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In my humble opinion (I’m the most humble person I know), if you are travelling from Saskatoon to Edmonton and vice versa, you are not going to find a better place to consume pizza than Cheers in Lloydminster (Run-on sentence much 🎓. Come on Riley, pull it together). Like the other pies on the menu, the ‘Cheers Classic’ left my stomach satisfied, but my heart wanting more. The copious amounts of cheese, the delicate placement of pepperoni, sausage & bacon, as well as the perfect balance of crispiness & flakiness within the iconic crust is what embodies an ideal pizza (I added mushrooms, because I needed a vegetable). Also FYI, Cheers will be moving locations to the old ‘Tilted Kilt’ location along Highway 16 West. #foodblogger #holdtheonions #pizza #cheers #familyrestaurant
When your FODMAPping friend invites your to their summer house for the day❤️perfectly yummy and tummy safe lunch😋not sure what she had in the veggie paddies but the side is quinoa with cubed halloumi and tomatoes👍garden work in the morning and swimming and tanning in the afternoon😇can I just go on holiday now please??🙃
Did anyone see this in last week's edition of People? Of course, Coney Island won, hands down. I live in Chicago and would be willing to put them up against any of their famous dogs. Seriously, you should see the look I get at #portillos when I order a hot dog with only chili and mustard. When I'm craving that taste of home, they try but no one comes close. And then, the ambiance. 😍😍😍 #people #peoplemag #peoplemagazine #foodacrossamerica #coneyisland #fortwaynesconeyisland #hotdogs #chilidogs #famousconeyisland #bestever #holdtheonions #illhavetwoplease #nostalgia #parkinback #walkthroughthekitchen
The Olive Tree Community Centre has been actively providing services to residents of Lloydminster since 2013. Their focus is to connect and support individuals and families in the areas of homelessness, hunger relief, education, emotional support & clothing. I, along with other community members, were fortunate enough to receive a tour of the new facility, learn about the inspiring history, as well as learn about the bright future that lies ahead for this embodiment of hope and unconditional love. I was also able to experience a delicious hot meal (Roast beef, potatoes & assorted vegetables) and dessert (Apple Crisp & Raspberry Cake) that is typically served to 125 guests, 3 times a week through their community meals. The Olive Tree will also be celebrating their 5 year anniversary this Saturday with a BBQ Bash at their new location. #foodblogger #holdtheonions #olivetree #yll #community
#Repost @growingbeanies ・・・ Great looking new restaurant @wahlburgers #mallofamerica is lucky to have you! . . I forgot to snap a pic of the #sweetpotatotots before I annihilated them. . . . #yummy #cheeseburger #holdtheonions
Great looking new restaurant @wahlburgers #mallofamerica is lucky to have you! . . I forgot to snap a pic of the #sweetpotatotots before I annihilated them. . . . #yummy #cheeseburger #holdtheonions
May Long at the Lake means family, fun & food. Whether it’s Homemade Bacon Cheeseburgers (Drool) on the grill, Homemade Potato Salad (EEEEK onions), or Store Bought Ice Cream Cake from @dairyqueen to celebrate a special 4 year old’s Birthday, it all seems to taste just that much better with your loved ones around. #foodblogger #holdtheonions #homemade #burger #pjmasks
Cheeeeezburgers 🍔 for being a good girl at the #RSPCAMillionPawsWalk2018 #adoptdontshop #staffy #holdtheonions #holdthepickles
I’m never home for my birthday, so today I got a double bonus... Leeward drive inn AND Taniokas I always eat there but not at the same time 😊☺️ Yes, I’m spoiled thank you Charm aka mom #holdtheonions #andagi #takopoke #chunkymonkey #ribeyethatswhy #whathappentoslimthick
Oh BBQ Season, how I longed for your velvety touch and reassuring presence. Please, for me, let’s just take it slow. Let us enjoy this ever-fleeting moment together, before this too becomes a fond memory like the rest. Here’s to grillin’ amazing dishes outside in amazing weather alongside amazing family. #foodblogger #holdtheonions #bbq #steak #grill
Tasty K’s is hands down the best lunch venue in Lloydminster. If you are travelling through Canada’s Border City, you need to stop in for a Donair (Jumbo sized, 100% beef, lettuce, tomatoes, zesty ranchera sauce, sweet sauce, whole wheat pita), Soup (Loaded Mushroom) & Milkshake (Thick, chocolately goodness). You will notice that on most days, there are lineups right out the door and you will realize that it’s always worth the wait! #foodblogger #holdtheonions #donair #soup #milkshake
Trying out something new in the kitchen today for lunch. Bell Pepper Burger.. great way to add some additional veggies to my intake; I guess this gives a new look at the Veggie Burger concept lol. . . . #veggies #veggieburger #bellpeppers #miniburger #holdtheonions #lunchtime 🍴 #🍽 #type2diabetes #leadwelllegacyisobsessed #leadwell2b
Apparently Grand Prairie’s hottest lounge @maddhattersgp has some delicious eats. Along with some Crispy Dry Ribs, I decided to rock some flavourful Prime Rib Sliders (Hay stacks, scallion mayo, shaved prime rib on a brioche) & a simple, but elegant Classic Bacon Poutine (House-cut russet fries, Quebec cheese curds, chopped bacon & house gravy). What is your go-to place to order poutine from? Because thanks to this one, I could probably go for another one very soon. #foodblogger #holdtheonions #poutine #bacon #grandprairie
Only food can tempt me to leave my four walls #foodwithfam #holdtheonions #buildingmyappetiteslowly #recoveringpoorlyprincess
Got to take part in my first Lobsterfest last weekend. Big shout-out to @rotaryinternational for putting on the successful event. The fresh lobster that was flown in, the juicy medium-rare steak, the soft, plump potatoes, the perfect garlic toast and the hidden caesar & spinach salads made it well worth the price of admission. And yes, I did wear that dapper lobster bib all night. #foodblogger #holdtheonions #lobster #steak #rotary
The amazing Price and Bopaiah clans unite! ❤️❤️ #love #wedding #holdtheonions
Spice Hut is hands down my current favorite dining establishment in Lloydminster. Located in the heart of Downtown only 2 blocks away from my office building (Where I daydream about their food all day long), patrons can enjoy various items from their authentic Indian cuisine menu at the spice level that they request. Tonight I indulged in Beef Samosas (w/ Tamirind sauce), Fish Pakora (w/ Mint Chutney sauce), Butter Chicken (Medium spice level 🔥), Basmati Rice & Coconut Naan Bread. The portions are so generous, you can be sure to pack a lunch from your supper order. #foodblogger #holdtheonions #butterchicken #indianfood #yll
I’ve attended @therootbistro many nights for live shows & casual drinks. Recently, along with outstanding music & outstanding company, I got to experience some outstanding food with some outstanding service. Entree: Beef Mignon (Medium Rare) w/ Sweet potato, parsnip puree, asparagus & wild mushroom sauce. Appetizer: King Prawns w/ cherry tomatoes, white wine sauce, shallots & wasabi. Dessert: Hazelnut Chocolate Brownie Crème Brûlée w/ raspberry coulee. PS, the venue is newly renovated and adds to an already welcoming environment. #foodblogger #holdtheonions #yll #bistro #steak
If you are ever craving a top-notch Moroccan Lamb Burger (Spicy lamb patty, fried halloumi cheese, carrot hummus, lime mint yogurt, tomato & arugula) with a side of Spicy sweet potato wedges, go to The Train Station Pub in Kelowna. The lamb was unbelievably succulent and not one person on our rec hockey team had one complaint with their food. Started this stellar meal with a soup and salad & ended it with a rich PB Cheese Cake (Peanut butter, sea salt chocolate ganache & crushed peanuts). Outstanding food selections in Kelowna, BC. #foodblogger #holdtheonions #lamb #kelowna #pub
Was feelin’ a little fishy this weekend (Literally and figuratively) & went with the Halibut Fish ‘N’ stuffed potato. This line caught and beer battered piece was perfect, however, it needs to be at least.....three times bigger than this! (Shoutout to Zoolander). Also started the meal with a tasty Spinach & Artichoke Dip appy. I’m really feelin’ spinach dips lately. #foodblogger #holdtheonions #pub #fish #spinachartichokedip
During our first morning in Kelowna, I devoured this Breakfast Reuben (Corned beef, Swiss cheese, arugula, fried egg & chipotle mayo on rye bread), along with a pesto crusted tomato & breakfast potatoes. Also, there were these grapes that lived and breathed in a balsamic reduction and capped off an absolutely wonderful breakfast experience. #foodblogger #holdtheonions #kelowna #breakfast #reuben
credit @oliverdagolden Golden hour☀️ ... for getting my paws on one of these burgers 😏🍔🐾 #noms #holdtheonions
Golden hour☀️ ... for getting my paws on one of these burgers 😏🍔🐾 #noms #holdtheonions
While at @bnabrewing (Which appears to be a historic landmark based on the interior infrastructure) I indulged in a Steamed Pork Bun for an appetizer, a Chicken Parmesan for my entree and then I met a server who is my doppelgänger as part of my dessert. The smoked porchetta, pickled cucumber, mustard seed mayo and hot hoisin sauce made for an appetizer that made me wish it was my main course. Definitely recommend a Steamed Pork Bun x10. #foodblogger #holdtheonions #kelownaliving #pork #delicious
Being a die-hard Eskies fan 🏈, of course I’m going to indulge at their official sports bar before my flight to Kelowna. Got to enjoy a Roasted Pepper & Feta Flatbread before we took off and I was barely even able to notice that there were diced and caramelized onions on it. #foodblogger #holdtheonions #babysteps #edmontoneskimos #flatbread
Meal Preppin’ Stuffed Pulled-Chicken Burritos for lunch (My favorite meal of the day). Chicken: Marinated with salt, pepper, lime juice, cayenne pepper seasoning & mango chipotle seasoning, medium salsa, oven baked (350 F) for 35 minutes and then shredded to pieces. Add seasoned rice, black beans, corn & Monterey Jack cheese, wrap it all up in a tortilla, multiply by 10, devour. #foodblogger #holdtheonions #mealprep #burrito #pulledchicken
First time I ever tried making Breakfast Cupcakes and I actually surprised myself with how well they turned out (Or at least the one did 😏). My recipe is as follows: Cooking spray, tortilla wrap cut in a circle placed into muffin pan, bacon strip (pre-grilled for 4-5 minutes), hashbrowns (shredded from golden potatoes and seasoned with sea salt, pepper & cayenne pepper) & egg yolk on top. Baked in the pre-heated oven (400 F) for 13 minutes. *Shredded Cheese can either be added between hash browns and egg prior to oven insertion, or broiled on top after finish for 2 minutes. Add chives for garnish. #foodblogger #holdtheonions #brunch #bacon #cupcakes
Note to self, don’t skip over Steps 1 & 2 (Use parchment paper and cooking spray) when making chocolate strawberry covered brownies. Delicious taste, unfortunate presentation. Recipe from https://www.delish.com/cooking/recipe-ideas/a19625389/chocolate-covered-strawberry-brownies-recipe/ #foodblogger #holdtheonions #rookiemistake #chocolatecoveredstrawberries #brownies
Oh my goodness, I decided to stuff my chicken with a spinach dip for the first time in my life and my taste buds are thankful that I did. Recipe I used can be found at https://thatlowcarblife.com/spinach-stuffed-chicken/ #foodblogger #holdtheonions #spinachdip #chicken #fancy
First time eating @cedarkabob & first time ordering through @skipthedishes and it won’t be the last on either account. Beef & chicken kabobs cooked to perfection and dipped in the garlic dip & hummus along with the pita bread. The rice if I’m not mistaken, is partly seasoned with cinnamon (Outstanding). The Mediterranean salad and home-cut fries topped off the flavour-filled meal. I also got a Beef-Shawarma Wrap (Lettuce, Tomatoes, Parsley & Pickled Turnips topped with a Tahini dressing) because it’s cheat day. #foodblogger #holdtheonions #shwarma #kabobs #rice
Navona was such good girl at the vet I told her we were going to #mcdonalds and this was the face she made. She took her time looking at the menu and taking in all the smells 🍔🍟🐾🐶 #goodgirl #happygirl #biggirls #biggirlsdoitbetter #roaddog #happymeal #quarterpounder #holdtheonions #americanbully #bullysofinstagram #pitbull #goldenretriever #canecorso #dogsofinstagram
Everywhere a sign. #holdtheonions #fairoaks
*Bacon Alert 🥓🚨* (See additional photos. And yes, one more strip would have made it perfect) On any given day, I like to bulk up when it comes to lunch meals and then go to town on a Tortilla Sandwich for supper. Wrap: Whole Wheat, Sauce: Sriracha Mayo, Cheese: Marble, Fruit: Pineapple (Sliced from the core), Vegetables: Tomatoes (Roma) & Baby Spinach, Meat: Sundried Tomato Turkey Breast (Deli) & Applewood Smoked Bacon (Oven baked in a weave to perfection with cinnamon and maple syrup marinade). #foodblogger #holdtheonions #wrap #bacon #turkey
Yesterday my bro got down with the burgers.. So today I invited him and the fam over for some birria 👌 #CasaDe40 #Cheff40 #Birria #Humildemente #Foodies #Foodie #FoodiesOfInstagram
So @ssklapsky had the family over for an Easter feast last night and not only did she lay out this angelic homemade Dunkaroo dip, but she provided the top secret recipe for it as well (So keep it on the d-low): 1 box of rainbow bit cake mix, 1 container of Cool Whip & 1 cup of plain Greek yogurt. Add sprinkles to brighten up your day. Simple, yet simply delicious. #foodblogger #holdtheonions #dessert #dunkaroos #homemade
Hoppy Feaster! See what I did there? See because it’s Easter and...Nevermind. It’s a day to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, to bring friends and family together and to indulge in some delicious eats (Potluck style). The guacamole, spinach dip (Drool) and Dunkaroo dip (As seen above) were all hand-made. #foodblogger #holdtheonions #easter #potluck #nostalgia
This camera shot of the Royal Red Robin Burger is not a flattering one, but it is a familiar one. Have you ever had a regular restaurant outing that you and the family would dine in at? For 15 years, our family has travelled to Edmonton for football games, hockey games and rock concerts and every time, we stop in at @redrobinburgers for juicy burgers, thick milkshakes and those bottomless fries. #foodblogger #holdtheonions #edmontonfood #burger #fries
When your brain wants a #BigMac , but your body does not, it's time for a #fastfoodmakeover . Mini Naan from @stonefirenaan , 2 tbsp extra lean ground beef, 1 tbsp shredded cheddar, shredded iceberg, pickles, and thousand island. #holdtheonions #mcdonalds #mcdonaldsmakeover #comfortfoodmakeover #lunchideas #lunch #betterchoices #smallsteps
Saturdays are for the boys and for bbqing homemade turkey burgers, even when there’s snow outside. Bottom Bun (Toasted w/ Sriracha Mayo), Lettuce (Iceberg), Tomatoes (Roma), Homemade Patty (See recipe from @allrecipes ), Cheese (Marble), Bacon (Applewood Smoked), Pineapple (Toasted & Bathed in Brown Sugar & Cinnamon), Top Bun (Toasted w/ Sriracha Mayo) & a Pineapple Crown (Because I’m tacky). Served with Homemade Potato Chips, (Recipe courtesy of the smoking hot @marthastewart ) #foodblogger #holdtheonions #bbq #pineapple #ferda
Spring Training!! Also...if a ballpark inexplicably does not serve onions...you bring your own. #desertskies #holdtheonions #mybigfatcrazyfamily
First time making homemade Chicken Cordon Bleu (Complimented with fluffy mashed potatoes, asparagus marinated in lemon and a Pinot Grigio) and I will be making it a regular dish in my kitchen. I would recommend following in my footsteps by following the recipe as created by @tylerflorence . https://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/tyler-florence/chicken-cordon-bleu-recipe2-1952383?sf84285471=1 #foodblogger #holdtheonions #chickencordonbleu #asparagus #mashedpotatoes
I'll have a double double animal style, please #innout #animalstyle #holdtheonions #yew
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