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FitFuel Fans! Coconut Cookie is making another come back but this time in a different form!! Most of you that know me know I was the Founder and Chief Foodie Officer of FitFuel Bars. Funny I still have the hand-written original bar recipe and I literally keep it in my safe! Nope still not sharing that secret sauce recipe:) If you are familiar with the bars you may also know that I could no longer compete in the market and still keep my high sourcing ingredient standards. If you love the FitFuel bars as much as I do you may remember the flavor that had an actual cult like following “Coconut Cookie”. Here is a secret...when I came up with the FitFuel bars I used Arbonne protein powder for years in my manufacturing. It was the original ingredient. Why? It tastes amazing, all organic, gluten free, cruelty free and vegan. So going back to my roots and sharing my truth also means I am sharing lots of things you may have not known about how I got started and what tools I used to get my businesses off the ground. Well I was actually an Arbonne rep solely so I could get a better discount on the product for my bars. I developed this “Coconut Cookie” shake recipe that tastes pretty damn close to the original coconut cookie bar! With the help of my amazing and extremely patient mother in law I had it for breakfast this morning since I am still not really into eating a full meal after surgery but this makes a delicious alternative. She even put it in my wine glass🙋‍♀️ She knows I have been missing it lately 🍷 You can make it yourself at home with the recipe shown below. Let me know what you think and if you don’t have any Arbonne protein around the house and you want some you can order the protein by copying and pasting the link below in your browser: If you don’t want any but do want the shake you can substitute any vanilla protein you like, however my disclaimer is that this protein is the “secret sauce” in this recipe because of the distinct flavor profile 😉 ••••••••• http://www.arbonne.com/Pws/jenniferludington/store/AMUS/catalog/Nutrition,272.aspx ••••••• ⭐️See Recipe in comments below #fitfuel #proteinshakes #coconutcookie #fuelyourbody #plantbased #arbonne
Have you evaluated where you want to be next week in your health & fitness journey?! I am constantly adding additional changes & tweeks to pump up my outcome. •• •• •• #personaldevelopment #growth #change #evaluationday #pumpupyourlife 💪 #love #loveyourself #lift #healthychanges #strongmom #bossbabe #fuelyourhealth #roomforimprovement #AAA #80DO #mondaymotivation #mondaymood #liveyourobsession #lovingmylife #veganmuscle #veganlifestyle
What you put into your body either heals you or hurts you. The scale is a small part of the hurt in comparison to what's going on inside of your body. Let food be your fuel. Let food your medicine. Let food assist you in your goals. •• •• •• #foodforthought #fuelyourworkouts #fuelyourhealth #stronger #health #healthyandhappy #healthychanges #healthychoices #fitmom #strongmom #healthymom #bossbabe #goals #platetransformation #healthyorgans #makechangehappen #totalbodyhealth #foodformedicine #fitnesslifestyle #veganlifestyle #veganmuscle #pushyourlimits
Start taking small and consistent, goal-oriented actions! “Don’t let small minds tell you that your dreams are too big to START.” - #start #goals #inspiration #quote #motivation #quotes #fuelyourhealth #fuelyourbusiness #fuelyourlife #takeaction #healthfuel #businessfuel #lifestylefuel
$175 Fuel Paks going out today! 90-day Challengers are winners all around! 💵💴💰 rewards #fuelyourhealth #90daychallenge #findyourlimitless #terrykempfert #teamshine #beyourbest #everyage #beyourbestateveryage
MENU MENU READ ALL ABOUT IT! dm us with what you would like!! We will try and accommodate to your requests where possible! Don’t forget to check out our highlights for feedback from customers that ordered from us in our opening week!
A little reminder to get your orders in by 5pm tomorrow. We deliver to local areas! So DM us and find out if we deliver to you!
quick quick! get the posts ups before England play tonight and We lose your attention! Whether tomorrow will be a day of celebration or a day of mourning! Don’t forget that its the last day to get your orders in for collection/delivery on Sunday!
Come “FUEL” with me. Last chance until August. Jump in and be ahead of the game......and you could win some 💰💰 #fuelyourhealth #beyourbestateveryage
#whatsforbreakfast ?! Banana pancakes and strawberries, with no sugar added! Packed with protein and Vitamin C & easy morning fix🍓🍌🥚🍳😋 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Recipe below in comments!
There is something so calming about foraging 🙆‍♀️ it's the same feeling I feel gardening. It's nice to be able to grow something with your own hands and be able to eat it and nourish yourself. . Having a connection with our food is important. This can be done by growing your own food, speaking to farmers about their produce, cooking the food with your own hands and consuming it with people you love in a calm and loving environment. 💑👪👭 . Taking some time to sit back and appreciate were the food came from and being grateful to nourish yourself with it is an amazing thing! 🍉🍑🥕 . One of the things I learnt about not letting my eating disorder take over my life was to appreciate the food I was eating. Not labeling it good or bad simply appreciating it and knowing it would do good things for me. No matter what you are eating burger, kale salad, green smoothie, chocolate, or berries appreciate the food and enjoy with love. It may happen later on that what you are doesn't agree with you, you'll get to a point when you understand and accept it. It's not a bad thing it's just a fact. And there are so many other things you can eat so you won't really miss out! 🍓🍎🍍 . . #foodinspiration #healthyfoodblogger #kenko #holistickenko #listentoyourbody #foodmatters #foraging #vegan #paleo #wisefoodchoices #liveinmagic #livingfood #eatingdisorder #reallife #innature #eatrealfood #eatsmart #youarewhatyoueat #fuelyourhealth #thenewhealthy #heresmyfood #thefeedfeed #veganeats #blackraspberries #wildfood #sexyfood
Pulled tandoori chicken with sweet potato mash and green beans and peas! Another one of our popular dishes this week! Definitely worthy of the popular title with all those bursting flavours! Make sure you order yours by Thursday for collection/ delivery on Sunday!
Did you order your meals this week? If you missed the deadline don’t miss out again! Be sure to DM us by Thursday and your meals will be ready for collection/ delivery on Sunday!
Chilli and lime garlic salmon Was a popular dish this week! Be sure to order yours by Thursday 12th July if you want to be digging into this next week! Let us do the hard work for you! Reaching your goals have never been so easy!
Pre-Workout! What do you consume prior to working out? Is it healthy? Is it even good for you? How's your mental health? •• Honestly 10 years ago my answers would have been so different then it is today. •• Then: A pre-work product that would either make you feel like you were going to throw up or 💩 yourself so you better move your @#* and do it fast! My consumption of these products and misunderstanding of them nearly cost me everything. I wasn't able to get pregnant with our 3rd child and tried for over 8 years💔. I suffered from anxiety, depression, and lost my mind. Seriously lost my mind and ended up in a hospital multiple times. •• Now: I can proudly say that I use food as my fuel to get through my sweat sessions. I am weary of any product that has been put into a pill or can and marketed to me to hype my body into overdrive. •• They are not all bad but look at the ingredients. MOST ARE!!!!! Have you read the side effects? Are you willing to lose your mind? It can and does happen. I am not the first and I am sure I won't be the last. •• Keep it REAL and always ask yourself.... Would you let your child take, eat, or drink this? If the answer is no you probably know the answer to whether or not you should. •• •• •• #realhealth #realfood #preworkout #healthy #happy #foodasfuel #awareness #foodforthought #fuelyourworkouts #fuelyourhealth #fuelyourfatloss #fuelyourbody #keepithealthy #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #mentalbreakdown #keepitreal #food #quinioa #breakfast #berries #antioxidants #totalbodyhealth
Let Your Food Fuel You• Keep It Clean• Keep It Green• • How many salads are you eating in a day? My answer: Salad is my base! It is my way of getting most all the nutrients I am supposed to have in a meal! I am eating 4-5 meals a day and 80% includes a salad with some version of quinoa. • I always measure my dressing and I never include broccoli or cauliflower anymore because they are hybrid vegetables that my body can live without! Plus broccoli makes your breath stink from the inside out whether you realize it or not. • Need some ideas?! Romaine, Mustard greens, arugula, dandelion greens, green onion, red onion, watercress, roma or cherry tomatoes, cilantro, parsley, walnuts or pinenuts to name a few ideas! • #Salad #veganlifestyle #nutrition #healthyorgans #healthylifestyle #health #vegan #nutrients #greens #getyourveggies #fuelyourworkouts #fuelyourhealth #fuelyourbody #fuelyourgoals #beachbodycoach #fuelyourfatloss #musclefood #love #mealprep #mealplan #fitmeals #fitnesslife #fitnesslifestyle #fit #fitmindset #dontsettle #dontcheatyourself #youarewhatyoueat #takecontrolofyourlife
Get your order in get your orders in!! Make sure you place your orders by Thursday to get your meals for Sunday! Everything is freshly cooked and ready to eat! See our story highlights or previous posts for pricing and instructions on how to order! (Chicken pasta pictures here- vege options also available)
Healthy doesn’t mean boring! Healthy means delicious- if you get it right! If you struggle to keep your diet in check, be sure to give us a go! When you enjoy the food you eat, it will be a lot easier to maintain your healthy lifestyle! And the longer you maintain, the quicker you will reach your goals! NOW TAKING ORDERS Everything is freshly cooked and ready to eat! See our story highlights or previous posts for pricing and instructions on how to order! (Quorn chilli con carne pictured here)
Get your order in get your orders in!! Make sure you place your orders by Thursday to get your meals for Sunday! Everything is freshly cooked and ready to eat! See our story highlights or previous posts for pricing and instructions on how to order! (Sweet chilli chicken pictured here!)
Lunch at the office really doesn’t have to be boring to be full of goodness! Top your crackers with layers of your favourite whole food ingredients and eat as much as you want!! This stuff won’t make you fat, I promise 😛. I have avocado, tomato, radish, sprouts, and coriander... and it’s so YUMMY! . . #wellness #foodideas #mealspiration #lunch #mealprepideas #medicalmedium #healthyfood #healthiswealth #plantbased #nourishedfoodie #foodideas #foodshare
90 day Challenge starts July 9th. Who’s ready to fuel their health with me? Cash prizes will be give. #fuelyourbody #fuelyourhealth #itallstartswithfuel
1 meal = £5 5-10 meals = £4.50 each 10+ meals = £4.30 each All meals are freshly prepared and are here to help you reach your goals whatever they are. All macros and calories are calculated for you so no more excuses as to why you can’t reach your goal! Fresh healthy meals, designed to fill you up, all for under 500 calories!
Place your orders by Thursday 5th July 5pm for delivery/collection on Sunday 8th July. DM us to find out if we deliver to you! Collection will be from TW4. (Delivery charges apply)
HERE IT IS! The kick off menu is here! Menu items will be up for a reboot every couple of weeks dependant on feedback. so vote for your favourite dish when you see the polls go live! Please DM us with any allergies or dietary requirements and we will try and accommodate where possible. Price list and how to order to follow!
And who said you couldn’t eat pasta when trying to eat healthy?? YES YOU CAN! Chicken pasta will be on tonight’s menu!! Vege options will also be available with a mixed veg pasta! Same delicious sauce used in both options!
Sweet chilli chicken. Egg fried rice. Crispy kale! Vegetarian? Don’t worry! We got you too! Sweet chilli Quorn chicken! Menu going live tonight! We will be taking orders IMMEDIATELY! Fresh weekly meal prep! All macros + calories will be calculated! What’s not to love!
What do you choose? Beef chilli or Quorn chilli? We are now taking orders! Menu released tonight!! Keep your eyes pealed 👀!!
🙏🙏Thank you SO much to my new customer and new friend Alex for ordering from me!! I'm so looking forward to you using Thermofight and the Cleanse together! . . . Thermofight is a great fat burner that contains all natural ingredients to speed up the metabolism for increased calorie burning!! It also gives a good boost of energy without jitters and weird crashes. 🔥🙆‍♀️👙 . . . I'm really glad you're adding the Cleanse together with it to maximize your results immensely and immediately!!! This is the👌 easiest and best detox I have ever personally done and I have had excellent reviews from customers who continue to order it every month because it's that good! I had no clue that Cleansing was so important for our health. The colon stores up to 15 pounds of toxic waste which causes alot of health issues; disease, tiredness, 😝bad breathe are a few!! If we don't detox it out this can become pretty gross but also so unhealthy! . . . 💚💚Thanks so much girl for trusting me to be your It Works girl and ordering! I can't wait to hear about your results!! . . #summergoals #healthyontheinside #gratefulformyfriends #thankyouforyourbusiness #detoxing #fatburn #getbackontrack #feelbetter #toxins #waste #fuelyourhealth
I have had many friends, clients and family ask me lately for vegan meal ideas to incorporate into their meat/non-meat eating ways! I will do my best to start incorporating this into my feeds weekly. Today's breakfast is a Organic Quinoa Bowl. -3/4 C Quinoa -1/2 C raspberries/baby banana -1/2 C Unsweetened Flax Milk -2 T Walnuts -1 T Unsweetened organic Shredded Coconut -1/2 t Munk Fruit Sugar (Optional and will not raise blood sugar) -Dash of Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Real Salt .. .. ... #fuelyourbody #fuelyourworkouts #fuelyourhealth #feedyourbodieshealing #healthylifestyle #healthyoptions #healthyorgans #veganlifestyle #vegan #glutenfree #organic #organiclifestyle #health #fitnesslifestyle #fit #morningfuel #diet #lifestyle #babybannana #quinoa #breakfast #brunch #sundaybrunch #sundayfuel #healthyguthappylife #healthygut
Although I know what I’m supposed to do to be healthy it’s not always easy. Bad habits can sneak back up and turning things around and getting back on track can be a challenge. I’m committed to being my best at every age so I’ll get back up every time I fall. Because it’s not about the number of times we fall, it’s about getting back up and trying one more time! #BeYourBestAtEveryAge #FindYourLimitless #FuelYourHealth #LimitlessWW
Chilli lime salmon with crispy mash and smoooth mash CALORIES: 339 C: 27.7g P: 17.5g F: 17.4g
Are you tired all the time? Fuel your health with Thrive~Food for The pituitary. Force~increase your VO2 max. Stride~supports muscles and joints. ⛽️ #fuelyourhealth #findyourlimitless #feelingfabwithpam Product link in bio
Back to regular lunches! Shredded tandoori chicken and mushrooms with tumeric rice and peas 259 CALORIES C: 21.7g P: 26.9g F: 6g
EID MUBARAK guys! Ending the day with a full belly falling asleep on the sofa! Hope everybody had a fantastic eid!! Back to regular eating now eeek!
#freedomfriday Ever feel like you don’t have time to make a nutritious meal so you hit a drive through, convenience store, or just skip altogether? I used to do that ALL the time. It’s a blessing to find something that is perfectly balanced for your body, tastes SO good, and take less than 3 minutes to make (even with taking pics 😜). #dontskipbreakfast #fuelyourhealth #undenatured
Resist the devil [stand firm against him] and he will flee from you. James 4:7 CURSE that pain, that flu, that growth, every symptom, CURSE it! Resist it, know it is not from God or of God, so resist it. #healththursdays #healingthursdays #healthiswealth #fuelyourhealth #fuelyourfaith #fuelyourspirit #fuelyourprayerlife #fuelyourspirituallife #fuelyourhope #fuelyourtrustingod #christjesus #christblogger #tomakehimknown #jesus #onetruegod #prisonerofhope #trustingod #notoneofhispromisesfail #fuelyourlove #fuelhislove #nosiphokala #southafrica #za
Baby jacket potato with basil beans and ALLLLL the tuna and ALLLLLL the melting cheese 🙊! Well deserved after an absolute killer session today with @cr42ygirl and @parv_vinny_kang #wegotthis
Chicken peppers and kale with boiled rice and peas for today’s iftaar! It’s the last weekend of Ramadan! It has gone by extremely quickly! I will definitely miss Ramadan when it’s over, but I have some exciting stuff coming up in a few weeks time! Keep an eye out ;)
Chicken caprese salad and tuna toasties for today’s iftaar! Fresh and tasty for a hot muggy day in London!
Where will Fun Friday take place this time? Stay tuned! #tlc #funfriday #itsalifestyle #fuelyourhealth #totallifechanges
This is about learning, about feeling your best. How to fuel your body with nutrition. Join us for our next group. #fuelyourhealth #choosewellness #30daytransformation
Please excuse the paleness of my avocados! You know sometimes, you accidentally make a dish and it is probably one the most delicious things you have ever made! prawn and chickpea curry! Every mouthful is just mmmmm! Now I just wish I wrote down the exact recipe :/! CALORIES: 338 P: 13.4g F: 9.9g C: 39.9g
⠀ How to UP your avo toast! 👉🏼Add RAW crushed garlic!⠀ ⠀ According to @drjoshaxe (who is my FAV bc his slogan is “Food IS medicine”) the health benefits of garlic are second only to #turmeric in terms of #superfoods properties. Plus it adds a ton of flavor without the fat, sugar or salt!⠀ ⠀ Garlic 👇🏼 ⠀ ⚡️Preventative agent in heart disease ⠀ ⚡️protective effects against certain cancers ⠀ ⚡️controls blood pressure⠀ ⚡️has antiviral/anti-fungal properties (can relieve common cold and infection)⠀ ⚡️helps improve dementia symptoms⠀ ⚡️benefits blood sugar levels & encourages circulation⠀ ⠀ So, I put it on avocado toast bc it helps mute the strength and also bc it’s a creamy garlic bread that’s actually good for you! I used my new fav @daveskillerbread which is also amaze!⠀ ⠀ Happy toasting!🥑🥑
I LOVE KALE- said no-one ever! But I really do! When cooked well it is absolutely delicious! sided with garlic tumeric rice and chicken breast using a naughty little recipe that I got from @mezhpatel CALORIES: 436 P: 44.9g C: 22.6g F: 16.6g
Maybe you just want to lose a few pounds. Maybe you have a wedding dress to put on or be a guest at a wedding. Maybe you have a family reunion or high school reunion to go to. Maybe you want to hang out at the beach and not be all covered up. We all have a reason to start, a reason to stop eating junk and sitting on the couch. We each have our own "WHY". My "WHY" I started my health and fitness journey was because I had a closet full of clothes that didn't fit. I refused to go buy new clothes in a at least 2 sizes bigger cause that's what I would have needed at the time. I just wanted to fit into my clothes again and not be sad to look in the mirror. My "WHY" has evolved and now I keep on this journey for my health, to be part of my children's life for a very long time. I have family heart disease that puts me at risk. You see my Dad at age 53 had 5 blockages that they fixed with stents. Now 14 years later his heart disease is rearing its ugly head again. This week he will either have more stents if we are lucky or bypass surgery. Oddly enough I went to a continuing education course yesterday and a good portion of it was on heart disease. What to look for as an allied health professional and how family genetics as well as lifestyle can play a part. Research has shown that those with a father or brother who are diagnosed with heart disease before that relative turns 55 means you are genetically predisposed to heart disease. Well shit! Thankfully I'm making sure that I am living a heart healthy lifestyle. It's my "WHY" now. Everyday we make choices that fuel our health or fuel disease. Which do you want to do? I hosting a new fitness and nutrition group starting June 25th for those who just want to shed some POUNDS or want to learn how to live healthier for the long term. This isn't about quick fixes. This is about your life. A wrap, pill, tea or other gimmick isn't going to teach you how to live a healthy lifestyle. It might start out as vacation Rescue but I'm going to teach you how to rescue your health! Drop an emoji or message me if you would like more info on my group. . . . . . #healthytips #healthylifestyle #fuelyourhealth #heartdisease
When you eat, you need to ask yourself these questions... . Are you CLEANSING, or are you CLOGGING? . Are you feeding HEALTH, or are you feeding CANCER? . Are you FUELING your cells, or fueling your INSTANT GRATIFICATION? . Always think about how you will feel two hours after eating - and remember, it’s a CHOICE! . #drdarylgioffre #getoffyouracid #alkamind #alkaminddiet #inflammation #fuelyourhealth #healthychoices
Back to eating all the veges! With rice and chicken! Simple and easy does it!! Ahhh this is one week that I can gladly say WOOOO ITS THE WEEKEND! Bring on the 2nd half of Ramadan! CALORIES: 385 P: 32.5g C: 37.3g F: 10.4g
How to use leftover beef- layer it with rice! Omnomon! with a delicious side salad and crispy chicken! The one question I get asked ALOT is how do you still go to the gym when your fasting?? I honestly think you will be so surprised as to what you’re body can do when you are fasting! this meal despite fasting was well earned after a killer leg session with mr @its_only_k ! Let’s say I haven’t worked out with this one in a while and he definitely is an incredible push! Watch out boys and girls- big things coming from him ;)
✨Lash hack ✨ . Add this to your mascara tube or make your own lash serum with castor oil and apply everyday 🌹 . I choose to simply add two drops to my mascara tube to promote growth/strength while smelling that aroma throughout the day 🧚‍♀️ . At the same time prolonging your mascaras life. . 1 drop of lavender : promotes growth and strengthens lashes . 1 drop of cedarwood: stimulates follicles allowing growth and slows down hair loss . If you decide to make a separate serum, castor oil is high in omega 6 & 9 fatty acids and also vitamin E. Its nutrients also contain Ricinoleic acid which is absorbed and locked in benefiting hair growth 🦋. . . . . . . #oilmeup #passifloris #diffuse #sustainability #creativity #essentialoils #lashhack #pureessentials #pursuepretty #nontoxicbeauty #honest #organic #fuelyoursoul #fuelyourhealth #fuelyourbody #skincare #holisticliving #livethelittlethings #herbals #younglivingmiami #nontoxicliving #allnatural #holistichealth #thehappynow #prettylittlething #foundforaged #diffuser #quietmornings #myoilyday
It's always such a pleasure to share my knowledge with athletes that are passionate about improving their game plan!!!!! Super workshop hier soir sur la nutrition sportive après notre entraînement hebdo Club Vainqueurs du mardi, 90 coureurs au RDV! 🔆💛 Sujet du jour : top stratégies pour carburer la performance et la récup en entraînement 💪 #sportsnutrition #nutritionist #dietician #runningcoach #nutritionniste #montrealmoments #athleteslife #coachinglife #nutritionworkshop #performancetraining #halfmarathon #halfmarathonrunner #fuelyourhealth
Chilli lemon salmon tonight with garlic paprika rice made with kale tomatoes and mushrooms! 306 CALORIES P: 17.7g C: 23.3g F: 16g
What you choose to put in your body is your choice. Transform your whole life starting with your health. Keep it clean. Keep it green. Keep it whole. .. .. .. .. .. .. #cleaneating #health #healthylifestyle #fuelyourbody #fuelyourhealth #liveyourbestlife #loveyourself #love #treatyourbodyright #clean #green #liftinglifestyle #beachbody #fit #fitness #fitnesslifestyle #motivation
Tonight shall be remembered as the night that we did not eat a single vegetable! FEATURING delicious baked halloumi fries Cals: NO IDEA MACROS: NO IDEAS! .... sorry!
Truth bomb right there 👆🏼 “Rome wasn’t built in a day” and nor will your body. .. In a world where immediate gratification seems to be the norm, accepting this truth can be a hard pill to swallow. You can try to convince me that the latest fad diet worked and got you results in a short period of time but the real question is did you maintain it? did the results stick? was it healthy? 🤔 .. The key 🔑 is a proven plan, consistency, commitment, lots of self-love ❤️ and PATIENCE 🙏🏼
When your husband posts a sweet message about you on insta so you give him an eggy heart and an avo rose for his iftaar! Well... that’s what is was supposed to be anyway! Beef mince pasta tonight CALORIES: 484 P: 40.3 C: 23.3 F: 26.8
Day 10- Pulled chicken hot dogs with a BIG bowl of veges! Veges- avacado, @najmafoods turkey bacon, babycorn, green beans, peppers, pomegranate and onions🙊🙊🙊! APPROX 400 calories PROTEIN: 36.6g CARBS: 29.4g FAT: 14.4g
Here is a chart of fruits with low sugar. Are you surprised to see a very short list? Most other fruits are FILLED with sugar. While fruits are a source of natural sugars, it’s still SUGAR. Meaning those same natural sugars can cause increased glucose levels in your kids bodies which can turn into something more serious. Start your kids on healthy habits at a young age, educate them, and inform them. #healthyfood #fruit #prediabetes #obesity #educate #fuelyourhealth #healthyparents #healthykids #berries #summer #summerfoods
1 week done! Cauli mac n cheese with chicken breast and a garlic green bean mushroom pomegranate salad 420 CALORIES PROTEIN: 45.4g CARBS: 14.5g FAT: 19.3g
How’s day 6 going? I forgot to post this yesterday but last nights iftaar was leftover bbq pulled beef in a brown baguette! CALORIES 496 PROTEIN: 40.3g CARBS: 60g FAT: 7.4g
Wow food coma alert for fast number 4! Definitely not a macro friendly meal tonight and no salad in sight! Papdi chaat (my choice) and lamb with lentils (mr Ali’s choice)! 1 portion of papdi chaat = 280 CALORIES PROTEIN:12.9g CARBS: 39.8g FAT: 8.1g My portion of lentils with a teeeny bit of lamb and a roti = 293 CALORIES PROTEIN: 17.9g CARBS: 40.3g FAT: 6.6g
So it’s safe to say I did not finish all this food on my plate! But yum it was delicious! Bbq pulled beef with cauli mac n cheese! This whole plate came to a total of 440 CALORIES PROTEIN: 44.5g CARBS: 19.2g FATS: 20.4g Let’s just say, if I wasn’t fasting today, my regular portion would have definitely been half of this! And after training legs today- I earned the extra portion size ;)!
So these were probably the least aesthetically pleasing pancakes I have ever made! I mean it was 2:30am! But the best thing about pancakes is that no matter how bad they look they still taste INCREDIBLE! This protein stack using @scitec_uk protein pancake mixture tasted just like a big slice of cake! I added little bits of dark chocolate between the layers and smothered the stack in marshmallow fluff, cinnamon and finished with blueberrys! (Yes as you can already tell- quite carb heavy!) 340 CALORIES PROTEIN: 18g CARBS: 32.5g FAT: 10g
Day 2 and we have pan fried garlic lemon salmon with Mediterranean rice, garlic mushrooms and sweetcorn and kale with red onions and green beans! ALLLL this food for just under 300 CALORIES PROTEIN: 18.1g CARBS: 21g FATS: 211.5g
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