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Another cake in the counter today is the Caramac cake... white chocolate and caramel overload!!!! 😋
Cardio vs weightlifting 🏋🏽‍♀️🏋🏽‍♀️🏋🏽‍♀️🏋🏽‍♀️ . 🙌🏼 Double Tap and Tag some friends who would appreciate this post 👏Dobl golpecito y etiquette a algunos amigos si te gusta este post💪 . @TransformationRevolution 🔑@TransformationRevolution . Ⓜ️ @emlouisefitness
📟 Calorie Counting and burning 🔥 For me as a personal trainer, the time we have together is important. It's a chance for us to work together and build up your fitness, increase your self-confidence and improve your health. However, I am also interested in the time that you are not with me 🕵️ ------------------- What are you eating 🤔 Are you tracking and recording your intake? 🙀 Are you getting the right amount of nutrition a day? 🙊 Are you doing anything outside of the hours when you're not with me? 🙄 We all have a maintenance level. This is the level of calories our body needs for us to maintain our weight. If we exceed this number, we gain weight. If we are below this number, we lose weight. Take a look at these quick-fire points below 🔥🚒 – ⚫ A calorie is simply a unit of energy and there are about 3,500 calories in 1lb of stored body fat. ⚫ Buying a set of food scales gives you the best way to track what you’re actually consuming. ⚫ Starving yourself and thinking you will lose weight, isn’t the way forward. ⚫ A calorie counting app like MyFitnessPal is free. Scanning in your food with the bar code gives you the details of the food and is easier to track. ⚫ Scan everything in your cupboards you would normally eat, it saves time. ⚫ Everyone's caloric intake and energy output are different. You are unique! ⚫ A reduction of 200 to 300 calories is a good number to start with if your goal is to drop body fat. Dropping by 700 to 800 is aggressive and I don't recommend it. ⚫ If your goal is to increase your weight and gain muscle, have an increase of 200 to 300 to start with. Adjust as you go along. ⚫ If you have more muscle, you will burn more calories. Even if you aren’t training! ⚫ There are hundreds of different calculators online which gives you your daily recommendation based on your activity level. 💥 ANDDDD… last but not least, don’t let it control you! 😵 If you exceed your calorie amount one day, don’t worry. Get at it the next day. Hope this helps. #personaltrainer #personalcoach #healthy #health #caloriecounting #calories #training
JERONI FAJARDO . Buenos días , Jeroni Fajardo @jeronifajardo confía en el entreno de fuerza por la mañana . FULLPOWER , no queda otra . #training #trainhard #power #fullpower #trial #strenght #squats #nomediocres #discipline #dope #focus #motivation #funcional #entrenamiento #healthy #shredded
Made a RAW COLLARD GREEN WRAP for lunch today. Stuffed with slice veggies, carrots, paprika, pineapple chunk and Thai peanut butter sauce.😍 notting better than raw real food to fuel me!!
My days of #ubereats after 11hrs at work have gone.. bring on #jsabalichallenge #baliiscallingme #12weeks
Dit is de PEELERPRO! Het is een super HANDIG en MAKKELIJK product om er fruit en groente mee te schillen. De PeelerPro bestaat uit drie verschillende mesjes die u kunt roteren. Door de ROTERENDE schiller kunt u uw fruit en groente op uw gewenste manier schillen. Ook heeft de PeelerPro nog een speciaal sinaasappel/mandarijn SCHILPUNTJE, met dit puntje kunt u gemakkelijk de schil van uw fruit halen. Uiteraard is de PeelerPro van ROESTVRIJSTAAL en STEVIG plastic gemaakt. Op deze manier is hij vaatwasser bestendig. Mocht u vragen hebben dan kunt u deze stellen op peelerpro@gmail.com of u kunt ons bereiken door ons een berichtje op social media te sturen.#gezond #schillen #fruit #groente #handig #PeelerPro #keuken #makkelijk #healthy #keukengerei #cooking
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