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รีเฟรชกันหน่อยจ้าาา ผลไม้สดๆ หวานๆ ฉ่ำๆ #fruitarian #vegan #vegetarian #smoothie #smoothiebowl #healthy #healingjourney #healthysnack #foodismedicine #nature #naturetherapy
I was in the garden today with Jackie and looked over at our Buddha and noticed a white spot that I thought was bird poop. As I got closer to look at it I realized that the finish peeled off into the shape of a heart “❤️” some of you know that I find hearts everywhere or hearts find me. The more I pause to be in the moment the more I see the magic that surrounds me. #90daythyroidrehab #medicalmedium #fortheloveoflyme @breakingfreewithwhitney #plantbased #spiritualhealing #healingjourney #graphicli #hummingbirds #angels #detox #healing #journaling #compassion #celeryjuice #angeltime #spiritguides #guardianangels #angelwings #heartshaped #buddha
Do you feel what others feel? Do you feel anxious in groups of people? Do you feel dizzy around some people? Do you find working in an office emotionally difficult? Would you like to 'turn off' the feeling of overwhelm? If you said yes to any of these questions, this workshop is for you! 2 spaces left! RSVP now or book online to reserve your place! . #aurasoma #reiki #earth_and_lotus #spiritual #healing #instaheal #instapositive #selfheal #rejuvenate #weekend #selflove #positivity #courses #workshop #melbourne #essentialoils #intuition #sensitiveperson #carer #healingjourney #heal #skinrenaissanceemerald #dandenongranges #therapy #empath #emeraldvictoria #energyblocks #energymedicine #overwhelmed #dreamcatcher
I had this delicious salad for dinner tonight ❤🥗 I'm still eating mainly raw foods and just realized that I didn't have anything cooked this week. Continuing to listen to my body and do what feels right ✨ • I bought a huge bag of organic red delicious apples so trying to use them up. I added some slices to give the salad some sweetness 🍎 • One of the things I'm working on is my habit of eating late in the evening. When you have issues with digestion eating late can really affect your sleep, and we all know how crucial sleep is to our health 😴 • By the time I get home from work & walk my dog I often end up eating late, but its become a habit on weekends as well. No excuses ✋🏾 So I'm making a conscious effort (again) to not eat after 7:30. It really makes a big difference 🥕🥒🍅🌜🛌🏾 • • • • • • #eatgoodfeelgood #youarewhatyoueat #eattherainbow #eatplants #vegan #veganlife #veganlifestyle #longevity #foodismedicine #healing #healingfoods #wellness #wellnessjourney #holistichealth #holisticliving #healingjourney #nourishyourbody #nutritiousanddelicious #eatforhealth #healthyeats #cleaneating #mindbodyspirit #healthandwellness #fuelyourbody #eatsmart #holisticnutrition #nutrientdense #wellnesswarrior #veganliving #veganhealth
I am so absolutely grateful for my friends and my family! Thank you all like-minded individuals who LOVE and support me. 💖 And you know what? Thank God for those who aren’t where I’m at on the spiritual path, you are my greatest teachers. Certain people push me to be better while others bring my compassion forth. 💖 I have been called to LOVE and SERVE and life is beautiful even in the discord and funk it is all appreciated. Opportunities for growth. 💖 I am just a heart filled with gratitude for all today! I love my @sapphiredancefit family, Spirit Junkie family, Amplified Soul family, Tao family, dance fam, fitness fam, @nhcrs_official family, Brazil fam, Evolution fam and LOL fam. 💖 So many wonderful people in my life, thank you! Too many to tag but why not try?! 😉 Xoxo💖🌟🙏🏽 #gratitude #faith #love #service #spirituallyFit #we #are #all #one #gracias #peace
My child, I hope you feel at home in our family. I hope you feel you belong. . You don't need to like costumes and crazy eye make-up like we do. You can be who you are and love what you love. We can hardly wait to see what you grow to love. Right now you love moving the fridge magnets to the piano, and you love seeing how many plastic animals you can balance on a choo choo train. You could say your interests are pretty niche. . When I was a kid I dreamed about starting my own family some day. In my own family I wouldn't feel like an outsider. I would feel like I made sense. I would feel like I fit. My deep hunger for the belonging that I didn't feel at home took me to places that did me further harm. . @brenebrown says, “not belonging in our families is still one of the most dangerous hurts. That’s because it has the power to break our heart, our spirit and our sense of self worth.” To not belong at school hurts. To not belong at home is devastating. . My child, I hope this family is a place where you feel safe, seen, and valued. We can't protect you from pain. I know we will hurt you, too, despite our best efforts as your parents. But I hope our home is the safe container of belonging you need to feel confident enough to go out and show yourself to the world. . And for me, I hope I can keep doing the hard work of feeling at home in myself. Because if I am not at home in myself, I am at home nowhere. I so deeply want to feel like I belong in this family we are building. . . #belonging #brenebrown #bornknowing #motherlove #healingjourney #motherhoodalive #motherrising #unsilencedwoman
To do list: -Focus on your feelings. Scars aren’t just physical, they’re mental too! - Do more of what makes you smile 😊 you can’t live your life wishing you were doing something else! - Love what you do. Lift weights 🏋️, run 🏃, paint 🎨, sleep 💤, write stories and tell them with a passion, do yoga and cook a nutritious meal 🥘! It’s up to you! - Remember that you’re a tiger who earned their stripes, it doesn’t matter how you got them or what your intentions were, you overcame them and you have stripes to prove it 💪🏼💪🏼!!💜. #healthy #healthylifestyle #reachhigher #recovery #recoveryquotes #healing #healingjourney #balance #balancedlife #balancedliving
I just took the most relaxing bath ever! My knees and well most of my body are sore!! so I did: 3 drops Stress away 3 drops Panaway 3 drops Copaiba and about 2 cups epsom salt! Relaxed for like 20 minutes and I am feeling amazing! Self care is important!! Take a bath or do something that makes you feel relaxed. I'm always looking forward to a relaxing bath with epsom salts and my favorite essential oils! These 3 come in the starter kit😉Just saying If you wanna learn more let me know! #yleo #younglivingessentialoils #igotanoilforthat #selfcaresunday #bathtime #oilsforthewin
Simple brown rice & veggie stir fry. 💗 Ingredients ✨ Brown rice Onion Cherry tomatoes Sweet corn Bell peppers Himalayan pink salt Black pepper Sage Lime Chipotle Sauce. #stirfry #brownrice #veganrecipes #veganmealideas #veganmealinspiration #healthylifestyle #organiccooking #vegancooking #consciouscooking #lasvegas #lasvegasblogger #healingblog #healingjourney
🤟🏼 Keep going. You’re stronger now that you’ve grown through what you’ve been going through. Next, comes the breakthrough! You are closer than you think. Just remember you’ve made it through EVERYTHING up to this point. You CAN keep going, keep believing, keep building, keep dreaming, keep working and keep bringing life to that next chapter. It’s about to get REAL. Stay INSPIRED. ♥️, Jenny O #fearlessjenny . . #godislove #stayfearless #beyourself #epigenetics #energymedicine #energywork #daregreatly #healingjourney #personalgrowth #changeyourlife #spiritualhealing #spirit #soul #peace #meditation #sacredspace #consciousness #freedom #love #compassion #truth #dreamscometrue #medicalmedium #waynedyer #louisehay #abrahamhicks #heal
So I got hit by a pretty massive wave of heavy energy last night (seems to be in the air for a lot of folks right now), and as I was mucking through some tough thoughts and feelings, I had to remind myself of a few things I’ve learned over the course of my own journey and thought I’d share them here in case any of you happen to be navigating choppy waters at the moment as well... 1. You can run from your feelings/wounds but you can only hide for so long. The things that are trying to come forward will always find their way out one way or another. Might as well face them head on and on your own terms rather than have them creep up behind you in less than opportune moments. 2. If it’s coming up, it not only means that it’s time for you to deal with it, but that you are also ready to work through it and release it. 3. All storms, no matter how severe, will dissipate eventually. Sometimes when it gets especially rough and you feel like you’re being pulled under, the best thing you can do is give yourself permission to just ride it out as best you can. 4. Never underestimate the power of self care, whatever that looks like to you. If baths are your thing, soak it up. If nature recharges you, get outside. If painting or writing or singing helps you process and release, by all means, do it! 5. And lastly, you don’t have to go it alone. I reached out to one of my wisest and most compassionate healer friends last night when I was in the thick of it and I’m so glad I did. (@forloveandbliss can I just tell you that I thank my lucky stars for your presence in my life? I really do 💗) She sent me links to some tapping videos that really helped, talked me through some of what was coming up, and texted me this @lalahdelia quote that was such a great reminder that there’s always a gift on the other side of the pain. I also just want to put a little reminder out there that we never really know what people are going through so please please please be kind to one another. The simplest gesture could be the very thing that lifts someone up in a moment when they were down. Sending waves of love to all of you rn 💗 #healingisajourney #trusttheprocess #thistooshallpass
Do what you love and what makes you happy and fulfilled. But be careful! This little adventure was supposed to be just an innocent 5 mile loop hike. It turned out to be 10 miles mistake when I took the wrong turn, ended up in a middle of nowhere, barely got to civilization by nightfall and had to call 911 to rescue me. Ironically, 911 couldn’t do it, and I had to wait for close to 2 hours in the dark wilderness for a friend to show up to take me to my car - which was 2 hours away by walking and just 5 minutes driving. I can tell you right now, I have learned my lesson to pay attention when hiking 💪🏽 #hikingadventures2018 #gettinglostinthewoods #hiking_daily #healthylivin
S💛UL . F U L L . SUND☀️Y Always bending. Not just backbending; bending my mind, my thoughts, my perspective. When witnessed practicing my homework, sometimes people ask if I ever stop “doing yoga”. It always makes me smile, but the answer is no. While I do not practice physical asana all the time, or even the majority of the time (oh how I wish I could...), I have seen a major shift in my general perspectives in “real life”. The desire I carry for deepening my practice has already done so much more than I could have ever imagined. A main reason for my choice to practice asana is for healing. In order to heal, there must be kindness. I practice the asanas to cultivate kind and loving energy in and out. And that is what I mean when I say I don’t stop “doing yoga”. I try my best to practice being the kindest version of myself on and off the mat. And that is yoga. Therefore, I shift my spine so I can shift how I treat myself, and in turn my environment. Shifting towards kindness of mind, thoughts, and perspective. And that is where the yoga keeps going. #ahimsa #karma #kindness #backbending #yoga #yogaeverydamnday #ghoshyoga #ghoshlineage #yogagirl #yogaathlete #healing #healingjourney #yogaheals #mantra #yogaismedicine #tcm #acupuncture #homeopathy #chicagoyogi #wheelpose #thisisyoga #rsds #rsdsawareness #crps #crpswarrior
Giving life to my food, the magic of sprouting 🌱 #slowfood #slowliving #healingjourney I’m still moving slow, during this post-cleanse time, giving all the care that’s needed to complete this process successfully. Two days after we ended the cleanse and started eating again, I went into a “healing crisis” detox reaction, meaning my body did some really good work to clear something nasty. Sometimes feeling worse before feeling better is part of the alchemical transformational process! But when deep work gets done, it’s sooo totally worth it!
My appetite is FINALLY back and my 💚 is so full. A girl is never too old to need her momma’s TLC. Sautéed Alaskan salmon with baby bok choy, kelp noodles and microgreens in a warm drizzle of sea salt, lemon and olive oil. Simple, nourishing food for both body and soul. . . . Tomorrow morning I’m scheduled for my first ultraviolet IV since last Tuesday after strong reactions forced a pause in treatment... reminded that the road to healing is a slow, meandering path 👣, and one that cannot progress without the body’s ability to support it. #nourishyourbody #onedayatatime
I am enough. No matter what the old tapes try to play in my head. No matter how I feel from one day to the next. I am enough. Even when I have a hard time believing it. There are days on this #healingjourney when I am starting to feel so much better. I have more energy than I’ve had in a LONG while. I’m even sustaining work weeks like I’ve just done (read: overly PACKED even for healthy person - let alone someone with chronic health problems) for two weeks!!! But then there are the days that follow. Those days when I barely get up. I am so tired I can hardly keep my eyes open. My joints are so stiff I can barely walk. In fact it hurts so bad I really don’t walk unless I absolutely have to. My muscles ache everywhere. I’m so exhausted I can barely parent... and if the off chance my husband gets the flu at the same time ... well you can imagine how these days go. That was this weekend. Days like this I begin to swim in the sea of doubt and self hatred. I manage to stay above water til Sunday night out of sheer determination but am met with overwhelming fear for the coming week. How will I work again? Parent again? And all the other duties I carry... again? My thoughts swirl and I find myself thinking I failed my kids, my family, myself over the weekend. I struggle resting BIG time. Like I have to be knocked down in order to actually rest. With my health the way it’s been I’ve been resting more than ever... however resting never feeling fully rested. That’s a vicious cycle. When the good weeks come I’m elated. In fact I’m so excited I probably push myself too hard. I add workouts in, cleaning, organizing, big home projects, and all the kid activities I promised but couldn’t do, gardening etc to my already full plate. This is the place I need to learn balance still. I need to learn to rest even when I feel better. I need to learn to not deplete myself while I’m feeling good. You see it’s here when I begin to feel like I’m not enough. These days when I compare to the previous. I can’t tell you how to do this...except I’m choosing to. I’m determined to learn to find this balance. I’m determined to practice. So tonight I practiced. **cont
“Although I deeply love oceans, deserts, and other wild landscapes, it is only mountains that beckon me with that sort of magnetic painful pull to walk deeper and deeper into their beauty.” - Victoria Erickson Mountains. They really are the best thing for an aching, heavy heart and a troubled mind. • Despite the chill of the approaching night, I sat and watched as the sun’s last rays dipped below the western horizon, washing the east in its warmth before the kiss of night could embrace the vista. • #becausemountains #beutahful #utahisrad #letstakeawalk #icouldstayhere #thatviewthough #reflections #healingjourney #nobaddays #gettingbacktome #practicegratitude #wasatchfront #wasatchmountains #quotestoliveby #lovewhereyoulive #goodnightsun #sunset
This description of narcissistic abuse recovery is spot on! Because the healing process takes a long time, it can be very difficult for those around us and those who love us to understand. If you or someone you love is experiencing this join us to learn extremely valuable information on this subject. We will be covering this in depth at the Reclaim “YOU” Event April 14th @ The Salt Lake Hardware Building. Swipe to find out who this event can benefit↔️ (Link in bio to learn more and purchase your ticket)👆🏼 use coupon code 🍀MARCH🍀 for a $50.00 discount❤️ ____________________________________________#healing #healingjourney #relationships #toxicpeople #toxicrelationships #domesticviolence #natcissistabuse #emotionalvampires #emotionalabuse #youareworthit #worththeinvestment #fadv #safeharbor #metoo #timesup
Feel stressed, anxious, overwhelmed? Can’t focus? Stress Relief Complex can help with all of that. Its all-natural, 4 clinically proven ingredients can help you feel calmer and more focused in 20 minutes. 🤯🤪I cannot imagine going through motherhood without this product in my daily survival kit💆🏻‍♀️🍃 . Shop link in Bio 👉🏼💻 http://bit.ly/2mWZAN1 . . . . . #stressrelief #adrenalfatigue #adaptogens #wellnesswarrior #wellnessadvocate #anxietyhelp #anxietyrelief #calming #tranquility #mindbodysoul #healthylifestyle #wellbeing #healingjourney #momlife #focus #mentalclarity #stress #dailygrind #moodbooster #relaxation #chronicfatigue #cortisolcontrol #calming #tensionrelief #tensionheadache #chronicmigraine #aminoacids #ashwagandha
May your dreams be carefree this night and soar like these Jackdaws in flight, zzzzzzz 😴. May the rhythm of the slowly swaying branches guide your breathe and let your mind just watch your thoughts drift by like a cloud, leaving you feeling calm and at rest x
Oh my goodness! This #keto #lasagna from @heyketomama was absolutely amazing! So good that my super picky "I won't eat it because you made it healthy" kid ate it, had 2nds AND complimented me on it! For those that don't know this child, this is the equivalent of hell freezing over!  #adults #teens #tweens #pediatrics  #holistichealingandnutritionsc #healingjourney #natureheals #foodiskey #letfoodbethymedicine #essentialoils #homeopathy #wholefoodsupplements #nutritionresponsetesting #nrt #reiki #yoga #allergytesting #allergyelimination #horrycountyhealer #horrycounty #brunswickcountyhealer #brunswickcounty   #LittleRiver
The healing journey continues... . #healingjourney #sundayflow #cotleorlando
🌼Today has been the loveliest day! 🌞Blue sky's and sunshine!! It feels like summer is on the way, just needs to warm up a little😊 🏖On this fine day me, my Mam and my friend Emma (@emmas.recovery.1 ) went out for a Sunday run, 🚗basically driving around aimlessly enjoying the day. I did the driving which was very exciting but it has taken it's toll, very sore and quite tired, but to be honest I expected it to be worse. 😌 🏝We went to St Ninian's Isle and it was so gorgeous, wasn't able to walk far, sand makes things even harder, so we just sat on a bench and admired the view for ages. 🌬Thankfully there wasn't much wind so we could just sit without ending up freezing. 😀What topped off my already brilliant day was me and Mam heard that the Northern lights🌌 were out so we went looking for them and it was spectacular. I have only ever seen them once before but it was nothing like tonight. 📷I don't have any photos of them because I just wanted to enjoy seeing them with my own 2 eyes and not through a camera lens.☺ 😊Done quite a bit today so for the next few days I see a lot of resting going on, but on a day like this I needed to get out and enjoy it!🌞
“Silence isn’t empty. It’s full of answers.” ✨💫✨
poem by nova 🌺 from your magic is wanted here . and sometimes making love is not even physical; it is wholely a merging with of the mind and heart.
Bite size cacao nib cookies! 😍😍 . I loveeee sweets 🍬. But blood sugar spikes can bring on migraines, so these are perfect!!!! These cuties are gluten-free, dairy-free, refined sugar-free, and really so delicious! Even my non gluten-free friends thought they were YUM! They are super easy and even have hidden fiber with chickpeas (shhh) 🤫🤫 . 🍪 Ingredients 🍪: 1 ¼ cup chickpeas, well rinsed and patted dry ½ cup all natural peanut butter ⅓ cup honey (use agave or maple syrup for vegan) 1 tsp vanilla extract ½ tsp apple cider vinegar ½ tsp cinnamon Pinch of salt 1 tsp baking powder ½ cup cacao nibs (can also use chocolate chips!) . 🍪 Directions 🍪: Preheat oven to 350F. Combine all ingredients except for the cacao nibs in a food processor, processing until very smooth. Pour in the cacao nibs and stir manually until well combined - the mixture will be very thick and sticky! Use wet hands to form 1 ½ inch balls, placing onto parchment-lined cookie sheet. Press down slightly on the balls (they won’t really rise while baking), and bake for about 10 minutes. The cookies will still be very soft when you take them out of the oven and will continue to set. Let cool and enjoy!!! ❤️
I chickened out of playing at an open mic this week... they used to be my bread and butter, but that was a decade ago (and longer, even!!). Before I had a smartphone. Pre-social media. I promised myself that to make up for it, I'd post a video playing because it has the possibility for more people to see it (duh) Which is even scarier. 😮 The old patterns and old ways of doing things can sometimes provide foundation, but often times they hold us back. I've been holding myself back for years because my music "didn't feel complete without a band" or "i wasnt ready." Welp, here goes nothin ✌ #songsforhealing #babysfirstvideo . . . . . #williamsburg #greenpoint #brooklyn #noboringfam #music #healers #healinghands #healingjourney #songwriting #songs #growingup #movingon #energyrx #musicisworthlivingfor
I made a little video about weird detox symptoms I get. I get all kinds! So many odd little things that aren't part of my "normal" symptoms. What about you? Link in my profile to the video. #medicalmedium #90daythyroidrehab #90daythyroidrehabchallenge #detox #youtube #weirdsymptoms #plantbasedhealing #healingjourney #healingnaturally #healing #cleansing #asparagusjuice #costcohasorganicasparagus
Thank you for your submission anonymous friend.
❓Why do I lead a healthy lifestyle? 14 years ago to this day, I had a brain tumour removed that was causing me to have multiple seizures every day. I couldn't get a job, I couldn't drive, I couldn't go anywhere alone. I didn't get to live normal teenage years. I don't actually remember much of them because of the cocktail of drugs I was prescribed 😷 I've been told to "live a little" and eat more processed food...but I've already been given my second chance 🙏 I get to wake up every day, truly alive and conscious of my life. Seizure free. I'm now blessed with good health and the opportunity to teach and inspire others to stay healthy 💚✨ The proverbial bus can hit at any time, so why wouldn't you want to treat your body with respect and live life to your greatest potential, vibrant and well for all your years? You can change your trajectory at any moment, if you really want to. Disease is not a normal part of ageing. Staying healthy is easy, and each small decision counts. The choice is always yours, and your body wants to heal if you give it the chance ❤ Happy Monday friends xx #healthiswealth #stayhealthy #lovelife #consciouslifestyle #consciousness #consciousliving #healthylifestyle #powerofnow #positivemindset #plantbased #plantpowered #fitness #fitmum #naturelover #blessed #medicalmedium #secondchance #transformation #mondaymotivation #motivation #inspiration #nodiets #nutrition #health #vitality #vibrantlife #healingjourney #healingfoods
What I learned after my near death experience was that the biggest barrier to healing myself wasn’t my diet, but my fear. Because the energy of fear does two things: one, it chemically suppresses my bodies ability to heal itself; and two, it energetically manifests more things to be afraid of (in my life, and in my body). That one of the most unspoken universal laws is that our fears must come true for us somehow, and they must get bigger the longer we are afraid of them. Fear is one of our most powerful creative energies. So in addition to eating well, and resting, the majority of my healing focus was on learning how to transcend all the places where I was afraid. All the places within me where I believed that I was not enough/lovable, that there was something wrong with me, that there was something wrong with my body, that it wasn’t safe to be my true self in the world, that I couldn’t heal, etc. — The more I healed my internal fears, the more well my body became. There was a direct correlation between how afraid I was, and how healthy my body was. The more afraid I was, the sicker I was. The more trusting, and safe, and loving I became/felt, the more healthy and well my body became. — Learning to heal my fears made the difference between life and death. Between illness and well-being. — #lessonsinhealing #healing #heal #selfhealing #transcendingfear #wellness #wellbeing #nde #neardeathexperience #loa #lawofattraction #powerofbelief #healingjourney #miraculous #selfhelp #spiritualgrowth #spirituality #spiritualawakening #soulmedicine #liveyourtruth #chronicillness #healingfromdisease #fightorflight #universallaw #selflove
So excited to start my 28 day clean eating 🌱💚cellular cleanse tomorrow and document it for the first time. 😳😎😁This is my favorite time of year🙏 when the days get longer 💃 and we have just a bit more sunshine in our lives ☀️ 🌈 💫#happysunday #cellulardetox #cleaneating #vegan #plantbased #healingjourney #comejoinme #arbonne30
So excited to start my 28 day clean eating 🌱💚cellular cleanse tomorrow and document it for the first time. 😳😎😁This is my favorite time of year🙏 when the days get longer 💃 and we have just a bit more sunshine in our lives ☀️ 🌈 💫#happysunday #cellulardetox #cleaneating #vegan #plantbased #healingjourney #comejoinme #arbonne30 #teamjoy #arbonneathlete #tritraining #triathlete #runner #fitgirl #lalalove
Relax, Recharge, Regenerate, Remember, Relearn 🙌🏼 Thank you for this opportunity to grow, expand and share my life lessons 🙏 #alwaysgrowing #newlevels #newperspectives #healingjourney #sharethelove #alwaysguided #lifeismagic #somuchlove #soulwork #soulhealing #soulfamily ♥️
In one of my stories about a week ago, I promised I would write on the upcoming weekend about self-care. That never happened, because I was so deep in the river of some soul-searching, that arose in the context of my self-care practices. ▫️ What came up in the muddy depths, were memories of how in the past, my very way of existence, has been a source of suffering for others. The choices that I made, and behaviors I engaged in, out of fear, attachment, insecurity, and lack of trust in - or even ability to sense clearly - my truth. I found myself coming face to face finally, with the reality of the pain that I had caused to others. ▫️ At first I did not want to face this, and felt like I was going insane. The indignant pride voices popped their heads up: “No one does this! Why should I always be the one to apologize?!!! Why am I always the one who has to be wrong? It wasn’t really my fault…! I’m being controlled by some spirit entity that is forcing me to reconnect with this person” and on and on. ▫️ Recognizing that the truth was unavoidable, I gradually submerged myself in the current of feelings. And what I realized in this experience, was that actually, I and the other person, had been feeling the same pain - just responding to it differently. ▫️ It showed me, that we are all part of the same - the wholeness of experience of life. And that whom I need to apologize to - offer and ask forgiveness from - is not only the other person, but also the same part of humanness within myself. ▫️ The key to alleviating suffering, is the willingness to be present for whatever may arise in life, and most importantly keeping an open heart that is capable to FEEL. A heart that is broken, is one that is tender, sensitive, wise, and alive. ▫️ When we can be present and feel, it is also true that we allow experiences to simply arise and then pass through and around us. We allow ourselves, to move through life with the perspective that each feeling, does not define the entirety of who and what we are. ▫️ 🌬story continues in comments👇
"A man chooses a great woman as part of a Spiritual journey to bump up to a higher level. A great woman is his inspiration. If a man chooses a "lesser" woman for lower chakra reasons, ie casual sex for example, he does not want to do the work to shift his consciousness into being a great man. You can always see the character of a great man by the woman he chooses." — John Dean 💝😌😘💛 #magichands #love #lightworker #personalpower #Universe #blessed #believeinyourself #selflove #selfworth #selfcare #happiness #allowing #yogini #meditation #kundaliniyoga #healingjourney #happiness #wildwoman #relationshipvalues #choice
Bush diaries: today we took N to Seven Sisters Waterfall for the first time. I went off for a moment to connect to nature and myself. I had been feeling the need to recalibrate all week- it was like my body was there, albeit with a cold, and my mind was either in the present or the future. Needless to say I needed to regroup. While observing the rushing waters and the sturdy stones I began to meditate of just being. Just allowing yourself to be as you are and where you are without all the judgement of where you would like to be or how you wish you were. Just be and stop resisting. Imagine if one water 💦 droplet flowing with powerful river decided it wanted to go in the opposite direction or stay put? What a pointless struggle it would be! Even the smallest river stone was once part of a solid land mass. All things have their season. #grenadasouladventurer #puregrenada #bushdiaries #mamablogger #healingjourney #selfhealing #selfhealingjourney #mompreneur #soulpreneur #blackgirlmagic#blackgirlinom #islandgirlsrock @igr_love @igrtravel
Country ride home x
Glorious day...very cold, windy, sunny and then light snow flutters...which gladly did not stay. View of the field at the end of the garden and coloured by my Soul. Every time i hear the pheasant at the fence it gets spooked when i drawn near. Yesterday i had to duck low as a loud noise came from behind over my head and rather clumsily flew into the field. ...the pheasant again. Beautiful feathers but very large and somewhat clumsy in flight, lol, o honestly do not know who got more of a fright! I am grateful for being in this healing spot called home xx
Still going strong on the liver cleanse prep with a bowl full of veggies 🥦🥕🍠 I threw together leftover butternut squash, lentil broccoli salad, broccoli slaw and roasted brussels and topped it off with a dressing I made from leftover hummus, meyer lemon juice, tahini, mustard, and balsamic. Random but turned out 👌🏻Two days until flush time!
Easy to stay in budget when eating plant based, I’ve discovered. Vegan navy bean soup with thyme and kale. Thyme is awesome but doesn’t go with the flavors here, I also learned. Navy beans are one of the highest fiber foods!
Just doing girl things being butterflies twirling & flying, & sending prayers out while we dance 💖 Good little youth Wacipi last night here in town. Caske' was youth Arena Director, & Allen & Baby Cub brought in flags first session. #Wacipi #PowWowLife #ItsANativeThing #PowWowTime #LifeOfAnIndigenousKid #FancyShawl #NorthernShawl #JingleDressDancers #Jinglers #NativeYouthPowWow2018 #MCPS #Missoula #Montana #Strength #Resilience #Culture #Tradition #PositiveInfluences #WacipiSeason #PowWowSeason #SelfCare #CulturalHealing #HealingJourney #HealthAndWellness
Such a blessing to spend the weekend with this beautiful soul ✨⚡️💫🌟🌙 @crystal_brouillard Humility Love Endurance Health Healing Truth Whole So happy to be on this journey going through our dark night. Without the dark, one can't appreciate the light ✨ And thank you to our hubbies for holding down the fort ❤️❤️
#WeeklyEnergies #WeeklyTarotReading for 19 - 25 March 2018 ⠀ ⠀ XX JUDGEMENT (rev) . KING of SWORDS (REV) . WHEEL of FORTUNE ⠀ ⠀ Many will begin the week feeling as though they’ve missed ‘the sign’ that will lead to the breakthrough that is their ‘calling’. ⠀ ⠀ You’re being asked to look at what you believe a calling is - is it one big life-changing event - where the heavens open up and you hear a voice giving you instructions? Or does it consist of smaller events that contribute to the overall betterment of humanity - even if it only occurs by impacting one person’s life at a time? ⠀ ⠀ You’re being way too hard on yourself. You’re judging yourself harshly - pay attention to the words you speak to yourself throughout the course of a day - would you speak those words to another? Why speak them to yourself? ⠀ ⠀ They (Spirit) are saying that ALL of life’s experiences bring us to exactly where we need to be - our decisions may take us on a detour, but in the end, the crossroads, the meetings, the seemingly negative events in and of our lives WILL bring us to the point in time where we can make an impact and change the course of history - even if it’s just ours. ⠀ ⠀ Be present in your unfolding...pay attention to the signs...there is a break coming up... ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ THEMES: calling; Purpose; rebirth; Archangel Gabriel; transformation occurs through Presence; learning; knowledge; wisdom; judgement; discernment; crossroads; time is up; choices; choosing words that elevate; being loving and kind to the Self; honouring the whispers of the Soul. ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ INNER WORK: ⠀ ⠀ ✍ What have I always said I’d do if I only had the time? Explore... ⠀ ⠀ ✍ What’s stopping me from making this a reality? What’s REALLY stopping me? ⠀ ⠀ The pieces of the puzzle come together... ⠀ ⠀ 💜 Vanda xx ⠀ ⠀ ✨ If you’d like to discover how to navigate your current challenges, click on the link in our bio to purchase your in-depth personalised reading. Your reading will be emailed to you within 24 - 48 hours (excl. Sat/Sun) ✨
I spent a lot of years obsessed with food. I hated how much control it had over me. Whether I was eating too much, or too little I was ever-consumed & mentally exhausted. Having a healthy relationship with food wasn’t something that I ever even let myself dream about, because it wasn’t something I considered could happen for me. I saw it all around me - but I had full confidence that, that - over there - wasn’t for ME. I thought I was too far gone. This quote perfectly captures my past relationship with binge & emotional eating. If you’ve ever binged or eaten emotionally to fill a void you may know that it almost feels like you’re blacking out - rushing through it as quick as possible. So no one comes home and sees you, you don’t feel ashamed and embarrassed any longer than you have to, and you can move onto “fixing” it and making it go away by restricting yourself the next day, overexercising, or something more drastic. That’s not the answer. And if you’ve been in that cycle for years, I think you know that’s not the answer. So why don’t we try something different? After all nothing changes, unless it changes. You can start super simply by deciding to make peace with food. Instead of looking at it as an enemy, something you wish you didn’t want, or something that makes your body look a way you don’t like - can you start appreciating it? Cooking & preparing it and noticing the tastes, textures & smells, being grateful that it gives you energy, brain power, and boosts your mood. Can you decide to work with it, instead of against. Can you slow down, breath & CHEW the heck out of your food. Making the shift to acknowledging that food is not the enemy, will bring you one step closer to breaking free. Release the idea that food is this almighty thing that carries so much power. Start getting more excited about food, being happy you actually feels huger bc that means your body is working! + experimenting in the kitchen & figuring out what you really LIKE & WANT... because that’s up to you! XO🧡✌🏼
Coconut water. So hydrating. This is also a hydroponic system my hubby built. Trying to see if we can grow butter lettuce in this system. I'll be keeping on eye on this and the rest of the garden. I'm on the day 14 of the #90daythyroidrehab challenge. I'm still having some tummy issues. Let's just say I've been visiting the bathroom more than 6 times today. Not fun!!!! I did all raw yesterday and I will continue today. I made a healing broth today as well. Brought in lots of bananas, kiwi and papaya. Also took probiotics, cats claw, zinc, and b-12. Going through a lot of detox symptoms as well. I have little pimples/bumps all over my forehead and chin area. Also had some shortness of breath and some fatigue. Emotionally I also had some release of past emotions. So I am definitely detoxing and it's sucks but it's great! I don't want to go through this but I want to grow through this! I will continue and push through! I am a fighter! This too shall pass. Hopefully soon! #coconuts #coconutwater #healingfoods #plantbased #hydrponics #growinglettuce #healingplants #medicalmedium #healingjourney #ebv #strep #shingles #sensitivecentralnervoussystem #anxiety #tummyissues #chronicillness #invisibleillness #healing #iwillheal #onedayatatime #fighter #keepgoing #angelhelp #angelofhealing
H E A R T H • W I T C H __________ We got the keys to our new house on Friday, and have been slowly moving in. Today before we moved any furniture in, I spent the day physically and energetically cleaning the whole house. I set up an altar in the kitchen and invoked the goddesses of the Hearth that I work with, as well as my other patrons, set my intentions, and got to work. • • The porch and sidewalk got swept, the entirety of the house got smudged while I sang (even the tiny hall closet that houses the AC unit), carpets vacuumed, rest of the house swept and dusted, all while the windows and doors were open. Then I made a floor wash that has both physical and energetic cleansing/protective properties and mopped everywhere that wasn't carpet, and annointed the window and door frames as well. • • I used what I had on hand, which was juniper berries, some white sage leaves, and a couple sprigs of rosemary -- one of my favorite protective and cleansing herbal allies, and also has antimicrobial properties -- from my wee rosemary plant ((which didn't die this winter!! It has tiny new leaves!!)), as well as a dash of spring water from a waterfall outside Weaverville, NC. • • I am so.fucking.ecstatic. to finally have my own house -- no room mates, no one else's stuff to have to share, no more people always hovering and silently (or not so silently) judging what I do and how I raise my kids -- and to have my own work / creative / healing space so I can finally start offering healing+coaching sessions, teaching classes, and hosting circles. I give thanks, so much thanks • • Next is to ward the house + property ~ For more on spiritual cleansing + protection follow the link in my bio to my blog for a 3-pt series! . . . #hearthwitch #kitchenwitch #paganhousehold #kitchenaltar #altar #altartending #witch #witchcraft #startingnew #springgrowth #healingjourney #cleansing #magicalprotection #smudging #brighid #vesta #hestia #hecate #themorrigan #ganesha #bearmedicine #spiritofferings #awildawemoon #circles #awildatribe #primalmothering #theprimalwoman
Time to spread some 🌞🌻☉ SunSHINE! I've been feeling blue and the beauty and bright colors of nature all around are one thing that can always instantly cheer me up. Hope this brings a 😊smile to your beautiful face today too! This dandy lioness was photographed by yours truly in May of 2014 in Wisconsin. Photography by Jessica Moore @loveintopeace loveintopeace.com #sunshine #youaremysunshine #sunshinemakesmehappy #naturessunshine #naturemakesmehappy #happyplace #healingjourney #dandelion #dandylion #dandylioness #floral #flora #wildflowers #wildflowersinthecity #inbloom #bloom #breathe #beautiful #natureheals #naturelover
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