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Reworking some old panels :D Long time no see, Instagram. The app was eating my battery life, but it seems I've fixed it? -u- So I'm back. #FourLeafComic
✨ comments are appreciated! ✨ • some art of Lina from the webcomic, Four Leaf! I wanted to tinker with some neon/pink and biG EYES, but also Four Leaf has become one of my favorite webcomics on WEBTOON.. :0 • Lina seemed very fitting for this occasion. • If you have WEBTOON, I definitely recommend checking out Four Leaf! It’s a really good webcomic and the art style is just.. so cute nsjdjsjsjsj • I might draw more fan art of the rest of the Four Leaf characters, but Lina’s my favorite so it may have been just a one time thing,, (-w-“) • Four Leaf © @luzcolumaga#art #doodle #sketch #drawing #fanart #digital #digitalart #fourleafcomic #webcomic #webtoon
On the left, one of the first #FourLeafComic pages I made as part of my pitch to Hiveworks less than two years ago. On the right, page 2 remade when I was supposed to be drawing page 139.
Comic-ing at midnight #webcomics #FourLeafComic
I've been reading a comic called "four leaf" by @luzcolumaga , I've been enjoying so far. 😊 By the way I still have little information on the "gloom" stuff I drew her drinking, so I may have just accidentally murdered Lina. 😳(or gave her a heart attack) #Lina #fourleaf #fourleafcomic #gloom #witch #colorpencil