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real g's move in silence like lasagna 🇮🇹
Trunk or Treat at Journey Church - this is an annual event and this year was an attendance record setter. Pictured is our Worship Leader, Pastor Allison and her daughter.
i just wanna feel alive until I die - why model: @tatatimons #lensdistortions
2018-06-20 ”And she was the queen of estrogen //...// She powdered her face but her skin had no flaws”
Thanks again to @aviva.sw for being my model 🤘🏼 I had never really done much shoots with a person as the main focus before as I mainly used to shoot strictly nature photos. ⠀ All in all it was an amazing shoot at an amazing location 😌👌🏽
Have you ever been in really dark forest? I used to wander a lot around a deep forests on the border of Slovakia and Czech. Feeling a soft moss under your feet. Secrete sounds are coming to me around the branches. Suddenly I heard the branch break.
For the final #daddyandme post, I want to shout out to the Cohen Family fathers. So much love and warmth that stems from the boss of the family and my amazing father in law Mark. Like my own father , Mark came from Israel to build a company @usteamconstruction for his family of 5 kids, yet he has never been happier in his life as he currently watches his family multiply. His grandkids are his life and it is clear they feel the same way about him. This picture was captured at his 60th birthday upstate where 15 of us (told you they multiplied) celebrated in his honor. This picture was easy to capture as I remember Oriel was looking at his grandpa so long, excited to keep a secret about the donut shaped piñata we had in store for him. Oh, and Mark loves donuts. Happy Fathers Week to the Cohen dads, Mark, Udi and Oren.
Model: Roo - @rjmylily , June 2018
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