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Ship or dip? #jelena (ps. that's a rare i have never seen this b4 lol)
Yes,get clingy and attached to me,I like that shit so much.
Hailey Baldwin via Instagram Story. 26-04-18 @haileybaldwin w/ @daniellepriano #haileybaldwin #instastoryofhaileybaldwin
Hailey Baldwin via Instagram Story. 26-04-18 @haileybaldwin #haileybaldwin #instastoryofhaileybaldwin
the cutest to ever do it #haileybaldwin
SEE YOU IN LA TODAY I CANT WAIT🦋 #madisonbeer @madisonbeer
I love 'call out my name' by the weeknd sjsj
Ship or Dip? #jofia
FUCK IT UP SIS #haileybaldwin
GOOD LUCKY MOMMY ❤️❤️✨ and wow these nails 😏🔥 @haileybaldwin #haileybaldwin
i miss selena marie gomez, where tf are u now sweetie. i miss you af
Art is such a beautiful thing
it’s a nice massage
Hailey no programa Live With Kelly & Ryan em Nova York. (26/04) #haileybaldwin
Hair Color? 81k
- لطيييفة❤❤❤❤❤😩! حبيتوا الميكب تبعها؟❤ #haileybaldwin , @haileybaldwin
This is funny ahhaha
I love these posts bc i get to know about justin more and more through instagram. Also some lines in those caption gets me such as "if you think setting boundries is being a douche then im the biggest douche around but i think its smart and will be the only way i last" and "im going to keep making decisions i feel are fit for my growth and no human being will make me feel bad for it" and "im working on getting better at responding not reacting." Love this human with my whole entire heart💓 #justinbieber #justin #bieber #bieberfever #beliebers #belieberforever #kidrauhl #rickthesizzler #bizzle #purposetourmerch #purposetour #JB5 #journals #underthemistletoe #myworldtour #believetour #bellahadid #arianagrande #gigihadid #kendalljenner #kyliejenner #kimkardashian #beyoncé #rihanna #haileybaldwin
— flowers or plants? 4 / 26 / 18 *ೃ༄ don’t worry about being beautiful. there are things so much better than beauty. be intelligent. be funny. be gentle. be strong. be forgiving. be so, so kind. don’t let the world convince you that your worth is tied to physical appearance. if someone tells you to change yourself, to get a bigger butt or breast implants, to lose weight or wear a certain style of clothing, tell them to screw themselves. you deserve to be happy in your own skin, not a shell someone sculpted for you. so be the best you can be. be everything great and magnificent in the world. but most importantly, always be unapologetically you. follow @splehndid for more ت
I think this was the same day♥️
BOMBSHELL!🔥 #EizaGonzalez
nis i know what you mean when you say you hate sleep paralysis now i had it tonight and i saw myself killing someone and i kept saying i needed to die
Anyways.. I know I’ve dragged Selena through hell even till now cause her dumbass shouldn’t have even replied to that tweet which made her seem anti BLM for defending her friend in drama she isn’t responsible for. She’s also an opportunist and selective activist. Yes I’m aware that she attended the MFOL for Christina, but it’s clearly makes her look selective for not even supporting or apologizing for her BLM tweet cause gun violence goes in tie with BLM. I’m not excuse Selena’s actions cause she’s still a white feminist selective activist who isn’t talented and clearly hasn’t done as much as she posts (excluding donating to lupus research, but how come she never did shit for my DACA people, but her privilege white ass never helped spread the word to congress about keeping DACA for a bit). Honestly this is accurate in terms of how much they’re dragged and STILL getting dragged. That’s not deniable. Kanye gets an easy pass and none of these girlies support Trump, but y’all come for them because they’re women. Y’all have yet to cancel Chris Brown and any other man who’ve done worse than these women. Ari gets a pass cause she’s not problematic, isn’t selective, nor isn’t a white feminist like these two. I’m NOT excluding Taylor and Selena ok (if y’all think I’m stanning them or being too soft for them). I’m just surprised how y’all cancel Justin for saying the n word (AND apologized), showing his support for BLM, and doesn’t fuck with Trump, but not Kanye for being open about supporting Trump. Let’s cancel him like you’d cancel a white person for the same thing cause if y’all don- But what do y’all think about this tweet? Y’all agree with it or not? Say whatever the fuck you want cause I’m honestly curious if y’all think sexism is the issue when it comes to cancelling celebs.
i had sleep paralysis tonight and it was one of the worst experiences of my life
this is so innocent
الصوت الصوتتتت احبببب صوتهاااا 😭❤️ #queen
she's so beautiful ❤
His hands could destroy me.
Lmao okay...I know i can’t exclude Taylor being problematic and assume she gets a pass but I meant as in I didn’t mean to be so harsh on her and assume that she’s a pro nazi trump supporter lol. Trust me, I’m not gonna stan her right away cause Kanye exposed himself as a trump supporter cause idk what kind of shit Taylor will pull of eventually escalating things to the max. I know Taylor’s done things that she’s yet to acknowledge or that make her hypocritical but chill y’all 😭.
Love this picture & I wanted to share my favorite Coachella looks before the SA long weekend Dawns on us..... These ladies took it to the next level as apposed to just opting for a spot in the denim shorts brigade➡️ Happy mini Friday Y’all 💕 . . . #coachella #haileybaldwin #jasminetookes #camilacoelho #oliviaculpo #winnieharlow #blogger #festivalfashion #fashion #music #2018
favorite :’)🥀 ————— ac: me dt: jailey shipperss - (Hate = block) I forgot to put motion blur on so enjoy this scrap lmao but I’m too lazy to render it again :/ - [ #chanelgrp ] #omgpage #justinbieber #justinbieberedit #jaileymanip #jailey #haileybaldwin #viral #love #manips #couple #otp #ship
unreal beauty
Holaaa, di che anno siete? 🍦
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