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How many of you can relate with this meme? © ipjungkook
@charlieputh via @applemusic IG story.
Harry’s touring and I can’t wait to se him!!!! 38 days
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Ele carrega o sorriso mais lindo, o brilho nos seus olhos é os de sempre, e denúncia que: ele nunca mudou por dentro. O sorriso dele é tão verdadeiro... talvez quando ele sorri, ele nem imagina o efeito que causa em todos nós que observa esse sorriso, ele sorri inocente. Ele não sabe o quanto é responsável pelos meus sorrisos aqui do outro lado. E o que eu posso dizer sobre esse sorriso é que: apesar de fazer frio e chover lá fora, o sorriso dele me aquece como nenhuma outra coisa ♥️ -autoral ✍ @shawnmendes ♡ . . . . . . . . . #charlieputh #camilacabello #toronto #illuminateworldtour #shawnmendes #gaintrick #shawnmendesedits #guy #mendesarmy #aaliyahmendes #jfcshawnmendes #concert #music #musician #bestfanarmy #selenagomez #justinbieber #edsheeran #kyliejenner #iheartradioawards #illuminatetour #losangeles #california #gainpost #shawnsignature #l4l #f4f #performance #guitar #ootd
Poor Jungkookie is so awkward around girls 😂 © puptaes
This photo gives me life mainly because hoseok face screams IM GOING TO EAT YOUR 🅱️USSY and Yoongis face screams out ILL POUND YOUR CHEEKS TILL I BREAK THE BED - Essa 🌻🌻🌻
2 more dayss till #sm3 . Thankyou Shawn for realise the album in my holiday 😍😂😘
@arbanadollani via IG story. Where is this at ?
jimin cupping your face with his hands, pulling you in to kiss you gently. it felt loving and soft as he pulled his lips away, smiling against yours. he titled his forehead against yours, looking into your eyes,’i love you darling.’ he whispered. ‘i love you too’ you replied. his smile grew as he kisses you again. - ori 💘
If any of you watch Kdrama give me some suggestions please. I finished one recently and I’m having trouble finding a new one to watch 😩 If you guys don’t watch Kdrama I highly suggest you should watch. Ive watched these dramas so far and you guys should watch them :) Just between lovers Suspicious partners Weightlifting fairy Kim bok joo Strong woman do bong soon I’m not a robot W - Essa 🌻
I gladly volunteer to ride Yoongi’s thighs - Essa 🌻
hey everyone !! sorry i (and the other admins) haven’t uploaded much. i’ve been busy with school and assignments, but i should have some imagines for y’all soon. :) would you guys want it to be fluff or smut? - ori 💘
*kind of blurry* . You sit next to each other as you continue to help with his injuries and bruises. “Did you have to hurt yourself like this?” You ignore his gaze. “I did it for you,” he puts his hands on your cheeks and waits for you to meet his stare. You attempt to move your gaze to his forehead to treat his cuts but his eyes catch you. “I would do anything for you,” he says full of content moving closer to you until your lips meet. - ash 🥀🥀
gm lovelies ☀️!! this performance killed me i stan blonde Jin with my heart and soul i wanna hold him and kiss his forehead and tuck him in but also want him to nut inside me - ori 💘
hey angels !! i’m currently not feeling too well but I’ll try to post still. sorry if any of us are inactive, school keeps us really busy. just remember to drink plenty of water, listen to your favourite song and take care of yourself baby. love you guys 🌹 - ori 💘
VKOOK IS REAL MY DUDES - ash 🥀 (yes I’m alive. Woah!)
- tae was on tour recently for about a month, you missed him so much. you haven’t had time to talk a lot because he was either performing or with the guys. you just wanted attention, especially this night. you wondered if he would be awake and alone as you walked into your room and layed on your bed. you took off your pants and panties, dialing his number. you’re hand slid down your body and after a few rings you heard his husky voice through the phone. ‘the guys just left, baby.’ you whimpered at his voice and started rubbing your clit. ‘oh, you’ve missed me too, kitten?’ you could practically just see him smirking as you heard the unbuckling of his belt and a zipper. you only let out a small moan in response to his question. ‘mm, princess, I’ve missed you so much.’ you started fingering yourself, visualising his hand instead of yours. ‘t-tae... it isn’t the same w-without you...’ you tried to speak without moaning, your voice shaky. ‘i know princess. fuck, you don’t understand how much i wanna be with you right now. i would do anything to feel your tight pussy wrapped around my cock.’ you moaned his name again and again. ‘just like that baby. fuck yourself harder for me.’ you complied. you could hear him groan while pleasuring himself which turned you on even more. ‘i-i’m so close..’ you pleaded. ‘not yet baby, you don’t cum unless i say so.’ THIS WASNT GREAT SORRY I JUST WANTED TO WRITE SOMETHING FOR YOU ALL. - ori 💘 (also lil reminder, you’re amazing and you’re doing great, have an amazing day precious angel)
tbh i feel like Namjoon is the type to get caught watching porn because he would forget to plug in the headphones SORRY WE HAVENT BEEN POSTING EVERYDAY MOST OF OUR ASSIGNMENTS ARE DUE IN A FEW DAYS - Essa 🌻
'Y/n!' you heard Jin call from downstairs. You sighed, turning off your phone and replying,'Coming!'. You walked downstairs and into the kitchen where jin was standing and saw plenty of ingredients, trays and bowls. He smiled at you,'Wanna help me bake?' 'Jin, you really made me walk down here to help you bake?' his smile slowly dropped. You sighed and smiled softly,'What do you wanna make?' His eyes lit up and he regained his smile. 'Cupcakes, grab an apron.' He already had one on so you grabbed your apron and put it on, walking towards him. You skimmed through the recipe he already had written down ; it seemed easy enough. 'Okay, y/n you work on the wet ingredients while I work on the dry ones.' He was already reaching for the bowl, flour and sifter. He handed you a bowl with melted butter, vanilla extract and milk. He started working on his own ingredients, looking concentrated on them. You could definitely tell this was a passion, he always made you try new dishes he made and you loved them. You mixed everything you needed to together. You chatted about anything and everything while separately working on your ingredients, and he told many dad jokes to do with baking especially. 'Okay, now were gonna mix them slowly, yea?' You nodded, grabbing the electric mixer. You turned it on a low speed and placed it in the bowl, Jin added the wet ingredients bit by bit and you slowly increased the speed of the mixer. Finally the batter was ready, you both lined the cupcake tray with cute paper wrapping. You then both worked on pouring in the mix into each pan. Jin grabbed the pan and placed it into the oven. Meanwhile, you dipped your finger in the bowl and tasted the batter, humming pleasantly and smiling. Jin laughed,'Is it good?' You nodded in response. 'Good, because I came up with the recipe.' 'Im not surprised', you responded 'everything you make is good.' He smiled and kissed your cheek,'Thanks baby. Now we have to clean all this up' You sighed in frustration and you decided who would do the dishes and put everything away. Finally the cupcakes were done. Jin pulled them out of the oven and placed them on a seperate tray. (cont. in comments)
Question: What type of imagines do you guys prefer, smut or fluffy - Essa 🌻
happy birthday to this amazing man i love with all my heart and soul !! ☀️💝🤧 i can't believe he's 24 now wow - ori 💘
You lean against the the bridge overlooking the water. The wind blows through your hair causing a few strands to cover your vision. Your hand, subconsciously lifts to move your hair, when you feel a hand on yours and then it moving to cover your eyes. “Guess who?” He says in a teasing voice. A smile tugs at your lips, immediately, as you make a swift turn to his chest and wrap your arms around him as he does the same. “Namjoon!” You squeak not letting go. He kisses your head and whispers, “It’s been a while my love, I missed you.” His arms tighten around you and yours do the same, “Please don’t leave me,” the words flow out of your mouth. “Never.” - okay this was really random but shbsjsjdjejsis ilyyyy - ash 🥀
i wanna be his cute little sub oml kill me 🤧 - ori 💘
joon taking you to a park and you stroll together along the path, you have conversations that seem like they never end and discuss every topic from the stupidest little things to the most deep and philosophical ones. he holds your hand and you look at him, and are greeted by his adorable smile and dimples as he looks away shyly. 🤧 yw joon stans - ori 💘
after you've been teasing yoongi while being out all day. palming him when you were in public and moaning quietly in his ear. when you both get home he closes the door and shoves you against it, leans down and whispers into your ear ,'you think you can tease me like that and get away with it?' you nod. 'oh, think again princess' he growls. he kisses you and pinches your ass, signalling you to wrap your legs around his waist, to which you comply. his tongue enters your mouth as he carries you to your room. he puts you down and immediately starts stripping you of all your clothes and turns you around, pushing you against the mirror so your back faces him. you can feel his growing boner press against your ass, he leans down to your ear and growls lowly ,'guess I need to remind my needy kitten of who she belongs to.' you can feel his rough fingers going down and rubbing against your wet folds before he slides them inside you. you let out a moan at the sudden action and a smirk grows on his face. 'who made you this wet, baby?' you moan in response and he curls his fingers inside you 'hmm?' you let out a whimper 'y-you did'. 'that's right baby, and who do you belong to.' 'you...' you hear him let out a groan,'that's right princess, mine. you're all mine' suddenly you feel his fingers exit you and you whimper at the empty feeling, but soon enough you hear the unbuckling of a belt and a zipper. then, without warning, yoongi slides into you in one swift motion. you moan loudly at the pain. 'does it hurt baby? that's too bad, you should've thought about that before deciding to tease me' he slides out of you and back in, and starts thrusting slowly. you whine and moan through the pain before it starts turning into pleasure. before you know it, he's thrusting hard and fast into you, tugging on your hair and slapping your ass. he groans,'wanna scream for me baby?' you scream out his name and moan loudly afterwards. he smirks 'good girl, that's what I wanted to hear.' IM ENDING THIS HERE I THOUGHT I WAS A SOFT STAN OOPS - ori 💘
omL imagine going on an arcade date with jungkook and seeing him all happy with his cute ass smile and him being all competitive when you play games together. and he'll lose a match but claims that 'he let you win'. 🤧 - ori 💘
Jin waking you home from a cute date ice cream date, you both walk up to the door and turn to him. you lean up and kiss his cheek,'thanks for the date jin, it was great.' he's obviously flustered and scratches behind his ear 'oh, you're welcome, does that mean you would like to go on another?' he looks down. 'I'd love to' you say reassuringly with a smile. he looks up and smiles at you. 'great' I told y'all I would write cute shit again :^) this sounds adorable smh I love him - ori 💘
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