⠀ 2) Taking days off from counting ⠀ Even two crap days of eating can set you back a week, but you won’t know that if you don’t know how much you’re eating. ⠀ 3) Ignoring liquid calories ⠀ The cream in your coffee and milk in your smoothie have calories (sadly). Don’t just track solids. ⠀ 4) “Forgetting” about little bites and snacks ⠀ The handfuls of crackers, Cheez-its, and crackers that you’re sneaking aren’t calorie free. ⠀ 5) Eyeballing after little food scale experience ⠀ Weighing something once doesn’t make you the eyeballing expert. You should be weighing for several weeks before considering eyeballing. ⠀ 6) Not even trying to track meals out ⠀ No, it won’t be totally accurate. But the least you can do is guess and overestimate intake. ⠀ 7) Logging inaccurate portions ⠀ Don’t log “one small banana.” Get it on a scale, because foods—yes, even the same ones—range quite a bit in size. A banana may be anywhere from 80-150 calories. ⠀ 8) Making mental justifications ⠀ You didn’t “earn” the piece of cake by going on a run, nor does it cancel out. Everything needs to be logged no matter how active you are. ⠀ ——— ⠀ Even ONE of these mistakes can render calorie counting useless. ⠀ Which one are you guilty of?
Café da manhã de hoje com 3 torradas integrais e creme de ricota light da tirolez
Breakfast 🌼☀️ overnight oats with apricot and cherries 🍒 and coffee ☕️ of course ❤️ refuelling after a 3 mile run this morning 🏃‍♀️ #tiuteam #tiuuk #mermaid #macros #iifym #iifymgirls #fitness #fitnessuk #fashionuk #lifestyle #lifting #running #toneitup #tiubikiniseries #tiubride #girlswholift #gym #cardio #healthyfood #healthylifestyle #running #runner #breakfast #strongnotskinny #tiugirl #ono @toneitup
Slow progress IS progress. So hard to adjust from being younger and drinking more water equating to dropping 10 lbs, to busting my ass and maybe getting a 1 lb 😆. But alas....it’s the little things lol. So if you’re discouraged jump on the train but don’t stop, that’s when you get NO results. Put your focus back on your why and get it. There’s a lot more going on inside then shows on the outside! #transformationtuesday #tuesday #progress
Every Tuesday I’m going to look back on all the food I can’t wait to eat again in 6 weeks time, firehouse for breakfast 🥞
I LOVE PASTA! // but to keep it a bit more macro friendly I made Ground Turkey Zoodles! Low carb, low fat + high protein- so that I don’t go to bed with a food baby 😅! . Should I post the recipe!? Comment below 👇🏼💕! . Happy Tuesday!
Everything is bigger in...Wisconsin.
Somewhere in the realm of heavy and having your toes annoy the crap out of you due to water retention during meaningful sleep periods. Ps: yes I train legs 😉 (well twice a week actually quads/abductors being on the first day and hamstring/glutes on another, so a little dr love tipper for people non genetically gifted in that department). I don’t enjoy bodybuilding as much as I use to currently enjoying the mixed martial art hybrid and just creating a super human in the that field without worrying about USADA flagging me for contaminated beef patties 🌹). • • • • • #muscle #shredded #fitnessmodel #bodybuilder #gymlife #aesthetics #physique #abs #fitnessaddict #gains #instafit #strong #ifbb #beastmode #npc #cardio #dedication #fitnessmotivation #girlswholift #muscles #getfit #mensphysique #powerlifting #gymrat #exercise #ripped #body #iifym #crossfit #nutrition
Photocred 📸: @ericsunphotography Since when did fitness become putting more weight on a scale? I was literally confused when I was younger because I wasn't gaining 15 to 20 pounds a year. I learned that it was impossible for me to be 200 lbs realistically because in order to reach 200 lbs I would have to have so much body fat content. It's completely counterproductive because I'm pretty sure we all start our fitness journey so we can look better and at 200 lbs I would have around +30% body fat content. I never believed in this perspective as much as I believe in it now. 🔥 Judge yourself by what you see in the mirror and not by the weight scale 🔥Link in bio for my Ultimate All-in-one Guide to Achieve Your Best Physique 🔥 Follow @original_gainstas 🔥 Youtuber: Original Gainstas, in bio 🔥
What’s a @_fitness_1st_ competition weekend without a foodie post? Swipe left to see some of the nomz I got to enjoy this weekend 😍 WARNING: you may drool....ALOT🤤 •Today is day 1 of my week long “diet break”! We are going to try to implement this now that I have over a month until my next show! Diet breaks focus on recovering metabolism in hopes to help me come in even tighter for the next time I’m on stage (this was the judges feedback for me!) •A diet break consists of hitting Maintenence macros (macros higher then what I’ve been doing), but I’m still tracking! I enjoyed this weekend and now I jump back into hitting designated macro ranges for a week! I’ve seen many competitors and coaches take on this approach to help them progress even further (@paulrevelia is a great example of this) and I can’t wait to see what it does for me! I’m ready to have more health in my life today 🍃😂 #foodie #bairaesthetics #chicagofoodie #iifym #food #cheatmeal #cookie #icecream #dessert
Got some macro-friendly seasonings from @thegymchef 👌 meal prep essentials!💯
GARNISH 🥗 Putting the finishing touches to our Satay Chicken Stir-Fry with some Roasted Peanuts 🥜 Healthy food doesn't have to be boring 😍 #eathapilivehappy
So here it is, not a food photo but my current progress thus far! • The first comparison shows just before I started really getting into the gym and working on my eating and started being consistent in what I was doing, before that photo I started eating well a few weeks before, this was taken on 10th April weighing 110lbs, the second photo was 22nd April weighing 108lbs and the 3rd was 18th May weighing 106lbs, this was 5 weeks difference, and it's not that much but you can definitly see more definition and less tub on the sides! • The second comparison is from the 18th May and 13th June when I came back from holiday after eating carbs and puddings, I was expecting weight gain but surprisingly I weighed the same 106bs, I think I lost muscle mass during this time from not training and gained a little bit of fat so it weighed each other out! • The final photo shows myself back in 2016 when I tried to get lean but failed because my diet wasn't consistent and I didn't understand how my body worked and compared to the image underneath shows when I am today!. • I lost 4lbs in 5 weeks from just eating right and being consistent and also having balance, I did have days where I ate over my calorie intake, I ate ice cream at the weekends and drink alcohol most weekends too, but this doesn't have to ruin your progress! • Diets work if you stick to them but dieting isn't something you can keep up consistently, you'll often find people giving up on them because they're not enjoyable, you can still lose weight and eat your favourite foods as long as you have a healthy life style, I enjoy making foods that help my body burn fat and feel energised 🙌🏽. • Lifting weights over cardio is also key here, using your muscles helps you burn fat and get lean! • #protein #eatclean #transformation #gains #fitness #fitnessjourney #nutrition #transformationpic #fitfam #fitspo #girlswholift #eatcleangetlean #fatloss #healthylifestyle #muscle #weightloss #myfitnessjourney #strongnotskinny #progress #healthyliving #eatingwell #abs #fitfood #IIFYM #fitnessmotivation #fuelyourbody #goals #foodblogger #transformationtuesday #fitsporation
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