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Creator incarnate, you are here to make manifest the glory of God. Believe in your magic.✨ Art by Adam Scott Miller. #Youniverse #magik
Been feeling really vulnerable the past few days. My insides feel like the volcano above, erupting with raw feeling and burning with hot emotion. 🌋🌋 .. I'm few days in my premenstrual phase (widely known as PMS) and it's like clockwork. I've never been so aware of it before - I literally feel the storm inside with all the fluids and hormones causing ruckus. .. I feel this intensity because I've never been connected with those energies before. And it's not a bad thing on the slightest. I just don't know what to do with the energies and with myself, yet. .. This in an invitation to work with them instead of resist and fight them. I need to find what works and what doesn't. It's frightening because it's new. But there's so much power to be yielded in each moon phase. .. For now I'll surrender my mental conceptualising and enquire what my body and soul want to tell me and show me during this phase. What can we consciously create together during this time? 🌌🌠 .. Do you relate? Do you sometimes feel like an erupting volcano of emotion? 🌋❤
Everyone has one or a group of spirit guides with them throughout their lives. We usually have one predominant spirit guide with us throughout our life on earth from birth to our passing and may have other spirit guides entering into our lives at different stages throughout our existence. Our spirit guides are with us to help, guide, support and nudge us towards the right direction throughout our path in life; they are also here to help us through learning our life lessons here on earth. If you wish to have a stronger connection with your spirit guides join me this Saturday 12-2pm for our Sacred Women’s circle workshop on Spirit Guides. I am also holding our first Crystal Bowl Sound Healing this Saturday 10- 11am for further information and for bookings please visit the link in bio and click services/ service bookings ✨
This is my “why” 👌❤️
Painting these insaaaaane shadows while reminding myself that patience is a virtue 😲🖌 oil on linen
Heading into a new week like... #goddessrising ❤❤❤
No matter how much work I do on myself every single time I coach a client I receive new awareness and wonder. Why? Becuase we are all connected and as we bring healing to one life we all heal at a certain level. I see myself as being spiritual, and beyond spiritual and loving I am also a badass fierce lady that has proven to herself over and over and over how I can do ANYTHING I set myself to do. So FIERCE, SPIRITUAL and LOVING are three characteristics that define me. I can be fierce and hold you to your own journey lovingly but also firmly if that is what is needed and always following the call of your soulful journey. So remember WHO YOU ARE, remember yourself and embrace all of you. As you seek soulful love ❤️ the first step is going within to touch your sacred feminine space and bring forth your radiance. With this in mind start the week with a clear plan and make sure you put one loving self-care activity in every day this week. This can be journaling, walking, taking your make up off thoroughly and conscientiously, making a gorgeous looking healthy meal.... Shine bright! Have a lovely self-love week! @ValerieBottazzi PS: Use the link in my bio @ValerieBottazzi to join my Facebook group “Unleash Your Inner Power” for soulful, bold and bright women. This loving community will support you in your journey from you to loving you and attracting the love of your life. ❤️💜🌟
Emotional Dumping. This happens when we keep regurgitating a story over and over to others to enhance our victimhood, to gain sympathy. But whilst we say it, we start to feel better and they feel down! That's coz we have literally taken a dump on these poor souls!!! Totally unfair. Draw healthy boundaries. One boundary I've set is NO EMO DUMPING on my YouTube channel 😀 I'm keeping it high vibing for me and for all . We are responsible for the energy we leave behind. Did we affect people positively or sucked them dry??? Are we the energy vampires we are running away from?! Think about it . How to fix it? Change your Story to One Positive Statement ONLY . Compare this.. 'Hi I grew up with self esteem issues and I've been used and abused by tons of people'... To this one like 'Hi I'm Karishma and I guide Spiritually Awakening Women to fulfil their Mission'... Which one seems lighter and empowering? Now both stories are TRUE for ME. But I choose Not to Emotionally Dump my past hurt and pain onto you coz I've dealt with my past and I'm at peace with it! You can tell a person who's dealt with their story or is using their story for personal gain. Draw those boundaries! 💖 hugs . #coach #intuitive #intuition #mystic #meditation #yoga #naturalproducts #sustainableliving #farmtotable #starseed #witch #divinefeminine #divinemasculine #goddess #goddessrising #awakeningwoman #awakening #5D #ascension #awakeningsigns #spiritual #consciousliving #lightworker #lightwarrior #empath #crystals
I’d rather be barefoot and naked Or in shorts and and a tee But still barefoot And no bra I like to dress up Put on make up Still didn’t do my hair But it’s out of my comfort zone Sometimes I don’t think I am feminine enough to dress this way I think I have to act a certain way if I put on fancy clothes and heels I feel beautiful when I dress up but it’s not an accurate depiction of who I am or what I really look like on a regular basis I am beautiful without make up too... . . . . . . . . . . #toofancy #dressup #idratherbenaked #staygold #bekindpleaseunwind #alwayslove #spiritualfemeninebadassery #goddessrising #soft #hard
Love yourself for being amazing. Love yourself for being messy. For being strong. And soft. For being unstoppable. And still. Love yourself, love yourself, love yourself. And you’ll set yourself free. 💛
Year of the #twinflame #sacredunion the #femine meets the #masculine . Isn't it amazing to know that you have a twin out there that was destined to be yours, made just for you to love? When you recognize them, you will know. ✨😌 #feminineenergy #masculineenergy #twinsouls #magic #consciousness #conscious #goddess #goddessrising 🙌🏼💗
To the man behind the scenes. You are literally the best. Thank you for all that you do and all that you are. We love you so much. 👨‍👩‍👧 . . . #happyfathersday #realman #divinemasculine #bubbles #dirtyfeet
🌙🧘🏻‍♀️ #embodythepriestess 🧘🏻‍♀️🌙 . ☀︎Day 5: Shadow Work - I chose #wildthing because it makes me feel strong and beautiful and like a badass yogini goddess rising 🔥🖤 - "An awake heart is like a sky that pours light" -Hafiz ✨🖤 I am emerging from the shadows I have so long kept myself in and into the light of my full self. No longer hiding myself - my thoughts - my feelings - for the sake of people who don’t deserve it. I have ignited the candle of my soul to always shine my best self - my true self - my WHOLE self 🖤 . ☀︎ . . ☀︎Priestess hosts: . @_thematron @candy_wheeler @sonnhy @outlandish_enchantment @samantha.shakti @zemamas @amanda.m.richards @yoginimoongoddess . . ☀︎Goddess sponsors: . @thegoddesshouse.yoga @dandeliongoods @spirittribestudio @danaleejayna @zemamasphotography @dropoffapparel . . ☀︎Poses: . Day 1: The Moon Cycle 🌙 . Day 2: Manifesting 🌙 . Day 3: 4 elements/4 directions 🌙 . Day 4: Nature 🌙 . Day 5: Shadow work 🌙 . Day 6: Silly is sacred Day 7: Goddess work Day 8: Holding space ☀︎ #yoginipriestess #goddessrising #nature #barefoot #comeoutofthedark #intothelight #happyyogi #myhappiness #summersolstice #itsayoginilife #soulvibes #yogini #yogi #yoga #yogachallenge #igyoga #mooncycle #yogatribe #igyogachallenge #yogaeverydamnday #getoutdoors #yogaoutside #yogainspiration #yogalife #moonchild #peace #growth
Embrace your inner Goddess with the Her Mystery School, a nine month immersion into deep feminine sovereinty, illumination, and revelation. Our next nine month journey begins September 9th, and registrations are open now! If you are interested, please head over to our website (link in bio) for more information. . . . . . . #femininewisdom #goddessrising #goddessrisingsisterhood #sovereignty #womenhelpingwomen #womensupportwomen #womengrow #womentravel #sistersofthemoon #mybodyismytemple #priestessesofthemoon #highpriestess #deepfeminine #womensintuition #happyrelationship #femalesexuality #loveyourbody #loveyourbodyloveyoursoul #womenoftheworld #lovetheearth #untamedsoul #untamedheart #sacredsexuality #radiance #cosmicconsciousness #lovetheearth #attractpositivity #loveanddevotion #oracle #receivelove
Dear Body, ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ You are so, so lovely. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Love, Soul
: I couldn’t stop talking long enough to get my aura video done because @_auraology_ was way too kind and cool and funny and interesting! 😍 . I LOVE what was captured in this video and explained to me about the colorful energies that swirl around me. 🌀 . 🎨A sturdy base of artistic, big-hearted, independent, funny, non-conformist magenta in my recent past and expression mixing with magical, charming, creative, imaginative, playful, high consciousness violet coloring my heart space and communication center. . Add a heaping pinch of harmonious, prosperous, adaptable, peace-filled healing green in my present moment and aspirations, then finish it off with patient self control, happiness, intellectual, friendly yellow filling my future creation and receptive modes. 🎨 . In other words, I’m a freaking unicorn, y’all. If you ever get the chance to have your aura assessed and captured by @_auraology_ , DO IT! I couldn’t be happier with the finished product. 🦄
Up for Grabs🌱♻️🌲 Organic hand dyed fabrics by Sinew Moon and made into a reversible and almost seamless adjustable crop top by ManaMama. Patchy stripes on one side and a light brown on the other side. Back laces up. Very comfortable. Best fit for a XS-M. 32-36A/B/C. Message or comment to claim or inquire.
Get in alignment. Allow your intuition to translate communications from the Earth and Spirit realms alike. Trust these messages. Repeat.
My family can't take me anywhere 🤳😂 but they love me for it. In June @yogiapproved and @jadeyogamats are planting trees for every tree pose posted! Be sure to use the hashtag and tag them if you decide to play along! ❤ #TreePose4Trees @jadeyogamats @yogiapproved
💗 Amie's Path Light Oracle Reading ~ Week of June 18th 💗 ~ Our card this week is #6 Crystal Sorceress ~ All About Love from The Ancient Oracle Deck and Handbook by Barbara Kahn. ~ The Crystal Sorceress steps forward from the Ethers in this image. She carries a crystal scepter in hand and radiates the beautiful light of a love of high vibration. ~ Our message from the Universe is to spend this week focusing on love. ~ Allow yourself to look around with wide-eyed wonder this week. Imagine the Universe has set up a treasure hunt just for you. Your environment is full of love notes from above. Find them in the birdsong, in the light and warmth of the sun, and in the growing moon each night. Count up all the ways Love reaches out to you this week. ~ The people around you bring love into your life as well. Sometimes that love is easy to see as it flows in your direction. Other times pain, struggle, or discontent create a barrier to love's movement. It is still there. It has just become difficult to see. When those we love are facing challenges, one of the most helpful things we can do is to focus on love. Appreciate their essential loving nature and reflect it back to them. This will raise the vibe and provide a gentle reminder of what matters most. ~ Take some time to reconnect spiritually to the source of love. You are loved more than you know. Tune in to the heartbeat of the Divine and those who are in Spirit. Love is reaching out to you. Receive it! ~ Barbara provides us with a beautiful affirmation for this card. " I feel love emanating from my heart and soul. Love is coming into my life in magical and mysterious ways." ~ May we see and appreciate the love around us. May we recognize love in deeper and more meaningful ways. And may we receive more love than we can contain. ~ Brightest Blessings for a Beautiful Week! ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ #pathlight #solfluentarot #pathlightoracle #crystalsorceress #allaboutlove #love #motivation #guidance #psychicwisdom #ancientoracle #barbarakahn #magick #oraclereading #lightworker #goddessrising #redtent #wisdom #motivational #tarot #tarotreadersofinstagram #oraclecards #oracle #oraclecardreading #enlightenment #vibehigh
Where are you guys headed to this summer? Spiritual journeys are a great way to connect to the soul and realign with center 💡 Tell us below your dream spiritual trip? Pic via Zingy decor #soultrip #bali #africa #indonesia #india #israel #tulum #spiritjourney #spiritualtrip #summervacations #travellife
Let's engage in thoughts, feelings & behaviour, that allow us to feel free ♥
When the moon looks to the night sky, she says “without your darkness, I wouldn’t shine so bright.” Then she turns to the sun and tells him: “What you see in me, is a reflection of your own light.” ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀ Honouring sacred connections, sacred relationships. Between darkness and light; yin and yang; masculine and feminine. ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀ We are all here together. Balancing. Manifesting. Creating from all creation. ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀ Humans fit together like puzzle pieces. The vagina wouldn’t look at the penis and tell it that it’s wrong for not being the same. Both have their place. Both serve their purpose. And together they create miracles. New life. ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀ See everything with clear sight. Without darkness, there would be no light. ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀ I love you ✨
The word for this weekend is rejuvenation! Spending time relaxing and thinking about how grateful I am for my father 🦋 . Did you do anything to rejuvenate this weekend? You still have time to do something to renew your energy. On my YouTube channel (link in bio) I have a restoration meditation that is perfect t for #selfcaresunday 🦋 . #happyfathersday #ojaivalleyinn #flowerstagram #quayaustralia #succculents #peonies #summerdaze #rejuvenate #selfcarematters
Excited @flore_botanical_alchemy Will share an evening with you as we explore plant communication together, through sipping distilled Botanical waters, letting their spirits guide you. Forget preconceptions of what we think we know. Tap into your intuitive inner wisdom & creative sensory perception as we bypass the critical linear mind. Then experience my specially selected perfumes paired perfectly with its sister elixir. Cocktails created with the same notes as the perfume with flower magic for a truly sensual sentient treat of both scent & flavour together. Liquor spirits are lovingly provided by @Sheringhamdistillery ! . Perfume samples will be yours to keep🖤 __________________ I'll be hosting this Salon in Vancouver June 22 @harlowatelier 🌿 . And Victoria June 29 with @younlimited at the @elatecosmetics headquarters in Historic Bastion Square Find the links for sign up in profile🌿🥀⚗️🔮 . . . . . #vancouverworkshops #victoriaworkshops #sentientbeing #youunlimited #ancientperfumery #elixir #holisticbeauty #intuition #goddessrising #plantspiritmedicine #ancientalchemy #botanicalalchemy #artofslow #naturalperfume #botanicalperfume #creativesensoryperseption #artofscentandflavour ndflavour
Кое-что для моей русскоязычной аудитории: 19 июня в 19:00 по Москве я провожу бесплатный вебинар для нового проекта @terra_women_school о свободе быть собой, истинной силе, уверенности в себе и жизни по велению души✨Запись по ссылке в профиле @terra_women_school ✨ : Terra Women School - это онлайн-школа, которую создаёт прекрасная и вдохновляющая, сильная и чистая душа @_masha_alekseeva_psy 🖤 Маша позвала меня в проект быть главным тренером и создательницей контента - наш 8-недельный авторский онлайн курс СВОБОДА БЫТЬ СОБОЙ запускается 25 июня, предстоящий вебинар - это введение в него и презентация видения школы🌹 : Terra Women School посвящена современным женщинам, которым интересен мир Души, которые хотят жить сердцем, которые жаждут прикоснуться к древним мистическим знаниям в простом и доступном, однако глубоком и истинном, формате✨Этот проект - своего рода возрождение древних мистических школ, в которых женщины учились алхимически соединять земное и Божественное и становились истинными представительницами и жрицами Богини на земле👑 : На вебинаре вас ждёт моя авторская исцеляющая медитация + вдохновение + практические советы по соединению с собой, развитию уверенности и истинной силы💫 ЗАПИСЬ НА ВЕБИНАР через ссылку в профиле @terra_women_school
Happy rising lovelies, got my morning ritual done, plus meditation. How do you connect & center yourself.
Morning church bells ⛪ in Santa Fe. A quiet morning with coffee, a private date with the sunrise.
No one is or will ever be you. - No one has your unique gifts, talents, or stories to share. - Always remember how special you are 💕✨
“You can’t ignore a thread. It leads from you to where you’ve come from. Evolutionary and long. A trail of where you’ve been. What you’ve seen. Maybe where you’ve gone wrong. It can easily knot and tangle should you forget its spinning yarn. Failing to acknowledge all the places that it’s gone. Acknowledge where it weaves. Respect it intertwines. Because the thread isn’t just your own, it’s part yours and mine. The thread needles, pokes, and prods, reminding us of stories untold. Cultures. Concepts. Consciousness cut down down and then sold. The biggest mistake is the ego that snips and tears. Unraveling and tugging out the root of all thread less fears. For in truth the thread can not be ignored, buried, or undone. It is the eternal tribute and acknowledgment of everyone. So honor the spiraling thread, and everywhere it’s been. Don’t for a second think you understand what it’s seen. Don’t be as ignorant to think you can claim it’s journey as your own. Because the thread isn’t made of string, cotton, or twine it’s made of blood and bone.” - Emma Mildon This story of the thread for me sings about the lost of respect from authors, artists, entertainers, and bloggers of our time. A call to acknowledge, respect, and reference where your words come from. Research how your words or ideas have evolved. Even before they reached you. Honor the fact that although maybe channeled, genuinely an a-ha moment, a intuitive lightening bolt, that idea might be a gift from a thread of people who story told, sung, scribed, and studied that very idea long before you and I. The thread is a call to today from our elders and ancestors to simply do our homework. If you write or are creative on any level it’s your duty to uncover the threads of untold stories and their weavers. Rather than claim them as your own. I see all too many books that fail to reference and acknowledge the origins of ideas and philosophies. These are words from one ego to another. So, look for the thread. If you open the back of a book and it doesn’t have a long list of references or a thread of acknowledgement, put it down. #evolutionofgoddess Illustration by talented @maxillustration
Raised atheist, I had to learn to pray on my own, affiliated to no dogma. Picture: handmade ceramic charm with vulva symbol, handmade silk rope. I make lots of charms or pendants like these and often use them as gifts for people I love and appreciate. 🙏🏼 🧘🏻‍♀️ 🙏🏼 🧘🏻‍♀️ 💫#spirituality #ceramics #charm #prayer #atheism #atheart #goddess #goddessrising #poetsofinstagram #poetry #femalepoet #femalepower #centered #healing #meditate
Are you ready to activate wisdom and seek new awareness of personal connection? This journey isn't over, you can still join this magical happening! . Receive your 12 Days of Solstice emails and join the beautiful space in the Gathering Wisdom Facebook Group to connect and share your Solstice art and experience!.…click the link in my @catcaracelo bio. ☀️🌙 🔮 . . . #12DaysOfSummerSolstice #solstice #summersolstice #lightworker #intuition #spiritualawakening #tarotcards #Mythology #divinefeminine #spiritualgangster #spiritualgrowth #raiseyourvibration #spiritualjourney #theuniversehasyourback #acourseinmiracles #risesisterrise #goddessvibes #goddessrising #spiritualpath #spiritualguidance #spiritjunkie #lifecoaching #spiritualentrepreneur #soulpreneur #spiritualbosslady #spiritualcoach #journeycircles #journeypathinstitute #journeycirclesprocess
Today’s #selfcaresunday looks like sipping fancy iced coffee in an adorable coffee shop by the beach. And maybe a little time on the laptop because I’m so crazy excited about the projects that I’m working on and can’t wait to share with you all! In the meantime, take care, friends. Take care of each other and ALWAYS fiercefully, shamelessly take care of YOU! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #selfcare #coffee #goodmorning #sundayvibes #cocoabeach #local #intentions #gratitude #grateful #lightworker #spiritjunkie #meditate #manifest #believe #surrender #goddessrising #selflove #girlboss #abundance #theuniversehasyourback #spiritualjourney #love #growth #happy #wanderlust #gypsysoul #wildheart #freespirit #mommyoverboard
Thrown your dreams into space like a kite, and you do not know what it will bring back, a new life, a new friend, a new love, a new country. ~ Anais Nin ✨🌸💕💎💫💖
GIVEAWAY Last day to take part in our WILD INTUITIVE FREEDOM WORKSHOP Giveaway. Happening @wanderlusthlwd next Sunday 24th 2 - 4 join @elizabethaliceroseflynn for a 120 minute cathartic flow, breath, meditation and creative journaling experience to release fear and step into wild freedom. #wearethewildwmn Follow @elizabethaliceroseflynn and @wearethewildwmn and tag a friend in this post !
Meditando com a Deusa... Que vestia dourado hoje e permufe de jasmim.. Soprava uma brisa doce que contava histórias confusas de Amor entre elfos... ⚛️ . . . . #goddessrising #art de viver.
Sending you Huge Love ❤️ May your Heart feel Love, receive Love, vibrate Love and attract Love into your lives ✨😇🙏💕⭐️✨😘💋
Nature walks, yoga, flower crown making, wonderful meals together, goddess golden hour, yesterday was jam packed full of love ❤️We can’t believe today is already the last of our retreat! . #newday #goddess #goddessretreat #goddessrising #meditation #sacred #yoga #yogaretreat #yogacommunity #comoxvalley #comoxvalleyyoga #moceanyoga #manifestationsinmocean #namaste #thisishowweretreat #moceanyogaretreats
She wore her battle scars like wings, looking at her you would never know that once upon a time she forgot how to fly .👁🖤✨💫 #goddessrising #goddesslife #freespirit #settingmyintentions #happysunday
Feeling my Avalon roots SO STRONG recently. Waves of remembrance and activation. Yes. Yes. Yes. ☀
Question: Do you dream?🌙 Based on my own experience, and my work with others, dreaming is a powerful way we work with image and symbol... . Powerful dreamers access dreaming states, layers of consciousness through night dreams and induced altered states from ritual and meditation during creative process, art-making, prayer, dance, meditation, drumming and guided entering... . The dreamer shape shifts, time travels, connects events through time and space, creating new meaning in the patterns of the universal language of symbol and image. This language can be worked with intentionally by following your own dreams into visual art, unpacking them and deepening your understanding of the messages that are guiding you further into life. . . . . #lightworker #intuition #spiritualawakening #tarotcards #Mythology #divinefeminine #spiritualgangster #spiritualgrowth #raiseyourvibration #spiritualjourney #theuniversehasyourback #acourseinmiracles #risesisterrise #shadowwork #mystics #goddessvibes #goddessrising #spiritualpath #spiritualguidance #divineguidance #spiritjunkie #lifecoaching #spiritualentrepreneur #soulpreneur #spiritualbosslady #spiritualcoach #journeycircles #journeypathinstitute #journeycirclesprocess
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