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she's too cute, i love her sm 😭
This picture of Cardi B is amazing
i decided to be healthy since yesterday and damn, when i eat healthy thing and when i do my sport I feel sm better, love the sensation
It's mortifying to be the one who remembers. - Ryan O’Connell
😭😭😭💓💜Mine music video is always one of my favs because it's the sweetest music video EVER💞💞💞💜💜My poor heart😭😭💞💝I'm gonna cry when Taylor gets married😭😭💜💜💫💫💗💛
Waiting for the day She'll be back with huge surprise 🌻
Bella at the #vsfs2017 she looked so good🔥🔥
CANDY K Velvet #kyliecosmetics
First one #gigihadid
Summer Palette on the eyes 🧡☀️ #kyliecosmetics
Summer Collection will be restocked this Friday #kyliecosmetics
Maybelline New York x Gigi Hadid eye contour palette. Get Gigi’s iconic makeup look with this limited edition Eye Contour Palette. WHY YOU'LL LOVE IT * WHAT IT IS - Gigi Hadid Eye Contour Palette creates a natural eye contour look in four easy steps. * BENEFITS - Must-have beauty essential to create Gigi’s natural eye-contoured makeup look. This limited edition East Coast Glam Collection palette creates a natural contour that defines, deepens, and widens eyes. "I wanted to make a collection that everyone can have and everyone can use." – Gigi Hadid * HOW TO USE/APPLY - Step 1. Lid: apply a neutral base all over the eyelid. Step 2. Crease: define the eye crease with a medium tone shade. Step 3. Contour: add depth to the outer eye corner and lash line. Step 4. Highlight: illuminate the brow bone and inner eye corner to create the look of wider eyes. #perfectglowbeautystore #perfectglow #maybelline #gigihadid #eyecontourpalette #maybellinegigihadidcollection #maybellinegigihadid #maybellinexgigihadideyecontourpalette #maybellinexgigihadid #lagosonlinestore #lagosmarketonline #lagosgirlskillingit #lagos #lagosmua #mualagos
#Reebok has assembled an all star cast of women its latest campaign.The brand unveiled its #Bemorewomen a campaign lead none other than #arianagrande #gigihadid #danaigurira and #galgadot . The organization that seek to empower women. We love the campaign thoughts⚡️🌟 #womenempowerment #bemorewoman #activewear #worldwide #islamabadtimes #islamabad #pakistan
Damn gorgeous beauty Gigi girl 💜#gigihadid #gigibeauty #fashion
Nuova/ Vecchia foto di Hailey e Justin fuori alle Bahamas (07/07) ———————————————————————— @justinbieber & @haileybaldwin
wake up angels, i’m bored
look her in the eyes and tell her why u love her
I have fallen in love with you because of the million things that you never knew you are doing. 👑💋🔥 #queen #gigi #gigihadid #beauty
everyone is unfollowing me 💔😪
niall mexico night 2
niall mexico night 2
Whoever sent me a tellonym.. I am still very shocking and you need to check my story.
I miss him already..how am I going to survive this few months without his kissy pictures
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@rosiehw dance 💃🏻 😻💖🔥 @olivier_rousteing @balmain @beyonce 👑 _
look at HER OML
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