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Worked up to 3x1 @ 98.5% (first vid is the third set) and 315 hasn’t ever gone up so smoothly. @bonschro said, “incredibly solid,” so I guess you can say things are getting serious 😏 THEN dropped to 3x2 @ 80%, THEN pauses below the knee 4x2 @ 80%, THEN I hit a major wall lol, swipe to see 📲 . . Been freakin about my first meet in less than two weeks 😱 it’s made lifting not as fun. Decided to mentally switch gears and focus on having fun and learning instead of Wilks and qualifying for nationals... I’ll focus on that in December 😈 . . Shirt and shorts are @hviiibrandgoods and they’re rad and I match well 🤙🏻 . . #teamruneverything #teamschroeder #firstmeet #twoweeksout #muchexcite #muchnerves #deadlift #veinage #pausedeadlifts #liftheavyshit #usapl #gwpl #powerlifting #runeverythinglabs
White lights baby. All day. 9 for 9 with a small PR in squat and deadlift. Total weight and Wilks PRs. Provincial's goals=crushed. Thanks to my coach @tbrat21 for setting up my success. And to those who built me up and cheered me on, I am so grateful @swellmunky @lynne.desautels ❤ Also thanks to @gabefesting and @b_festing for putting on an awesome meet! I am so happy and am gonna raise hell at Westerns! Onward! Squat: 297 lbs PR Bench: 154 lbs Deadlift: 319 lbs PR #bcpa #powerlifting #liftheavy #workout #gwpl #peachgang #competition #meet #fitchick #squat #bench #deadlift #fitness #motivation #goals #gains #powerlifter #juststrong #meathead
Did enough doubles @ 255 to drain my soul (this was the last one)
Sets 2,3,4 of 4x6 177lb 7RPE respectively Trying to get better with every set. I think 3rd was best though. Trying to keep braced, engage the glutes, and most of all not let my hips shoot up first. That happened a lot in set 1 and 2 but I think was corrected by 3...I think....These actually felt good and I’m pretty proud of my form. State of deceasedness only increased from here as @megsquats is effing crazy though. Giant sets are death. 6 exercises in one set is too many exercises.
C•O•N•S•I•S•T•E•N•C•Y 🏋️‍♀️ I have heard it time and again but somehow in never resonates quite the same as when you learn the lesson for yourself. I may be a little late for regionals, but when NATIONALS comes around, I'll be ready 👊 #consistency #hardwork #girlswhopowerlift #girlswholift #flex #selfie #strongwoman #usapl #powerlifter #powerlifting #63kg #nevergiveup #womenwhopowerlift #gwpl #girlswhopowerlift #fitness #fitnessmotivation #fitspo #juststrong
Sunday squat session turned out more fun than expected! 🎤🎧🎼 Video 1 is just some high bar volume however watch to the end to see our little disco including me legit shaking my belt off, tommy getting the room funky with some high tech lighting and dave & chris on the tunes! Hahaha. Video 2 is a triple at 155kg, and video 3 is high bar 120kg x 2. Thanks for the laughs pals @kineticmovementcoaching @thebootyparlour @lift.conquer.devour @cassieakapudds @jeff_by_jeff and you are now officially my favourite hype man @unchainedstrength ⚡️⚡️⚡️
Poverty bench 🙃. Thanks @hermangip for da smooth lift off. 3x5x88 lbs
240 a week and a half ago..... couldn’t pull 200 2 weeks before that. Tomorrow is the start of a new refocused couple of weeks for grip training, strength, and speed now that I’m fully released from the doc! 😎 #girlswholift #deadlift #progress #gwpl #girlswithmuscle #ocrchick #refocus #itcanonlygetbetter #griptraining #howbaddoyouwantit
W9D4: Missed yesterday so I'm making it up today 😣. Physically and mentally beat 🙄🤕💀TBH I was soooo close to not going to the gym at allllll @natalie.907 - Everyting felt heavy.. 😑 Conventional deads at 215lbs - Bench at 100lbs - supposed to be RPE7, but not even thinking I put 100lbs on when i know this will be like a 9 lol - - #bench #deadlifts #beefpuffintraining #healthylifestyle #gym #womenwholift #weightloss   #strong #gwpl #girlswholift #fitspiration #workout #girlswhopowerlift   #powerliftingfry
I pulled out my shorts this morning for the first time this season and as I put them on I noticed the A&F button. I normally don’t really think much of these jean shorts but at the end of a very hectic few weeks, my mind is vulnerable to deeply hidden thoughts. • In 2006 I got my first retail job at Abercrombie & Fitch after the manager stopped my while I was shopping and asked me if I wanted to work there. What 19 year-old insecure female wouldn’t be excited about being asked to work at A&F where, then, all the sales associates seemed to fit the mold of tan, beautiful, and, let’s face it, hot bods. I was ecstatic but immediately felt more insecure once I was hired. • “I’m not thin enough, I’m not tall enough, I don’t have long blond hair, my boobs aren’t big enough.” These were all things that went through my head. • After completing my freshman year in college I was 160lb. I started at 140lb. I didn’t just gain the freshman 15, I gained 5 extra pounds and I had felt really terrible about myself because of that. Coming from a background of dance, where being lean, and watching what you put in your mouth was the norm, I “blew up,” to something I was actually grossed out by. • Clearly this wasn’t the case because, let’s be honest, 12 years ago, A&F really only did hire based on looks, but this was how I FELT. I was ashamed and embarrassed of my body. I became increasingly worried that I wouldn’t fit in or I would be judged by the rest of the staff at A&F. • And so, my first experience with disordered eating began. • {continued in comments below}
I met @progress.not.perfection this strong, beautiful woman in Las Vegas, and we have kept in touch through IG❣ We both live in different states but we got reunited this weekend @uspapower Nationals and had a blast❣ Again so inspiring meeting another woman getting stronger, growing mentally, loving her body, and being completely transparent on social media. Her ass got so big in 2 months holy moly 😍🍑😍🍑 I gotta catch up to that GIGGLE 😋 #wifey
Ayyooo ya girls consistency is going strong af and das a good feelin😎🤘🏻 #headdowneyesforward #summertimeandthelivingseasy
@jessicjw with a heck of a grind for a squat PR at 325. Nice work! Use the tag #rpowerlifting to be featured! #Repost @jessicjw with @get_repost ・・・ 325lbsx1. Not bad considering the fact I’ve been just absolutely, overwhelmingly (serious understatement y’all) mentally, and physically fatigued the past two-ish months. Sometimes life is hard, but ya gotta keep grinding and take it one day at a time. It gets better. 😪 8 weeks out from regionals?? I think. 🙃 @redcon1 pre helping keep me awake, @rpstrength got me eating those veggies, @sbdapparel @titanpower81 @girlswhopowerlift @powerliftingmotivation @powerliftingofficial @pwrlft_community @rpstrength @powerliftingnorthamerica @womenofpowerlifting @womensstrengthcoalition @striveformorewomen @usapowerlifting @usapowerlifting_tx #gwpl #girlswhopowerlift #strongmindstrongbody #striveformore
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Be a wolf. Protect your shit; the shit the normal ones are trying to take away because they can't live your life or control it. - Matt Baker
You are only a quitter if you quit trying. Both videos same weight at 250 lbs. You can see the pain in my face, and the disappointment after. Don't count me out. It's not pretty. I really tried my best. This weight I have never squatted in my life. Idc, I'm counting it as a PR. #powerlifting #PR #LIFT #motivation #gwpl #fuckit #hybridperformancemethod #womenpowerliftefs #squat
Just trying to be my own superhero 💪🏼 #flex #armpumpwasreal #progress #bodybuilding #powerlifting #gwpl #strong #sbd #gains
1. I'm not a shorts to the gym kinda girl, but I was alone today and said 🤷🏽‍♀️ 2. I hate wearing a tshirt for training, I feel like I'm suffocating. Again, whatevs. 3. Any workout before 2pm is absolute 💩 for me. I need all the carbs to function! That's why this is just a screen shot from a video! 4. Coach @ashleynewmanfitness may be a rockstar, but I think she's trying to kill me 🤣🤣 5. I did love these #peachgang shorts from @girlswhopowerlift 🍑🍑 #skwaats #squats #GWPL #girlswhopowerlift #StrengthCampAcworth #NutrishopAcworth #gogginsforce #AshleyNewmanFitness #powerlifting #powerliftingwomen #chickswholiftheavy #palegirl #needatan #isGTLstillathing #GTL #neednewbelt
Literally me today. 😴 • Last night’s session was pretty rough, and I’m so not used to being out so late. I needed a rest day, and I need to catch up on my sleep. And that’s okay! It’s okay to skip the gym, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. If your body is telling you that it needs rest, then listen to it. It’s your body, and you know it better than anyone else. • And on that note, I won’t be hitting the gym again until Tuesday, because tomorrow I’m going to be in San Marcos! Floating down the river. 😜
I heard it rained back home
Switched the black shorts for some navy blue ones...not bad 💁🏽‍♀️ #StillPreferAllBlackTho #GWPL #StrongIsBetter #ValerieStrong #ThickThighsSaveLives #ChucksAreTheBest
Well they aren’t exactly “ab” shots anymore.. Ab shots to bump shots, but hey I had to throw in a pretend “ab shot” at the end 😂 #13weekspregnant One of the biggest things I have struggled with during this pregnancy is all the sudden body changes. I have always had a positive perspective of body image most of my life. However, right as I found out I was pregnant, I was weighing in for my powerlifting competition at 70.45kg, which was a 17kg weight loss for me, that I had achieved over an 8 month period. Basically from then onwards, I just started to watch the scales go up and up, and watch my stomach, hips and boobs grow, which was a struggle for me to see. On days I would just turn to Will and say “I’m so ugly, im so fat”, something in which I haven’t said about my self in years. From then on I just started listening to my body more and more on what it was needing. I ate when I was hungry, I stopped tracking every little piece of food, I let myself indulge on days where I wanted to. I am learning to push out and not dwell on those thoughts and purely understand my body is changing whether I want it to or not, cause hey, IM GROWING A HUMAN. I don’t think I will ever overcome those thoughts, because i am only human, but I will learn to love that a woman’s body is incredible in what it can do, especially when growing another human 💕🤰🏼 Also @reviejane 1st & 2nd pregnancy posts have gotten me through a lot of crap days 😅😍 #powerliftingaustralia #powerliftingwomen #girlswhopowerlift #gwpl #pregnant #pregnancy #powerbuilding #powerlifting #powerlifter #strongpregnancy #fitpregnancy #fitpregnancyjourney #fitpregnant #1sttrimester #2ndtrimester #strengthandconditioning #babyboytocome #babyboy
I’m not sorry for all the spam this weekend at all cause I’m also still shook I competed next to @reneeniz it was so hard to not fan girl and freak out lifting next to such an amazing and strong female @girlswhopowerlift 💪🏻🎉💖 #gwpl #girlswholiftheavyshit #usaplnj #usapowerlifting
5, 5, 3, 3, 1, 1 with 135 then lots of bench accessories 💪🏽 and a super cute double chin when bracing to bench 🐷 #pregnantpowerlifter
8 hours later, ive finished my second America's Toughest Beast of the East; officially 20 miles, probably 25 with penalty mileage in 8 hours...got a headband, shirt, and a sense of pride and accomplishment overcoming my fears and hurdles as an athlete this year. My heart is full with all the support from friends, family, and acquaintances 🙏 couldn't have done it without you guys 💪💪💪 . . . . . . #squatsquad #bodybuildingcom #fitspo #fitfam #thecosplaybody #cosfit #cosplayfit #iifymgirls #iifym #popsugarfitness #bestself #instafit #nerdgirl #dropbydragoncon #dbd #crossfit #OCRbeast #popsugarfitness #bestself #instafit #gwpl #dropbydragoncon #dbd #MPNation #barbellbabes #fitspo #fitness #rundisney #toughmuddergirls #mrgstrongwomen #powerlifting #powerliftingchick #toughestmudder @gryphonstrengthbarbell #gryphonstrengthbarbell
Do you ever hype yourself up so much that you shake from the ~excitement/adrenaline~ because same😎😂 (it's probably the anxiety let's be real) BUT this past Thursday I was finally able to wear a belt again without pain! Even though it's just my harbinger, I was super excited to finally pull some heavy #deathlifts ! I had 5x4 with a RPE of 8 and I got 1 set at 255, 1 set at 265, and then 3 at 270 (second set of those shown)! Now I just got to work on some more mental fortitude.. there's no way I'm missing 300+ EVER AGAIN💪 Also fun fact, I was lifting more than those guys next to me 🤘 @stokedathletics @doughnutsanddeadlifts @fnx_fit @athiaskin #gwpl #usapl #powerlifting #fnxambassador #fnxfam #risetogether #girlswhodoublechin #thatneckveinthough
3rd set of 6 T&G @110 on benchy benchy today 🦔 110 was my 1RM at my first competition in November so I was happy I made it through all 3 sets at this weight👍🏼 Also shown is Wednesday’s 8th set of 2 tempo bench @115. . . Lots of stress right now over traveling, moving to another state, and starting a full time job within the next 3 weeks. But it’s comforting to know lifting is one thing that will stay constant through life’s twists and turns❣️
315 if you know what I mean 💪🏼💁🏻‍♀️💕 It’s been over a month since I hit this!!! I hit this today on an empty stomach since I do intermittent fasting. I’ve been cutting for 3 weeks now since I’m trying to enter a lower weight class than my previous meet and it’s going amazing so far! My training has been intense and a bit rough since my energy is pretty low but I’m killing it! I’m truly happy and satisfied with picking this up today because it’s been rough af 😭 WILL POWER!- - - - - - - - - - - #cuttingseason #315deadlift #junkheadbands #deadlifts #bootybuilding #deads #deadlifting #powerlifting #powerliftingwomen #strongwomen #gymfit #fitfam #isymfs #strongisthenewsexy #power #strength #workout #gymbuddy #gwpl #bodybuilding #bodybuilder #fitspo #fitness #motivation #gym #fitness #lifestye #quads #ammonia #inzer #leverbelt
Funny story about these pictures: I took like 20 to get the one on the left, then I look over & this old man is just staring at me from the porch across the street. So then it’s kind of awkward to keep taking them. But, I’m like, oh well, I’ll just take a video of a few head stands and make it even more awkward 😂😂
More bikini pics bc thighs lookin THICC. I haven’t been posting much on lifting lately bc building my strength back from a hiatus of lifting is extremely emotionally taxing to me. I am only a fraction of what I was before my vacation and I know most of y’all have been there before—just know that every minute, every second you spend working towards what you desire puts you that much closer to being the best version of yourself. Regardless of how long you lift, how heavy you’re able to go—everything makes a difference. Do not get discouraged by non-linear progress. Trust your body and feed your mind with positive motivation and everything else will follow 💓
Squats 82.5 x3x3. Working on keeping knees out, knees out, knees out @pale_horse_powerlifting #gwpl #squats #palehorsepowerlifting
A little pool/birthday time with my jacked friends 😛💪🏽—————————————————————————— #ArmOutangledlogansFace #Chestlines
This weekend went way better than I could have ever expected and I am still so excited and mind blown by how well I did! Hit new PRs 275lb squat and a 300 deadlift even though i got ⚪️🔴🔴 i still locked it out tho so whaddup and seen all my hard work finally come together. Ready for another meet and to hit new numbers 💪🏻 thanks again @tom_magarelli for everything! I couldn’t do this without you 🎉#gwpl #girlswholiftheavyshit #strengthbymagarelli #usaplnj #purefocus 🥈🎉💪🏻 @usapowerliftingnj
Credit to @mason_woodruff for this idea and his picture is much prettier than mine but the outcome still taste amazing. Protein banana bread. This guy has some great recipes check him out 🤗 #iifymgirls #iifym #iifymrecipes #proteinislife #protein #gains #gym #gymjunkie #flexiblelifestyle #flexibledieting #weightloss #weightlossjourney #momsthatlift #nursesthatlift #girlsthatlift #girlswhopowerlift #gwpl
Almost a year between and only around 3 kilos difference but visually? Big change. Difference? MORE calories MORE carbs LESS restriction I went from "dieting" and TBH not being happy or enjoying my food to eating like a normal, healthy person, following my macros and being able to actually enjoy all foods and having adequate fuel! Sustainable, healthy change takes time. Quick fixes to lose weight quickly often end up in blow outs which, let's face it..... Are bad for you mentally as well. Make nutrition a lifestyle change about a healthy lifestyle and good fuel for your body and just as importantly something that is sustainable and MAKES YOU HAPPY not about crash dieting and suffering through restrictions. Happiness = a balanced life. #girlswhopowerlift #transformation #gwpl #thisisfemalepowerlifting #Powerlifter #gym #aesthetics #powerliftingmotivation #shelifts #strengthsocietypowerlifting #strengthandconditioning #training #fitness #fitfam #transform #traintotransform #chickswhopowerlift #nutrition #health #happiness
Getting Physical & Trying Not to Die
I hope everyone had a great weekend! I spent mine celebrating one of my oldest friends bachelorette weekend and I had a blast! Next weekend I celebrate another good friend as she gets married! All the love and weddings this summer! So that means planning ahead and being disciplined in order to stay on track and enjoy myself. I work 3 12 hrs shifts this week so I’m making my meals for supper for the next 3 days. I’ll make my pancakes/egg whites the night before that I take for lunch. I’m eating lower calories during the week the last couple weeks so that I can enjoy the weekends and still average around my normal calories for the week. It’s all about balance my friends! What are you doing this week to get closer to your goals?
MEET RECAP woooooo • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • 🔻squat 3/3, last attempt was 148lbs for a small pr! 🔻bench 3/3, kept it super conservative for these. last attempt was 83lbs lolz. 🔻deadlift: also 3/3, last attempt was 205lbs for a meet pr of 10 lbs. i got relighted for my last lift bc my hip kinda moved on the ascent. also pulled 225 in the warmup with the encouragement from @crystalkremer_ for a pr of 20lbs☺️ • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • i couldn’t have asked for a better first meet, idk how I thought I’d do but it definitely wasn’t 9/9 lmao. ended up winning gold because I was the only person in my division lmao🏅i had more in me but this meet wasn’t about numbers, rather experiencing the platform for the first time. and I’m really excited to be back up there eventually. big thank you to @thekoreanhulk for coaching/handling me. thanks @dispaigey for lending me your singlet, rupl for spotting/loading, and everyone for their support like reminding me about commands, especially lockout!! also congratulations to everyone who also competed, it’s both inspiring/motivating watching you all. first meet under my belt, can’t wait to compete again!
A little #rbf on #selfiesunday 👩🏻‍🎤
Hi I love my dog that is all 😍♥️
I don’t advise anyone to kick a water bottle out of the way with 225 on their back, I’m a licensed professional. I’m used to kickin water to all da thirsty foolz that fall for da trapz🏆 #ICanBendItLikeBeckham Also, @southbaystrengthco is super fun and everyone is berry berry polite. 10/10 fasho, I will be back 😇 Listen to @fire_feather laugh in da back 😍
CARDIO WITHOUT A TREADMILL • I have a love-hate relationship with cardio...I love it for reducing risk of cardiac event, but I hate it because it can be super boring... If you also can't handle boring treadmill cardio, try some of these circuits! • All of these exercises can be short bursts (20-30 seconds) with a minute break between sets. I'll do 15minutes for all of this! I get the benefits of vigorous cardio without the monotony! 1. Weighted Sled Pulls (164lbs) 2. Kettlebell Swing 3. Battleropes
Paused deads 225x4 first set touch n go + last set w. resets😩 we workin! @project_madcap @michael.madcap @selenamathers @michelle_rmac @andreamontserrat_ @ifbbpro_fitlife_withloui
I’m sitting here at the gym on the verge of tears, happy ones. I just did 3x2 @ 105#. This is 5# over my current 1RM and at my 1RM from 2014! Next week is my mock meet and I’m so jazzed to see what I can pull off! I think I’m falling in love with bench presses! ♥️
Sunday Funday 😘🤟🏻
Went for a third but it wasn't there today 🙃🙃 3 weeks out! BW 102lbs. @jadoojk @hunain.amir @ppadda_ with the hype👌
Yay for new deadlift shoes. Boo for horrible angles cause I went to the gym solo dolo today lol. & boo for ripping a callus 🙃 : Deads 195x4x6 3ct Pause Bench 70x3x6 Front Squats 60x3x6 (didn’t wanna wait for a squat rack so I just used a barbell & 60 is the heaviest I can clean LMAO) : : : : : #girlswholift #girlswhopowerlift #gwpl #powerlifting #fitnessjourney #skinnytofit #fitnessmotivation #sumodeadlifts #pausebench #kissmyarch #tinybutmighty
160 3x3 fail .. but I got the reps in! I’ll take it because I couldn’t get this off my chest for 1 last week. @thetrainingtaro @sidmascardo
Heavy bench and deadlifts. Heavy bench had my butt off the bench a little but I’m not concerned. Still a number I haven’t hit ever. A tighter arch will fix my butt and I’ll be ready to rock when I’m competing in the air conditioning. Hit my deadlift opener (which I didn’t post) and then some light doubles. __________ First video is comp bench 70kg/154lbsx1x1. Second, third, and fourth videos are deadlifts 3x2. Second video is 125kg/276lbs for a double. Third and fourth videos are 127.5kg/282lbs for doubles. __________ The update you all need: deadlift opener moved how I expected it to so my confidence is up and I’m damn ready to hit the platform. 6 days. __________ VC🎥: @vero.vero.dinero @aye_mo @sandifit Liftoff🤜🏼: @coyjorden83kg Commands🗣: @coyjorden83kg @vdiaz_projectstrength Deadlift shoes👟: @vans @vansgirls Space📍: @theprojectstrength Coach💫: @deku.83kg
my video got copyrighted so please enjoy this full clip of the original while I do a voiceover and upload it AGAIN for the third time today (((((:
235lbs for 5 sets of 3 pin and press 😈❤️ #6WeeksOut
Rockin' and rollin' right through this prep 👏👏👏 was feeling pretty beat up today, but we still got our top set of 2 at 215. @_daniel_ishii
The overhead squat can be a fantastic way to train overhead stability to transfer over to the snatch. Here is barbell club athlete Christina (@christina_prevett ) with a pause triple at 80 kg (176 lbs) • • • • • • • #staveoff #ygk #ygkfitness #oly #gwpl #powerlifting #powerlifter #girlswholift #liftheavy #girlswithmuscles #squat #squats #crossfit #onlinecoaching
Crazy 8's today. Did all the posterior chain #legday thangs today with a quick side of TNG #BenchPress because I love it. Peep that snatch grip on my conventional #deathlifts 🎥185lbs 60% 🎥100lbs 70%
We think we are kinda funny.....pretty sure we were the only ones laughing though 🤷🏼‍♀️
A year ago today I competed in my first meet, and the bunny hop was born. 🐰 (I still laugh at @not_an_alien_zognoid ‘s attempt at keeping a straight face when he saw that..) Here is proof that my squat has really come SUCH a long way. 🤷🏼‍♀️ So much motivation for when I’m back on the platform again. 5 More weeks, folks. 😎 . . . #gwpl #babypowerliftingpotato #girlswhopowerlift #powerlifting #uspa #i3sp #uspaga #gogginsforce #platformready
Usually, I would never post anything like this cause it’s so out of my comfort zone. If you know me you know how self conscious I am but I am so proud in how far I’ve come along. Thank God for macros 🤣 Powerlifting does a body good. 😏 I love bench now 😩❤️ Comp Bench 100x5x3 followed by 80x3x5 not shown. Comp Squats 185x4x3 then 155x2x5 not shown. ☺️ oh ya I’m 14 weeks out 😬 Shout out to my Coach: @jaytothezee Thank you💕 . . . . . . . . . #squats #bench #deadlift #canditos #kizentraining #hviiibrandgoods #sbd #sbdapparel #mbslingshot #gangstawraps #barbellbrigade #a7intl #lvdfitness #virusintl #everforward #girlswholift #gwpl #transformation #girlswhopowerlift #adipower #powerlifting #iifym
230 lbs 5 sets/ 6 reps. I had to do 6 sets, but managed to pull my upper back on my 5th set 😒😩 and well I figure I stop before I really get hurt. Weight is moving, form is not perfect, but is definitely improving. 😉 4 weeks out 👊🏼 #conventionaldeadlift #deadlifts #tiredaf #progress #chickswithmuscle #girlswhopowerlift #gwpl #momswholift #strongmom #pushingmyself #hopefullyitpaysoff #powerlifter #whosaidgirlscantliftheavy #rockymountainstategames #pesomuerto #chicasconmusculos #chingonayfuerte #nomerajo #cansadadeamadres #mamáfuerte #quiéndijoquelasmujeresnopodían #progresandolentoperoseguro #tapatíadecorazón
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