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Let’s start a movement to make all bathtubs heart shaped! Soaking in some self-love. How are you nurturing your soul this Sunday?
How beautiful is this zen outdoor pavilion at the @sandnsandals Senses Spa? I was treated to a blissful massage as the sounds and smell of the sea lingered in the air. From the traditional foot cleansing ritual to the fresh tea served after, the entire spa treatment was deliciously luxurious. (hosted)
Golden hour swings over my private beach
Went for a little ‘bath’ in the holy water 🛁 • • Come to find out that the locals use these pools to pee in! Unfortunately, this is a true story. Fortunately, we didn’t find out until after...🤷🏻‍♀️ • • Thanks for another amazinggggg photo @ash.jones.co.uk 😜📸 • • #ubud #bali #fashion #TravelStoke #theculturetrip #worlderlust #lonelyplanet #travelingcreatives #darlingescapes #stayandwander #travelawesome #travel #theglobewanderer #placestogo #ladiesgoneglobal #dreaming_adventures #wearetravelgirls #femmetravel #travelgram #globiees #explorebabes #timeoutsociety #girlsthatwander #travellingthroughtheworld #girlsborntotravel #travellbff #passionpassport #dametraveler #roamtheplanet
Splish splash! 💦 Missing those waves at @sandnsandals in Desaru, Malaysia! Here in Florida I haven’t been able to get in the ocean due to loads of jelly fish, which I’m allergic to. Are you more of a beach babe or do you prefer to chill at the pool?
Did you know that most sunblocks contain chemicals that kill coral reef? Working on an article all about mineral SPF to use instead.
Can you believe I'm in London, and Big Ben is under construction?! But the London eye is epic!
אני רק עוברת כאן 🚶🏼‍♀️ . . לונדון זו עיר שאף פעם לא נמאס ממנה. כמו כל עיר מרכזית, אנשים מכל הסוגים יכולים למצוא את עצמם מתאהבים בה בדרך שלהם, מוצאים את הנופים שהם אוהבים וגם אוכלים אוכל ברמה עולמית מכל הסוגים והטעמים - אז לונדון מחכה לכם - לכו תחקרו . . . . I am Just passing by🚶🏼‍♀️ . . London is a city that you can’t get tired of. Like many central cities, people of all kinds can find themselves doing what they love, finding the views that they prefer and eating a world-class food from different cultures - so London is waiting for you guys - go Explore! . . . . . #wetravelgirls #ladiestrip #travelcouplevibes #traveling #travelstyle #moodygrams #bestravelphoto #photography #travelgram #worldshotz #beautifulmatters #travelcouple #beautifulexplorers #passionpassport #shetravels #travelphotography #doyoutravel #allaboutadventure #travelvibes #globiees #dametraveler #traveltagged #travelust #globtrotter #wintervibes #londoncity #londoners #londontrip #sheisnotlost
Question, who is your favorite travel blogger? I am trying to find new inspiration for my pictures and would love to hear your suggestions!
Uruguayan @missfilaelista can’t resist a big glass of Chianti Classico while taking in the incredible Tuscan views. ❤️ La Uruguaya @missfilatelista no puede resistirse un vaso grande de Chianti Classico con las vistas increíbles de Toscana. 💃🏽 Use #latinaslovetravel and tag us to be featured! 🇺🇾
Good morning! I’ll only get out of this amazing bed at @sandnsandals for one thing–dim sum! (hosted)
Finally made it to Albert’s Shed yesterday 😍🥂🍸🍩 #defeatedbydessert
Don’t let this picture fool you, it’s not another gorgeous Malaysian island! Desaru is actually on the mainland and less than an hour away from Singapore. And yes, the beaches here are picture perfect and there weren’t any crowds!
My weekend plans look a lot like this. How about yours?
Mexican @lewildexplorer continues the Chinese New Year celebrations under these beautiful lanterns in Singapore. ❤️ La mexicana @lewildexplorer continúa las celebraciones del Año Nuevo China debajo de linternas hermosas en Singapur. 💃🏽 Use #latinaslovetravel and tag us to be featured! 🇲🇽
Can all hotels be equipped with a private porch swing? Felt so nostalgic sitting here!
Friday vibes on point ☀️Happy weekend, y’all! We made it 🙌🏼 {2.23.18}
Is there anything better than arriving to your hotel room to a bowl of fresh local fruit? I think not! Thank you @sandnsandals for hosting me.
🌴Railay Beach, Thailand 💙Tag someone you'd like to go there with. 📷 Photo by: @theworldandjuless ________________________ 👍Be sure to follow us @thailanddestiny 👉Tag your best photos #thailanddestiny for a chance to be featured ________________________ . . @thailanddestiny
Torn to pieces to leave this lush jungle paradise behind. One last beach stop in Malaysia before Singapore! (hosted)
Puerto Rican @faby_tinyglobetrotter is traveling the world with her sweet puppy, Lazzy. Here they are looking regal outside the castle in Hiedelberg, Germany! ❤️ Puertorriqueña @faby_tinyglobetrotter viaja por el mundo con su perrito adorable, Lazzy. Se parecen majestuosas en frente del castillo en Hiedelberg, Alemania. 💃🏽 Use #latinaslovetravel and tag us to be featured! 🇵🇷
Can it be the weekend already?? Working on a post for tomorrow about 5 tips I wish I had known before traveling to Yosemite! Until then I’ll be working 2nd shift at the warehouse - which I’m not going to lie isn’t too bad. I was so (non-work) productive this afternoon! . . . . . . #dreamypassport #gohypetravel #girlsvsglobe #womenwhowander #travelig #mytinyatlas #thetravelwomen #sheisnotlost #adventureanywhere #travelbff #weexplored #yosemitenationalpark #girlsborntotravel #girlsvoyages #stampedtribe #globiees #travelgirlsgo #girlatoundtheworld #visityosemite #visitcalifornia
The team at @rimba_resort is extremely dedicated to their aquatic neighbors and strongly discourages collecting the beautiful shells you can find along the beach. Admire them, take photos of them, but leave them there to do what they're meant to do–become homes for other crustacea or become a part of the sandy beach over time. (hosted)
🌧The rainy skies are killing my vibe today! It’s time to bring back the blue 💙
The private curved beach at @rimba_resort is covered in soft white sand that slowly turns into pebbles in the sea. Strolling along the shore in the early morning felt as if I had the entire paradise completely to myself. (hosted)
A perfect start to the morning definitely does include a cup of coffee. Double tap if you agree!⠀ ::::⠀ I can't wait to show off these amazing shots from our trip to Tulum! This destination is definitely amazing, but if you were following my stories it was also eye opening...⠀ ::::⠀ Not only were we practically robbed by the Mexican Police, but I also caught a major case of food poisoning! I know a ton of you are wanting to come here but just know it isn't all beautiful beaches and yummy drinks...⠀ ::::⠀ #tulum #findyourwanderlust #coffeeinthemorning #tulummexico #cancunmexico #beautifuldestinations #kasahoteltulum #bookingcom #danielwellington #beautifulmatters #girlswhotravel #expedia #mexicotravel #travelbff #traveltagged #youmustsee #femmetravel #girlsloveadventure #globiees #gltLOVE #travelstoke #globelletravels #mytinyatlas #passionpassport #sheisnotlost #travelinladies #speechlessplaces #todolistguide #lifewelltravelled #shetravelz
Still can’t get over how unBELIZEable Caracol was 👀🇧🇿 I’ve seen my fair share of ancient ruins lately, yet I still can’t get over how impressive these people were. I mean seriously, they built entire cities and civilizations without the use of modern technology. It impresses me so much but at the same time I get kind of sad for our society. We can barely do anything without technology 😂 anyone else ever feel the same way or am I just a big introspective weirdo? {2.22.18}
Jungle Queen🍃
The @rimba_resort team gather regularly to do coastal cleanups around Pulau Sibu. Although the resort is plastic-free free trash from the sea washes up onto the shore at Rimba Resort. During our stay, we learned that by 2050 scientists say there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean. Did you know a plastic bottle will take 450 years to break down? A diaper takes 500 years. How about a PVC card? 1,000 years! We can't let this happen. Next time you're at the beach, or just anywhere, pick up at least five pieces of trash and discard them properly, please.
From just about anywhere on land at @rimba_resort within seconds you're out of the jungle and into the blue.
made of loyalty, wit & brown sugar: in that exact order.
Welcome to my crib! Just kidding welcome to the Tulum Ruins!⠀ ::⠀ These bad boys were built in the thirteenth century! Crazy, right?! & of course on prime ocean view! Each mayan town actually had a purpose though and besides the gorgeous views, this town's purpose was as a seaport for trading.⠀ ::⠀ I can't even begin to imagine what it was like living back then, can you?! Double tap if you would make this your home back in the day!⠀ ::⠀ #tulumruins #tulummexico #tulum #visittulum #mayanruins #oceanviews #tulumtours #mavicpro #droneshots #doyoutravel #traveldreemseekers #travelbff #wearetravelgirls #traveltagged #youmustsee #femmetravel #girlsloveadventure #globiees #gltLOVE #dametraveler #travelstoke #globelletravels #mytinyatlas #passionpassport #sheisnotlost #dreaming_adventures #travelinladies #speechlessplaces
Beach days make me the happiest.
Beach jams thanks to my favorite @ultimateears speakers! 🎶 #gifted
At @rimba_resort they care deeply about the environment they’re so fortunate to call home and they are working hard to project local sea turtles. They operate a sea turtle hatchery where they nurture the turtle eggs that they've purchased from the local fisherman that sell them in the markets as they're a delicacy in Malaysia. The sanctuary did not have any release during my stay but have had many successful hatches this summer! #hosted
Don’t you just love it when you’re not wearing makeup and get asked several times if you’re sick or upset, like no... I’m just ugly. 🤓 🏷 . #globiees #traveldreamseekers #thefairytalebloggers #womenwhoexplore #lostinthailand #thailandinsider #thailandluxe #balibody #sheisnotlost #travelinladies #dametraveler #sidewalkerdaily #femmetravel #TLasia #beautifulasia #asia_vacations
It's trendy now to expose what a fake fuck you are #InstagramVSReality
Buenos Dias begin with coffee and an ocean view ☕️🌊 {2.20.18} ✨Halo by the fabulous ladies @wildheartsandhalos
We love the magnificently detailed door Uruguayan @rachaelannmendez found at a temple in Chiang Mai! Where are the most beautiful doors you've seen while traveling? ❤️ Nos encanta la puerta detallada magníficamente que la Uruguaya @rachaelannmendez encontró en un templo en Chiang Mai! Donde están las puertas mas maravillosas que han encontrado durante sus vacaciones? 💃🏽 Use #latinaslovetravel and tag us to be featured! 🇺🇾
Ciao Costa Rica ☀️
10/10 would recommend spending Galentine’s Day in the Belizean jungle exploring Mayan ruins and drinking Belikins (although everyone miiiight have thought we were “together” 😂😭) 💕👯‍♀️ {2.19.18}
So, my Costa Rica trip is coming to an end. Spending the last days here in Manuel Antonio. 🌴🏖️🍍
I'm one day younger than @kendalljenner , so eventually @vouge will realize I'm fresher
Cuban @castanonk keeps watch to make sure all the beach goers are protecting their skin with SPF! ❤️ Cubana @castanonk vigila para asegurar que todo la gente en la playa se protegen su piel con FPS. 💃🏽 Use #latinaslovetravel and tag us to be featured! 🇨🇺
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