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This is so cute omg
🖤 Part 8 🖤 You slept through all the rest of the day, only waking up for small periods of time to get a drink of water or to get a snack. [ The next morning ] ~ On the phone ~ Ellie - Hey Ivy! Ivy - Hey where were you yesterday, you missed all of my calls. Ellie - I think I got a hangover because someone spiked my drink at the party Ivy - Holy sh*t! Ellie that’s awful, are you okay? Ellie - Now I am, but I felt like sh*t yesterday. I was barley awake so I didn’t even check my phone, but I need to now so bye! Ivy - Bye! Update me! ~ Call Ended ~ When you checked your phone you thankfully had no missed calls. Only billions of notifications from Instagram and so many people adding you on Snapchat. You skimmed through what some of the comments were and saw the hashtag #finnie and #cutestcouple . You texted Finn ( Text ) Ellie - Finn? Why is my instagram blowing up with #finnie ? ( End Text ) Instead of texting back he called ~ On the Phone ~ Finn - I’m sorry, last night videoed our kiss and posted it on his Snapchat and Instagram story, tagging us both. Ellie - Dammit! Finn - I know, I didn’t mean for this to happen. Ellie - It’s okay I guess. Finn - Okay good, can we meet up at the park today? Ellie - Yea, i’ll come at 12:00. Finn - Okay ~ Call Ended ~ It was 11:00 so you felt like you rushed yourself to get ready. You picked out a decent outfit ( Swipe x1 ) and put your hair into a messy bun ( Swipe x2 ) and did some natural makeup. You were starving so you ate some cereal and drove to the park just on time. [ At the Park ] You closed your car door and walked in, searching the grounds for Finn. You couldn’t see anyone there, so you sat down on the swings The sound of the crunching of leaves was getting louder in your ears. ??? - Hey... If you didn’t know, I really, really like you. You turned around to see Finn standing there with a bunch of people behind him. All at once, they lifted up there hands. The flowers they held formed the shape of : will you be my girlfriend? - love Finn It was the cutest gift you had ever seen. You ran up to Finn and gave him a huge hug and kissed him on the cheek. Finn looked at you [ Continued in the Comments ]
Finn 😍😍 Omg omg I think I’m obsesseddddd! Tell me if you want me to post more edits or post more normal pictures and updates! Or both of course! ❤️. I G N O R E 👇👇. @finnwolfhardofficial @finnwolfhardofficial @finnwolfhardofficial @finnwolfhardofficial @finnwolfhardofficial @finnwolfhardofficial #finnwolfhard #finnwolfhard #finnwolfhardedit #finnwolfhardedits #edits #edit #photoedits #strangerthings #strangerthings3 #strangerthingsseason3 #cantwait #ilovehim
Then I see your face I know I'm finally yours I find everything I thought I lost before You call my name I come to you in pieces So you can make me whole ❤️ [ #strangerthings #finnwolfhard #milliebobbybrown #mileven #fillie #mikewheeler #elevenhopper #mtvawards #pieces ]
Finn & Noah ❤️. . . . #milliebobbybrow #omgpage #finnwolfhard
@wyattoleff how does Finn water taste?
[Millie + This Iconic Pose.] - Hope you like it. ♡ - Please tag Millie, thank you!
He is 15 and about to be 16 NO ONE CAN TELL ME OTHERWISE I looked crusty af at 14 and I'm 15 now and I'm still crusty
so done with guys lmao
[Stranger Things × Highschool Musical] - Hope you like it. ♡ - Please tag Millie and Finn, thank you!
[Chapter 07 : The Lost Sister] - Hope you like it ♡ - Please tag Millie, thank you!
I hate this edit with all my heart but I decided I should make a Noah edit because he truly did deserve this award! His acting is so amazing. My apologies for the low quality and boring edit. I hope i didn’t waist to much of your time. I love all of you guys who are watching this edit right now and tysm for 900 followers. - #noahschnapp #noahschnappedit #noah #noahedit #omgpage #strangerthings #mtv #mtvawards #noahschnappmtv #friendedit #finnwolfhard #finnwolfhardedit #sadiesinkedit #sadiesink #calebmclaughlinedit #calebmclaughlin #gatenmatarazzo #gatenmatarazzoedit #milliebobbybrownedit #milliebobbybrown #f4f #l4l #gainparty #strangerthingsseason2 #strangerthingsseason3 #strangerthingsseason1 @noahschnapp @strangerthingstv @netflix @milliebobbybrown @finnwolfhardofficial @sadiesink_ @therealcalebmclaughlin @gatenm123
People like to sleep on beds and the Stranger Things fandom likes to sleep on Linnea I LOVE HER she’s my 2nd fav female 💗💗 #linneaberthelsen #linneaberthelsenedit #kaliedit #008 #strangerthings #strangerthings2 #like #omgpage
—ραяιѕ💘 (I didn’t put coloring Oof) ac; I forgot sorry dt; @parisbishop__ • THIS IS SO UGLY and choppy but I was rushing. Sorry Paris u deserve better. I still hope u see this tho cuz ur legit one of the people I look up too and ur soooo pretty :) @parisbishop__
Hi guys! I’m a multi fandom editing account, that’s just started, hope you like my first edit! (Please comment for other people you’d like me to edit :) Dt-Everyone Ac- @/ piratewolf _____________________________________________ #AmyAdams #sadiesink #jenniferlawrence #noahschnapp #zendaya #emmawatson #memes #finnwolfhard #sophialillis #strangerthings #milliebobbybrown #gatenmattarazo #calebmclaughlin #it2017 #newaccount #edit #bloodynxses #likeplease #aesthetic #space #galaxies #ae #edit #fandom #multifandom
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