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Godzilla: King of the Monsters trailer (2018) 📽 Long live the King! While we don’t see much in the trailer but I obviously am excited for this movie. I’ve been wanting a sequel to the 2014 movie, I had a lot of ideas of what it could be. It’s awesome that King Ghidorah and Mothra will be in this movie, along with Millie Bobby Brown being one of the main stars in this movie, of course we all know her as Eleven in Stranger Things. But there were some Stranger Things vibes coming to me in this trailer, but even though I shouldn’t say that, this is Godzilla. What I like about this trailer is that it seems like we’re gonna be seeing a lot of blue in this movie. The way the music flows, that scene where Mothra moves her wings, it’s really beautiful to look at. The way King Ghidorah goes, I’m glad we’ll be seeing it use it’s lightning blasts since we see that part where that person is running from the lightning as it’s coming right at whoever that is. Then a silhouette of King Ghidorah in the smoke, it’s gonna be awesome! Then Godzilla using his atomic breath and shooting it at the sky, it’s f**king cool! What I really want to see is the battle between Godzilla and King Ghidorah, man I want to see how that goes down compared to how we saw Godzilla fight the Mutos from the first movie. While Kong: Skull Island showed more fights, I’m just as excited to see more Godzilla fights, just imagine what it’s gonna be when he fights Mothra and most of all, I’m obviously more hyped to see how the battle between Godzilla and King Ghidorah will go down, it’s something I’ve been waiting for since before the 2014 movie came out. It kind of does suck Gareth Edwards won’t be returning to be some kind of production consultant for the movie since he directed the first one. The title is right too, because that’s what Godzilla is, King of the Monsters! And when that one guy says “long live the king” it means a lot for Godzilla. So that’s my review and hoped you enjoyed it. #Godzilla #GodzillaKingoftheMonsters #GodzillaKingoftheMonstersTrailer #MillieBobbyBrown #Kaiju #Monster #MonsterMovie #FilmBuff #MovieBuff #Cinephile #MovieReview #FilmReview #TrailerReview #MovieTrailer #FilmTrailer
Crítica: Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018). Director: Ron Howard. Calificación: ★ ★ ★ ☆ . . 🎬 Icónico e inigualable, el personaje de Han Solo es uno de esos elementos secundarios que siempre brillaron a la par de los Skywalkers. Curiosamente, su película es una adición decente pero olvidable de la saga. Acá te brindamos parte de nuestra reseña: . . “Estoy seguro que de las historias del universo de Star Wars, la de Han Solo es aquella de la que no necesitamos tener información de su pasado para valorar el personaje que ya hemos visto en múltiples ocasiones. Es por esto que cuando se anuncia el spin off, tuve poca emoción. Es uno de esos personajes secundarios que, jugando un poco con el desarrollo que Lucas quiso darle en las últimas entregas de hace décadas, hasta lo podríamos tildar de “comedy sidekick”, una categoría que no suelo apreciar. De hecho, sí tuve algo de reacción cuando supe que Chewbacca tendría algo más que un par de gruñidos. Pero Solo es una prueba confiable de la seguridad de un estudio para hacer una película de diferente orientación. Esta osadía predijo que Solo no sería tan exitosa como las otras, pero no podemos negar su solidez. . La historia de Han Solo en sus orígenes nos lleva a un mundo sórdido, de pobreza y ausencia de leyes. Desde niño Han ha vivido del robo y la astucia. Cuando la oportunidad perfecta de iniciar de nuevo se ve frustrada y pierde a su novia en el proceso, Han sigue el sueño de convertirse en un piloto importante y rescatar a su chica. En una misión conoce a un grupo de mercenarios que se encargan de traficar sustancias ilícitas para un poderoso magnate. Han se une al grupo que lo llevará a la misión más peligrosa de su vida y a un reencuentro con el amor de su vida. . Solo simplifica las historias. Las enmarca en un ambiente de aventuras superficial y carente del espíritu al que estamos acostumbrados” El resto lo puedes leer en 👉🏻www.cinelipsis.com👈🏻 . . . #movies #criticadecine #moviereview #moviebuff #filmreview #filmcritic #movieclips #movienerd #movienews #bluraycollector #filmreviews #fanaticosdelcine #movieworld #critica #review #moviereviews #criticacine #cinelipsis #pelicula #cine #solo #soloastarwarsstory
Funimation are bringing the live-action adaptation of Kengo Hanazawa’s horror manga, ‘I Am A Hero’ to US Blu-ray and DVD on July 24, 2018. Earlier this year watched my very first live-action manta movie called 'Ajin Demi-Human and it blew my mind away. Pretty excited to see 'A Hero' Synopsis: Thirty-five-year-old assistant manga artist Hideo Suzuki leads an unsatisfying, tedious life. To cope with his day-to-day stresses, he fantasises scenarios where he’s overcome with confidence and bouts of courage. But that’s just what they are: fantasies. And yet, when a virus outbreak hits Japan turning the infected into mindless cannibals, Hideo is forced back to reality. Equipped with his shotgun amidst seemingly insurmountable odds, now’s hischance to rise to the occasion and become the hero he’s always daydreamed he could be, even if it kills him. Follow me @asia_movie_reviews for more #kengohanazawa #horror #manga #japan #japanese #asia #cinema #theatre #movie #film #entertainment #hollywood #media #bluray #dvd #tvshows #tv #steelbook #4k #preview #review #instamovies #production #cinematography
Sorry to Bother You is Get Out on acid. To be specific, it's the second half of Get Out on acid. The performances are fine, but that's not why you're here. The story is full of all kinds of metaphors, maybe too many at times, but they don't take away from the story itself. If you like reading into things, this will be a great aspect. Overall, Sorry to Bother You is original and incredibly ambitious, but it all depends on what you get out of it. 7.8/10. #sorrytobotheryou #movie #moviereview #film #filmreview #moviefan #filmfan
Taking place immediately after the first film, Rocky deals with his newfound popularity and money. Sure he gets classy things, like a black jacket with a tiger embroidered on the back, but he also buys he an Adrian a home and then learn she's pregnant. Everything seems to be going well for them, so the only place to go is down. Rocky blows a commercial deal and can't find work, forcing Adrian to find a job. Meanwhile, Apollo Creed isn't satisfied with the outcome of the match and is humiliating Rocky into a rematch. Basically the first hour and a half of this movie is about Rocky being humbled and trying to deny that he's a fighter until he can't fight the fighter inside him anymore and agrees to a rematch. Of course, needing some deep emotional drive, the film has Adrian go into a coma for a bit and when she wakes up, she tells him to win the match. It's sappy and you could totally remove it and it wouldn't affect the film, but once again the movie is about the characters. Everyone has an arch with the exception of Paulie, who's not in the film very much and has lost a lot of weight. Even Joe Spinnell pops up again, once at Rocky's wedding and another time to offer him a job. He just comes and goes and the other time it feels like reaction footage from the fight in the first film cut in. Seems like a waste. There's some pretty emotional moments, like when Rocky has to admit to Mickey that he can't find a work and will be his mop boy just to be around fighting. For someone like Rocky, that's pretty humiliating. I enjoyed watching things look up, then down and his struggle to get back up again, it wasn't too extreme or exaggerated. Definitely a worthy successor to the first film, but not as powerful, but it's still really good. #nowwatching #nowplaying #rocky2 #sylvesterstallone #taliashire #carlweathers #burtyoung #burgessmeredith #mgm #unitedartists #drama #70sdrama #sports #boxing #bluray #bluraycollection #moviereview #moviecritic #filmreview #filmcritic #cinephile #1979 #goonreviewsrocky2
New review up of Dog Day Afternoon! Check bio for link 📽 #dogdayafternoon #sidneylumet #alpacino #movie #film #movieblog #moviereview #filmreview #filmblog #blogging #blog
I read this book a while ago, and it really wasn’t what I expected. Firstly, I knew that many adults had read it, secondly, I realised it was more a children’s book, and, thirdly, it soon became obvious that there was much more to it than being a lesson for children. The film was very much the same. Though I think they could and should have made the film slightly more serious, and perhaps longer so as to include the more minute, but nonetheless poignant, matters, I still think this is a film adults and children should make an effort to watch. I agree with the Academy in recognising the use of makeup on Auggie’s face - which is perhaps the only station th film should be consistently acknowledged for. Still, a lovely film with a heartwarming centre. #wonder #owenwilson #juliaroberts #jacobtremblay #stephenchbosky #lionsgate #movie #film #movieblog #moviereview #filmreview #filmblog #blogging #blog
'The Lazarus Effect' Micro-Review: Hey some times there are bad movies that are just fun to watch. 'The Lazarus Effect' is your typical science gone too far horror movie and doesn't vary from the paint by numbers plot that all these movies seem to have. However, watching stupid scientist get their comeuppance is always fun. Read more on Starsandpopcorn.com! #TheLazarusEffect #nowwatching #🎬 #moviebuff #movie #film #cinema #🎥 #filmlover #movieaddict #cinephilecommunity #instacinema #filmbuff #filmreview #moviefan #moviegeek #moviereviews #currentlywatching #lovemovies #movienerd #filmgeek #moviejunkie #movie 🎥 #filmreviews #movies 🎬 #movieblogger #microreview #moviereview #whattowatch #starsandpopcorn
WELCOME TO ‘STEPHEN KING SUNDAY’! It’s all in release date order, every Sunday (maybe) and I’m watching feature length MOVIES only! Oh, here we are with another tragic movie, something that has an alright concept but because of budget and poor writing it is just the worst: The Running Man. I like Arnold Schwarzenegger, he’s cool, so I was excited to see this. But they gave him some of the worst lines in history and he is surrounded by the worst sets, costumes and props of all time… I didn’t like this movie because it was boring, looked terrible and had nothing to it WHAT so ever. I really don’t recommend this unless you like pure 80s action cheese. • #therunningman #scifi #sciencefiction #stephenking #stephenkingsunday #paulmichaelglaser #arnoldschwarzenegger #mariaconchitaalonso #yaphetkotto #1980s #80s #action #actionmovie #dystopia #richarddawson // #reviews #filmreviews #moviereviews #dvd #review #netflix #cinema #posters #poster #films #film #movies #movie #filmreview #moviereview
MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE III Continuing the Mission:Impossible collection, next up is number 3! This definitely got M:I back on the right track after the second movie. Back to the same tone as the first movie, but with a bit more power behind it. This was the first M:I that felt like it had a real villain. Philip Seymour Hoffman is an absolutely incredible foil to Ethan Hunt, and may well actually be the best thing about this film. After the fairly boring second movie, JJ Abrams really kicked some life back into the series. There is barely any down time in this film, it is so fast paced. That was partially a good thing, but also got quiet tiresome after a while, and a bit hard to keep up with. Overall this was definitely the kick that the series needed to get back on track, and while it’s definitely not a perfect film, it is a very enjoyable entry into the franchise. 7/10 #film #movies #filmreview #moviereview #missionimpossible #missionimpossible3 #missionimpossibleiii #missionimpossiblereview #tomcruise #philipseymourhoffman
Check out my latest film review on my website now: Central Intelligence (2016) https://bradleygoodfellow9.wixsite.com/its-a-wrap/blog/central-intelligence-2016 #centralintelligence #filmreview #films #kevinhart #therock #dwaynejohnson #greatfilm #review #extended
Predator (1987) UPS: * Still the best movie in the 'Predator' franchise. * Ground breaking Sci-Fi/Horror movie. * 21 Years later and the Special Effects and Cinematography looks Amazing. * A solid Arnold Schwarzenegger performance with a strong supporting cast (Carl Weathers, Jesse Ventura & Bill Duke) * Memorable one-liners. DOWNS: * Not the most satisfying endings. I was expecting a little bit more. Follow me @the_movie_ratings for more Reviews #predator #arnoldschwarzenegger #carlweathers #thepredator #scifi #horror #theatre #cinema #movie #film #hollywood #media #entertainment #bluray #dvd #steelbook #4k #tvshows #tv #preview #review #instamovies #production #cinematography
It was a pleasure to meet another one of my role models, @boburnham. The Q&A was a blast. Eighth Grade review coming soon...👀 #causeimboyo #cinephilecommunity #filmreview #boburnham #eighthgrade
So it has been a little time since my last review so it is that time. For the movie I give Shutter Island. This has always been one of my personal favorites but never watched alot and took in all it has to offer. The story revolves around a U.S. Marshall and his partner who are sent to investigate a missing prisoner on a island with a mental facility. Now why do I say prisoner and not patient? Thats the beauty of this movie not only are the visuals and stage production on point but the story and script are so perfect and well acted out even some of the slow pacing doesn't feel slow. Each second you think you are figuring it out you know what going on and it changes. Martin Scorsese has done this all before with great directing, but his work with foreshadowing makes you feel secure and like okay makes sense but until the very end you finally see a finished movie that gives you so many thought provoking questions. Easily one of my favorite Suspenseful Noir tales that borders a true horror movie. 4/5 I only do this because i can understand that the pacing in certain parts could make it hard to watch. But I promise you it's worth it! All the other aspects are so worth the watch. #moviereview #movie #review #film #films #filmreview #noir #noirtale #noiremovie #shutterisland #myreview #suspense #suspensefulfilm #sundaymorning #movies
#TheShapeOfWater from #GuillermoDelToro starring #SallyHawkins #DougJones #MichaelShannon #MichaelStuhlbarg and #OctaviaSpencer #RichardJenkins and #NickSearcy Hawkins plays a woman named Eliza who is a mute and works as a cleaner with her very talkative friend Zelda (Spencer) at a secret facility where they are cleaners. When cleaning a chamber the pair are told to leave when the scientists bring in the asset that is the amphibian man that's performed by Jones, Eliza is able to catch a glimpse of it on her way out, this is where the tale of love begins. After the small bond Eliza and Amphibian man form, she begins to visit him daily and feeds him eggs as he needs protein to survive. Though he needs to be kept alive for another reason; the US and the Soviets are locked in a space race and are constantly trying to one up eachother and the US believe they can send a God into space, beat that. Eliza wants to save him from the abuse and she quietly forms a way to get him to safety. I'm sure I've said this before, but this is a movie I've been wanting to watch since I first heard about it last year, when it was doing it's film festival rounds accross Europe, it then got cinematic release earlier than in the UK and then when it did, I missed it needed to wait until the blu ray and honestly, it was worth it. Though the film was slow I was hooked from the start and hated taking my eyes off it. Del Toro again brings astonishing visuals and makes every tone and colour mean something, he also makes it unique and personal to him. Every actor cast in the film gives great performances especially Jones and Hawkins, they manage to put everything accross that lacks dialogue. It's a film you can't fault and it's hard to find something negative to discuss, so if you haven't seen it yet, you need to experience it. - - RATING: 9.6/10
I've seen a lot of embarrassed adults coming to watch this, and it baffles me how anyone can be embarrased about watching a film they like, especially one as generally fun and good as this one. Read my review on Letterboxd or Facebook (link in bio)
If you haven't yet, check a piece from @emilywmurry on #hotelsalvation . Link in bio!
MAMMA MIA: LÁ VAMOS NÓS DE NOVO Este filme mostra a vida da jovem Donna quando conheceu os três possíveis pais de sua filha - e de Sophie, agora grávida, levando o legado de sua mãe. Mamma Mia ainda é um grande sucesso na Broadway e o primeiro filme foi igualmente bem-sucedido, chegando a 600 milhões nas bilheterias. Demorou uma década para que este novo filme chegasse aos cinemas, e se você gostou do primeiro, você vai com certeza se divertir com esse. O filme, liderado por uma luminosa Lily James, é tão feliz e descompromissado que você se sente contagiado com tanta alegria. É piegas e cafona como o primeiro, e está longe de ser um filme perfeito, mas com certeza é muito divertido. E traz muitas músicas conhecidas, mas também algumas canções bem obscuras da banda sueca ABBA. O elenco claramente está se divertindo, e qualquer filme que tenha Meryl Streep e Cher é certamente imperdível. Nota: B+ This new film shows the life of Donna as a young woman, when she met the three possible dads of her daughter Sophie - who is now pregnant and is carrying her mother’s legacy. Mamma Mia is still a smash hit on Broadway and the first film was equally successful, hitting 600 million on the box office. It took a decade for this new film hit the theaters, and if you enjoyed the first, you are in for a treat! The film, led by a luminous Lily James, is just so happy, you just feel contagious with all the joy and happiness. It brings same famous ABBA songs, as well as some obscure choices. It is as camp and corny as ever, and it is nowhere near a perfect film, but it sure is entertaining. The whole cast is having a great time, and any film that has both Meryl Streep and Cher, is certainly unmissable. Score: B+
“Mom & Dad” (2017) : A terrifying phenomena occurs when parents everywhere suddenly start murdering their kids. Starring Nicolas Cage and Selma Blair, this dark comedy / funny horror film was one of the best movie watching experiences I’ve ever had! This is what “The Purge” (2013) should have been. The chase scenes are intense and horrifying; they bring to mind the opening scene in “28 Weeks Later“ (2007). Cage and Blair are wonderful; they’re empathetic, relatable, funny, but also incredibly scary. Cage even said this was the most fun he’s had with a film in the last ten years (and you can definitely see why). The parents’ relationship is oddly touching and showcases the real issues married couples and parents face. Within 96 minutes, the director and writer, Brian Taylor, is able to get the audience to connect to the characters with a unique use of off-beat flashbacks in the midst of otherwise horrific scenes. The discordant soundtrack, by Mr. Bill, is perfect for the film since “Mom & Dad” balances so many emotions and genres like a juggler with a Sawzall, self-help book, and a copy of “Home Alone” (1990). Streamed on Hulu TW : obviously a ton of parents murdering/attempting to murder their children (including an infant). #LizsMiniReviews #MomAndDadMovie #FilmReview
@beautifulmindonly ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ "You learned the two greatest thing in life, never rat on your friends, and always keep your mouth shut.” ~Jimmy Conway played by Robert De Niro in Goodfellas ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ *rat: 쥐, 배신자
Sorry To Bother You (2018) Dir. Boots Riley 3.5/5 • • As a commentary on rebellion and the status of the American people, Sorry To Bother You shook me to my core... but not for reasons I expected. In this Science Fiction tale, Lakeith Stanfield plays a man down on his luck looking for a job. His luck starts to turn around however as he gets a job as a telemarketer and learns how to use his “white voice”. His talents get noticed by the higher ups and he moves on and away from his rebelling posse. From the beginning of the film I was intrigued by this world that is being created as it is obviously not that of our own. Unfortunately this is one of the only things in the first 30 minutes that had me interested. Most of the jokes weren’t landing. They felt almost lazy. However, once we get to the first strike I was into it. This movie travels places and does things that I couldnt have expected and I love it for that. The performances are decent but nothing incredible. The standout for me is Armie Hammer. Overall if you’re looking for a film to subvert all expectation and make you chuckle, I’d say give this one a watch. • • #sorrytobotheryou #sorrytobotheryoumovie #lakeithstanfield #movie #film #moviereview #filmreview #tytysmoviekitchen
THE THING (2011) 👽👽👽👽 - This film serves as the prequel to 1982's movie of the same title. Starring the badass Mary Elizabeth Winstead who is the new Sigourney Weaver fighting off monster aliens (Mary was also in 10 Cloverfield Lane) and I'm really liking her! I like the movie's premise, it was thrilling and absolutely horrifying! Although critics didn't really appreciate it, only gaining a 31% approval rating on rotten tomatoes, my only quibble is that they should have added some words to the title or changed the title altogether since it's predecessor was highly praised and we can't help but compare the two. I think there are still some questions as to how and where did the alien spacecraft come from in the beginning of the film, I'm perplexed! 👾👾👾👾👾👾👾👾👾👾👾👾👾👾👾 #thething #thething2011 #maryelizabethwinstead #joeledgerton #ericchristianolsen #horrorthriller #horror #prequel #moviereview #filmreview #dmoviebuff #cinephile #cinemalover #filmlover #movielover #motionpicture #watchingamovieisanexperience #ilovemovies #moviefan #moviecritic #moviefreak #moviegeek #moviebuff
Isle of Dogs 🐕 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️//⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ . . . #isleofdogs #bryancranston #koyurankin #ratings #filmreview #filmrating #ninthlegionproductions
THE FIRST PURGE #101SecondReview 🎥 {Check out my website for the whole video - Link in Profile} . SWIPE LEFT FOR WELSH REVIEW . . . #filmreview #film #moviereview #movie #movies #aledreviews #critic #cinema #cinephile #ilovecinema #ilovemovies #ilovefilm #cineast #review #films #welsh #cymraeg #purge #firstpurge #horror #blumhouse
James DeMonaco is back with his fourth instalment in this financial juggernaut of a franchise, this time it’s a prequel. The rise of the New Founding Fathers is tied to economic meltdown, over-population and wanting for simple answers in complicated times. As usual the film has its truly great moments, like when paid mercenaries dressed as the Klan slaughter everyone in African American church. But it’s also limited due to its budget and you never truly get the all-out Purge film you so desperately want. Still a great idea and almost 400 million combined at the box-office is proof enough. Never-ending #101WordReview ¦ #filmreview ¦ #film ¦ #moviereview ¦ #movie ¦ #aledreviews ¦ #critic ¦ #cinema ¦ #cinephile ¦ #ilovemovies ¦ #ilovefilm #cineast ¦ #poster ¦ #review ¦ #films ¦ #movies #purge #firstpurge #horror #blumhouse
Just finished. Def more of the expected follow up to #martyrs than The Tall Man. Not perfect by any means but enjoyed it (well as much as one can a film like this) one of the better #horrorfilms I have seen this year. #filmreview #pascallaugier
Lars and the Real Girl, directed by Craig Gillespie (2007) . 8/10 . In delightful fashion, Lars and the Real Girl takes a premise that could have so easily been simply too weird, even perverse, and turns it into something disarmingly tender and sweet. Lars is a damaged and severely introverted young man who seems to find social interaction nearly impossible—a constant worry for his brother and sister-in-law. That is, until he meets a girl on the Internet. A girl that happens to be a life-sized doll. Much of what keeps this film from tottering into the “too weird” territory is Ryan Gosling, whose performance is warm and tender and genuine, and just weird enough to be believable. It’s a straight performance with a wink, you could say. Lars is a lovable character, and his affliction—his delusion—is easy to forgive and play along with for this reason, which is felt among all the characters and is, in fact, a central theme. And though I found a small amount of the film’s words on mental health questionable (in a minor and unmemorable way), and the premise did continue to weird me out in small ways across the runtime, for the most part I was delighted and even amazed by what the story has to offer—its warmth, its optimism, its sweetness. And what interests me the most about this small, wonderful little film, is how it does walk the line between delight and “too weird.” It is undeniably strange, but some of the film’s deepest and most interesting questions and themes arise along that line: what are the boundaries of the love we feel for others, for ourselves, for whatever it is we love? What are we in relation to our communities when we cut ourselves off? Most important, what is there to be said about our personal realities, our inner worlds, and what right do any of us have to discredit the validity of another’s? #larsandtherealgirl #ryangosling #craiggillespie #cinema #cinephile #cinephilecommunity #movie #movies #moviebuff #moviecritic #moviereview #moviereviews #film #films #filmbuff #filmcritic #filmreview #filmreviews #filmcommunity
Trailer Review Below ⬇️ ===================================== Film 🎞: “Shazam!” Release Date ⏱: April 5th, 2019 Director 🎬: David F. Sandberg ===================================== I was VERY surprised by this trailer. As someone who hasn’t looked into the mythology and character of the hero, I’m shocked to say that I can’t wait to see his story come to film. It looks like a blast! I’m glad that Worlds of DC (was DCEU) is taking a tonal shift, and hopefully the execution works with the characters (unlike Justice League). Zachary Levi looks like he’s having the time of his life as this character, and so I’m very excited to see more than just glimpses of his childish performance on the big screen. The music choices work for the trailer, and hearing Kendrick Lamar’s “Humble” play a bit in the background was neat to listen to. I really like the concept so far, and hopefully the director executes it well. I’ve liked some of David F. Sandberg’s recents works (Lights Out and Annabelle: Creation), so I hope he continues his solid streak! That being said, it’s not perfect. Some of the dialogue came off as a bit cringy and forced. Some of the acting in this trailer isn’t that great, as well as some of the editing, which is normal for a trailer, but hey, I got to criticize. Overall, this looks like a blast to watch, and I hope the humor that wasn’t shown is just as funny as the humor in the trailer. Maybe this could be what Worlds of DC needs, cause this has the potential of being not only a great film, but the best WODC film yet. Can’t wait till April! ⚡️ ===================================== Trailer Grade ❗️: A- (85%) Anticipation 💥: 8.9 / 10 =====================================
Shark Week Day 1 Jaws What's left to say about Jaws?  The godfather of the summer blockbuster.  A film that literally changed the industry.  It's funny now how summer blockbusters or "popcorn" films get a reputation for being kinda just big and dumb "turn your brain off" type films but Jaws, the film that started it all, is anything but. An incredibly smart, tense, fun, scary, well written, fantastically acted, expertly scored, and brilliantly filmed movie where everything and everyone is operating at the highest level... except the mechanical shark which leads us to one of the greatest mistakes to ever happen in film history.  Most of you know that they famously could not get the mechanical shark to work which was supposed to be featured more heavily in the film.  Spielberg decided to change things up and hide the shark for most of the film which worked to an immensely suspenseful and frightening effect. But the film also has 3 of the finest actors playing absolutely great characters.  Hooper the young extremely intelligent well off shark acedmic gets pitted against Quint the old rugged shark hunter with untold experience.  The man stuck in the middle is Brody the chief of police who can't stand the water.  The 3rd act of this film which sees all 3 men hunkered down in the rickety old Orca boat is absolute perfection.  The whole below deck sequence from comparing scars, to the USS Indianapolis story, to the drunken singing is arguably one of the greatest scenes in cinema.  The film was a massive success and has become a cultural icon. It wasn't hyperbole when I said this film changed the industry.  From wide releases to the tentpole summer films, Spielberg ushered in a new era.  And while there were plenty of blockbuster imitators Jaws will forever stand tall as not only the first but still one of the best. Available on Amazon Prime. #horror #horrofanatic #horrorlover #horrorjunkie #horroraddict #horrorfan #horrorgram #horrorfilm #horrormovie #horrornerd #movieoftheday #moviereview #filmreview #instagram #instagood #instafilm #instahorror #horrorgeek #summer #jaws #shark #sharkweek #beach #vacation #shore #theshore #ocean #sea
You were never really here 2018. Brutal beautiful haunting film. Amazing sound track. Rate it. #youwereneverreallyhere #jauquinphoenix #filmreview #movie #greatfilm
TITOLO: Chi o sû nendo- Vampire clay ANNO: 2017 NAZIONE: Giappone REGIA: Sôichi Umezawa TRAMA: Un demone in plastilina tormenta e di conseguenza divora i residenti di una scuola d'arte tra le campagne giapponesi. VOTO: 6.5 #vampireay #jhorror #horror #film #movie #chiosunendo #filmreview #moviereview #soichiumezawa
Drown yourself in our new review of Don’t Worry He Won’t Get Far on Foot!(In theaters!) Does this emotional biopic draw the correct lines?! Pour some time out! (Link in profile) #thefilmguys #moviereview #moviebuff #filmcritic #filmreview #moviecritic #filmreviews #movie #movies #film #films #dontworryhewontgetfaronfoot #joaquinphoenix #jonahhill #jackblack
Indie movie 🎥 spotlight - “Stay in Your Place”, a urban romantic comedy about a married man’s infidelity based on the bestselling book "A Ho Needs to Stay in a Ho's Place". . . Written by Tonja Ayers, directed by Melissa Talbot and co-directed by Don Snipes, this independent film showcases Detroit’s best theatrical and production talent! . . For more information, please contact Tonja Ayers at (248) 973-7463 or email info@stayinyourplace.com. Follow on Instagram @stayinyourplacethemovie and Facebook https://www.facebook.com/stayinyourplace. Know more at www.StayInYourPlace.com. . . . #tonjaayers #stayinyourplace #stayinyourplacethemovie #critics #movies #movie #movieblog #movieblogger #film #filmmaker #films #cinema #movielover #filmfestival #moviecritic #filmcritic #filmblog #filmblogger #films #comedy #satire #actor #actress #detroit #writer #filmreview #moviereview #review #reviews
Legend of the Ancient Sword (2018) Release Date: October 1, 2018 Synopsis: Due to certain events, Yue Wuyi is forced to leave his small hometown. He goes in search of revered master Xie Yi, who will impart on him the magical secretsof Yan, and thus begins his journey of cultivation. Along the way he meets Wen Renyu, Xia Yize, Ah Ruan and company. They discover the schemes and conspiracies of Shen Ye, the grand priest of Liu Yue City. Together, the group of adventurers must face a series of dangers to defeat Shen Ye, and prevent a disaster from befalling the world Follow me @asia_movie_reviews for more #legendoftheacientsword #chinese #china #asia #fantasy #action #theatre #cinema #movie #film #hollywood #entertainment #media #bluray #dvd #tvshows #tv #steelbook #4k #preview #review #instamovies #production #cinematography
Dhadak Movie Review - Thoroughly entertaining 1st half , engrossing 2nd half and MIND BLOWING SHOCKING !! ENDING CLIMAX.. 8.5/10 Regards @mohitdathug Excellent performance by @janhvikapoor @ishaan95 ..must watch in theater Thanks @karanjohar for bringing this new jodi..#dhadak #dhadakmovie #moviereview #review #filmreview #instalike #instapic #picoftheday
The Purge (2013) Movie Review #thepurge #moviereview #jimbobtalksmovies (SPOILERS you have been warned). Have you ever heard about a film which has so much potential and just throws it all away? The Purge ladies and gentleman. Ethan Hawke and his family go into lockdown in their house when the yearly annual Purge commences. One night a year when all crime including murder is legal. I heard about this movie from a friend the year it came out and I was super pumped about the idea of it. It sounded really cool, crime is legal for one night and what do we get? Another slasher flick. I’m not saying The Purge is a bad movie, it’s not it was just disappointing, it doesn’t have to be Purge night for something like what happens in this movie to happen. It could be any other night. The idea behind the Purge had great potential and I was intrigued with the very premise of this film, but once I watched it, it’s basically your average slasher flick where one or more murderous psychopaths break into a house and try to kill the family. It would of been so much better if they actually showed the crime events happening out on the streets where all the action is instead of focusing on a single group of people trying to kill one family. What was incredibly frustrating about this movie was the complete dumb ass things characters would do, mainly the 2 kids. The son Charlie opens up the security doors to let a complete stranger in and consists to help this stranger throughout the film. Although the stranger turned out be an okay guy in the end. And the daughter Zoey seemed to care more for her boyfriend after he was shot rather than thinking of the fact that he literally just tried to kill her dad. Overall The Purge isn’t great, it is very well acted and Ethan Hawke is great which makes it s very watchable movie, there’s some creepy and violent scenes but it’s just wasted potential. The Purge gets 5️⃣.5️⃣/🔟 #instalike #instagram #movie #films #review #trailer #webstagram #jimbob #talks #movies #movieaddict #movietalk #moviefanatic #movielover #filmreview #moviereview #jimbobtalksmovies #thepurgejimbobtalksmovies #horrorfilmreviewsjimbobtalksmovies
Як я й очікувала, фільм мені не сподобався. Плюси: Том Хенкс та Емма Вотсон. Хороша акторська гра ще жоден фільм не зіпсувала) Атмосфера компанії. Все-таки режисерам вдалося її передати, принаймні під час прочитання я майже так і уявляла компанію. Мінусів для мене було більше. Склалося враження, що сценаристи вирішили зробити нарізку з найцікавіших моментів книги, але забули «склеїти» все як годиться. Якби я не прочитала книгу до перегляду фільму, я б думала, що: -книга про дівчину Мей із провінційного містечка, яка так мріяла про професійну реалізацію, що сп’яніла від успіху й скурвилася, як то частенько буває; -Енні не змогла пережити успіху Мей, от її і понесло; -Тей не ідейний засновник компанії, а один із гвинтиків механізму з назвою «Сфера». Фільм АБСОЛЮТНО не відповідає на запитання: чому відбулася трансформація з Енні, чому з Мессером трапилося те, що трапилося, що таке «повна прозорість», «завершеність» та низка інших моментів, які в книзі мають логічний розвиток? І ті ж сценаристи допустили помилку, змінивши кінцівку у фільмі. У книзі вона є фінальним штрихом до повної картини, а не залишає по собі ще більше запитань. Якщо описати враження від фільму метафорично, ви прийшли в шикарний мішленівський ресторан і вам подали класно оформлену страву. Але повар трішки забув посмажити м’ясо. І зварити гарнір. І соус в салаті чомусь мав дивний присмак. І вийшли ви з ресторану з повним нерозумінням, чи це так і повинно смакувати чи шеф-повар таки трохи теє-то-як-його. #сфера #irvik_movies #thecircle #movienight #tomhanks #emmawatson #booksvsmovies #daveeggers #filmreview
I really enjoyed this movie. Its a really nice, dry comedy, that I always enjoy. The soundtrack to this movie is perfect! I always crack up when a hard rap song comes on while these pasty nerds are on screen. Milton deserves better. Even though hes a psychopath. Office Space [1999]: ★★★★☆ 🎬@watchinmovies #watchinmovies #movie #review #moviereview #film #filmreview #bluray #dvd #movies #cinema #theater #movietime #films #filmbuff #cinema #dvds #blurays #dvdcollection #bluraycollection #moviecollection #moviecollector #officespace #comedy
REVIEW - Ghost Stories 👻😱😨 Ghost Stories is a British #anthology #horror movie in the vein of the classic 1960’s & 70’s #Amicus films. The film is written & directed by #AndyNyman & #JeremyDyson who adapted it from their own stage play. Writer & director Dyson is also known as the offscreen member of #TheLeagueofGentlemen . Andy Nyman also stars as the main character Professor Goodman who is the presenter of a TV show that debunks psychics. He is approached by his childhood hero Charles Cameron who was a paranormal investigator in the 1970’s to look into 3 cases that he unable to find answers to. The 1st has #PaulWhitehouse as a night watchman who is haunted by a young girl. The 2nd has #AlexLawther as a teenager who believes he is being hunted by something #evil he ran over & the last has #MartinFriedman who's house may have a #poltergeist . #GhostStories cleverly twists & turns the characters into different perspectives & settings to keep you from guessing the outcome of the story. The movie handled by far less talent could have been very dry & transparent, but Nyman & Dyson show their genius by delivering a chilling & #haunting film that will stay with you after you've left the cinema. You may still be able to catch a screening or wait for its release digitally, Blu-ray & DVD in August. ・ 🎙️📻 Hear me live every week on @TheSaturdayHours radio show 3pm GMT 7am PST 10am EST Listen in via the @tunein app, search for ElasticFM ・ #internetradioshow #filmreviewsandcultclassics #filmreview #MovieReview #podcast #movienight #outthisweek #radioshow #ghosts #horror #ghoststory @altitudefilmsales #devil #scary
Psh!  Talk about surreal!  This week, Robert, Ira, and Kristiina sit down with SORRY TO BOTHER YOU editor Terel Gibson to discuss the new quirky flick. Then, they talk about their top 5 evil corporate bosses. Listen for free through iTunes, Stitcher, or GooglePlay. If you listen closely, you might even make it to the power caller level... • • • #SorryToBotherYou #BootsRiley #LakeithStanfield #TessaThompson #TerryCrews #DebraGranik  #ArmieHammer #FilmReview #MovieReviewer #Reviewer #MovieReview #Top5 #iTunes #Podcast #Antiwave #Podcasts #Podcasting #Podcaster #Podcasters #PodcastLife #PodcastLove #PodcastShow #PodcastersOfInstagram #PodcastDay #PodcastHost #PodcastMovement #iTunesPodcast #Movie #Cinema #Film@iraheffler @CannonballDeath @lahackel @Sorry2BotherYou @BootsRiley
Hotel Artemis Review- 74% Hotel Artemis is one of the best action films of the summer. Packed to the brim with intense, thrilling scenes it's a must see for any thrill-seekers. The film puts the audience straight into the action and withholds the same dynamic throughout. There is a generous dosage of humour throughout- but the film does very well to ensure this does not affect the drama whatsoever. Furthermore, the utilisation of lighting and camera work make the whole film to be a masterpiece. Jodie Foster does an absolutely fantastic job as Nurse. Foster really encompasses all of Nurse's anxiety and passion to help people. Dave Bautista appears to be born to play Everest and who better to play a rich criminal mastermind than Jeff Goldblum. Sofia Boutella provides us with one of the most badass characters in cinematic history. Unfortunately, the film does fail to give us a tremendous amount of backstory or development on most of the characters- some may argue that it's a stylistic choice as many of the criminals would wish to keep themselves to themselves. But as I see it they chose to not overload the 94 minutes the film consisted of. The transitions between the riots and Nurse's everyday work via music was genius and although it is an overused method, it was given new life in this film. Overall, Hotel Artemis is a brilliant action/mystery film- if you're not squeamish. The way in which Beaus death is revealed, explaining Nurse's inner turmoils is ingenious and a well used piece of storytelling. As far as Crime/mysterys go - this one really steps up the game. * #supersundays #crime #mystery #action #thriller #filmreview #moviereview #filmreviews #moviereviews #film #movie #filmfan #moviefan #hotelartemis #jodiefoster #sofiaboutella #zacharyquinto #davebautista #sterlingkbrown #jeffgoldblum #nottingham #cineworld #cineworldunlimited #cineworldnottingham
Shazam (2019) Trailer #1 Trailer Thoughts #trailerreview #shazam #jimbobtalksmovies . Personally I know nothing about Shazam other than what I have seen in this trailer. I’ve never really cared for the character and I wasn’t remotely interested in a Shazam solo film...but after seeing this trailer, the past me can do one. This might just be the saving grace the DCEU needs, I was laughing during this trailer and Zachary Levi looks to be perfectly cast. This could be the best origin story we’ve seen in the DCEU so far and we might actually get to see this hero grow while discovering his powers. He doesn’t know what powers he has and it looks like the film will be a lot of trial and error before Shazam knows what he’s doing. Overall I am very excited for this Movies release next year. instalike #instagram #movie #films #review #trailer #webstagram #jimbob #talks #movies #movieaddict #movietalk #moviefanatic #movielover #filmreview #moviereview #jimbobtalksmovies #shazam #zacharylevi #trailerthoughtsjimbobtalksmovies
Dang I missed a lot yesterday. Warner Brothers has released the first official trailer for their upcoming film Godzilla: King of the Monsters. And holy crap, it looks epic. I am absolutely pumped for this movie. Did you see the new trailer? What'd you think of it? Let me know down below. #GodzillaKingOfTheMonsters #Movie #Movies #MovieReview #MovieNight #Film #FilmReview #Cinema #Awesome #Epic #Amazing #Hype #Fantastic #Good #Great #Fun #Premier #Yes #Action #Drama #Phenomenal #Outstanding #Spectacular #Excited #Poster #NewPoster
Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (12A) ¦ 2h8min ¦ Adventure SWIPE for Film Hog's review. Will this sequel go down in pre-history or as a Dino-disaster? Leave your thoughts in the COMMENT section below! . . . #jurassicworldfallenkingdom #jurassicworld #jurassicpark #universal #dinosaur #film #filmhog #filmcritic #filmreview #instafilm #movie #moviecritic #moviereview #instamovie #cinema #instagood #flick #instaflick #hogswash
NEW EPISODE ALERT! We talk parrot budgets and shark rap in this episode about one of our favorite bad movies - Deep Blue Sea. Check it out on iTunes, Stitcher, our website, or your favorite podcast app! #mnpodcast #filmreview #womenpodcasters #femalepodcaster #horrormovies #moviereview #deepbluesea #sharkmovie #movie #podcast #ladypodsquad #filmreviews #rosemarysladies
We have a new blog post on the website! Check out our latest film review for Man Up. Let us know what you think! https://www.cinebling.com/blog #movie #movies #film #tv #camera #cinema #fact #didyouknow #moviefacts #filmreviews #filmreview #moviereview #filmcritic #cinebling #moviejewellery #filmjewellery #blog #blogger #filmblog #movieblog #bloggers #blogging #bloggerlife #fantasy #adventure #action #actionfilm #comedy
Atmosphere evokes an abundance of dread and horror in “The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari,” a silent horror film made in Germany in 1920 that still has yet to meet its equal. The sheer audaciousness of Robert Wiene’s direction (German expressionism at its finest) commands the viewer’s attention immediately. Nearly one-hundred years old, Wiene’s splendid and extremely weird fright fest is a cornucopia of beautiful horrific images set to a formidable and exuberant score that mesmerizes beyond measure. With these qualities alone, without taking into consideration its narrative (which was well before its time), the film would still be something to behold. 🎬🎬🎥🎥 **** out of ****
Jaws:The Revenge-2.5/4 Synopsis: The family of widow Ellen Brody has long been plagued by shark attacks, and this unfortunate association continues when her son is the victim of a massive great white. In mourning, Ellen goes to visit her other son, Michael, in the Bahamas, where she meets the charming Hoagie Newcombe. As Ellen and Hoagie begin a relationship, a huge shark appears off the coast of the island, and Ellen's trouble with the great white begins again. This film is absolute shit, but it’s entertaining shit. It’s so stupid, you can’t help but laugh at the movie. The shark is at its fakest: you can see the pole the lifts the shark, wires inside its mouth, and it roars. Let me say that again: it ROARS. Not to mention that when you see the fin, you can see poles and wires under the fin. This film is terrible, but way more entertaining that Jaws 3. If you’re looking for a so bad it’s good movie, this is THE movie. To me, it’s my guilty pleasure. The only thing noteworthy is the soundtrack by Michael Small. It takes a unique spin on the classic theme song. It is truly better than the movie itself. #jaws #jawstherevenge #sobaditsgood #shark #filmreview #cinephile
[NEW REVIEW] "Scott Pilgrim Vs The World" (2010) ⭐⭐⭐⭐ . . Rating: PG-13 Genre: Action & Adventure, Comedy, Romance Runtime: 113 minutes . . REVIEW: This film is great. It’s easy-going, fun, silly – all the ingredients for a great time at the cinema. (Or as the case may be, a great night in at home!) Michael Cera plays the easily-likable Scott Prilgrim. As with many of Michael Cera’s characters, he’s a bit socially awkward but endearing just the same. An unlikely hero it might seem but proves to be a gallant one nonetheless. Scott must fight off new girl, Ramona Flowers’ 7 evil exes in a series of hilarious slapstick fights. The whole film is set up like a video game, giving it a very unique quality from the get-go. It’s very cool. The film is funny from start to finish and never takes itself seriously. The whole film is fast-paced and an utterly enjoyable. Never a dull moment with fantastic visuals right the way through. Edgar Wright has brought the world a very inventive and creative film that I’m sure was a lot of fun to make. The editing above all else for me was marveling. A definite should-see. . . #moviereview #movies #movienight #movieday #blog #blogger #blogpost #films #filmreview #review #girlfriends #band #muscian #videogame #games #battle #action #comedy #romance #michaelcera #edgarwright
Après 14 ans d’attente, la famille aux superpouvoirs la plus attachante de l’écurie Pixar revient sur le devant de la scène ! Non sans difficultés puisque les super-héros n’ont plus, dans ce 2ème volet de la franchise, le droit d’opérer. Mais c’était sans compter le lobbying d’un homme d’affaire puissant pour les réhabiliter... Dans cette suite dynamitée, Madame (Elastigirl) reprend du service pendant que Monsieur est au foyer, la crise d’adolescence de Violette pointe le bout de son nez, et bébé Jack-Jack développe de nouveaux dons sans pouvoir les contrôler. On retrouve dans les « Indestructibles 2 », tous les ingrédients et les personnages qui ont fait le succès du premier. Avec une touche bien sentie de féminisme et de modernité. Bien joué ! #lesindestructibles2 #theincredibles2 #pixarmovie #pixar #cartoon #moviereview #film #movie #filmreview #filmcritique #cinema #cinephile #instareview #instamovies #pitchmebaby
Movie review for Silver Linings Playbook I’ve heard a lot of hype around this movie in recent years. And it’s taken me ages to finally watch it. So glad I did as well. David O’ Russel I’ve had a pretty reasonable opinion on because I quite enjoy American Hustle and I think I Heart Huckabees is very uniquely weird. He’s a director that’s quite impressed me so far. I don’t think he’s incredible or anything but his style is very easily noticed. There’s something about his films that feels very highly focused on the meaningful conversations, and I really like that because it feels like there’s never a dull moment. And honestly, I think this is the best film I’ve seen by him. Let’s talk about these performances. While there were really good editions to the cast like Jacki Weaver, Chris Tucker and Shea Whigram, the main 3 are what stand out the most and really quite amazed me. Starting off, Robert De Niro was fantastic here. Like, way better than I thought he’d be. While he has been a bit off the rails with his films lately (but I am very much looking forward to The Irishman) and hasn’t impressed me much in recent memory, this is a incredibly memorable and heartfelt performance. And he teared up during a scene that wasn’t even scripted, which I think shows how great he is as an actor. I really hope to see him in more like this because he’s a terrific actor and I want him back at that level. This gives me hope though because I think this performance was just so great. Bradley Cooper was at his very best here. And between this and The Place Beyond The Pines are his best performances. That movie will always hold a special place in my heart and I adore his performance in that. This one felt a lot more outspoken though because O’ Russel relies highly on dialogue. There’s also the fact that this character is bipolar and basically has no filter, so he talks a lot. I like Cooper’s dedication to this performance and making it accurate to the disorder, but also to making it feel very humanising on top of that. His feelings come from a place we all feel sometimes, and the difference is he says it. (CONTINUED IN COMMENTS)
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