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Thank you for everyone who’s supported me through my entrepreneurial adventures! The SUN & MOON tank tops, ‘YOGA how I zen my crazy’ crop tops, and SUN & MOON sugar scrubs got so much love and I’m soooo grateful! AND sharing oils with my goddess oil fairy friend @_conscious_community_ in collaboration with the @trufusioncoralgables Yoga event was ever soooo magical!! My heart is full and I can’t wait to continue creating, growing, in this exciting chapter in my journey! 😘😍💓🧘🏻‍♀️🤗#selfcareflow
This is the basis of health and longevity. More people today will die of complications from obesity than will die from smoking. food is the source of life and death, make sure you’re making the right decisions. If you have questions, I’m always here to help.
We ❤️ new product! Just in, DeTox and Deep Stress loose leaf teas from @wishgardenherbs Treat yourself and enjoy the many benefits of herbal tea. #herbaltea #herballife #holistichealth #holisticwellness #detoxtea #stressrelief #holism
Wood Rabbit (1975): ✨Rabbit is a tame creature representing hope for a long time. It is tender and lovely. The moon goddess Chang'e in Chinese legend had a rabbit as her pet, which stimulated the thought that only this creature was amiable enough to match her noble beauty. People born in the Year of the Rabbit are not aggressive but approachable. They have a decent, noble and elegant manner. ✨🐰✨ Getting ready for a week-long intensive with @deena_metzger_author and loving this remembering of the wood and animal as one. ✨🐰✨#fengshui #rabbit #wood #1975
Libérate de las tensiones del trabajo, pronto cerca del corazón financiero de San Juan. #NirvanaHC #StateOfMind #CannabisMedicinal #medicinalmarijuana #holistichealth #cannabis #cannabiscommunity
Our skin repairs itself at night while we sleep so it's the BEST time to take care of yourself. As we sleep, our hormones fire up, enhancing cell turnover and regeneration. This is when absorption is at it's peak. Take advantage of this time by following this age-defying routine: 1. Wash your face twice. The first time will remove make up and pollutants from the day. Try Pass the Honey Scrub or Creamy Cleanser. The second time is for deep pore cleansing. Try CDWY Facial Cleanser. 2. Exfoliate as needed (2-3 times per week). Try Magnesium Facial Scrub or Skin of Silk. 3. Use a Toner to ensure everything has been removed and balance pH of skin. Try Rose Hyrdosol or our Toner. 4. Follow up with the appropriate skin serum. Try Radiance serum for glowing, balanced skin. 5. Use an anti oxidant rich night cream. Like CDWY Night Cream. 6. Pat gently around the eyes with an eye cream. 7. Don't forget the lips! Use a lip scrub and lip balm to prevent fine lines and moisturize.
Açai and banana bliss 😊😍😋
Lavender jadeite... Such an intricate mixture of lavender, jade and whites. Because our crystals are all 100% natural, each yoni egg's colours are unique; just like you! Please note: These crystals are not this "blue" in person. They are lavender, light green and whites.
Y’all asked for that sweeeeeet stack, and I’m delivering 🥞 @pamelasproducts gf pancake mix (only one I’ve ever used I’ll swear by it forever) w a blood orange + coconut açaí sauce 🥥💉🍊Dont even ask where the sauce idea came from, but I wasn’t in the mood for chocolate and just started throwing shit in the pot 😂 Hope your Friday is as bright/happy as this plate ENJOY THE DAY ERRBODY ☀️ — — #glutenfree #dairyfree #sugarfree #paleo #strongnotskinny #holistichealth #sffoodie #foodfreedom #bodypositive #bbg #thekaylamovement #buzzfeedfood #wholefoodie #eatingclean #healthyfoodshare #f52grams #thepaleoish #bayareaeats #foodgram #letfoodbethymedicine #eatforhealth #healthyish #balanceddiet #balancednotclean #foodiesofinstagram #iamwellandgood #pancakes #breakfast #pancakestack
Sağlıklı bir yaşamın kapılarını açmak ve pozitif bir yaşam sürmek için ruh, beden ve zihin dengesini sağlamalısınız! Ayrıntılı bilgi ve randevu almak için profildeki linke tıklayın!🌟🌟🌟 . . . . #beslenmeterapisi #aysegulgunsur #beslenme #holistikbeslenme #beden #zihin #ruh #yoga #nutrition #diet #diyet #beslenmeuzmanı #diyetisyen #sağlıklıyaşam #yaşamkoçu #healthy #food #sagliklibeslenme #diyetteyiz #yemek #tarif #healthyfood #holistichealth #kiloverme #diyetyemekleri #like4like #followforfollow #photooftheday #picoftheday
SKIN UPDATE ✨ it's been two weeks sans dairy and so far my skin has improved by at least 30% 🙏 I'd have to say the hardest part was finding an alternative for my morning ☕️ . . I LOVE cream and milk in my coffee and having to switch off was not easy. Now I'm a big fan of almond milk but I think it tastes awful with coffee (#coffeesnob ) so I tried coconut cream and cashew milk mixed together and to my surprise it was delicious and creamy 😍 . . As always, play with different options until you find what works and tastes good to you! Xo happy Friday my sweet friends 🧡 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ⠀⠀⠀ #eat #healthychoices #selfie #foodstylist #wellness #coffee #lifestyle #healthyfood #healthylifestyle #healthyeating #foodshare #health #healthy #naturalbeauty #breakfast #cleaneating #eatclean #nutrition #fashion #exercise #guthealth #fitspo #sweatlife #blonde #fit #instagood #loveyourbody #nutritioncoach #whatieatinaday
Lavender season is upon us! 😍 Are you a fan of Lavender? How aout sunny skies and open fields? Either way, summer is here! 🌞🌞🌞If you would like to purchase a bottle, link in profile. #lavender #lavenderharvest #lavenderseason #lavendergarden #lavenderessentialoil #essentialoils #doterra #auracacia #auracaciaoils #lavenderoil #lavenderplant #holistichealth #holistic #nature #healthylifestyle #healthylife #essentialoilswork
I like to start each morning by combining these two tinctures along with a dose of our full spectrum cbd. This double extracted reishi and chaga blend is great for supporting our immune systems and is a dense nutritive. A new revised formula of our brain support blend will be available soon. #sentientbotanics #herbalmedicine #holistichealth #holistichealing #alternativemedicine #alternativehealth #alternativehealing #plantbased #plantmedicine #brainsupport #immunesupport #reishi #chaga #gotukola #ginkgo #cbd
Ha ha how cute is this?! . Happy #friyay 🙌🙌 everyone! 🎉🎉🎉Take some time to 'paws and reflect' 😉 . . . #fridayfunny #puns #fridayfeels #laughteristhebestmedicine #livelaughlove #holistichealth
When I can’t decide between sweet and savory for breakfast, I usually just opt for both 💁🏼‍♀️ • • • • • • #sourdough #toast #nutrition #healthyfood #healthyeating #healthandwellness #holistichealth #holisticnutrition #wholegrain #organic
Step 1 of Back to Basics: Commit to being the woman who takes care of herself and look with kindness and compassion into all the ways you aren't doing what you know to do. Small changes create a big impact. ⠀ The extra special rate of $50 is available until tomorrow, Saturday, and goes up to $150 then $300 when we start on the first. If you're on the fence, say yes now! 💜 link in bio ⠀ PS- Juicing is not part of Back to Basics unless it's something you already know works for you. *wink*
Simple, succulent sockeye salmon. We like ours with butter, herbs, salt, and pepper. Can’t beat that flavor, or that color. We’ll be catching it soon and sending it to your doorstep in September. #knowyourfisherman 📷 @bristolbaysockeyesalmon
So today I had my colonic and it was soo good! I feel like my tummy has just deflated 💨😊❤️👍. Colonic irrigation is great for maintaining good gut health or to support your bowels (especially if you suffer with constipation). Not painful or uncomfortable this is just a flush through for your rear end 🙊😂👏. I had my coffee Enema as well so feeling much lighter and brighter today 🤣🤣❤️❤️👍👍 . . . . . #colonic #detox #wellness #guthealth #health #detoxification #colonhydrotherapy #juices #wellnessretreat #cleanse #colonics #cleansing #constipation #probiotics #colonicirrigation #weightloss #holisticliving #holistichealth #coloncleanse #bellybloat #selfcare #investinyourself #relax #wellbeing #gut #healthylife #naturalhealth #healthylifestyle #holistic #digestion
How do you source your food? Do you shop locally ever? If not, I highly recommend doing a little search for things like farmers markets, CSA’s, co-ops, cow shares, etc. in your area. . Why? For starters, it’s always great to support your local economy and small businesses. But beyond that, eating locally is a great way to eat seasonally and a variety of foods that are probably more nutrient dense than what you would find at the grocery store. Produce is often flown in from all over the world. That’s how we end up having summer produce on store shelves in the winter! This is not very sustainable, environmently friendly and the food tends to be less fresh and less nutritious the more time spent in travel. . Locally sourced food is also almost always more affordable because you’re not paying for the huge transportation fees and paying for all the middle men between you and the farmer. . Finally, don’t be afraid to ask the farmers about their growing process. Just because food isn’t labeled as organic doesn’t mean it’s not. Smaller farmers often can’t afford to register their food as “USDA Organic” but may still use organic practices. And for the record, I would take local produce over USDA Organic flown in from Argentina any day. Go explore your local farmers market and see what it has to offer! . #local #locavore #farmersmarket #farmtotable #organic #natural #veggies #produce #kale #greens #csa #community #sustainability #environmentallyfriendly #health #hormones #nutrition #vegan #vegetarian #paleo #primal #glutenfree #realfood #ntp #nutritionaltherapy #holistichealth #healthcoach
Hello! Welcome to our new Insta page. |||||||||||||Hola! Bienvenidos a nuestra nueva pagina de Insta. • #reikiduo #community #energyhealing #reiki #energy #universe #1111 #holistichealth #love #art #lightworker #energywork #reikistas #reikischool #reikiescuela
"Our team was lucky to work with Megan and her landlord who let us select the flooring, finishes and fixturing for the space. Taking cues from Megan’s love of Palm Springs, florals, and pastels, we helped her create a studio that could provide her clients with a comfortable space for sessions that would also be child-friendly for mothers with children in tow." Check out our website for more photos of @meganaschwarz new studio in Tower Grove South! . . . . . . . . #holistichealth #studio #design #architecture #interiors #interiordesign #kidfriendly #whimsical #stl #towergrove
Happy Summer Loves Cheers to Celery Juice and all the healing it has given me this year 💙 If I think back to where I was with my health two years ago it really brings me into GRATITUDE for the Now. Celery Juice helped me heal my gut- which gave me so much more freedom to simply live a “somewhat” normal life 😌😂 ... and by that I mean with food. I couldn’t eat much of anything two years ago without my stomach getting as hard as a rock. So cheers to celery juice .. I no longer have to struggle when I eat. All of the foods that used to aggravate me, now don’t. (Unless it’s something super processed I wouldn’t want to eat anyway) I don’t drink it every single day, I did in the beginning. But as often as I can 💜☺️ I now sometimes mix in green apples to for liver cleansing 🍏 Have you tried using celery juice to heal your gut? #celeryjuice
you knowwww this ended up in a big messy bowl after the pic 🌱 had a busy morning @ the gym + getting groceries (you can see my haul in stories ☝🏼) and this quick lunch just hit the friggin spot — leftover quinoa, @edenfoods sauerkraut, @rocketbakery hummus (if you’re in SJ I swear this is your new fav hummus), kale w evoo + lemon juice, tamari mushrooms, bean sprouts, pumpkin seeds, aaaaaand dry fried tofu w cumin + chili
Lots of love to @yungjuggz_rsny for rocking the Teddith Blue Blocker!🔥 Go check his blog for some awesome art and music!✅✨⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #blueblockers #computerglasses #music #art
So if you are not get results in your life, begin to ask what excuses are holding you back 💯 ••• #health #mind #body #healthlifestyle #quotes #motivation #motivationalquotes #instagood #inspiration #holistichealth #healthministries #holisticnutrition
My favorite new convention release, the orange blossom charcoal bar soap. You guys!!!! Get. this. bar. It pulls out impurities in your skin and my skin has never felt so clean and soft. Pro tip: use the bar with water generously on your face and wait about a minute as you feel it working to draw out the dirt and grime. Then rinse. This bar is amazing on problem skin but wonderful on normal to combo skin as well. Ingredients include soothing aloe vera, exfoliating coconut shells, and wonderful skin supporting oils such as lavender, patchouli and lemon. Always all natural with absolutely no toxic cleansers. Definitely a new favorite!
Last night my #core4 got together (one there in spirit)and talked about how expectations can kill a dream or a success. And it's true. Society, friend,family, social media they can all influence you to think "this is how you should be or act" when in fact, just being YOU is the BEST THING POSSIBLE for everyone!!! You being You attracts love, peace, confidence, success, relationships and more. Today,this weekend and moving forward I ask that you to rock your personality, your style and your values. Everything about you, you rock it!!! The world is waiting for YOU to shine. So go on and SHINE!
We really have your whole body covered, Even your Lips 🙌🏽❤️ -Moisturize and Heal blisters -Restore Smoker Lips ETC. (Link in Bio⤴️)
Never underestimate the importance of a healthy diet! #HappyFriday #FreshFoodAlchemy #FoodIsMedicine
l a v e n d e r 🌱💜 . The “swiss-army” knife of all the oils! This one has so many uses and I just want to drop in and share a few. . s l e e p : drop a few drops in the diffuser by itself, or mix it with other relaxing oils. I like to add Frankincense and Orange. (I used to struggle with insomnia and now I literally sleep like a rock.) . a l l e r g i e s : rub on chest and back of neck along with Peppermint and Lemon. You can also diffuse these 3 or put a drop of each in a capsule. . hair, skin, and lash support: mix a drop or 2 in all your favorite beauty products and lotions, including mascara! . r e l a x : put a few drops right in your bath water, take a dip and breathe deep. . d i f f u s e: I LOVE using this one in the salon. It creates such a relaxing, calming atmosphere and definitely promotes connection. Sometimes i even put it in my client’s conditioner before their head massage 🙏🏼😇 . E n j o y💜 . . . . . #plantoils #younglivingblends #essentialoildiffuser #homeopathic #essentialoils #yleo #joannagaines #naturalhealing #salonowner #interiordecoration #salondecor #oilymama #oilsforhair #lavenderoil #peppermint #orangeoil #thatsdarling #lifestyleblogger #healthymama #blondebalayage #coloradohairstylist #coloradospringshairstylist #plantlover #naturelover #naturalhaircolor #liveclean #holistichealth #naturalliving #loveyourself #aromatherapy
Ashwagandha is a traditional medicinal herb with multiple health benefits. It can reduce anxiety and stress, help fight depression, boost fertility and testosterone in men and may even boost brain function. Although ashwagandha is safe for most people, certain individuals shouldn't use it unless approved by their doctor. Come in and check out our range of ashwagandha supplements today!
It’s been a minute since I’ve allowed myself oatmeal. My new mindset program is working to recalibrate my mind around not only fueling my body, but allowing myself to be nourished & comforted by the foods I love. YES I said the word “comfort”. Face it dude a bowl of warm nourishing foods is COMFORTING. There is nothing wrong with that!! I think it’s to be accepted. God put these beautiful foods on the earth to not only nourish us, but to fill us with energy, joy & satisfaction. It’s so much more that “fuel”. Foods make you FEEL things so how can it just be fuel? It’s a sacred moment between me, earth & my body. I am moving away from the diet culture norm that’s been burned into my brain since birth. I am officially 8 days into this & the mindset of “deprivation” slowly dies as I ALLOW myself to be comforted. Turns out my superfood smoothie goes great as a side to my oatmeal. Seven super food salads, healthy carbs & omega 3’s all packed in here today. I feel warm, nourished & ready to tackle this #friday
This berry breakfast crumble has ZERO refined sugar. 🤯 It does have a bunch of other delicious things though, like pecans and shredded 🥥.
Good Morning 🌞 Break-Fast w/ a view.
Happy Friday people! Smiles and mermaid shirts are the dress code for this beautiful summer day. ☀️🐚
Do you want more from your life? More happiness? Better health? Deeper relationships? Increased productivity? What if I told you that just one thing can help you in all of those areas? An Attitude of Gratitude!!! @iptmiami #gratitude #grateful #joy #happy #holistichealth #selflove
What is Adrenal Fatigue? Well, for starters it’s one of the most common yet under diagnosed (if at all) conditions for the last fifty years. It’s not usually severe enough to be considered a medical emergency yet it can cause a load of damage to your well being. Every organ and system in your body is affected, changes can occur in your fat metabolism, protein and carbohydrates use as well as fluid/ electrolyte balance, heart and cardiovascular system and even your sex drive. In all of its mild and severe forms, it is usually caused by an over production of the hormone cortisol- STRESS. What causes stress? Toxins, emotional stress, smoking, lack of sleep, poor eating habits, caffeine, fear, employment, relationships, lack of relaxation.. the list could go on. One of the most commonly overlooked sources of adrenal fatigue is the reoccurring fits that just won’t be fought! If you experience bronchitis, asthma, sinusitis, among any other respiratory infections that just won’t go away; adrenal fatigue. Do you suffer from this? Do you suffer from not enough relaxation, rest, do you constantly drive yourself, are you constantly under pressure? Feel trapped or helpless? Experienced severe trauma or illness? Tire easily? Have a hard time getting out of bed? Then you are probably suffering from adrenal fatigue. You are not alone. What causes stress in your life? DM me for suggestions on how to help fight adrenal fatigue! . . . Shoutout to @plantedinhamont to always giving me a break from studying to have this fabulous salad!! #adrenalfatigue #stress #cortisolcontrol #nutritionfuelled #plantedhamont #johnstreet #wholebeing #holistichealth
This Sunday Gables Optimal Health is hosting a Stress Less Sunday event for neighbors, family and pets. Stop on by and get a little pampering, meet our holistic practitioners and explore our beautiful plaza and neighborhood. 🌿 ** ** ** **#community #giraldaplaza #gablesoptimalhealth #holistichealth #coralgables #stresslesssunday #acupunture #meditation #holisticfacials #holistichealth #relaxingtechniques
Are you prepared for your summer trips? Not without our Travel kit! Visit us for a short consultation to learn the basics to your own little on-the-go pharmacy!
Your health matters. The human body is an incredible vessel deserving of great care and attention. It experiences a wide spectrum of physical, emotional and environmental elements daily. While some elements help you thrive, others can lead to imbalances within your body that cause dis-ease. When your body is not functioning at 100% it can greatly impact your quality of life and potentially cause further health related issues. Call us today and speak to our new patient coordinator Lauren Roberts and sign up for A Foundational Assessment! What do our assessments do? Identify all areas of imbalance and dysfunction Create a roadmap, develop a system and create a personalized plan Boost awareness to help you make informed decisions Looks at imbalances in both your internal and external environments: Internal environment: Nutrient Status, Inflammation, Gut health, Detoxification, Genetic predisposition, Digestion. External Environment: Sleep quality, Activity level, Type of diet/Quality of food, Network of support – relationships, Stress management, Mental health, Toxic burden (Quality of home care products, Quality of personal care products), Home and work building environments (Mold, Electromagnetic frequencies Sunlight, Quality of Water)
Yesterday I attended continuing education through Sage Recovery & Wellness Center @sagerecovery . . I had met the owner about a year ago at a continuing education conference about how therapists can use yoga to help clients recover from eating disorders. At the time she told me about their regular FREE continuing education opportunities that they offer to the community of mental health professionals. This is so very cool and generous. (they provided a delicious lunch too!) . . It took me a year to follow through... but now I see why. . . A few weeks ago when i saw Sage Recovery’s posting about this month’s presentation “Intoxicating Cycles of Shame; the Missing Link in Co-Occurring Eating and Substance Abuse Issues”, I thought “what a great topic!” And signed up to go. . . I knew nothing about the presenter, Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Margaret Nagib. . . Yesterday when I arrived I found out Dr. Nagib attended the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry. She was the FIFTH person who has mentioned or shared of their experience in, not just regular ministry but supernatural ministry. I was absolutely meant to be there yesterday. . . This morning I completed my application to attend the one year program at the AuSSM-TLF / Austin School of Supernatural Ministry. I thought I was done with school but God has made it clear I am not. . . Dr. Nagib GIFTED me the most beautiful workbook: Souls Like Stars; Renew Your Mind, Heal Your Heart, Unveil Your Shine. . . What a blessing she was on my life, in just that short period of time!! And I’m so grateful for Sage who made the connection possible! I will have stock of this workbook in due time to sell at the studio, but in the meantime you can purchase a copy through Amazon it the temporary the link in my IG profile.
I miss my home country. Though Barcelona feels like home now. But I will always miss my true origin. This warm sunny weather reminds me of the warmth back home 🌞😝. This photo was taken 4 years ago in Bali at a temple being blessed by a Balinese priest. 4 years ago when I started my self-healing journey. What an eye opener and life changing moment. So many things has happened since. I’m so thankful for everything that has happened to me, both the bad and good. The bad has helped me recognized the good. - Where there is no mud, there is no lotus. 🌷 - Summer solstice : pure life force energy. 🌞
6am workout with @autumncalabrese is in the memory books fah life!!! Sweaty AF with these Eas’coasters 😍 The energy in the room was palpable!! 😭❤️ So amazing! I want YOU with me next year!!! #coachsummit #indianapolis #youcantoo #thatcoachlife
Looking for ways to sneak in some extra bone broth in your diet? Try this Herb Braised Fish with Capers recipe. The fish is braised in bone broth which then cooks down into a delicious sauce.
TGIF...my plans this weekend are a little scattered ( we’ll get it together) but for the most part I know I want to work from inspired space and bang out a few online courses for you guy. Plus it would help for us to get to know one another a little better! Any else have exciting plans?
🧞‍♀️ Ask and you shall receive! Came across this beautiful little cafe on the corner near my job. Thought I would slip in and to my surprise the menu spoke to my heart ❤️
Touché • • @briutessentials !
Embracing my surroundings! .....The one’s I’ve taken for granted, for all this time. Imagine brushing this view off as not a big deal. That was me! Up until recently I never gave much gratitude towards my prestige and very often prime locations. I did such not in the sense that I do now. NOW I EMBODY the practice of being grateful which makes SIMPLE experiences extremely heartfelt ☀️
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