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Our final sunset in my favourite city in the world 🎈
Diggy dig down
Evening all, We hope you’ve had a great weekend in the sun! Tonight’s post is a beautiful shot taken by @jeannagyphoto Such a sweet photo. Thanks for tagging #igersbath Shared by @ellisreed
Thank you @cerianjenkins for throwing the coolest goth picnic 🖤🌞🍔🌭🍷🍴
I feel Bailey Balloons should pay me for this post. 🎈🌞
#igersbath Bath at its sunny Sunday best today! @abbeyhotelbath a fine prosecco after @bath_festivals cream tea with #jessicafellowes and @acaciablue #lovebath #books #sunshine #bath
Buttercup field, Bouncy Pup and Jess 🎾
Beautiful Iford Manor near Bath 💛#housesofinstagram @ifordmanor #igersbath #wysteria 💜
🌳 it’s amazing when the golden sun catches the townhouse near the end of the day: Bathwick hill becomes part of the woodland as the trees surround this stunning part of town. . I’ve just been away in the Peak District and coming home to Bath was amazed by how green it is here - we are truly blessed with so many trees in this part of the country 👍 #lovebath . . . . #travelmassive #TLpicks #igersuk #stayandwander #swisbest #visitbritain #bbctravel #photosofbritain #travelpics #traveltips #travelphotography #travelmore #natgeotravel #passionpassport #travelstoke #cntraveler #bestintravel #canon #instavacation #igtravel #travelphotography #wanderlust #travelpics #worldplaces #travelphoto #mytravelgram #lovegreatbritain #igersbath #bath #bathcity #pixieexplorer
Not only was it a beautiful day in Bath but I went to a fantastic @bath_festivals talk by Sarah Perry @aldwinter , author of The Essex Serpent. It's always a relief when an author you admire lives up to your expectations in person! She is so intelligent and interesting, I could've spent hours listening to her talk about her inspiration. There are lots of amazing talks and events going on as part of the festival until 27th May so make sure you take a look at what's on and pop along if you're in Bath 📚🎶🛁
Wonderful secret passageway in Batheaston. Wonder who lives down there.
Continuing my trend of being obsessed by #wisteriahysteria , here is another photo of the classic Camden Crescent wisteria (without giant birthday balloons this time) 😂 I’m sad it’s nowhere near as vibrant as it’s been in the past few years 😔 but it’s still gorgeous! My parents visited me yesterday and I spent the day pointing out all the pretty flower spots around the city 😂 and finally found out the names of half of them since @thecraftbug is a flower nerd and @theflyawaydad just seems to know everything 🤔 I hope you all had an amazing weekend #flyawaysquad 💗 and since I reintroduced myself lately - let me know about you! What’s your name, where are you from and where do you live now? 💕 #TFGinBath #igersbath
My new favourite coffee shop @societycafe ☕️✨ after wandering around Bath for hours this was the perfect place to chill for a bit & shout out to the great barista who saw me taking pictures and offered to make me an even prettier coffee 👏🏼 How’s your weekend been going loves? What’s been your best bit? ♡ #visitbath @visitbath
The wisteria display in #SouthgateBath looks even better at night. #wisteriaflowers #igersbath
When you still got lots of photos from Bath🤷🏼‍♀️😍 It is +21 today in London, and it looks like it is gonna stay this way for a while 🙃💃🏼
More musical sundays, a bit of classical today #royalvictoriapark #bathspa #igersbath #royalcrescent
The only good thing about starting work at 7am on a Sunday is watching the sun on the mist over the fountain totally undisturbed 😍 #igersbath #laurafountain #mistymorning
Morning walks through this park are my favourite🌿🌿 I met @magsy24 in Waitrose today, she was so lovely!! Still can’t believe it🙈
Natural Citrine Obelisk, here’s how to spot the fake stuff! Real Citrine is pretty rare and will be pricey. You won’t be able to get a point for £1. If your Citrine is a burnt orange colour then sorry loves that’s a fake, it’s heat treated Amethyst, not good energy! Buying crystals from me is knowing that you will be only getting the real deal. Fabulous energy and all 🌙⚡️✨
I get confused by having two pages, just posted this pic on my personal page @sam_gander92 by accident when I was supposed to put it on this page 😂 Oh well, I will share it twice now then 😂 . . #bath #igersbath #somerset #igerssomerset #nationaltrust #nt #priorpark #scenery #bridge
Flower Power 🌷
a view up the elegant stairway inside #SomersetHouse in #London , it looked like an architectural eye looking back at me, ha to capture it. #photolondon
Beautiful 7 mile walk around the canals #kennetandavoncanal #theboathouse #visitbath #igersbath #igbath #bathspa
So hot I gotta keep the front door open 🌅📷😎 #igersbath #bath #travel #photography #camera #canon #50mm #18 -55mm #homesweethome
Heaven, am I right?!
Unusually for me, it’s been a month (to the day) since I posted on Instagram. At the end of #mentalhealthawarenessweek , it seems right to admit that I’ve been going through a rough patch and just haven’t felt like sharing my life. Despite the tough times, there have still been great moments with dear friends: a hen do, a weekend in Cornwall, and a trip to Bath yesterday where I scoffed this towering gelato from @swoon_gelato 🍦
Beautiful Sunday morning for some photography at the lovely #shamcastle #bath #travelphotography #travel #nofilter #igersbath
The colour of this tree 😍
What does your creative outlet do for you? For me drawing is therapeutic, so calming - giving me space to play and get lost in what I’m doing. . These little paintings on eucalyptus leaves will be exhibited in #ThisTemporaryMatter for @fringeartsbath opening Fri 25 May - Sun 10 Jun
With a 24-hour on-site team, free high-speed internet and flexible contracts you have more time to do what you want. How about taking some time out in the residents' courtyard?⠀
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