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#Indonesia berada diurutan tertinggi dalam pengadopsian Artificial Intelligence di bidang industri Asia Tenggara. Sebanyak 24,6% perusahaan di Indonesia mengadopsi AI dengan tujuan untuk meningkatkan produktivitas dan efisiensi bisnis. #geekgarden #softwarehouse #geekfact #fakta #faktaIndonesia
Bourbon: Evan Williams - Black Label (Heaven Hill Brands) Type: Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey Proof: 86.0 Proof (43.0% ABV) Distilled by: Heaven Hill Distillery Nose: Sweet corn, oak, and caramelized sugar notes. The oak is prominent on the nose. Palate: Caramel is a bit heavier, with vanilla and peppery oak. Some slight citrus notes and and just a bit of alcohol burn. Finish: Medium length finish that emphasizes the vanilla, oak and pepper. Geek Fact: Heaven Hill states that Evan Williams, a Welsh immigrant, started Kentucky's first commercial distillery in 1783 in what is now, Louisville, Kentucky. Heaven Hill introduced the Evan Williams brand in 1957 with a mash bill of 75% corn / 13% rye / 12% malted barley and is the second largest selling Kentucky Straight Bourbon in the world (second to Jim Beam White label). Heaven Hill produces several iterations of Evan Williams including the green label (80 proof); black label (86 proof); white label (100 proof) and an export only, red label (12 years old and was available in the Heaven Hill distillery around 2016). Historically, black label was 7 years old until 2005 when Heaven Hill changed the label to a non-age stated bourbon. #Cheers #bourbongeeks #bourbon #geekfact #heavenhill #heavenhilldistillery #evanwilliams #evanwilliamsblacklabel
📺 Mais algumas imagens do trailer de Titãs que foi lançado hoje. Agora podemos ver o visual "finalizado" e como os poderes funcionarão. . . . . #Titans #TitansDC #DCComics #Geek #Geekfact #geekboy #TeenTitans #Starfire #Raven #Robin #BeastBoy #StarfireDC #RavenDC #RobinDC #beastboydc #SDCC2018
📺 O trailer da série em "live-action" de Titãs sai ainda hoje (às 10h no horário de Brasília) e já podemos ver um pouco dos trajes civis de Estelar, Ravena e Mutano e também o traje de batalha do Robin que a @dccomics levou para a San Diego Comic Con desse ano. . Quem está animado para essa estreia? . . #DCComics #Robin #Raven #Starfire #BeastBoy #Titans #TitansDc #titansseries #SDCC2018 #teentitans #batman #DC #geekfact #series
¿Sabías que... Un día como hoy, hace 10 años, se estrenó #TheDarkKnight . Filme que cambio por completo el concepto de las película de superhéroes y que nos brindó la mejor interpretación de #TheJoker hasta ahora. ¿Cuál es tu escena favorita? #GeekFact #DC #Batman #DCEU #HeathLedger #Batmobile #BruceWayne #JusticeLeague #Robin
#geekfact ¿Piensan que Afganistán es solo desierto y arena? Si es así, están equivocados. El 75% del país está formado por cadenas montañosas de gran altura. El monte Nowshak es la montaña más alta del país con 7492 m de altura. #schooled . . . #infographic #infografico #graphicdesign #diseñografico
Sering mendapat telepon spam berupa tawaran produk atau penipuan? Supaya tidak terganggu lagi, kamu bisa mengaktifkan fitur terbaru dari Google Phone. #geekgarden #softwarehouse #geekfact #facts #google
Tahu kalau video dicuri oleh orang lain tanpa ijin tentu menjengkelkan. Tenang, kini Youtube punya fitur Copyright Match Tool untuk meminimalkan hal tersebut. #geekgarden #softwarehouse #geekfact #trivia
Bourbon: Wild Turkey - Longbranch (Gruppo Campari) Type: Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey filtered through white oak and mesquite wood Proof: 86.0 (43.0% ABV) Distillery: Austin Nichols / Wild Turkey Distilling Company Nose: Sweet corn, vanilla, and toasted grains. Light but not weak. Palate: Smooth with very little bite. Good mixture of honey, oak, and caramel. Nice spicy, peppery heat towards the end with just a splash of smokiness. Seems like a good gate-way bourbon. Finish: Medium length, sweet with a bit of smoke. Geek Fact: Few celebrity partnerships have garnered the same amount of buzz and anticipation as the one between Wild Turkey and Matthew McConaughey. McConaughey became WT's Creative Director in 2016. The job includes being the "chief storyteller" and let's face it... the man can spin a yarn. But so can Eddie and Jimmy Russell. The two year collaboration has resulted in Wild Turkey Longbranch. Longbranch follows the standard WT mash bill of 75% corn / 13% rye / 10% malted barley and is aged for 8 years, though not stated explicitly on the bottle, and is charcoal filtered twice. Once through American white oak and a second time through Texas mesquite wood. McConaughey, a Texas native, wanted to introduce a "smoky sweetness" to WT's Kentucky bourbon and chose to do so through a wood grown in his home state. Charcoal filtering is nothing new to bourbon but the experimentation with different woods is. (See also, Peg Leg Porker filtering with hickory.) Longbranch marks the first time a name that is not Eddie or Jimmy Russell has appeared on a bottle of Wild Turkey. #Cheers #bourbongeeks #bourbon #geekfact #wildturkey #jimmyrussell #eddierussell #wildturkeylongbranch #longbranch #alrightalrightalright
#Twitter kembali ‘bersih-bersih’ pengguna lho. Berapa banyak ya pengguna yang diblokir? Baca #GeekFact di atas ya. #geekgarden #softwarehouse
An Artificial heart └[ ∵ ]┘ _ Double TAP for more amazing tech facts 👌 . -👥 TAG a friend to show this💡 -🔔TURN ON POST NOTIFICATION NOW ! -✔FOLLOW for more... . . . . . . . #Artificialheart #artificialintelligence #ai #Technology #artificialintelligence #intelligence #tech #heart #donor #electricity #blood #human #fact #facts #techfact #body #transplant #stanlarkin #techiespot #geek geeks #geekfact #humanbeing
🤯 Upcoming Movies ! " Just A Breath Away " Synopsis The city of Paris is struck by a strange and deadly fog. A group of people are trying to survive on the upper floors of their apartment buildings and on the rooftops. Without information, electricity, food or water, a couple trying to survive and save their daughter. But in the long run, one thing becomes clear: there will be no help coming, and if they want to get out of this disaster alive, they must fight the fog. Release Date : June 27 2018 (Indonesia) Genre : Science-Fiction Director : Daniel Roby Distributor : Mars Film Duration : 1h 29 mn Casts : Romain Duris, Olga Kurlenko, Michael Robin, Alexis Manenti, Fatine Harduin ______________________________________________________ 📣 For Your Info 📣 This Movie is already release with name " Dans La Brume " Release Dare : April 4 2018 Ratings Imdb : 6/10 *Note infos above based from information i search on internet ______________________________________________________ Post by @thenerdymedia - Jaka Tresna #upcomingmovie #movietime #moviesnack #disaster #sciencefiction #timetosurvive #nomansdie #marsfilm #imdb #danielroby #thenerdymedia #geekfact #movieproduction #xxi #lk21 #rottentomatoes #imax #cinema #bioskop #comingsoon #cinema4d #synopsis #instagram #bioskop
Piala Dunia 2018 pun tidak ketinggalan dengan beragam teknologi yang semakin canggih. Salah satunya adalah bola Adidas Telstar 18 ini. #geekgarden #softwarehouse #geekfact
Bourbon: James E. Pepper 1776 (Strong Spirits, Inc. / Jas. E. Pepper, Co.) Type: Straight Bourbon Whiskey Proof: 100.0 (50.0% ABV) Distillery: MGP Ingredients of Indiana Nose: Light caramel, vanilla, honey and a bit of clove. Palate: Caramel, oak and a cinnamon red hot candy note. Not in the sweetness as much as the hardened sugar flavor. It's more spicy than the nose would have you think Finish: Finish is medium to long, with a dry end. Very spicy with pepper and oak. Geek Fact: James E. Pepper bourbon's namesake was the son of Oscar Pepper. Oscar built the distillery situated on the land that is now Woodford Reserve in Versailes, KY. When Oscar died, James (15 years old) inherited the distillery and the infamous Col. E. H. Taylor became his guardian. James came into financial trouble in 1877 and eventually the distillery was sold to the Labrot & Graham Co. This prompted James to move to New York and later to Lexington, KY where he opened the Jas. E. Pepper & Co. Distillers. During this time, James helped get legislation passed allowing distillers to sell bottles of their own product, instead of the previous barrels only policy. And added the strip stamp that was later used by the U.S. government in bottled in bond products. He's also touted as the individual that introduced the "Old Fashioned" cocktail. The site stopped distilling in 1958, but has recently resumed distilling in 2017. The website claims this offering is a 38% rye mash bill which would leave 60% corn / 2% for malted barley or 62% corn if no barley was used. They also state that it is non-chill filtered. #Cheers #bourbongeeks #bourbon #geekfact #jamesepepper #1776 #happy4thofjuly 🇺🇸
🎉Hoy, 4 de Julio, nuestro Capitán América, Steve Rogers, cumple 100 años🎉 Sigue a ➡️ @real_geek_emporium #steverogers #capitanamerica #captainamerica #marvelcomics #marvelstudios #marvellatam #comics #cumpleaños #geekfact
Kalau punya casing seperti ini, tidak perlu khawatir lagi ya jika smartphone jatuh. Tertarik? #geekgarden #softwarehouse #geekfact
Instagram punya versi ‘Lite’? Ternyata, mereka sedang melakukan uji coba Instagram Lite di Meksiko. Kalau sudah rilis di Indonesia, kamu akan berpindah ke Instagram Lite atau tetap menggunakan versi aslinya? Share ya pendapat dan alasanmu di kolom komentar. #geekgarden #softwarehouse #geekfact
Bourbon: Early Times Bottled-in-Bond (Brown-Forman) Type: Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey Proof: 100.0 (50.0% ABV) Distillery: Brown-Forman Distillery in Shively/Louisville, KY Nose: Caramel, baking spices, and banana bread. There's a baked bread note that I don't normally find in Brown-Forman products, like Old Forrester, but it does seem to be right in BF's wheelhouse. Palate: Baking spices (think nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger), caramel, and a small amount of oak. Towards the end, there's a gingersnap cookie note. Finish: The finish is on the longer side emphasizing the baking spice heavy nature of the palate. There's some mint/menthol along with oak. Geek Fact: Early Times was created by Jack Beam (Jim Beam's uncle) in 1860 when he was 21 years old. It was run by himself and his son, Ed, until they both passed, within months of each other, in 1915. The business went to individuals outside of the family and in 1923, the remaining aging whiskey stock was bought by Brown-Forman for "medicinal purposes only." Brown-Forman was one of the handful of distillers allowed to make and sell whiskey during Prohibition. The Early Times mash bill consisted (and still consists) of 79% corn / 11% rye / 10% malted barley. The higher corn recipe resulted in two things: 1) a sweeter bourbon and 2) a cheaper product to make. The first "bonded" Early Times was produced in the 1940s. The brand name later discontinued it's "bourbon" label in the U.S. choosing to age it in used barrels and becoming "Old Style Kentucky Whisky." Overseas, the brand remained bourbon. Brown-Forman reintroduced this BiB offering in 2017. #Cheers #bourbongeeks #bourbon #geekfact #brownforman #earlytimes #bottledinbond
#Geekfact del día. Hoy se cumplen 15 años del estreno de Piratas del Caribe: La Maldición del Perla Negra. Esta película, basada en una atracción Disneyland,  recaudaría 654.3 millones de dólares y sería predecesora para varias secuelas, algunas que aún se encuentran en desarrollo. Cuéntame ¿Cuál es tu favorita hasta ahora?.
Mau kursus gratis? Sebagai perusahaan yang mendukung perkembangan dunia Augmented reality, #Google merilis kursus gratis untuk siapa saja lho. Tertarik? #geekgarden #softwarehouse #geekfact #fakta
Bourbon: Jim Beam - Single Barrel (Beam Suntory) Type: Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey Proof: 95.0 (47.5% ABV) Distillery: James B .Beam Distilling Company (Beam Suntory) Nose: Sugary vanilla, similar to vanilla cake frosting, with orange peel and dry oak. Palate: Sweet candy corn with vanilla and caramel. Citrus is still present on the palate but second to the oak flavor which has become more pronounced. Finish: Longer finish with typical Jim Beam notes of oak, cinnamon and black pepper. Geek Fact: It's hard to believe, but there was no Jim Beam Single Barrel offering until March of 2014. Granted the brand is home to single barrel offerings like Knob Creek but the brand, Jim Beam, had yet to produce one. Jim Beam Single Barrel consists of the standard Beam mash bill of 77% corn / 13% rye /10% malted barley. Each barrel has a different age so the bourbon itself contains no age statement (NAS) but is estimated to be between 4 to 7 years old and chill filtered. Less than 1% of Jim Beam barrels are selected for use in the Single Barrel offering and are pulled from the rickhouses excluding the top and bottom rows. This is to help ensure some consistency as a single barrel, by it's nature, will be different from barrel to barrel. Currently, Jim Beam is aging 2.3 million barrels of bourbon in Kentucky. Each barrel produces approximately 200 bottles of Jim Beam bourbon. #Cheers #bourbongeeks #bourbon #geekfact #jimbeam #stayonthebeam #frednoe #singlebarrel #jimbeamsinglebarrel #beamsuntory
HAPPY NATIONAL BOURBON DAY!!!! 🥃🤓🎉 Bourbon: W.L. Weller - 12 Years Old (Sazerac Company) Type: Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey Proof: 90.0 (45.0% ABV) Distilled at: Buffalo Trace Distillery Nose: An immediate burst of brown sugar and caramel followed by almond and a very well balanced oak note. Palate: Same brown sugar notes, but with more vanilla cream than caramel. The oak is textbook. Not too green, not too dry, just a very solid oak note throughout that blends well with a hint of darker fruit towards the end. Finish: More balanced oak and caramel on the finish with some dark fruit notes. Geek Fact: Over the past ten or so years, Weller bourbon has become synonymous with the Pappy Van Winkle line and that's not without some merit. Both Weller and Pappy share the basic characteristics: same wheated mash bill; same distiller (well, more recent editions, anyway); same proof; and aged in relatively the same warehouses. The main differences? Barrel selection and barrel location. The higher quality barrels (called "honey barrels") go to Pappy as well as the prime aging locations in the warehouses. But the brands connections go deeper than just the current day product: William Larue Weller is credited with developing the "wheated" mash bill bourbon, using wheat instead of rye as the flavoring grain. W.L. Weller started as "William Larue Weller & Brother" with his brother Charles, and later became "William Larue Weller & Sons." It was under this name in 1893 that Weller hired a young man named Julian Van Winkle to be a salesperson. Julian would eventually be known as "Pappy" and would purchase the company from Weller in 1909. #Cheers #bourbongeeks #bourbon #geekfact #oldweller #wlwellerbourbon #buffalotracedistillery #weller12 #wheater #NationalBourbonDay
Wah ternyata Google juga meramaikan tradisi mudik tahun ini. Coba cek sendiri! #geekgarden #softwarehouse #google #geekfact #fakta #facts
Feliz día de Superman! ¿Sabías que el símbolo de superman es uno de los símbolos más populares a nivel mundial? #Geekdays . . . #supermanday #superman #super #sm #clarkkent #s #geekfact #superhero #dccomics #dc #metropolis #comics
Nuevo día, nuevo #Geekfact . Hoy se cumple el 8vo aniversario del estreno de #ToyStory3 , la aclamada película de @disneystudios y @pixar. Cuéntame ¿También lloraste con esta película? 😢. . . . #Toystory #disney #pixar #woody #buzz #cine #animacion #panama #pelicula
Bourbon: Rough Rider Straight Bourbon Whiskey Batch (Long Island Spirits) Type: Straight Bourbon Whiskey Proof: 90.0 Proof (45.0% ABV) Distilled by: Long Island Spirits in Baiting Hollow, NY Nose: Lots of sweet dried fruit notes, like raisin, plum and dried orange peel drizzled with caramel. Some young grain notes pop up in minimal amounts. Palate: Sweet with a rye spice pop. Caramel and fig, really echoing richer notes associated with brandy but with a bourbon feel. Some oak makes it way forward towards the end. There are some younger bourbon notes here, but genuinely, they are overshadowed by the richer, darker fruit notes. Finish: The finish is a bit dry and on the medium to short side. Very little bite and very smooth. Notes of oak and pepper develop over time. Geek Fact: Long Island Spirits was started in 2007 in Baiting Hollow, NY and surrounded by 5,000 acres of potato farms. Most well known for their potato based LiV brand vodka, the farm to bottle distillery has recently started making their own craft bourbon, Rough Rider, with a very complex finishing process. The process starts with a high-rye bourbon mash bill of 60% corn / 35% rye / 5 % malted barley all locally sourced on the island. After it's first aging, the barrels are finished in merlot and chardonnay casks from local wineries, but not before those casks are rinsed with a local high proof brandy. The role of the brandy is to temper the wine casks before having bourbon added to them and also, with the help of the extra finishing, takes any young, or "green," notes out of the bourbon. #Cheers #bourbongeeks #bourbon #geekfact #roughriderwhiskey #roughrider #lispirits #craftdistillery
This is going to be AMAZING!!!! #geekfact #childishgambino was suppose to play Miles Morales aka “The Amazing Spider-Man” 5 years ago but they couldn’t get the contracts right annnnd he got too old. He was dope in #Solo tho as Lando....
He has certainly been around for a while. Who's your favourite live action Batman? For us it has to be Christian Bale. - - - - #dc #dceu #dccomics #comic #comics #dcheroes #hero #superhero #batman #thebatman #thedarkknight #thedarkknightrises #batmanvssuperman #thejoker #joker #bane #justiceleague #christianbale #benaffleck #dcsuperhero #geek #geekfact #jointhelegion
Bourbon: Duke (Duke Spirits) Type: Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey Proof: 88.0 (44.0% ABV) Distillery: This iteration is distilled Lawrenceburg, KY (Home of Austin Nichols / Wild Turkey) Nose: Small amount of heat supports notes of honey, vanilla, dry oak, cinnamon and a faint note of those gummy peach flavored candies. Palate: More honey and vanilla with the oak becoming more prominent. A bit of leather and peppery spice. Finish: The finish is long and spicy with oak and pepper shining against a softer backdrop of caramel. Geek Fact: Named for the legendary actor John Wayne, Duke bourbon (May 31, 2018) the Duke brand was started by the Duke's son, Ethan Wayne, to pay homage to his father's love of bourbon. Wayne was noted to be a collector of bourbon, having bottles dating back to the 60's. This bottling is made from barrels ranging in age from 5 to 10 years old and distilled in Lawrenceburg, KY (home of Wild Turkey). It's worth noting that at the time of this post (May 31, 2018) that Duke Spirits has changed their branding and the source of their bourbon. Newer iterations display a white label that is distilled and bottled in Owensboro, KY at what is now the O.Z. Tyler Distillery. #Cheers #bourbongeeks #bourbon #geekfact #duke #dukebourbon #johnwayne
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