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What does 25 grams worth of protein look like with eggs? 170 grams liquid egg whites with 1 whole egg. My protein suggestion per meal is at least 25 grams of protein per meal! - If you do that for 3 meals a day that equals = 75 grams a day just by doing this 3 meals a day!! Then when you add in protein snacks and post workout shakes your easily above 100 grams of protein! Protein will play a HUGE role in your weight and fat loss success!! If your stuck on your weight loss the number one suggestion I will tell someone is to take a look at how much protein they are taking in within a day and if it is below 100 which about 99% of the time it is.... I tell them to increase their protein.... and BOOM they come back and let me know that it is working!! - When you plan your meals, make sure they are protein based with around 20-25+ grams of protein! - Do you know how much protein your getting in on a daily basis? Are you too low? Do you need help? Let me know cause I can help you!!! Happy Monday 😁 #protein #fatloss #weightloss #fittipsandtricks #happyday #monday #nutritioniskey #iam1stPhorm #neversettle #brunch #eggs #foodie #monslay #eatyourprotein
Some times, you gotta say f*@k it and just do it. Roll up your sleeves, pull up your hoodie, tie your shoes and get it done. Hard work is not for the faint. That line that separates average from great. What side are you on? #1stphorm #iam1stphorm #phamily #getitdone #work #hardwork #grind #hustle #boss
How you do anything is how you do EVERYTHING. If your gonna commit to something make sure you give it your ALL or honestly, in my eyes...wtf is the point of doing it at all? To create half-assed habits that are beneficial for nobody? Even If it's not something you see yourself doing for the long-game create those habits of discipline and habits of accountability. Once you find what you actually want to pursue. You'll have a head start on the game after developing your discipline, persistence, and patience for so long ✊🏾 #1stPhorm  #iam1stPhorm #LegionofBoom  #fitness  #lifestyle  #hardwork #neversettle #dedicated  #eatclean  #core  #abs #arms  #body #fitfam #motivation
Just as important as it is to be thankful for what you have, it’s just as important to be thankful for what you have been spared.
Week 2 - Squats Bodyweight - 102.9kg Last squat here for 5 160kg, by far my worst routine I have a love hate relationship with squats I need to learn to love them again..... Anyway they felt good today, obvious sore spots behind prosthetic (blisters/bruising) but powered through as usual haha Bench Wednesday working towards April's British competition ☇Sponsors+Companies☇ @beastprosthetics @proteindynamix @rushfootrevolution @strengthshopuk @silverbackgymwear_12 @xploape @rebelstrengthessex @sbdapparel ☇Tags☇ #AdaptiveStrongman #PowerLifter #AdaptivePowerlifter #AmputeePowerlifter #Amputee #AmputeesWhoLift #LiveStrong #ProteinDynamix #NeverGiveUp #NoExcuses #Motivation #whateverittakes #Deeside #LegionOfBoom #ReleaseYourInnerBeast #Welsh #iam1stphorm #SBD
I know nutrition can be a tough and touchy subject. I’ve tried counting macros, I’ve tried counting calories. All of that stuff makes eating way to difficult and just plain not fun. Food is meant to be enjoyable. Finding the right nutrition guide line for you is the most important thing. There is no certain way that works for everyone. For me, I keep it simple! I eat real food(avoid pre packaged and preserved), I eat when I’m hungry to keep in an anabolic(muscle recovery/building) state, and have recently been upping my plant based items more for better micro nutrients(vitamins and minerals). Supplement where gaps need to be filled, when I can’t eat or need extra nutrition I’ll use a shake or greens or multi vitamin. Just know supplements are exactly that, and if you aren’t eating to your bodies needs, your results will show it. If you have any nutrition needs, hit me up! I would love to help out! #nutrition #alwayshungry
You know shit is about to get real when bust out the #megawattv2 I have one hell of a training day ahead of me and I'm going to need every single ounce of energy I have to make it through. Megawattv2 is going to give me all the energy and focus I need to survive and thensome. Ladies and gentlemen if you're looking for a preworkout that'll give you a good ass pump, mind blowing energy and focus I suggest megawatt v2. Now if you don't mind me I'm going to go and destroy some damn weights! #1stphorm #legionofboom #megawattv2 #iam1stphorm
💙Happy Monday💙 I was nervous about showing this but I want you guys to know I am doing this to help people you are strong and awesome. So here is my body average and muscle average. As you can see I go up and down like everyone. You just got to keep going and loving the moment. Do I have a goal weight? I don’t have one. My journey is about feeling confident, strong, and healthy 💪🏻💪🏻 #mytransphormation #transphormation #iam1stphorm #1stphorm #neversettle #nevergiveup #strongwomen #confidentwomen #healthy #teamworkmakesthedreamwork
Are you the type of person that sometimes stops and reflects on your life .Today was that day for me I gave my 1st speech in front of my peers ! #iam1stphorm #duespaid #dedicated #mytransphormationstartstoday #selfreflection #mindset #menality #speech #steelfitathletesearch #gymrat #fitfam #fitnessmodel #lifestyle #nativeamerican #equality #bodybuilding
Play time at the new place! @switchvrrirrback and I just moved! Micco takes a little bit to adjust but Tala is such a free spirit we could move to a shack and she would be as happy as if we lived in a mansion. . We have been so exhausted from this move but it will be all worth it. Big things planned for us 🖤🐻 . Excited to see what’s to come next!
My day 1/30 #whole30 #antiinflammatory #reset . Homemade sausage salad with caramelized onion dressing. Nothing fancy and all my own creation. I decided to use leftover caramelized onions as my dressing just because....um YUMMY. And the homemade sausage is great in a salad. Who knew? I added raw carrots and cauliflower. And leftover cooked asparagus. I have a feeling this reset will be ok for me. I was worried eliminating eggs and nightshades would be an issue. But this is yummy. #mytransphormationstartstoday #iamwhole30 #iam1stphorm #1stphormmom #yummyfood #healthy #gettinghealthy
☀️ 🍋 HAPPY MONDAY 🍋 ☀️ So here it is!!! Lemon bars. - If you’re like me and you love lemon anything and sweets OMG this is mind blowing good!!! - I’ve been trying this Keto Diet and I love it! So this is keto friendly. All you need is - 🔸3 lemons 🍋 🔸3 eggs 🥚 🔸1 3/4 cup Almond flour 🔸1/2 cup butter 🔸 stevia 🔸 2 scoops of 1stphorm lemon meringue phormula1 - - STEP 1: mix butter and one cup of almond flour and a little bit of Stevia and press evenly and I small baking pan. Cook for 20 minutes at 350° in oven, set it out and let it cool for 10 minutes. - STEP 2::: in a bowl Zest one lemon, -juice all three lemons, -Mix and blend along with the three eggs and more Stevia as much as you please. ( I didn’t use much.) - 3/4 almond flour -pinch of salt - 2 scoops of lemon meringue phormula 1 - Combine and place on top of crust ( what had been cooling for 10 minutes). And back for 25 minuets. I then sprinkled a bit of powdered stevia. - So enjoy your lemonading session and let me know how you like it!!!! - - - #iam1stphorm #1stphormrecipe #phormula1 #proteinbar #gains #ketorecipes #ketosnacks #lemonmeringue #muscleup #fitness #healthyfood #fitfam #instafit #lemonading #lemonlover #summerfun #summerlove #lemonbar
Yes, I eat CARBS. - CARBS = energy. Energy = performance. Performance = good. 😎🤙🏼- When I go through my training the workouts are intense. Whether they’re short and fast or long and heavy, I’m working hard to increase my overall fitness. - In addition to having protein post workout, I make sure to restore my glycogen levels.- Glucose is our body’s primary source for energy. When we train hard, we use this sugar that our body produces to perform. After we train, our energy levels diminish. Instead of feeling sore, unfocused and tired later in the day, I choose to jumpstart my recovery.- @1stphorm IGNITION is most necessary after a tough training session. - Think of this as the glue that shuttles the protein to your muscles. Ignition is what helps the protein stick immediately, aiding faster recovery times and muscle growth. - If you’re feeling out of focus and tired after your training, give ignition a shot post training with @1stphorm PHORMULA 1 to recover quickly and restore your energy levels. - What are your thoughts on carbs post training? - If you haven’t tried IGNITION, head over to the link in my bio for free shipping! - #iam1stphorm #willbfit
Roadtrip!!🚗💨💨 . My mom's gonna shit when she sees all this protein...💪 . Take one bag she said... 😂 . Fueled by @1stphorm & green tea!✌️ . . I always make sure when traveling, I have my #AlphaCreHD preworkout for that extra boost of energy, #Optigreens50 to keep building my immune system with nutrients to prevent from getting sick, #AnabolicBridge to keep my body in anabolic state for when I go more than 2-3 hours without eating, my #Level1 meal replacement protein for when I cant get a meal right away, #Ignition for muscle growth, repair, & recovery, #BCAAs for during my workout to help build those muscles & #Phormula1 protein for post workout.🏋️ . I've finally noticed a change in the last couple of weeks of training, just by eating right. Ive lost 90 lbs since the birth of my 2nd child, 10months ago, which was born 11lbs. Trying to get these muscles back for a shoot coming up in Malibu... It has been very difficult getting back in shape from the skin stretching for 9mnths... But #Abs are coming in & body is losing fat & gaining muscle!👶 . Good things take time! 💎 . 4 weeks in, #7weeksout 📸 . Now time to get away from all this pollen😷 . . . #IAM1STPHORM #phormbuilt #legionofboom #neversettle #nextlevelshit #duespaid #100to0 #mytransphormation #fitmom #WBFFdiva #healthiswealth #mondaymotivation #athlete #fitmom #fitnessgurls #fitfam #victoriassecret #JessicaPuhlFitness
Monday fun day. Today is back day time to kill it! 😃 Shout out to the people killing it today at the gym. Keep up the great work! 👌 #iam1stphorm #gymshark #fitness #gym #backworkout #backday #shouldertattoo #bodybuildingmotivation #monday #aestheticmotivation #dedicated #determined #focused #happy #readyfortoday #gains
Had an awesome lift today! I was so happy to be in the gym and surrounded by my gym fam❤️. It truly is my happy place and I love the people there. Thank you for always bringing a smile to my face and pushing me to be a better version of myself everyday ❤️. . . . #100to0 #1stphorm #dirty30 #iam1stphorm
Enjoying brunch with the wifey @jillreneecomeau at eggs&I. With our daily micro factor from @1stphorm !! #iam1stphorm #legionofboom #firefighterlife #firefit #healthycouple
Should I be taking a probiotic? 🤷🏼‍♀️ — My short answer: YES! Probiotics provide us with a wide range of digestive and overall health benefits. While food like yogurt, kiefer, and sauerkraut contain probiotics, it’s hard for the average person to get enough beneficial bacteria through food alone. - Longer answer: Maybe, Maybe not. You should never begin taking a new dietary supplement without first checking with your doctor and/or registered dietitian. Certain immune disorders can actually cause an individual to get sick from taking probiotics. DO NOT CONSUME PRODUCTS BLINDLY ☝🏻 If you do decide to start taking a probiotic, look for one with at least 2 billion CFU’s (colony forming units) to be effective! —— Happy Monday friends! This weekend FLEW BY with the addition of our new baby! 🐾 Who’s ready to make some progress this week!? 🙋🏼‍♀️ #StrongChoiceTraining #TeamStrongChoice
Isn’t there a saying that’s like Deadlift till you die ?? Or something like that?? Maybe I made it up ?? 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️ . . I followed my advice or someone else’s and almost died today, so it should me stronger .... 225x8x a few sets . . . Then deficits at 210x6, that’s what nearly killed me ..... happy with my form through it all and loving these high reps again! . . . No one is doing the work for you, you wanna sit back and dream or get up a start doing!! Next week, tomorrow, this summer are only things you say to put off the work 👊🏼 . . #wedothework #powerlifting #momstrong #weightroom #squatbenchdeadlift #feedmefightme #alwayshungry #athlete #workdontwhine #goals #usapowerlifting #usapl #gwpl #sumodeadlift #strongmom #muscle #iam1stphorm #1stphorm #100to0 #1stphormathletesearch #personaltrainer #coach #conditioning #cardio #57kglifter #michiganfit #detroit #barbellum
To solve the problems of today, we must focus on tomorrow. ⛄-----💉-----😆💣 Snapchat: erals31 😜 #tbt #beautifulgirl #ruivo #petals #iam1stphorm #subohming
OBSESSED WITH THIS STACK. _ I always thought consuming a protein source post workout was the most beneficial. Which isn’t 100% wrong, but there is more you can do. Post workout your body goes into survival mode to replenish your depleted glycogen stores. The best way to replenish these stores is to give your body exactly what it wants. _ A high glycemic carb source will replenish those stores, spiking your insulin levels preparing your body for maximum protein absorption. Your fast acting whey protein isolate will then get shuttled directly to the muscles instead of being converted to glucose. Therefore ensuring your muscles absorb the entire protein content. _ I make sure I’m putting my body in an optimal state to see the best results. This is one of the only times supplements will be more beneficial than food. I take Ignition + Phormula 1 post workout. Together they will ignite muscle growth, restore your glycogen levels post workout, decrease recovery time. Not only does it set you up for success, but it taste incredible 😍
Things I want to be able to do... . Controlled clapping pull-ups . Strict Muscle Ups - Here’s the starting point of building the ability to explode 💥 • • @tohofit @1stphorm #100to0 #transphormation #barbaricsquad #iam1stphorm #phatmuscleproject
Deadlift: Barbell starting position for proper form... . When deadlifting, your body weight must be on your heels and the bar should follow a straight path up. The barbell should ideally scrape up your chins, knees and quads. . Therefore, barbell placement is very important. If the bar is over your toes, your body weight immediately shifts forward onto your toes breaking proper form. Your motion changes to bring the barbell back and up, rather than just up. . Using this fine adjustment technique will prevent serious injuries and will help you lift much heavier.
It has been years since I’ve been able to get to the mountains during winter. But I was so thankful to have the time and opportunity to break out my board for the weekend. . The weather cooperated nicely & Wifey and I are both covered in some good bruises, but every time we fell (sometimes together) we got back up with a smile and kept going. . Next year we will be up in Michigan a lot more than just once. . #iam1stphorm #lifestyle #snowboarding #fit #love #legionofboom
Last night tappin’ out after a good volume chest and back session. Really can feel the effects of not working out for almost a month. Weak, no stamina, out of breath easy, esp coming off a respiratory infection. This would be an easy time for me to say fuck it I would never get there anyway, or I can pick myself back up, acknowledge the two steps back I’ve made and determine where I want to be and the steps I need to get there. . You’re going to have times where you experience setbacks, whether in the gym or your personal life or work life or anywhere else for that matter. Times where you see yourself lose everything you fought for, times that will make you feel like you should be farther along in life and you’re a failure because you’re not. . I’ve fought with these sort of feelings way too much in my life, had setbacks that were my fault, setbacks that weren’t my fault but still had to deal with the ramifications of whatever it was. Learn to accept these as facts of life, you can use them to motivate you to new heights or you can use them as a concrete anchor around your feet.... your choice. I am choosing to learn from my mistakes, setbacks and failures and progress, to be the person I’m meant to be. . What will you choose to do?? . #thestruggle #neversettle #iam1stphorm #legionofboom #wedothework #1stphorm #gymrat #gymlife #holdfast #phreakthemighty #lifestruggles #staystrong #dontgiveup #fucksetbacks
💥 Fail to prepare, and prepare to fail! We all know whole foods are best right. But we all get caught up in the buisness of being on the go more often then not, which can make it hard get a whole meal in. Its so important we eat 5 to 6 times a day to keep our bodies in that anobolic state (burning fat and building muscle). . In every meal you eat, you want to be getting a complete protein souce. Your body uses protein to build and repair muscle, but not only that! Your body also requires protein to make enzymes, hormones, and other body chemicals. Protein is an important building block of bones, muscles, cartilage, skin and blood. . When im unable to get my meal in, I suppliment with a protein shake. I love how @1stphorm makes a sustained assimilation protein (Level-1) using low temp processing as to not denature the proteins in anyway. It also will keep you full and in an anobolic state, keeping metabolism functioning, and promoting better energy! It also includes 5 BCAAS.. . BCAAs reduce muscle fatigue, speed recovery, decreases the loss of other aminos during exercise, and helps with absorbtion of protein. . Stay on track and reach your goals with no excuses! #muscle #protein #proteinshake #level1 #iam1stphorm #stayontrack #noexcuses
How did you start your Monday? I took my workout outside today! Workout is as follows: 🔹1 mile jog 🔹Stairs (as shown) 10 rounds 🔹”Box” jumps (as shown) 5 sets of 10 🔹Abs (not shown) , 75 reps My new fitness page ; @operationleanbean ! #fitness #fitnessmotivation #mondaymotivation #monday #mondayvibes #healthyfood #healthybreakfast #healthyeating #healthylifestyle #exercise #workout #workoutmotivation #bodybuildingcom #musclepharm #iam1stphorm #buffalo #buffalony #february #nevermissamonday
Early mornings in the gym. - #whatisyourpassion #myparadise #homeawayfromhome
Loveeeeeeee Monday’s 🏋🏼‍♀️ @gymsharkwomen
So after having the stomach bug I took a week to get my diet and my stomach back in check. My apologies for being inactive but there wasn't much to post. Getting back into the gym this week will surely make me feel better and it will feel good to be active again and back on track. #iam1stphorm #1stphorm #1stphorm4life #legionofboom #nextlevelshit #0to100 #neverquit #noexcuses #fitness #fitnesslife #fitnesslifestyle #healthylife #healthylifestyle #healthychoices
Had a blast skiing in Wisconsin this weekend! Friday night through Sunday I got lots of ski time and even went down some black diamonds! Soooo glad my sickness decided to kick the curb just in time for the trip so I was able to fully enjoy it. Rest day today, then it’s full force in to my next prep and training program! 😍 #ski #skiing #wisconsin #devilshead #1stphorm
We all have a CHOICE. That is what life is about.... making CHOICES. CHOOSING WHAT TO EAT, DO, AND SAY. These headlines in the paper, all they do is FAT SHAME. _____________________ I will stand by what I’ve always said nobody, and I mean NOBODY has the right to make anyone feel any less than because of their weight, skin color, features or anything that makes them different. _____________________ If you want to help people you can help them by educating them, showing them the way. You can help them by teaching them whatever knowledge it is you have, or directing them to the proper sources. But FAT SHAMING, that’s unacceptable! _____________________ You never know what someone is going through or what leads them to make the choices they do. _____________________ Yes I agree the Police Department needs to do a better job of making sure officers stay fit and healthy after the academy for the sake of themselves and their teammates. However this is not the way to motivate. Trash talking is NOT the way. We should stand by each other and help each other. _____________________ YES I do think suing the “job” for the choices you made is also unacceptable. IF YOU CHOSE TO EAT BAD YOUR BODY WILL REFLECT THAT CHOICE. People need to make better choices. But again those choices are personal and who are we to judge them for it. #nojudging #nypd #fitforduty #fitforlife #makingchoices #standforeachothernotagainst #bluelinefit #helpeachother #showthemtheway #fatshaming #newyorkpost #iam1stphorm #nevergiveup #motivatenothate
Getting ready to head to the gym and go get these gains my pre-workout stack right here I love @1stphorm the best products right ingredients I'm not just saying that I've used 1stphorm products before and had amazing results but then life got in the way and I stopped working out but now I'm back I'm getting ready to go crush these weights it feels good to get back in the gym I'm about to make this fat cry 💯👍✌
Sometimes life is challenging. Sometimes it seems like everything is going wrong no matter what you do. Sometimes there’s a 240 pound man throwing his fist in your face so you have to get out of the way! What ever it is you may be dealing with try and focus on what you can do each day to make it better. Just a little bit every day makes ALL the difference in the end! CONSTANCY in everything you do in your life where your wanting to make change! #dontgiveup #1stphorm #iam1stphorm #duespaid #100to0 #fitness #fitfam #fitspo #fitnessjourney #fitnessmotivation #healthy #supplements #legionofboom #hardwork #nevergiveup #dontquit #chattanooga #tennessee #igfitness #bodybuilding #crossfit #veteran #usa #mindset #change #inspiration #boxing #transphormation #weightlossjourney #ufc
HAPPY MONDAY ☀️ . Anyone else happy it’s going to be warm & sunny this week 😎 I’m sooooo ready for Summer! Who has started working on their bikini bods 🙋🏼‍♀️ . The time is now!!! It takes about 4 week to start seeing results so...get off the couch 😝 . #iam1stphorm #duespaid #mondaymotivation #fitness #weighttraining #transphormation
This is so true! . I totally believe this with most people. If there is no real goal or big reason why you want to put the effort in to something, it will typically not be achieved. . For example, having a fitness goal can't be so generic as Saying "I want to get in shape". There is no real reason to work your butt off if you just like the idea of being in shape. Giving your commitment a real purpose and finding the big reason WHY you want to be in shape, is the game changer! Examples, saying I HAVE to be in shape BECAUSE I am not confident in my own skin, I want to look good at the beach, I want to be able to keep up with my kids when playing, my health is at risk, etc. Finding your WHY is one of the greatest tools to keep you committed! First, bring those reasons WHY to the surface and then make the commitment! @xistfitness #health #why #mondaymotivation #lifestyle #committed #fitness #fitfam #1stphorm #iam1stphorm #personaltrainer #caring #confidence
Feeling sooooo good this Monday morning!!! Rested and relaxed this weekend & now I’m enjoying a day off of work!! Shoulders and abs today focused on LOTS of reps to burn out my muscles!! Try this @sarah_bowmar inspired workout: . . Shoulders/Abs: -100 Push Press -100 Lateral Raises -100 Car Drivers -100 Rear Delt Rope Pull **For each do 10 reps at a time, pausing for only a few seconds after every 10. Finish 100 of each exercise before moving onto the next exercise. 30 Seconds On 30 Seconds Off 3x: -Crunch w/ Weave in Weight -High Knees holding Dumbbell Overhead -Plank Push-ups -Shoulder Bombs . . . #workoutmotivation #fitness #shoulders #abs #workoutwithme #duespaid #iam1stphorm #legionofboom #fitnessmotivation #sweataddict #ashleysbootcamp #girlswholift #instafit #muscle #strength #liftweights #workout
This was a good one! _____ Here is my back and bicep workout from last week. It was a good mixture of reps and weight. As always, remember to pick a weight that is challenging, but doable where you don't sacrifice your form. Form is key! Enjoy! _____ Set 1 4 sets total Standing alternating dumbbell curls 10x each arm SUPERSET Barbell underhand grip rows 10x right into overhand grip 10x Set 2 Band pull ups 3 sets of 10 reps Set 3 Chest supported dumbbell rows 4 sets of 15 reps Set 4 Straight arm pull downs 4 sets of 15 reps SUPERSET straight bar bicep curls 4 sets of 10 reps Set 5 Dumbbell pullovers 4 sets of 15 reps Set 6 Cable rows 4 sets of 12 SUPERSET plate bicep curls 4 sets of 12 • @evolv3training ____________________________ #evolv3 #evolv3training #kmahoneyfitness #bodybuilding #bodybuilder #figure #powerlifting #squat #bench #deadlift #dedicated #personaltrainer #trainer #nutrition #health #training #gainz #lifting #workout #fitness #fitnessmotivation #iam1stphorm #legionofboom #strong #motivation #103method #meetprep #healthy #girlswhopowerlift #backworkout
Day 6! Rearranged the schedule to fit my week so today is a #doubleup combo of #aaa and #legs 😳 First half of each at home with weights and second half of each with #exercisebands and little #cardio 🏃🏽‍♀️ spurts with my favorite moms and babies for a 1 hour #strollerstrides class! . . #duespaid #nevermissamonday #fit4mom #fitmom #homegym #homeworkout #fit4momstl #twoaday #doubleworkoutday #obsessed #bod #transphormation #iam1stphorm #1stphorm #100to0
Tired this morning but pushed myself out of the house. Once I was there I had a Killer chest workout 💪🏼 I need you guys to Make a Decision. What type of life do you want? 🤔Your health, your relationship, your job? Once you can see it you must take consistent action towards your goal. People often use all types of excuses why they’re not achieving the life they want. It’s the holidays, the weather, my job won’t allow me, I’m tired, he/she doesn’t support me, & the list goes on and on. None of them are legitimate and should not stop you from where you want to go. Fitness is just one aspect of your life but you can learn so much from the discipline & dedication it takes to be successful. It all starts with you making a decision!! What do you want? Now get out there & get it👊🏻 . #success #motivation #fitness #gymmotivation #whatdoyouwant #naturalbodybuilding #drugfree #hardwork #consistency #grind #noexcuses #fitcops #fitdad #policefitnessnutrition #bluelinefit #bluelinebeasts #chestworkout #chestday #nycelife #heartandhustle #iam1stphorm #iam1stphorm #legionofboom #neversettle #wedothework
You have two choices: you put in the work or you don’t. That’s it.
it's monday morning: get out of that bed and hit the ground running! leave last week's worries behind you and focus on moving forward. new week. new goals. new mentality. .. .. slay la vie. ♡ .. .. #sheismore .. .. #fitness #fitnessaddict #fitspiration #npcnortheast #npcbikini #teamdelcorso #elitesupplementcenter #1stphorm #iam1stphorm #legionofboom #neversettle #neverquit #gains #igniteyourfire #evolve #gains #slay #monday #mondaymotivation
If you have any questions after reading this shoot me a message. We all know we need to get our vegetables in right and think we are doing just that. I know for a fact that is a lie! We would need to eat about 7 servings of vegetables to get the proper amount of the nutrients our body needs to function at its absolute best. I don’t have time for all that and I’m sure you don’t either. I want to make sure I’m getting my body what it needs though. I definitely love all the blends of nutrients we get in #OptiGreens50 . Great taste, all ingredients are from North America, and I know my body is getting what it needs promoting a healthy digestive system, mental function, and overall health and wellness. If you’d like to check it out. Click the link in the bio. How much does your health mean to you? @andyfrisella @1stphorm @warfit_tactical @warfit_gym @warfit_clothing_co • • #legionofboom #iam1stphorm #1stphorm . . . . . #cheatday #foodie #food #foodporn #fitness #tasty #yummy #foodblogger #foodilysm #foodbeast #feedyoursoull #fit #foodforthought #eatfamous #hypefeast #hypebeast #foodblog #fitnessmodel #usmc #marines #military
Chest workout today, even with a bruised hand got the 105 ups, felt real good, always grinding @spookynookfitness #nookfit #1stphorm #iam1stphorm #legionofboom #steelfit
Change your perspective. ✨ Is there something going on in your life that you just can’t figure out? Maybe it’s school troubles, issues at work, a relationship, or just how you’re feeling about life overall. Whatever it may be, try looking at things from a different perspective. ✨ What are the positive things that come from the hard times you experience? ✨ Where are your opportunities to learn and grow? ✨ Are you doing what you need to in order to reach your goals? Do you know what your goals are? ✨ What steps can you take TODAY to get you to where you want to be tomorrow? ✨ In the midst of confusion, frustration and maybe even feelings of stagnation, what are you thankful for? ✨ Perspective is everything. Change your mindset and everything else will change accordingly. ✨ #mindset #perspective
1.5 mile walk with the pup. Then a quick #legworkout after. - Nothing fancy; simple and effective. 5x10 with Goblet squats and deadlifts. - My energy still hasn’t come back, which is kinda bumming me out. But handling it the best I can. - I hope y’all are getting after it, day off or not. ✌🏼#motivationmonday #presidentsday @1stphorm
Bro what protein do you use? . Well let me tell you bro. I use Phormula-1 by @1stphorm for a variety of reasons. . What are those reasons bro? Well Phormula-1 is the industry's leading whey protein isolate. In addition to the ultra-premium protein sources used, Phormula-1 is by far the best tasting, best mixing isolated protein on the market. Not only will you taste the difference, you will actually feel the difference when you use it. . The key to Phormula-1 is it's purity: The Phormula-1 matrix utilizes only the HIGHEST QUALITY hydrolyzed and predigested whey protein fractions with low- temperature proccesd cross- flow Mico-Filtrated whey protein isolate for maximum assimilation speed and amino acid retention. Phormula-1 is virtually void of carbohydrates, making it an ideal protein if you are on a low-carb diet or preparing for your next contest or show. Phormula-1 provides an ultra bio-available, rapid assimilation protein source that is ideal for proper post-workout nutrition. . Pure whey protein isolates that are hydrolyzed and predigested are an essential part of any training and supplementation program. The materials you provide your body with post-workout determines not only the quality of muscle built, but also the rate at which that repair and growth occurs. . Phormula-1 was formulated specifically to work in tandem with @1stphorm Ignition for ideal recovery and muscle tissue repair after periods of moderate or intense training. . If you have any questions about Phormula-1 or any other products make sure to message me or ask me next time at the gym. . Check out my bio for free shipping💪🏻
There is a reason why you can retire after 20 years. The life of a LEO is not easy. Sitting in a car for 8 hours a day, rotating shifts, eating out sometimes 2-3 times a day, OT shifts, 16 hours in a car, lack of sleep, stress, are all part of the job. But, they’re also excuses. In life we are what we make of our situation. Everyone LEO has to make a decision. Is your health a priority? It is not something that should be taken for granted or put on the back burner. In this line of business a bad day can mean life or death and you need to be able to fight for yours or save another’s. You cannot do that if you can’t tie your shoe. Stop making excuses and blaming the job. Take my boy @huge_fat_loser for example. Once he took accountability and made a decision he changed his life and is well on his way to a better version of himself. Some of us are trying to erase the stereotype that every cop eats donuts, ➡️ @nodonutshere 🍩 and are trying to inspire fellow cops to live an active fit life. But it ultimately comes down to you wanting better! There are plenty of us within the #legionofboom w/ @1stphorm thAt would love to help you start your journey to a healthier lifestyle. It’s as easy as you asking. I hope to see an article from the @nypost next year about how cops are getting fit and changing the way Law Enforcement is looked at. After all you can’t command respect from the public if you don’t respect yourself⚫️🔵
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