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Стефани - наш сладкий бубалешек😊🤗Она и дурачится как человек 😍❤️ Порода Американский стаффордширский терьер 🐕 Уши я ей не купировала , так как мне было ее очень жалко и я не хотела ей делать больно! 😖 Пускай и говорят, что в раннем возрасте она бы ничего не запомнила и тд, но все равно видеть как моя собака мучается - не желала. Вы только представьте ее маленькую, размером в две ладошки и скальпель хирурга 👀 фууу .. меня аж подташнивает 🤮 от мыслей резать свою собаку , потому что это кто-то придумал 🤷🏻‍♀️ На ее здоровье это никак не влияет . Сейчас она взрослая и на мой взгляд выглядит очень мило с такими ушками 🙂 Она очень любит играть в догонялки , ты сначала бежишь за ней, а потом она за тобой ! С водой мы на ВЫ🤣 Не любит купаться , ни в водоемах , ни в ванной. Даже лапы 🐾мыть после прогулки каждый день для неё испытание 🤷🏻‍♀️ Казалось бы для этой породы любить этот вид развлечения должно быть в крови, но нет, наша маленькая принцесса не такая как все 😏🙌🏻 Она любит таскать носки 🤣 Прям как Доби из Гарри Поттера, на него немного похожа 🧦 😅 Она очень хитрая 😏 Даже специально делает вид , что она иногда «блондинка» и мол ничего не понимает 😅 Применяет , когда что-то не хочет делать! Ещё она очень добрая, любвеобильная , чувственная ... Залижет до смерти 💗Те кто хоть раз с ней был знаком не дадут соврать о ее доброте и любви к людям 💗💗💗 Любите и берегите животных 🙏🏼 #polinkasimba #girlswholift #shelifts #strong #girlswithmuscle #girlswhosquat #npc #contestprep #results #determination #hardwork #fitmom #longbeach #shape #gymrat #gymaddict #tampa #орех #мотивация #фигура #трансформация #gymshark66 #завтрак #еда
What consistency will do over time 📈⏳ - The first picture taken in April 2014 to the last picture taken today! I have people that come up to me, and ask me all these crazy questions. They expect some crazy ass answers, but truth is I been at this for awhile. Took me along time to figure out how my body works, and what nutrition could do for your body! - Keep your head down, focus on what truly matters to you, and take all the steps needed to get you one step closer to your goal 🚶🏽‍♂️🏆 #11weeksout #transformation #slowandsteady
NEW BLOG POST - Title says it all really, the link is in my bio 💻 Thanks 👍🏼
They say it takes 66 days to form a habit. We believe it takes 66 days to change your life. @elliotbfit #Gymshark66 #Gymshark
{Swipe right} Back Workout - Targeting the Lats to build a wider back 💪🏼 . . Here are the key exercises from today’s session 👉🏼 (5 sets of each)👇🏼 1️⃣ Wise grip pull ups X AMRAP each set 2️⃣ Standing rows X 10 reps 3️⃣ Single arm lat pull down X 10 reps each arm 4️⃣ Lat pull down X 10 reps . . I am also back to doing intermittent fasting, with the 16/8 window to keep it simple - it means 16 hour fast (from 8 pm to 12 pm), 8 hour eating window (from 12 pm to 8 pm) 🥩🍟🥗 . .
Slip 'n slide!! 💕💪👌
Okay it's time to eat lunch!!!
Doubt Ill look this put together anytime soon as Im back to smashing and putting 1000000% focus into prep now so 97% of the time Ill be looking like a sweaty wreck😋 but it will all be worth it! Im already seeing results it’s so crazy😭💪🏼
BASICS Basics training cause we were both tired 🤓 @eazhi.peazhi ~ Pull up (wide, commando) ~ Dips (normal, korean) ~ Push up (wide, diamond, assisted handstand push up, wide to diamond) ~ L-sit hold max @gymshark @gymsharktrain @chrisheria @thenx #gymshark #gymshark66 #gymsharktraining #training #workout #pullday #pull #wotd #votd #instagood #pushday #basics #basic #instafit #calisthenics #fit #thenx #fitness #fitnessmotivation #basicfit #brussels #belgium #basicfitbe #derchlife #asianlife #filetminhgnon
Love me some ombré seamless from @gymshark @gymsharkwomen 💗
Viktigt att få i sig aminosyror för att orka lyfta tungt! Just nu halva priset på denna Bcaa, is-te med smaken persika, dunder! Direktlänk finns i profilen.
Be confident in what you do. Don’t let others opinions get you off track! • What are you training today? - - #beavisionary #Gymshark #gymshark66 - 📷: @tandy_fitness
••• i blue it all for you ••• ok last blue one - I just feel like magic when I wear this and I think it’s important to feel like magic sometimes 🦄
This weather tho🤩 . . Absolutely beaut day got me exercising on a Sunday. ☀️☀️☀️☀️ . Decided to go for a run as well because ngl i think I fancy these shorts and these trainers are just😍😭❤️. . Was meant to be saving money but I’m a fiend for internet shopping honestly... . who can agree online sales = ignoring online bank balance🙃💸 . anyway today’s abs below ⬇️ . . 3 x 30 secs . • side toe touches • reverse crunch • Russian twists . • leg lifts •butterfly kicks • v-ups . . ⭐️ . . Planks - 2 rounds x 30 secs (10 sec break in between rounds) . •commando plank •up down plank •side plank (30sec each side) •full plank •elbow plank •raised leg (30sec each leg) . . 20 min jog. . Anyway just a quick one because it’s Sunday so rest day🕺🏻 . . Enjoy d sun 💛
Well.. I’m absolutely shattered now 😳 9.4 miles after a heavy leg day has finished me off for the week 🏃🏻‍♂️ Who else ran in the heat today?
Morning check in photos 💫 #morningface
Latreral Raises using a resistance band to minimise the use of the traps........ . . . . . . . 4 sets 15 reps as part of my shoulder session Barbell overhead press 4x8-10 Barbell upright row 4x8-10 Lateral raises 4x15 Front raises 4x10 #personaltrainer #gymlife #fitfam #strength #conditioning #focus #coach #weightloss #plan #wanstead #Targetfit #Romford #london #lift #gym #gymlife #fitfam #strength #conditioning #focus #coach #weightloss #plan #wanstead #Targetfit #Romford #london #lift #gym #gymlife #fitfam #strength #conditioning #fitmodel #viking #chest #topknot #gymshark #gymshark66 #bodybuilding #gymguy #athlete #training #fitnessmodel #gym
Butt sweat or it didn’t happen
👏🏻CLIENT SPOTLIGHT👏🏻 ---------------------------------------------------- After coming back from travelling South America, this client decided she need to become more active in preparation for summer & ‘tone up’ ... yeah I’ve heard that one before ladies😅 - ‘Toning up’ = creating a balance between fat and muscle tissue...less fat & more muscle & this client achieved just that😏 - What an absolute change👌🏻Exercises twice a week with my GROUP TRAINING group and still enjoys herself at the weekend!🥂 - MODERATION not RESTRICTION is the aim of the game!🙏🏻 ---------------------------------------------------- Start YOUR TRANSFORMATION today👇🏽 - 📞07944634143 📨jaketaylorfitness@hotmail.com ----------------------------------------------------
Missed most of the 5-0 romp that was England’s first half and sat attentively watching the 45min 1-1 thriller that followed.. gonna stick to scrolling insta and candy crush in the future tbh. Football is probably coming home though and all that 👍🏼
Lately full of distractions, but in the gym always focused on the gains w/ good music. • Progressing w/ the front squats in baby steps • 🎵Trà Ngọc Hằng - Yêu
This got me through my morning shift 😑. Only 3kcal and no sugar.
After mine and Nicole’s tragic attempt at leg day yesterday, I decided too have a quick lil leg session this morning and it was the most productive one I’ve had in a longggg time 💁🏼‍♀️ I loveee weekend sessions 💗 am now going to get in a bikini and make an attempt to get some kind of tan...*burn*
Terminer sa séance pec prise force avec 4 séries de pompes jusqu'à l'échec... qu'est ce que c'est bon 😍😥💪 - - - - - - - - - #nevergiveup #teamshape #chest #basicfitfrance #gymshark66 #gymshark #pompes #gomanger
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Sweaty leg session today 💪🏼 Now for this weeks long run 😳 Not sure how I feel about doing legs and a long run in one day but this is the only time I could do it 🏃🏻310kg on the leg press too 🙌🏼
Ready to hit the gym later with my Smartshake aaaand camera 😏📸 . Have a great day guys 💓 #newvideoalert 🚨 @gymshark @gymsharkwomen @smartshakehq
Really needed this after a crazy night out yesterday 🤩🥞 I drank like 10 glasses of water when I came home to avoid being to hungover today ! I think it worked 😄👏🏽
💗Тебе нравится нынешняя мода на поясные сумки? Мне очень нравится и скажу , что я в восторге! Удобно все нужное носить на пузике ☺️ Всегда на виду и не такая большая вероятность ограбления , обе руки свободны, быстрый доступ к своим вещам 😍 А что ещё сейчас в тренде ?🧐 Насколько мне известно брюки клёш?😏 #polinkasimba #girlswholift #shelifts #strong #girlswithmuscle #girlswhosquat #npc #contestprep #results #determination #hardwork #fitmom #longbeach #shape #gymrat #gymaddict #tampa #орех #мотивация #фигура #трансформация #gymshark66 #завтрак #еда
Im not sure about you Instagram fam, but lately I’ve been hungry in the gym. Hungry in a sense of trying to out preform my last performance. I guess knowing that I will be stepping back on stage in a few weeks, Just fires me up 🔥💯 - That being said having structure 📋 helps me out so much, because it makes me realize how MEDIOCRE I was taking it. When you have a good structure set in place, it helps so much to intentionally work on your specific goals. Such as making sure your diet is in place, hitting every minute of cardio, and getting every set and rep in. This is what makes you (GO HARD) and not just an average individual who dabbles here and there 🤔 - The whole point of this is to have a plan 📝Set crazy goals that no one thinks you can achieve. This is what sets you into action to show all them people you can. Like Arnold once said “The mind is the limit. As long as the mind can envision the fact that you can do something, you can do it, as long as you really believe 100 percent.” #11weeksout #slowandsteady
Push Day 2 - Standing OHP 110x1RM (RPE 8) 90x4x4 (RPE 9) Incline Bench 135x3x4 (RPE 9) • CNS felt better today. OHP strength is definitely going up considering the fact that my 1RM today was only 5lb less than my PR. Can’t wait to max out in 4 weeks 😁
Trying to keep your daily calorie intake in check while still being able to enjoy some ice cream? I gotchu fam 🤙🏼
Last time I checked I was at 14% body fat. Goal is to get down to 9-10%. Trust the process. 💯💯💯
Just trying to keep some of my strength during this cut 😭😭 12 pounds down and definitely noticing it. But here’s a solid variation to incline dumbbell press 💁🏻‍♂️ @gymshark @gymsharktrain #Gymshark #gymshark66 #Gymsharktrain #beavisionary 🦈 #lift #lifting #workout #workoutmotivation #gym #gymmotivation #gymtime #gymlife #fitness #fitspiration #fitnessmotivation #fitfam #fitspo #fitlife #inspiration #inspire #transformationtuesday #weightloss #motivation #positivity
You are at a constant battle with yourself. Every day, your willpower is challenged both inside and outside the gym. Work, life, relationships, family..... they all culminate into a wealth of time and dedication. It doesn't have to be a bad thing though. You are the determining factor of what affects you negatively and what affects you in a positive light. Don't let life turn into negatives, but rather turn it into something more constructive. Life is an amazing gift and we should cherish each day by growing individually and helping those around us. That's what makes life so beautiful!
What's you're biggest question when it comes to fitness/nutrition? I'll answer it in a video so leave it below or DM it to me!
Dumbell Squats 4x10 55lb💪♤ This movement helps with improving depth on squat it gives you the confidence to go all the way down when handling heavy weight #davidlaiddup #gymshark66 @gymshark @alphalete
♤Sumo deadlift 3×2 with 225lb👌 ♤Music-Rain main & Krysta Youngs -Habit (T-mass remix) #davidlaiddup #gymshark66 @fitnessspotter @gymshark @alphalete
Powerplay... ⚪⚫
ROUND 1 OF 80 DAY OBSESSION✔️✔️✔️!!! I honestly don’t know whether I’m happy or sad that this round is done!! From feeling lost at the gym and having no confidence in myself to loving my body and having more of a positive look at life, this program has definitely changed me for the better. I can’t thank @briasharkeyfitness enough because she’s one of the reasons I decided to join Beachbody, and also become a coach! A few of my girls and I are already prepping to start round 2 on Monday and I couldn’t be more excited!! Stay tuned because tomorrow I’ll be posting my before and after shots!! Can’t wait to share it with you!! • • • • • #80dayobsession #healthylifestyle #womenshealth #shakeology #fitfam #fitsagram #strongwomen #sweatingformyself #mealprep #exercise #vancouverfitness #furmom #challenge #fitnessmotivation #beachbody #beachbodyondemand #bod #fitforsummer #beachbodycoach #fitgirl #girlboss #gymshark66 #gymshark #gymworkouts #strongisthenewskinny #weightloss #weightlossjourney #motivation #fitgirl #fitnessjourney #gymtime
Make that peach grow with these exercises!🍑🍑 I added what part you’re targeting and some tips below! Let me know if you tried them and what else you’re wanting to target!🎯 - 💥Right leg side kick 4 sets 15 reps 💥Left leg side kick 4 sets 15 reps ➖Targets middle and side (bend the rested leg for more contact!) 💥Leg press wide stance 4 sets 12-15 reps ➖Targets middle and side (keep your lower back straight, push through your heels, and don’t lock your knees!) 💥Hip Thrust 4 sets 15 reps ➖Targets middle and upper (squeeze at the top!!) 💥Romanian deadlift 4 sets 12-15 reps ➖Targets middle and under (keep your back straight and knees slightly bent) 💥Squats 4 sets 12-15 reps ➖Targets middle and under (keep your back straight and push through your heels, and squeeze at the top!) - 🔥Wearing @gymshark @gymsharkwomen ombré leggings and seamless crop top - @gymsharktrain #gymshark #gymsharkwomen #gymsharktrain #makethatbootygrow #gluteworkout #hammyworkout #believeinyourself #workoutmotivation #lifestylegoals #fitlife #strongwomen #influential #dailymotivation #athlete #gymsharkspotted #gymshark66 #munschfitness #strongnotskinny #workoutvideos #bodypositive #fitnessjourney #mindsetiseverything
Rest day or not, these @gymshark Crest Hoodies are perfect for those chilly summer nights 👌🏼 _ Gymshark Crest Hoodie: Ice Blue, Light Grey Marl, and BlackBerry
Here’s a little home gym workout! On a normal intense day I would do 3x12 each exercise and increase weight on the last set buttt I didn’t use any weights cuz there was spider webs and spiders on them and yeah.. not a fan 😰 so I only did 2 sets of each exercise today cuz paranoid 🕷 and guys it was so hot in there I was sweating (cuz I for sure wasn’t working that hard cuz well I couldn’t use the weights 🙄) the actual gym is for sure the place for me!! Now time to get ready for work 😭 #fitness #health #girlswholift #gymshark66 #liftingvideo
HIIT DAY💦 __________ Here’s a little sneak peek at my week 4 HIIT day (let me just tell you I was DYING) 😅 HIIT has always been my favorite form of cardio and I’m so glad that it is the main form of cardio in the CUT guide by @natacha.oceane ________ Be sure to try these moves out during your next HIIT/Cardio day 😊 Did these moves 4x 20 sec on 10 sec off 1️⃣ Half Turkish G̲e̲t̲ Ups (dont be afraid to lower your weight. This was a completely new move for me and boy did I love how it challenged my core strength) 2️⃣ Side to Side Jumps w/ Resistance Band 3️⃣ Elbow to Hand Plank Ups ________ Again just want to let you guys know that this wasn’t my entire workout just a few bits and pieces from it ☺️ ________ 🎼: Lonely Together by Avicii ft. Rita Ora Top: @oldnavy Leggings & Sports Bra: @gymshark @gymsharkwomen @gymsharktrain
Tryna take pics of my cute new shorts & doggo refuses to move 😂 . . Also very aware of how pale I am xo .🕺🏻.
✖️Love this shot, Always 💯%✖️ 🔷🔹🔷🔹🔷🔹Ⓜ️🔹🔷🔹🔷🔹🔷 Credits📸: @nlewis_x 🔷🔹🔷🔹🔷🔹Ⓜ️🔹🔷🔹🔷🔹🔷 Follow us for more gym content👇🏻✅: @gym.monkey.fitness 🔥 @gym.monkey.fitness 🔥 @gym.monkey.fitness 🔥 🔷🔹🔷🔹🔷🔹Ⓜ️🔹🔷🔹🔷🔹🔷 #gymclothes #activewear #adidas #gymshark66 #gymsharkwomen #gym #gymtime #chestworkout #shoulders #triceps #gains #workout #work #workouttime #workoutmotivation #benchpress #workouts #fitnessgirl #fitness #fit #fitgirls #fitnessmotivation #respect #freestyle #instagram #sports #nike #noexcuses #instafit #nature
Warm up legs qui fait déjà bien mal en cette fin de semaine et dernière séance dans cette salle avant réouverture 😁😁 #glutesworkout #warmup #resistancebands #legs #gymshark66 #fitgirl
🌸Monday vibes🌸 . . Reminder that you can’t rush fitness! Everything takes time, dedication and consistency🌞 . . Consistency is 🗝🗝🗝 . . Nutrition is 80%, exercise is 20% - you can spend hours in the gym but waste it by demolishing 848286 cals worth of McDonald’s🤷‍♀️ now I’m not saying don’t treat ya self because yes do. But eating clean pays off!! . . Good things take time & good physiques are earned! . . Anyway das my Monday message so enjoy ya week, hope you all smash your goals & live ya best lives x . . 🤸🏼‍♀️🤸🏼‍♀️🤸🏼‍♀️🤸🏼‍♀️
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