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Sometimes it’s the smallest decisions that can change your life //
🥥🍍🌴Enjoying this Pina Colada shake after trying to wake up from the dentist today! I love ❤️ my new dentist, Dr. Walden. He treats me like a child and I barely see him since he’s a sedation dentist!!! He is really, really gentle and kind. If you need a dentist in the Phoenix area (South Chandler)..... he’s awesome! Even called 📞to check on me 😃 . . . #sedationdentistry #chandleraz #drwalden #fullmacromeal #healthyaging #healthandwellness #networkmarketing #laptoplifestyle #freedomliving #bossbabe #dentalwork #teethareimportant
Dogs are always so “in the moment.” Never hunger up on the past or dreading the future. Just here and now. There’s some real magic to be learned from our four-legged friends. Sometimes like can be “ruff” but just keep waggin. Because when you “paws” and think about it. Life is a treat. ❤️
Couldn't help but smile when I tried on my jean shorts from a few years ago. I completely ignored these last year & for the first warm weeks of this year. When I pulled them out I laughed & thought "I know these aren't going to fit right, but I'll try anyway." 3 weeks of boot camp & incorporating the best nutrient dense shakes into my day & man, it felt good to wear them out!!!!!!! Thanks @ryannecepeda for the pic ♡ If you're ready to write your own success story I'd love to connect, just send me a DM & let's chat ♡ 🌸 #summershorts #healthandwellYES #freedomliving
One of our last photos taken in Bakersfield.🏠 Charlie wasn’t happy about having to take this photo 😂 • I am so thankful for this crew. They have been so amazing during this big life transition moving away from everything we know. • We knew moving away from our family, friends, and the only home we’ve ever know would be hard. We knew their would be challenges to overcome. But we chose to take those things on head first because we knew the growth that was going to come for all of us in those hard transitions was going to be worth it. • We never want to teach our kids to be afraid of change. We want to show them that change is good. Though it may be hard and scary, in the end they will grow because of it. • We miss Bakersfield, ESPECIALLY our family and friends. We love them all so much. But we are so excited for the knew experiences and opportunities we are going to encounter being in this new place we call home. • What change do you need to make in your life that you have been scared to make? . . . . . #entrepreneur #lifeunlimited #business #wellness #positive #positivity #fitness #motivation #podcast #travel #freedomliving #financialfreedom #work #success #abundance #healthyliving #change #live #free #growth #mommymillionaire
Thank you @jennyfenig for getting me started on the path. Day One of my new calling is ... liberating. Wow. Excited for so many possibilities. #IAmFree
All of the feeeeelz. Goals for the rest of #2018 and however long it takes to be ZENNNNNED tf out 24/7 or close to 24/7 😉🌻✨❤️ Hope everyone is having the day they want and deserve.
ultimate s e l f l o v e 💜✨
#promoterswanted #antiageingopportunity #lovesummertime #extraincome 💰 #summervibes 🌞 #freedomliving #nobosslife #funtimes ❤️ # 🌟PROMOTERS WANTED In a few small steps you could be up and running with an online beauty business all of your own that could make you a great income and thats just to start ✅NO Kits to buy ✅Work around your family ✅Free to Join ✅Support and training Included ✅Win Holidays ✅EARN FREE PRODUCTS , YES FREE PRODUCTS ✅Ambitious ? Driven ? Uncapped potential This is a real opportunity to make a real difference for you and your family . Message me or comment to talk to me about it xxx
So grateful for the inspiring people in my life. I am surrounded by those who encourage me to be better than I ever thought I could possibly be. If you don’t feel the same about the people in your life, you deserve to find new people. #mytribe #teamfreedom #freedomliving #life #healthylifestyle #momofsix #yourtimeisnow #instagood
This babe is 29 today!!! Happy, happy, happpppy birthday!!! I'm blessed to know her and so happy that we've gotten so close over the past year. She brightens my days, she always tells me the truth and she is so clear in where she is going and who she wants to bring along for the ride!!! If you're not joining her in changing lives, get out of her way because nobody is stopping her. But if you're ready, raise your hand and she will gladly lock arms with you! I love you, Yessica and I LOVE watching you continue to step into the strong, happy, positive, kind, healthy, confident, smart and badass woman you've always been (just owning her more and more with each passing day) ❤❤ This is going to be the BEST year for you, I can feel it...and I'm freaking excited to be in the front seat right next to you!!! #HappyBirthday #BirthdayGirl
A wise mentor of mine shared this with me some time ago. To be honest, I really was un sure what it meant. Curious in my world typically led down to insubordination or what was looked at as resistance against what you were expected to do. I was. In a corporate employee mindset I was not challenged to be curious. I was challenged to do what was expected day in day out. This being “ curious” on a personal level has opened other doors which has led to true fulfillment. A year ago today marks the anniversary of my adventure in curiosity!!
Freedom 〰 #Freedom : "...What does freedom mean to you?...it is very important to me because I can express my opinion, also I can do whatever I want within the limits of the law. Being politically active is a form of freedom. I pursue a sort of leftish politics, I want to help people who are not in a position to help themselves.” 〰 Berhane - London - March 2018 〰 #wereveryoneproject a celebration of human diversity. 〰 Attachment to others is a foundation of what makes us human, these connections are quantifiable. 〰 My desire is to create a physical artefact that demonstrates our attachment to one another, Benjamin Matthews. ▪️ Based in #London , for the time being, most subjects will be photographed somewhere in or near central London, a richly diverse city. ▪️ @weareeveryoneproject ▪️ #socialchange#diversitymatters#portraitphotography#globalportraits#streetstyle#socialphotography#bethechangeyouwanttoseeintheworld#fightforfreedom #freedoms #freedomthinkers #freedomlife #freedomofchoice #freedomliving #freedomofspeech
Side Note: I showered and put on real clothes today! #winning #idonotevenhaveanappt #goals #healthyhappylife #freedomliving #inspiredwellness
This little collection right here has changed our lives. One oil for every wellness goal - it has transformed how we react. . Instead of popping pills, we’re rollin’ oils. . This kit contains rest, immune system support, healthy skin support, stress relief, digestive comfort, and even plant based cleaning. . And for the FIRST time in 2 years, it’s actually discounted 10% until tomorrow 🌿🌸🌷 . I dare you to try a new way of life 😊
A young woman in 2018 doesn’t “need” anyone or anything. {except Jesus} That’s empowerment.
Garden Spray Recipe🌱 . 20 drops Peppermint 20 drops Purification 10 drops Rosemary . Distilled water 💦 . 16 oz glass spray bottle Add essential oils first then water. Shake before each use. 👍 . Works as an excellent deterrent to insect pests! 🐜 . 📷@_graceinthisspace_
Take me back to sunshine on my bump 🌊🌞I wasn’t going to post this, the voices in my head whisper loudly at me about how I look, about what others may think ....... but I remember how I felt that day and how far I have come from beating myself up for eating a cake or mentally noting everything I’ve eaten that day to make sure it was within my “allowed” amounts. I’ve come along way from the need to control and monitor everything. Don’t get me wrong, I still have days where I have to keep the bitchy girl in my head in check but for now I’m killing her with kindness and cake and celebrating the fact my body is growing an actual flipping human 💕💕💕 #stophatingyourbody #stopselfhate #recovery #edrecovery #candidmotherhood #bumplove ##34weekspregnant #bekindtoyourself #lovetheskinyourein #selfacceptance #selflove #bodypositive #veganpregnancy #growingahuman #beachbum #love #acceptance #healthcoach #eatingpsychology #freedomliving #createthelifeyouwant #threeisthemagicnumber #realshit #pregnancy #abundance #kindness #aplentifullife
DAY 2: Self-Awareness & Self-Responsibility 🦄🔥🦋. What is it that I feel today? What is it that I need? And what do I need to do (if anything) to take care of my needs? 🌟. 3 questions I tend to ask myself daily. Such an important step towards living in our Warrior Woman Power. Becoming the MOTHER that we’ve longed for....to ourselves. Becoming fully accountable. Giving ourselves permission to need & feel...with no judgement! Making the commitment to take care of these needs....as best we can. This is when we grow..... from being girls to women 🔥. AND WE BECOME THE ONES WE’VE BEEN WAITING FOR 🌟🙌🏻. No more waiting for someone to rescue us! Self-Awareness & Self-Responsibility. Our challenge for Day 2....of my 7 Day Warrior Woman Challenge. This doesn’t mean not needing support or asking for help. In fact it means we fully allow ourselves these things whilst honouring our needs and truth. Leading these Warrior Women during this challenge is opening my heart in a way I could never have imagined 🦋. Watching each woman make a stand for themselves, facing fears, doing it anyway, healing, growing & supporting each other 💓. MAGIC. Last night there were so many hundreds of women’s declarations of their worth I was up for hours reading them all, moved to tears 😭. Today we stand for becoming self-responsible....for our needs, our truth, our hearts! BRING IT ON LADIES! For anyone who still wants to join us you still can....our group just keeps getting bigger. JOIN THE MOVEMENT. Just hit the link in my bio. Love you guys so much. I feel grateful beyond words 🔥. (P.S.My Heart was so open last night my son finally told me his name....and it is perfect in every way 😭). #warriorwomanrise #warriorwomanchallenge #empoweringwomen #raiseyourvibration . . . . . . . . #empoweredliving #warriorwomen #positivevibrations #positivevibration #truthbetold #ownwhoyouare #loveyourselffirst #takecareofyourself #selfworthmovement #selflovewarrior #freedomliving #abundancemindset #abundanceoflove #heartopener #transformyourlife #transformationcoach #conciousliving #standinyourtruth #standinyourpower #forgeyourownpath #womensempowerment #warriorspirit #mindbodyspirit #authenticity
We rise by lifting others!!! 💚🚀🌎 #freedomliving #gogiver #oneteam
My fave thing about winter 😊 *almost* Toby cuddles. Little wins, right?
START LIVING AUTHENTICALLY 🌼 Success to me is being able to be true to who I am everyday, do what I love and help others raise their standards for themselves, influencing a better world ✌️🌎 When we feel like we’re playing roles or not fulfilling our truth we block ourselves from living an abundant life. We all have the tools and ability to create purpose-driven online work to give us the freedom we all intrinsically desire. All it takes is self-belief and someone to show you how it’s done. I am thankful I can be this person for so many others ✨
My Late Night Poetry “I Am Free” I am Free Free to think Free to love Free to be Free to flow in my creativity I am Free Free to be bold Free to say no Free to let go Free not to agree I am free Free to live Free to laugh Free to walk fearlessly in my own path I am Free. Me. - Brittany . . #Poetry #brittanykjackson #innerthoughts #freedomliving
I love teaching and I love that I get to share and teach about things that have made a huge positive impact in my life! Join me this Friday night (May 25) at 6pm MST for a free online class! The topic? Fun in the Sun!!! This fun and educational class will take place in my Facebook group: www.facebook.com/groups/oilabella I look forward to seeing you there and be sure to invite yourself friends!! #youngliving #freedomliving #oilabella #FunInTheSun
✨ You were given a specific set of gifts to make a difference ... someone is waiting for you to share them ✨ Tonight my sister was asked to share her heart and amazing gifts with our incredible community of like-minded entrepreneurs! Her passion to empower others to not only achieve their dreams, but to make a positive impact in the lives of others is inspiring. I am forever grateful I took a leap of faith and joined her on this amazing journey and I am so proud to call her my sister! #StartYourLife #freedomliving #sistersister #joyfuljourney #blessinginabox #dreambig
Don't hold back!!! 💪🏼😎👊🏼 #freedomliving #lifebydesign #besetfree
Entrepreneurship wins 57 to 15. • Between 2008-2013 I worked a corporate legal job and only took about 15 overnight trips (that’s 3/yr). . . After taking the leap into business & entrepreneurship (real estate then coaching) between 2014-2018 I’ve taken at least 57 overnight trips (that’s 14+ yr!) and it’s only May 😃 . . I don’t share this to brag. I share this for anyone on the fence about whether they want to do something more than they’re currently doing for their profession. . . Freedom is on the other side of your doubt, whether you stay in the corporate world and reorganize your funds for travel or you leap into entrepreneur life and make your own schedule. Either way, make a powerful choice that helps you win 57 to 15!
Do you know your womb is sacred? 🙏🏼 Sure, society talks about the womb from a pregnancy and birth standpoint (which of course is amazing) but the womb space is so much more than that! 🔮 It's a place of our divine feminine design, our container of creativity, our vessel of ecstatic energy, our map back home to our sovereignty. 💎 It’s a sacred place where we deepen into our connection with ourselves, and seed our dreams. ✨ I'm feeling blessed to co-create this 3 week gathering with @humblewildflower. We invite you to enter into sacred space to explore, heal and connect to your womb space. No matter your age, your womb holds a divine essence, that we can celebrate in its wholeness, as a portal into deepening your self-worth, intuition, and creativity. We will dance to the drum of our hearts, and slip into the powerful magic of Kundalini Dance, creating spaciousness and ease to access our connection to body and spirit. 🌼 Do you feel the call? This is a gentle invitation to come home, again and again. 🌸 Come join us in sacred circle for this powerful 3 week journey to dive deep into the intelligence of your divine design. We begin on Tuesday June 5th in Vancouver. { link in bio } . #wombwisdom #vancouver #empoweringwomen #igniteyourlife #beautyallaround #soulsessions #kundalinidance #sacralchakra #risesisterrise #leadwithlove #feminineessence #flowerpower #mindbodysoul #wombpriestess #embodiedliving #ecstaticdance #freedomliving
Jodi: “Guys Guys...Don’t work out today, we’ve got some manual labor and heavy lifting to do” 💪🏻💪🏻 Diane: “Got it, Jodi!”....proceeds to completely ignore the suggestion and works out hardcore this morning anyway...regrets every decision to do so after carrying a patio table for 8 people down 11th Avenue in Manhattan 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️ Jess: “Oh, it’s just a mile away? I’m going to run there and meet you guys”... carries a table and about 8 chairs on her back, then decides to run another few miles back home.... 🏃🏼‍♀️ 🏃🏼‍♀️ Thank god we three have got these #strongAF female bodies to GET THE JOB DONE!!!! It’s never a dull moment in NYC with my two favs!! If only we had a camera crew 🤔 #isabodystrong #teamunmessable #aintnostoppingusnow #fueledwiththebest
Today is my ISAversay! 2 years in and many changes. Pounds gone, muscle gains up, another baby on board, drama eliminated, and mindset renewed & stronger than ever. Saying yes to quality nutrition and a better me was one the best decision I ever made. It’s been an amazing journey and I don’t plan on stopping. Up next BABY SNAP BACK and more freedom living. Stay tune and better yet join the ride! You deserve it ... #isalife #bestlife #livingwell #healthly #lookinggood #feelinggood #debtdown #abundancegrowing #connections #service #lifebydesign #freedomliving
I haven't posted any selfies or live videos since I last dropped my phone and now have a "Harry Potter - esque" stripe across my screen. It's way too lovely to not share the ambiance of our kitchen. Loving the weather ❤ #loveharrypotter #likereallyloveharrypotter #lovingtheweathertoday #gratefulfortoday #selfiedays #entreprenueress #networkbusiness #spiritjunkies #freedomliving #inspiredliving
Which direction are you headed? . Are you going towards your dreams or are you helping to build someone else’s dreams? . I choose to move towards my dreams, my goals, my freedom. . #momonthemove #freedomliving #mompreneur #dreambig #whichdirectionwillyougo #whereareyougoing #youdecide #entrepreneurlife #choosehappy
Every time I get that itch 😂 #wildlife #freedomliving #wildchild #peacelovehappiness
Go ahead, call me crazy. You're throwing gasoline on my fire. 🔥🔥🔥
When this mamma needs plant-based and safe for the babies, but I’m NOT the DIY type, Young Living has my back with Thieves Laundry Soap! . And YES it actually lasts 64+ loads. Just a quarter capful per load! You can even dilute it with water and get 2 full bottles out of 1! . My frugal, hippie heartstrings have been struck 🤪🤑 . 📷 @elizabethrileylancaster1129
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Everyday is a work in progress, it's tough being able to remain motivated when everything screams at you to "stop!". I added ankle and wrist weights today and after completing my goal of running up and down 10x a day I haven't stopped, it doesn't mean I haven't been dying to quit. I wasn't blessed with the "muscle/fit" gene, so for now... ill keep working and fighting to deserve my own progress. #entrepreneurlife #ok #lifechanger #banker #freedomliving #likeme #salute
Toby Wisdom: Fall in love with taking care of yourself; high 5 yourself in the face. 👌
#mumsworkonline #extraincome 💰 #freedomliving #onlinesalesproopportunity #antiageingskincare #funtimesatwork #mumsrock # Do you find it difficult working around the children . Childcare is so expensive !!! With having your own online business - you can work around the children and say goodbye to breakfast clubs and after school clubs . We live once - be there for your children . Free to join and no kit to buy. All you need to say is Yes - show me 😉
Wowie wowie another 1 Star Golden, Crystal Executive and she’s having a $5000 week! Way to go @ackermanndairy you are changing lives and realizing your dreams. What does this mean? Sara has created a $28,000-$52,000 residual income as a side gig. All this just for sharing our amazing nutritional program with others after having her own amazing transformation! #freedomliving #workhard #startyourlife #residualincome #limitless #sidegig
Time to celebrate!! Another team mate @jayotte1976 reaching the highest level of leadership in our company and grabbing the awesome $2000 bonus. #sidegig #limitless #freedomliving #residualincone
Real truth. So very often when I am helping people with starting their nutrition, they refuse to take a before picture of themselves. I get it. Its hard to take a picture when you feel awful, no energy, postpartum, or whatever has brought you to that place of not loving yourself. But its important. It keeps you accountable, it brings you joy when you see that side by side picture that shows your progress! We don't notice our body changing in a day to day mirror check, but when you can go back and see where you started. You can be proud of yourself. My prayer is that more and more moms allow themselves to become INVESTED in loving themselves, feeling their best, & celebrating their success! We can only give our best to others if we are intentional about giving our best to ourselves. #wellnesswednesday #momlife #nutritionalrebalancing #ignitefulfillment
So freaking happy and proud of Lauren and Chris for reaching the highest level of leadership in our company, 1 Star golden circle, Crystal Executive! What does that mean? First off a $2000 just for reaching the level and a residual income of $28,000-$53,000/year and this is a side gig and just the beginning! #residualincome #sidegig #workhard #freedomliving
Today's office view!!! 💦🏖😎 #wellnesswednesday #freedomliving #lifebydesign
If you like piña coladas... we have the BEST news for you! Our company has released a seasonal piña colada meal replacement shake yesterday, and I could not be more excited. I’ve been waiting 2 years for this to come back... down to the last stash... 🍍 So fired up!! Who else is ready to enjoy a frosty❄️, pool💦side, beach🏖ready, delicious 🍍🥥🍍Pina Colada🍹shake that is a full meal replacement and tastes to die for!!? 🍍 (No, but really... it is 😋delicious!!) 🍍 🤰🏼Pregnant and nursing moms - we’ve got you covered with a summery yummery Mocktail that is good for both you and baby, and you won’t feel like you’re missing out one bit! 😉🙌🏼 🍍 Can you imagine 🤔for a moment saving so much time⏰ and money 💵 this summer while on vacation? A $2.86 meal in 30 seconds?!? Ummm H-E-L-L-O... YES please!! This girl 🙋🏼‍♀️is ALL in!! This shake is limited edition and it will be sold out in just a few days. If you want me to order you a few canisters, message me and I can have it shipped right to your front door! ❤️🍍
#reallife Awards Day pic {minus our two scholars} Turns out middle school awards day selfies with your parents aren’t cool🤣🤣🤣 #family #blessed #happy #instalove #familytime #freedomliving #pathwithpurpose #famjam #familylove #love #joy #joyful #happiness #boymom #boylife #boylove #boys #familyfirst #familyphoto #familylife #fitfamily #fulltimefamily
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