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Tag your best friend! 🐶 PC: @wat.ki #wilderminds
I love photographing the mountains because they look different every day.
A somewhat unique area in this region of sandy, acidic soils in New England is this area of sweeter soils not far from Providence. I was surprised to see numerous “old friends” from the Midwest - a swamp white oak-surrounded vernal pool, spice-bush, sycamore, sugar maple, and hackberry (yes! Hackberry is uncommon here!!). Beautiful patch of woods - reminds me of home 😊 . . #newengland #rhodeisland #forest #woodland #autumn #getoutside #exploreeverything #swampwhiteoak #vernalpool #quercus #quercusbicolor #celtis #sugarmaple
Great afternoon to take the #bobstroller out for a jog #PEBaby #gethealthy #getoutside #stayoutside #movemore
First ski tour of the season and first day to celebrate the completion of some of my life long goals. Since I was younger I always wanted to be a professional skier and be sponsored and work with epic outdoor brands. Now at 30, I am canadian ambassador for @peakperformance , skiing on @factionskis and getting to play with cool survival tools from @garmin. Along the way I have suffered some solid set backs - including 2 broken backs, a broken elbow, a couple concussions and a lot of money. To be known as an inspirer for others, a leader in the outdoor community and a catalyst for getting people into new adventure activities is a goal and gift I am grateful for. Be safe out there. Get educated. Spend lots of money on great products and never stop adventuring. Much love, #peakperformance #adventuretime #adventurer #backcountry #athlete #model #actor #exploreyourworld #getoutside
Therapy at the lake today. Idaho. Lakes. Mountains. Idahome.
He asked me, “Mommy, can you take a picture of me?” And this is how he posed. He is a deeply connected individual; full of empathy. I’m very curious where life will bring him, but for now I’m glad it still mainly consists of cuddles with his Mama. 😍 (outfit by @tuchindadesign )
I’m really diggin the dark polish for fall. It just goes well with my “style”, you know?
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