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Taking a little break from the road loop today. Torins can rest. It’s Lone Peak time... #folsomlake
Getting tired of this same 2 mile loop. That means I’m doing it right! Dull your mind, and the rest will follow. Easy 60 with walk intervals.. #angryowlultramarathon #looplooploop
Gold Country Half Marathon here we come! The work is done, it's time to taper! #goldcountryrunning #hokaoneone #nuunlove #nuunlife
To celebrate the Memorial Day weekend , we are having a sale on some great stuff! HUGE markdowns on popular shoes, Goodr sunglasses are 2 for $40 and save 20% on Nathan Hammerhead Triple Insulated Water Bottles. All while supplies last, so come on down to the shop and let the savings begin! #memorialday #sale #eldoradohills #folsom #goldcountryrunning
Easy 60 w/ 2 min walk intervals every mile mark.. Getting hot out. :)
Tools of the trade 🛠 #goldcountryrunning
Registration fees for El Dorado Hills’ premier race go up tonight! Make sure you sign up before midnight and save up to $10. Register at rungoldcountry.org #eldoradohills #goldcountryrunning #running #folsom
The “I’m not roadkill 90” #putyourphonedown
Coach Chris is enjoying some new scenery w/ family today! Where’s one place you’ve always wanted to go for a run? Comment your answer below👇 !
So stoked.. Can’t wait for July. Come get your Angry Owl hat! #24hours #looplooploop
#TrainingTipTuesdays Being a strong runner means doing more than just running! 💪🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️ • • Resistance training is a great way to build overall strength, power and mobility that will help improve your running! Whether you use weights, resistance bands, or even just a couple beach towels tied together😉, you can get some great workouts in with this type of training! • • Our athlete here is doing one of my favorite drills. Here’s how you can do it too! First, tie a resistance band, rope or towel to a sturdy pole or railing. Next step into the loop and keep it about waist high. Then, do your best to “run away” from where ever you tied your implement, keeping good posture and at a quick cadence. Do this for reps of about 30 seconds. If done right, I guarantee you will be feeling the burn around 10 seconds in!🔥 • • Comment your favorite type of resistance training below! 👇
Started incorporating walking into my runs in prep for Angry Owl Ultras. 2 minutes or so walking at every mile mark. Supposed to keep you fresher, and build those walking muscles. We’ll see!
Pretty well dialed in my easy pace.. 1:12 yesterday, 1:11 today. A minute variance over 6.3 miles is all right with me.
#MotivationMonday When’s the last time you went “all in” ? • • • Often times, people find themselves going through life on “auto-pilot”. Though they may be getting the work done, the passion just isn’t there. Sometimes we need to stop and ask ourselves, “Am I really giving this my all?” If not, think about what you can do to change that, whether it be changing your attitude, your situation, or both. Passion in our activities, whether it’s running, working, creating, being a parent, teaching or anything else, is how we thrive as human beings. Make a commitment to yourself today to be the best you possible. • • • Now my question for you. What drives you? What passion are you going all in on?
Man, I have a busy neighborhood.. Had a Cessna practicing holds over my head for an hour, and neighbors coming and going. But it was still pretty amazing. My daughter is buried under those blankets somewhere. #backyardcamping #freshair
When you’re training with @goodeathletics , you don’t just run...you fly 🚀 • • • Contact us today to learn how YOU can make running feel like soaring!
Awesome read! @dirtdiva333 is an amazing human, and has a truly inspiring story. I love to run, and she makes me want to run even more. Check it out!
Coloma River Run 10 mile trail run to benefit Junior Diabetes Research Foundation #trailrunning #snakesonthetrail #goldcountryrunning #beatdiabetes
Congrats to all of Sacramento State’s college grads, along with the other graduates of today and the near future. • • • Now that exciting new things are on the horizon, why not invest in yourself by beginning a personalized training program with @goodeathletics ? Contact us to find out more
Folsom Lake 35k race recap is up! Link in bio.. runnercraig.com #insidetrailracing
🚨New Altras in store!🚨 The New Altras have arrived at GCRS! The Olympus 3, Torin 3.5, Provision 3.5 and the Vali are all here! Come in to the store and try on a pair and experience the Altra difference! #altrarunning #altra #running #eldoradohills #folsom #goldcountryrunning #shoes #embracethespace #nolimits
Congratulations to the winner of our #MayGiveaway , @nora_pizza !! Please DM @goodeathletics to claim your new @goodr glasses! • • Stay tuned folks, new contests are in the future! Don’t forget to tell your friends about #GoodeAthletics !
The Hoka Fly Collection offers cushioning and responsiveness all in a lightweight package. Come on down to the store and try on a pair! #hoka #timetofly #eldoradohills #folsom #goldcountryrunning #running
Thinking about @coryreese and @ultracrockett ‘s “Marathon Before Work” challenge one of these mornings. I either need to get fat-adapted or give in to the carb monster, ‘cuz these 8.5 were WORK..
#TrainingTipTuesdays Let’s roll out! _____________________ Self massage through rolling is great way to keep your body healthy and improve your running!💪 • • The benefits of rolling include: 1. Greater range of motion 2. Speedier recovery 3. Better muscle movement And much more!! • • Have you ever used any sort of roller? What’s your preferred method and do you find it useful? Comment below! 👇
#MotivationMonday 🔥🔥 Attitude is everything • • • Training for a goal is hard. It’s supposed to be hard. And sometimes it might feel like it’s more than we can handle. However, if we can adopt the right attitude and see our training as something to look forward to rather than to be afraid of, then we can set ourselves up for real growth. Not only in our running, but in our entire lives.
The most AWESOMELY AMAZING Mother’s Day. Such beautiful running goodies from my sweet bff. I placed 3rd for my age group at the TBF Mother’s Day 5k Trail Race, I PR’d at this race, my running lovely placed 2nd for her age group, sweet fur babies got me red roses, a massage and their love. I had a wonderful lunch and dinner with my hubby and yummy frozen yogurt too. @juliacroteauphotography @juliarunstheworld @cu004289 @gold_country_run_and_sport @tbfmultisport @folsomca @stylemagfedh @granitebaytoday @runnerspace @wearecrazyrunners @didyouruntoday @runningworld @runnerscommunity @runners_of_insta @runnersgonewild #goldcountryrunning #runnerscommunity #runnersofinstagram #runningcommunity #folsomrunner #totalbodyfitness #runnerchick #runnergirl #pr #iwon #shocksquad #shokzsquad
Post Mother’s Day Tri-Tip Dinner Pig-out Run. Not my best idea ever. 🤢
So I get to start this now! 9 years sober next month. Can’t wait to read @dirtdiva333 ‘s story.. #epic
Get yourself a coach who cares! Get in touch with Coach Chris today to get started on your goals!
Old times , second places!! #goldcountryrunning #goldcountryrunandsport
Got a big race coming up? Find a training plan that works for you! Send us a DM or check out the website in the bio to take the first step! 💪
Thanks to this guy for the daily motivation and for always make me want to give until hurts. #goldcountryrunning #goldcountryrunandsport #coach #cancersucks #marathon #running #runnersworld #runandhavefun #goldcountryrunning
Make sure you’re ready for the warm weather ahead! Stop by the store and we’ll help you gear up for the incoming summer heat! #goldcountryrunning #eldoradohills #folsom #running #summer
Dead legs... Took 3 miles to get my cadence up and actually feel decent. But, goes to show- highs and lows come and go. Ride out the lows and keep going. Forward is a pace. 😉
Couple days off after the Relay.. Back at it!
Things are warming up over here in Sactown! ☀️ Are you running today?
Don't miss our Mother's Day Sale happening Thursday, May 10th thru Sunday, May 13th. Major markdowns on select top selling shoes, like the Brooks Glycerin, Asics Kayano, Saucony Freedom and Hoka Vanquish. Plus: - Buy 1 regularly priced women's apparel item, get 1 of equal or lesser value at 20% off - Join our new Frequent Buyer Program when you check out and start earning rewards on regularly priced purchases! Sale Items limited to stock on hand. No special orders. No combining discounts, coupons or promotions. All clearance sales are final. Discounted items do not count toward Frequent Buyer Rewards - See store for Details. #eldoradohills #goldcountryrunning #running #folsom
Don’t forget about our #MayGiveAway ! The winner will be chosen next Wednesday! Rules below! #Repost @goodeathletics with @get_repost ・・・ 🔥Contest Time🔥 Happy May everybody! To celebrate the start of the new month, we’re giving away a FREE pair of @goodr glasses😎!! Rules below!! • • Step 1: Like this photo! Step 2: Tag 2 friends on this post! Step 3: Follow @goodeathletics on instagram! • • 2 weeks from today a winner that meets the above criteria will be randomly selected! Good luck!!
Season may be over, but this is only the beginning. Shoutout to all my teammates and coaches for everything this past season. Now for xc 😈 #beaverboys #goldcountryrunning
#TrainingTipTuesdays Are you incorporating strides into your running schedule? Strides are a fun and proven way to: improve running economy⛽️, improve form🏃‍♂️, and improve speed🔥 • • How do you do strides? Simple! Run fast, but not all out for 15-20 seconds, or about 100m. Focus on running fast, but don’t strain. • • Have you found adding strides has helped with your running? Any other questions about strides? Comment below!
This week’s GCRS featured item is @stancesocks. With tons of different colors and designs to choose from, Stance has something for everybody. Whether you’re out on the trail or around town, Stance has you covered. #goldcountryrunning #eldoradohills #folsom #running #stance
#MotivationMonday What would you try if you knew you couldn’t fail? • • Too often we let fear of failure keep us from even trying. Stand up to fear and go after your dreams 💭there’s always a chance that you fail, but there’s also a chance you don’t 💪
All done! 160 miles, two vans, 11 people. Napa to Santa Cruz. Such an excellent adventure! From running through wine country, to a night leg through the tidal “swamp” outside of Sausalito, to beginning the climb up the Santa Cruz mountains, in 28 hours, on 2 hours sleep. Thanks so much to my team for making it amazing, and thanks to The Relay for an awesome event. Put it on your list!
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