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Via @penciledcelebrities - He has a #potbelly from eating too many #carbs late at night and she is #kissing it in the hope that it will go down in addition to him going on a #diet and eating more #Protein and doing more #HIIT and #Cardio - That's what's happening here, right? 😁 #FlipTheScript #RoleReversal #Illustration #TurnTheTables #Feminist #Feminism #Imagination #IWonder #NoWomanNoWorld #WhatIf #Family #Pregnancy #Pregnant #BabyBump #drawing #Art #Artist #Hue #BlackFamily #BlackLove #BlackGirlMagic
When you decide to play #hookie from #work and #school bc you spend #hella #time #missing #school for #medical #appointments tied to #chronicillness #pediatric #illness - so you #flipthescript to #headtothemountains and #play in the #snow
No matter how many times I’ve looked at the world from this point of view it never ceases to amaze me. It’s no wonder that when people envision heaven in their dreams this is what it consists of. Coincidentally, as I’m staring out the window in amazement I start listening to a podcast that is all about seeing the world from another perspective. It starts off with a story about a dinner party that is interrupted by a man, with a gun, demanding money and holding said gun to the heads of multiple people in the group....the only problem was, no one had any money to give him. So, unexpectedly, a woman at the table offers him a glass of wine, instead. Probably even more unexpectedly, the man accepts and the encounter ends with a group hug and the man apologizing to everyone present. Pretty crazy, right? The podcast then goes on to tell the story of an Islamic man that has been harassed on multiple occasions, had his home searched by the police for signs of terrorism (although none were found) and then has his mom dies of a heart attack soon after, which he blames on the the police presence in his home and the accusations of terrorism. After that he came to the conclusion, “you want a terrorist, I’ll give you a terrorist” and fled to Syria where he joined the jihad. In the end, he denounces that lifestyle and returns to the United States. However, I was intrigued with the very different outcomes of the stories and how when faced with hostility, instead replying with warmth and in the second the hostility from strangers causing even more hostility in someone else. Stories like this make me question how my actions could be affecting other people and am I doing my best to face hostility with warmth in everyday life? Not to get too deep or anything 💭😝 #invisibilia #flipthescript
This Sunday: arm balances and inversions 🖤🖤 come conquer some fears and flip your perspective. You’re going to feel like a super hero when you leave 😘😘😘 Sunday 2-4 at creative yoga. Sign up through the link In my bio/ on creatives website
Black Women and Infertility Group presents to you a National Infertility Awareness Week Event. Saturday April 28, 2018, 10am to 12pm at the Grove Hall Branch, Public Library Please come out and hear from Guest Speaker: Melanie Turner Kirkland / Pastor and Author #niaw #flipthescript #boston
FLIP THE SCRIPT! After a stressful 48 hours, I’m looking to turn my day around, and nothing does it better than looking around and realizing how much GOOD is in my life. ❤️ Today I’m thankful for professional, compassionate, and funny colleagues. I’m thankful for a partner who brings calm to my crazy. And I’m thankful for the chance to dance it out at the Concert For Dreams featuring @ofarevolution tonight! What are YOU thankful for today, friends? #tradingcardioforcosmos #choosejoy #gratitude #beobsessivelygrateful #flipthescript #reframing
Parental Hope would like to send a BIG thank you to our event planning committee of volunteers! Their dedication and support make Journey to Parenthood: An Evening of Hope possible. Applause! Applause! Applause!👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 for Laure Ghory, Courtney Lantz Roots, Steph Reilly Edwards, Julie Eubanks, and Crystal Dunn! #ourvolunteersROCK #payitforward #parentalhope #infertility #infertilityawareness #journeytoparenthood #niaw2018 #flipthescript
Last chance to see #myisabel #humanrightsartsfestival is tonight at 7pm with the film Marlina the Murderer in Four Acts - "a proudly feminist work and a slam-bang revenge drama." Tickets are $13 staff / $15 public, or pay what you can for students. Buy your tickets in advance online from our website, or at the door! #filmscreening #allages #fridaynightmovies #flipthescript #queensu @tiff_net @queensuniversity @quartsci
Chiropractic has shown great results with infertility. Are you interested in reading the research? Swing by the office and we would be happy to share it with you! Don't forget about our #flipthescript event happening in the office on April 24! We will be talking about natural ways to support the health and wellness of your body while battling infertility!
Our Flip pedals are a party on one side, all business in the other. Which side is which is up to you. #rideissi #issidoesit #flipthescript #flipped
"It's so good to be home", she informed me the other night. My heart was so happy. • There was a period of time when they were first spending time away from me - okay well before that, when I was thinking about the possibility of a separation and how that would affect my relationship with the girls where I was in total fear of them choosing one of us over the other. • That type of thinking is referred to as thinking in terms of lack, or scarcity. That's there's not enough to go around, that every situation involves a win or lose scenario. This type of thinking can be applied to any area of our life from relationships, to money, to business. • The more that we truly hold the believe that there is more than enough to go around for everybody, the more that we can have peace in knowing and truly believing we can be happy for other people's success, that people can love us and someone else at the same time, and the more we will focus on all of the positive things in our life's rather than letting what we perceive to be negative things detract us from our happiness and success. • How does this relate to Delaney's comment you might ask? I've learned that I don't have to be in fear of her wanting to go to her Dad's. It is totally okay, and in fact I am thankful that she's happy to go there, and that she gets to have a strong relationship with him. She gets to have both, and as a Mom (and especially one who doesn't have a relationship with her own Dad), it makes my heart so happy for her that she gets what I always wanted for myself. Her relationship with him or anyone else doesn't take away from our relationship together. • Simply flipping our thoughts to those of more of an abundance mindset in any situation is seriously life altering. • It is freeing to be able to be thrilled for someone else's success, while still knowing that yours is totally possible because that person has literally shown you that it is! Think of them as someone you can learn from, rather than someone you are jealous of. • It's a daily practise as you begin to shift into this type of thinking (especially if you're like me, because it's literally re-training your brain!). #flipthescript ✌❤
5 blunttteddd few years back with the @lafachannel boys.. #flipthescript , hope y’all enjoyed that series and if ya don’t know what I’m talking about look it up on Vimeo. 5 segments in two years for your viewing pleasure! 📷: @erikseophoto give him follow! . . . #FREEskiing #streets #snow #skiing #ski #skithestreets #lafalivin #urban #volkl #ahmetdadali
@katie_o.neill discusses the difficulties of maintaining close relationships as 1L stresses mount, and the emotional toll it can take. Sound familiar? Join us this Monday, 3/26 for the #turnitaroundproject x #GeorgetownLawMentalHealthWeek event. Change your narrative today. 🎬: @madsmichele Cc: @gtownlaw
Morning invert on the @feetup finding a flow @flowithlizzie #flipthescript 🧘🏾‍♀️ 🎶 @_83classic thank you for the awesome music 🙌🏾 #morningritual
Don’t allow doubt to run your life. Remind yourself that it is simply a pattern you have learned and you can break it. Each time doubt surfaces, redirect your thoughts until you replace them with empowering beliefs!
Day 60... To be successful at a lifestyle such as this we have to be willing to #flipthescript on the BS we keep feeding ourselves. So many times did I say “I’m ready to make a change” yet at the same time I REFUSED to QUIT making excuses. Excuses as to why I had no time, couldn’t eat ever so many hours, how I didn’t have the money to live this lifestyle...#blahblahblah When I stepped back and took RESPONSIBILITY and then strategized how to make it happen... by SACRIFICING a tiny bit (like less tv, getting up early, setting alarms on my phone reminding me to eat) That’s when it became my lifestyle. 🤘#breakthecycleofdestruction
Três meses de dedicação , comprometimento e da formação de um grupo fantástico de pessoas com uma nova mentalidade... Testar nossos limites e melhorar todos os dias foi o grande desafio ! Muito obrigado por tudo ! #flipthescript #orgulhostoamaro #treinaquesobe @aaajdd
BLACK WOMEN... #losangeles #sandiego #atlanta #dallas #vegas #newyork It’s time to flip the script on who you are, what you’ve been through, what you were born to do and the value of what you bring to the table! You’re worth so much more than you know but the belief of that starts with you and the narrative that you form about who you are, what you’ve been through, what you do and how what you do makes a difference in the hearts, minds and bottom line...😉 . . Join us on tour. Link in bio. #blackwomenrock #flipthescript #leadership #blackwomenatwork #brandyourbrilliance #ownyourstory #createanewnarrative #useyourvoice #watchuswork #bwe2018 #feliciainspires
Had the best surprise and spent some time with the awesome Daphney and @ordinaryoutlier on my delays in San Fransico. Miss y'all much already and can't wait for the wedding. #yass #delays #sfo #castro #flipthescript #pride #instagay
Here is a painting from last year featuring my MUSE. Boys can be soft and coy, too, and still be sexy as fuck! #queerboys #softboy #coyboy #vulnerabilityisstrength #watercolor #feministart #queerart #mymuse #fuckgenderroles #flipthescript
Never did I understand people’s obsession with the gym. How could someone WANT to work out? Why can’t you miss a day? Confident to say it was complete ignorance. On days where I feel like nothing is going right or I just want to tear my hair out.. or someone elses, I get to come here and put my focus elsewhere. Today I did my first pull up on this machine that will remain nameless because I just don’t know it, but I flipped the script on my shitty day and made it a win . . . #gym #goals #anditwaslegday #lululemon #flipthescript
Single parenting is hard. I’ve got it all under control until I just don’t. Most days it flows & I feel like a super hero who can do anything. Other days I’m defeated & tired and just want someone else at home to make the lunches or give me a hug. I listened to my neighbors scream and fight all night ( which is extremely triggering ) I woke up to some weird unexpected money problems, didn’t get my workout in before work, accidentally made my shake out the door with warm water 🤢, I was late YET AGAIN to Fisher’s school, we left his homemade lunch at home & then I took it out on him 😔 I had a good couple of cries all before 9am. I sat in my car and took lots of deep breaths and said I CHOOSE AGAIN. I am doing my best, I am grateful for a roof over my head, a car that drives Fisher to school, food in our tummies and the ability to work doing things I love which will bring me more money. I live a life of abundance and money flows in & out. I am grateful for my friends & fellow mamas that support me & know the drill. I am grateful to my boyfriend for letting me vent and helping me anyway he can. I am grateful for all the people who I get to make smile today. When you stop and choose again, you can literally change your state & emotions. I encourage you to think about 5 things that are AWESOME in your life and give yourself some credit! Ok Thursday - we got this ⚡️
I wouldn’t run, just do shit a whole lot different! #truth #flipthescript #itsallgood #amen #somebodythatiusedtoknow
Good morning, world. I hope everyone has had a great week up until this point. I love this picture/quote because the word train tells me I am going to have to put in effort. Throughout our lives it seems like we notice the negative a lot more and a lot easier. We need to "look" for the positive, as if it is hiding from us. I am hoping we can all Flip The Script and train our minds to notice the good/positive that is constantly surrounding us. #thedailydoseofdavid #seethegood #flipthescript #trainyourmind #livepositively #enjoylife
Ohhhhh....this is good. #flipthescript #repost from @bloompassionnc
Do you ever surprise yourself with things you say? I was re-reading an interview I had with @caroline__potter - and felt encouraged by my own words. . . #flipthescript #selflove #advice #actionsspeaklouderthanwords #truth #bossbabe #higherpurpose
When the morning quickly becomes a dumpster fire, flip that shit upside down and get out of your head and into your body. You can always start over! Music inspiration: @eminem • • • • #onwardsandupwards #flipthescript #outtamyhead #intomybody #soma #inversion #inversionjunkie #sirsasana #newstart #gracemillsapyoga
Join @jteague27 this Monday, 3/26/18, and open yourself up to what can happen when you share honestly about what plagues you, and make a commitment to others to turn it around. See you there! #turnitaroundproject 🎬: @madsmichele
Getting ready for my adopted adults group tonight. For those asking, it’s run by the North London Consortium which is a partnership between 6 local authorities. I’m not aware of anything like it elsewhere in the UK which means there is a big need. #adoption #adoptionsupport #adoptees #adoptionbooks #adoptionmemoir #primalwound #youdontlookadopted @zarahphillips
Everyone has the same amount of hours in the day & everyone is busy! It’s what you do with those hours that count ✨✨ . We’re all in control of our own future & our decisions each day alter that future. We were on a path that was less than healthy so we totally changed our lifestyle & our lives are so much better for it. It wasn’t easy but nothing that’s worth having it is 🙌🙌 . #flipthescript #makeyourdestiny #makethechangesyouwant #spendyourtimewisely
Start dreaming and work on it. @quote_kaizen
Why does everyone try to stop us from finding out where we started? If this life is a journey to remember who we are, then why do they try to silence adoptees? The need to know is just part of my path. I am not a victim. I'm using my voice. #explorediscoverreveal #adoptee #whyallthesecrets #notavictimnotasurvivorimjustalittlelost #lightinthedark #whoami #flipthescript #adopted
Day 93 and 94. Yoga and a new Back routine. Trying something new - about time to start switching some things up. Also finished Fooled by Randomness today. I think I used up an entire highlighter on this one and had more than a few laughs. "Probability is not a mere computation of odds on the dice or more complicated variants; it is the acceptance of the lack of certainty in our knowledge and the development of methods for dealing with our ignorance... In the real world one has to guess the problem more than the solution." #yoga #flipthescript #fooledbyrandomness #nassimnicholastaleb #bookstagram #doyouevenread #doyouevenlift #trying #tryingtogetsmarter #tryingtogetfit
We invited @kophoto4 , @leishmcd , and @jendopp to sit in the hot seat today to tell their stories for our upcoming FLIP THE SCRIPT Event | Autism Redefined ✔ Mark your calendars for April 12th and reserve your seat now! (Link in bio)
Today in Canada, roughly 90% of Down's Syndrome babies are labelled "nonviable" and aborted. Together, we can #flipthescript . #Repost @letterfolk ・・・ Michael, you’re the real MVP. 👊#worlddownsyndromeday 📷: @trinque
This situation has a lot of promise. In the unfortunate circumstances of life, I see #opportunity ! We can #makeadifference . We have to make #choices . Let me help you get on #wealth autopilot. #nomorestudentloans #actionovercomplaining #handupsnothandouts #flipthescript
I love these goobers—my friend Dan, @dandavis333 and my sissy-in-law @danibeckstrand !! And I got to see both of them today while filming some stuff for Stiry at their office! What a joy! What a treat! I’m so looking forward to working with them on an event next month. More details to come! @stiryofficial #autismmom #autismawareness #sharethegood #flipthescript
So excited to talk about the lending library at the adopted adults meeting in London tomorrow 🤓 📖 And it feels good to mention @anne_heffron having not RTed her for at least 24 hours 😂 #adoptionbooks #adoption #youdontlookadopted #anneheffron #primalwound #theprimalwound #dearwonderfulyou #adoptees #flipthescript #adopteevoices #booksbooksbooks
Learn the language. Share it, no matter how crazy or inept they *think* you are. Change mindsets so truth can continue to spread. The first image is from the 2015-2016 report of the Trudeau Foundation. The 2nd is a 2007 unclassified FBI report on pedophile symbolism. #changethegame #flipthescript #whoisthisuncircumcisedphilistine #mygodisnotmocked #elijahmockedtheprophetsofbaal #kingdomwarriors #goodvsevil #defeatevil #prayforourchildren #internetbillofrights #ibor
Lu Sutton Elementary School are you as excited as we are? Monday kicks off your Do Good. Be Kind. WEEK! See you soon!
You think peanuts are harmless? Think again... 🥜😲 #thatsfucked #peanuts #thesilentkiller #bizarrefoods #signofthetimes
Halfway to the weekend, again. A few more days to make this week great. Finish off strong. Whatever you are dealing with, perspective means everything. If you want to have a positive experience, have a positive perspective. Even negative situations can be looked at in a positive way. So, no matter what happens if you keep a positive perspective your experience will also be positive. We need to flip the script on our minds and think more positively, more regularly. We are hardwired to easily see the negative all around. Let's change that fact. I want all of us to notice the positive that is actually surrounding us at all times. #thedailydoseofdavid #flipthescript #changeyourperspective #positiveattitude #positiveoutlook #smilemore #makeyourday #positivitywins
There are stories that need to be told from people who can't always tell them. My first screening when I moved to LA was @cinemability and it's still one of the most relatable films for me. Now I'd like to share my story. I'm very thankful for this film festival and for the opportunity to share. 💕🎬💪💎 . . . . #actor #producer #pituitarytumorawareness #sagaftra #actorslife #filmfestival #casting #love #Disability #ability #EasterSeals #me #mytruth #actorslife #myshow #stigma #mentalhealth #discrimination #flipthescript #rulebreaker #workingactor #Hollywood #NewYorker #resilience
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