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29 días amor de mi vida!!! Te amo Styles!!! ♥️♥️♥️ #harrystyles #harryedwardstyles #2018 #mayo #argentina #harrystylesliveontour #arg #23
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; The key is, to act like you’re not interested.
What song does not come out of your head? 🎧
Gn babes❤️
the prettiest smile✨💫🌟🌼 - - - #harrystyles #onedirection
Fuck dem hoes😴🖕🏽🔥 @nickiminaj Follow @whipminaj (me) for more!!!!
18. Double. “Look at this,” Oliver said. “He is inviting us to his house, rubbing it in our faces.” “This is perfect, we are going to be in his house,” Harry said, looking at the invitation. “Also, you are in charge of the case, I am not involved and we don’t get along.” “What?” “That’s what I told her so she would let me get closer.” “You made contact?” “Yes, two days ago.” “And you didn’t tell me?” “I was coming up with a next plan. She said that I wouldn’t see her again, funny.” “How did it go?” “I got her drunk, took care of her. Small steps.” “What did you get out of it?” “Their marriage is strictly business. It will be easier to get her to turn on him.” “You’re playing a dangerous game, Styles.” “One that I am going to win.”
Goodnight 💕 ily
coming for ya harry
17. Double. “I don’t believe you. It’s only been months.” “The case isn’t dropped, just handed over. I have no purpose in that.” “Still don’t believe you.” “I can show you the files.” “No, it’s okay, because this is the last time I will see you.” You stood up taking a file with you. “I have meeting to get to.” You felt so hot, not only because of him, but also because you proposed to Tom to organize an event for the police, to get them on his side and he said it would be done by next week.
The legendary @eltonjohn loves our @harrystyles 💕💕 who wouldn’t he’s fabulous 😂💕💯👑🌏🔥
i’m gonna post on here more and try to make this acc successful
16. Double. “I am surprised you woke up and went to work,” Harry said walking into your office. “Yeah, well, we all have responsibilities,” you said, not looking up from your papers. “How are you feeling?” “I am fine, thank you.” “I called room service in the morning to send some ibuprofen. Did you get them?” “I did.” “I-” “What do you want?” “I told you I would check up on you.” “And you did. You can be on your way. You know the way out.” “I thought you would be thankful that I came.” “I said thank you, as a policeman you must be busy catching the bad guys.” “It’s my lunch break. May I say something? I think you are embarrassed, alcohol made you drop your guard and you hate it.” “I don’t know what you are playing at or what you have on your agenda, but last night was a coincidence and a lap in my judgement which will never happen again.” “You told me to play to win.” “What are you planning to winning? Bringing my husband behind bars?” “I told you I wasn’t on the case anymore.”
- 🐯💭☀️ [ someone ask this glazed doughnut what highlight he uses ]
This was a really quick sketch I made when I was bored ooof . Tag my idol @zayn . PLZ LOL .. i have a lot MORE coming . #zayn #drawing #zaynmalik #sketch #beauty #makeup #potd #ootd #tb #photography #art #hiking #horrormovie #tattoo #harrystyles #sketch #zayn #liampayne #onedirection #gainpost #gain #like4like
Cutie ♥️
Really beauty ♥️
For I can help falling in love with you
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I miss selena's voice and tour. back to tour, please ilysm 💘🤘
Stunning 😍
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Today selena March for our lives. Selena : I'm going to continue to trust God with the future and also pray my part in bringing change. #marchforourlives
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