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freitagabend - wer geniesst auch alles das fast leere gym?💪🏽😁 haut rein und habt ein schönes wochenende! #FridaynightAtMyFavoriteBar
Mest kg på rygg i ÷120 trening hittil Etter langrenn flere dager på rad, uten ski først blir det forhåpentligvis lettere å ikke være så påskerødsprengt i ansiktet på NM utstyrfritt i april 😎😎😁😁 #osk #oslostyrkeløftklubb #sbd #oslopowerlifting #påske #LangFredag #FridayNightAtMyFavoriteBar
Say less than you know, have more than you show 👌🏽 • Building that back with my boy @codyhuchkowski A1 - Straight Arm Pull Down 3x15 A2 - Face Pulls 3x15 A3 - Rear Delt Fly 3x15 A4 - High Elbow Row 3x15 B1 - SA KB Row 5x6-8 B2 - Rack Pulls 5x5 C1 - HS Lat Pull Down 4x8-12 C2 - HS Neutral Row 4x8-12 D1 - UG Lat Pull Down 5x5-20 D2 - Chest Supported T-Bar Row 5x5-20 (Last Set Drop) • Don’t neglect what you can’t see. Your back is the foundation of your posture. 🤔 • Drop my name at @reflexdelta for the best discounts in town on supplements and apparel 💊
Practicing your weak points is a test of character. Conditioning has not been my focus the past 3-5 years but I have made a point of never losing my athleticism. You have to teach yourself to endure hardship and how to grow from it. When your mental and physical strength are put to the test, hold yourself with class, control your actions and handle your business.
There are always going to be things in life that challenge us. We can’t control the unexpected but what we can is our reaction to the situation. I still make the most of every day and continue progressing. As a wise man once said “To do what they can’t do you have to do what they won’t do”. Are you willing to do what ever it takes to get where you want to be? #genuineathletics
You are stronger than you give yourself credit for. Don’t be afraid of failure, accept the opportunity to grow. Embrace your weak points with open arms. Set goals, hold yourself accountable and never lose sight of the bigger picture. Every action you do or don’t make effects those around you. The best you can do is always put your best foot forward. • Arms with classic physique legend @brennanfranzke 1 week post show 💪🏾 A1 - Alternating DB Curls 3xFailure Overload with Dual DB Hammer Curls until failure A2 - Overhead DB Extensions 3xFailure A3 - IG Push-Ups 3xFailure B1 - DB Skull Crusher 3xFailure Overload with Eccentric Only until failure C1 - BB Top Quarter Curls 3x20 C2 - Cable Bottom Quarter Curls 3x20 C3 - Reverse Pull-Ups 3xFailure D1 - Tripod Curls 4xFailure D2 - Seated V-Bar Push Down 4xFailure • I take my time visualizing what I want before I pursue it. It takes strong muscles to lift heavy weight but a stronger mind to push yourself past the threshold you believed was your limit. Get outside of your comfort zone and make great things happen! 🙌🏽 #GenuineAthletics @reflexdelta @reflexsupplements @604healthandfitness @trainer.nexus 🎵Frenship - Nowhere 🎶
#fridaynightatmyfavoritebar Trying some sumo things out tonight🧐 #teamconventional sumo RDLs, SLDL, paused front squats. Then I wanted to see how real sumo felt. @dizzledicy has her work cut out for her 🤷🏻‍♀️ #teamdafitness #magnitudelifesciences #livelargefitness #frontsquatsarecardio #cardino #progressnotperfection #offseason #gainsseason #gwpl #powerlifting
Assume the Post-WOD position 🤯🔥#ringoffire #whatjusthappened #fridaynightatmyfavoritebar
Believe, visualize & conquer. #genuineathletics @reflexdelta @604healthandfitness
Zu sehen Bankdrücken mit berühren im T Shirt und ohne im Hemd. 145kgx5 und ein paar Sätze bevor es in die hemden ging. Hier gab es dann unter anderem 240kg kurz vor die Brust. Da wird noch einiges zu üben sein, aber es geht ja grade erst wieder los. #kas #kaspowerliftingcrew #kdk #powerlifting #powerlifter #benchpress #bankdrücken #fridaynightatmyfavoritebar #gym #training #strength #strengthisalifestyle
Weightlifting on a Friday night 🤘🏼🏋🏼‍♀️ #weightlifting #crossfit #gewichtheben #fridaynightatmyfavoritebar #solosession #germanweightlifting
So the last two days I've done no training at all. Definitely needed a few days off, and felt a lot better today :) Squat jerks are still working with me, so all in all a pretty neat Friday sesh 🙋🏻🕺 #FridayFun #FridayNightAtMyFavoriteBar #JustKidding #MyFavoriteBarHasBeer #ButILikeThisOneToo #aLot #nannasverden #hergårdetgodt
Friday night therapy #therapy #fridaynightatmyfavoritebar
Just some snips of what my leg workout consisted of. I like to record myself and see my own progress on my legs. I'm quite pleased, if I can say so myself 🙂wanted to switch the workout up for a day so I looked back at some old IG posts and copied the same workout // tried different stances too...That sweat shows I'll be sore in the morning FO SHO! 💪🏼👊🏼 #fridayNightAtMyFavoriteBar #beTheBestYOU
Quick core circuit using the Swiss Ball before Front Squats on a Friday Night at my favourite Bar 🎅🏿 • A1 - Cross Body Crunch 3x50 A2 - Atomic Crunch 3x25 A3 - Front Crunch 3x50 A4 - Romanian Twists 3x50 A5 - Cross Body Crunch 3x50 A6 - Pass the Rock 3x25 A7 - Front Crunches 3x50 • For those of you who can count, that’s 900 reps in roughly 20 minutes. This ain’t no joke! Summer bodies are made in the winter, time to grow and sculpt our bodies into what we wished they always looked like! 🤗
Challenged by @jazhoffman to try this! Sooooo tough, but I got one! #gotribefit #pistol #squat #fitfam #fridaynightatmyfavoritebar #gym
190 kg #knebøy med stopp i bunn 10 kg pers i denne øvelsen siste litt tunge bøy før klubbstevne neste fredag #osk #OSLOPOWERLIFTING #squat #squatalotofkgsomedaysoon #trim #sommer #sbd #adidas #FridayNightAtMyFavoriteBar
4 sets of 10 - heavy weight 💪🏽👊🏽 & finally got to talk to my fitspo at the gym! 💗 Time to feed my gainz! 🐽 #backandbiceps #gwl #girlswithmuscle #ironaddicts #gymlife #iammyowncompetition #gainz #apeathletics #mesomorph #preworkout #supplife #fridaynightatmyfavoritebar #bedifferent #summer2017 @apeathletics