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Te echaré de menos ❤❤
Portrayed by @ashleybenson hope you like this hahaha 😂 I already did , hiccup , astrid , Heather and Snotloud go check them out on my page ❤️ #httydfandom #httyd #fanfiction #astridhofferson #hiccstridkiss #hiccstrid #hiccstridlove #hiccuphaddock #astridandhiccup #hiccstrid4ever #hiccstridfanfiction #httyd3 #httyd2 #rtte #fishlegsingerman #fishlegs #edit #ashleybenson
《Lena's Sicht》 Hat das Mike auch gesehen... Das ist doch jetzt nicht wirklich passiert. Waaaaas zum fick ist mit Melina los? Ich guckte zu Mike der mich mit seinen großen blauen geschockten Augen an sah. Lena:,,Ich sehe was, was du ebenfalls siehst und das ist Blond und dunkel Blond." Mike:,,Sollte ich kotzen oder es mir verkneifen und dann auf Keanu kotzen..." Lena:,,Wieso? Freu dich doch für dein besten Freund. Das ist doch ganz- Mike:,, Das ist doch einfach nur zum kotzen." Ich merkte wie Mike wütend wurde... und es gab nur eine Sache die ihn wieder zum Mike machte. Musik. Musik ist die Lösung also holte ich aus meiner Hosentasche mein Handy und die Kopfhörer, die völlig verknotet waren. Mike guckte mich an und lachte süß. Mike:,,Du weißt ganz genau was mich aufrecht hält. Danke." In den Moment als ich bitte sagen wollte umarmte er mich. Und mir kam dieser Mike Duft in die Nase. Es stank nicht, nein sein Geruch war angenehm sehr sogar. Nach ein paar Sekunden lösten wir uns von einander.. Da ich mal wieder zu dumm war und die Kopfhörer frei zu machen, half er mir. Aber anstatt dass er mir ein Kopfhörer gab, machte er erst meine Braunen Haare hinter mein Ohr, und steckte mir den Kopfhörer in meinem Ohr. Das alles machte er so sanft das ich an meinem ganzen Körper Gänsehaut bekam. 《Mike's Sicht》 Naja Lena ist ja eigentlich auch ganz süß. Ich merkte das sie Gänsehaut bekam und nicht nur das sondern auch leichte rote Wangen... #teamsinger #Mikesinger #Keanurapp #Fanfiction #fanpage
Taennie romance terus aaa 😭😭💘💘💘 - #blackpink #bts #blackbangtan #shipper #story #fanfiction #blink #army #kpop
Lisa sama kookie mah ga bisa romantis 😂😂😂 - #blackpink #bts #blackbangtan #shipper #story #fanfiction #blink #army #kpop
Where did this photo come from? I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a hotter visual. Side note, there’s a new chapter of #KitchenKisses up ... but does anyone care???
(A/N:Thank you guys for 900!!! We’re so close to 1k! Once we hit 1k I will do my face reveal. Here’s another gif imagine...I know a lot of you love them and I’m sorry I haven’t done a different type or longer story, I just haven’t been super inspired To write really long imagines. However I know there will be some eventually. Thank you again!💓😊) ————————— ~Tags~ #tomholland #spiderman #avengers #infintywar #edit #like #imagine #gif #fanfiction #tomhollandfans #peterparker #spidermanhomecoming #fanaccount #marvel ————————— Follow @xohollandox for more imagines! Requests, DMs and tellonym open
9: You sprinted as fast as you possibly could. Why were they at the police station? Actually… Why did they want you to come get them? *At police station* You: Emilio? Iván? Why are you here? Officer: They were caught physically fighting each other. Emilio: You know it’s Iván’s fault, right? He punched me first- You: Are you little kids?! Do you expect me to act like your mother?! I don’t care who started, but it really matters who finishes it. Iván: I was about to finish it with a single whack to my brother’s face, but, rather than being in my brother’s face, I found my hands in cuffs. You rolled your eyes, facepalming. You: What about your reputation? Emilio: Oh, gosh… I didn’t even think about that… Iván: Hey, Mr Officer, please cover this up from the public. Also, my brother and I have decided to not press charges against each other. Someone is here to pick us up, so I’ll be off. I hope to never see you or this police station again. Iván stood up, smiling at the officer. Soon enough, he had left the station. You: I really, REALLY can’t even stand him! Ugh! *Back at work* You: Please! Please! You knelt down at one of the managers’ feet, begging her. You couldn’t stand having to see the twins in trouble because of you. When you first got the job, you thought you could stand it, but you came to realise that every single second you spent with the twins, the closer they got to the edge of another cliff. You didn’t want to watch the twins fall again. Manager: I’m sorry but look at the contract. The contract you had signed earlier was passed to you. It specified that you had to work for at least a year before you could terminate the contract. You sighed, slumping against a wall. *Emilio’s POV* I walked into one of the offices to the sound of sobbing. Me: Who is it? Are you okay? I looked around the dark room for a bit, until I found the light switch. As light wept through the room, I saw a girl, who I identified as our editor, y/n, crying in the corner of the room. I, immediately ran over to her, wrapping her in my arms. Unfortunately, out the corner of my eye, I saw Iván enter… ~ 💖More?💖
I didnt double check so probably alotta mistakes. I just wanted to get this posted ASAP. - Inspired by my 2 favorite fanfics in ao3: House of Memories by nurseholiday & Pieces of my Heart by LazyDaizy. - - {#bugheadstalesimyours } - - - - #riverdale #choni #bughead #varchie #falice #beronica #barchie #cherylblossom #bettycooper #tonitopaz #jugheadjones #veronicalodge #archieandrews #kevinkeller #sprousehart #thecw #colesprouse #lilireinhart #madelainepetsch #caseycott #vanessamorgan #camilamendes #kjapa #strangerthings #fanfiction #riverdaleau #lfl #fff #netflix
Nia’s abduction naturally had James in a rage of fury on a path of destruction that had the brothers circling up like a pack of savage, blood thirsty wolves on a hunt seeking vengeance. None of the women were allowed to go outside The Ranch for their own safety & that left Nova feeling the most scared and helpless. She & Nia bickered and picked at each other’s differences but at the end of the day, they were twins & knew one another inside and out. It was true that Nova was well protected by Bubby & all his brothers but Nova knew a few son’s of bitches herself that she was going to call in. She & Nia weren’t the only set of twins in their family. They also had a set of twin big brothers. Nova paced the kitchen floor waiting for Daryl to pick up the other end. “Nova, what trouble did you tangle yourself up into now? You only reach out when I’ve got to sort something out” he greeted. “That’s not true” she said shaking her head. “Oh, then tell me baby sis, you ringing my phone cause’ you forgot Mamma’s Baked Beans recipe? Or is it that you give two shits what I’m up to?” He asked peeking threw the blinds to check the weather because he already knew he was going to be traveling up her way. Nova didn’t have it in her to argue or laugh. She was terrified. “Nia’s been kidnapped, Daryl. She needs you. I need you.” She said patting her heart. “Come again? “ Daryl asked in a heated tone. “She’s been kidnapped, Daryl” she repeated. “I heard you the first damn time. I want to know how that came to be, Nova? How did Nia slip threw the cracks of that beastly defense you brag about?“ he spat now in his own worry. “Daryl, I’m scared and I know Nia...” she trailed off unable to fathom what fear Nia must be enduring. “Lay low & stay in the damn house. I’m on my way...” he assured.... #fanfiction #writersofinstagram #storyteller #poppyparker #daryldixon #normanreedus #barbie #onesixthscale #dollstagram #dollsphotography #barbiegram
“Kadınların haklarını yerine getirme husûsunda Allâh’tan korkunuz! Zîrâ siz onları Allâh’ın bir emâneti olarak aldınız.”💕 . ⤵⤵⤵Daha fazlası için⤵⤵⤵ @ehli_rayyan @ehli_rayyan @ehli_rayyan @ehli_rayyan @ehli_rayyan
She fianlly has a home. ☺️ ➖ 🔸Chapter: three 🔸Name: yellow ➼ camren 🔸Author: txrches 🔸Status: finished → 26 ch. + epilogue — 🔹Sequel: blue ➼ camren + green ➼ camren ➖ #wattpadcamren #wattpad #fanfiction #camren #norminah #fifthharmony #ot5 #ot4 #camilacabello #laurenjauregui #dinahjane #normanikordei #allybrooke #psatour #nbtstour #pride
Part 10/13 AAA I love cliffhangers!! I’m really excited to show you guys the next part but beware as it gets pretty heckin emotional (~_~;) • • • • #phan #phanfic #phanfiction #fanfiction #phandom #dan #phil #danhowell #phillester #danielhowell #danisnotonfire #amazingphil #tatinof #tabinof #ii #interactiveintroverts #dapg #dapgo #emotional #lovestory #confusinglove #blissfullyphan #partten #sad #emotional
Chapter 8 ~ love on the edge Astrid’s pov: Hiccup was right he told the truth But how could I forget this ? „Astrid do you believe me now?“ he asked But first I didn’t answer I just looked at him He was suprised but I didn’t know why „Yes“ I mumbled and he was happy „But I can’t forget this...“ I said and his face change into sad again „Astrid please I Love You...“ He said „Do you love me?“ he asked I didn’t know what to reply Do I Love him ? „I don’t know“I said and he was shocked he obviously thought I was going to say yes ...“Hiccup where were you? Where were you as I almost died in the forest ? Where were you?“ I asked „I was searching for you everywhere ! I didn’t find you!“ He said and looked away „Never mind...“ I mumbled and He looked at me again „I don’t know if I can be with you after this ...“ I said and he looked more shook „Astrid..“He began „no hiccup .... I think I think I need some time to think...“ i said and he slowly stood up It looked like he wanted to say something but he just walked out What now? Astrid are You stupid ?!!! You love hiccup!!! No ... he hurted you the most!!!!! But true love is complicated !!! And pain is always with love!!! There were two voices in my head telling me this and this but what do I want?? „UGH I don’t know!!“ I said and grabbed a pillow and put in on my face Hiccup’s pov: After I left Astrid’s hut I was shocked „I think I lost her...“ I said to toothless and he looked at me shocked and sad We walked through the village and a lot of people asked me about astrid but I didn’t answer once I walked in the forest and laid on the grass „I should have found her in the forest!!! I lost her...“ I mumbled • • There will be one more chapter and then will this crazy , wild story end 😂❤️ #httydfandom #httyd #fanfiction #astridhofferson #hiccstridkiss #hiccstrid #hiccstridlove #hiccuphaddock #astridandhiccup #hiccstrid4ever #hiccstridfanfiction #httyd3 #httyd2 #rtte
Ok but yall how can someone be such a pure smol bean
Read my first part of my first wattpad story I'll treat you better, Queen! Thank you so much!❤ @shawnmendes #shawn #shawnmendes #mendesarmy #wattpad #fanfiction
Ambers Sicht: /in ihrem Traum/ A:"Palle bitte warte Doch! Ich kann es dir erklären!!!" P:"Amber Nein. Vergiss es! Du hast mich von Anfang an belogen! Jetzt lass mich gehen!" A:"So einen perfekten Jungen wie dich gehen zu lassen ist unmöglich.. Palle ich kann doch nichts dafür!! Aber ich liebe dich.. Immer noch genauso wie am Anfang unserer Beziehung.." P:"Nein.. Das hör ich mir nicht mehr länger an. Geh jemand anderen verarschen!", schrie er. A:" Bitte.. geb mir noch einen Kuss.. den letzten.. dann verschwinde ich für immer aus deinem Leben..", sagte ich traurig. /wieder bei Palle/ Palles Sicht: A:"Bitte.. geb mir noch einen Kuss.. den letzten.. dann verschwinde ich für immer aus deinem Leben.. Wie du es dir wünschst.." Ich hab ihr einen Kuss und sie wachte auf, aber anstatt sich zu wehren erwiderte sie ihn. P:"Alles okay? Hattest du einen Alptraum?",und ich streichelte über ihre Wange. A:"Ja.. Ich hab geträumt, dass ich dich mit irgendwas angelogen habe.. Ich weiß nicht mehr was, aber.. aber du wolltest gehen einfach so.. mich verlassen.." P:"Amy, ich würde dich niemals verlassen. Selbst wenn du den größten scheiß der Welt baust, selbst wenn du fremdgehen würdest.. dafür liebe ich dich zu sehr.. Du bist mein Leben Amy.",ich sah ihr tief in die Augen und sie wurde rot. Ich lächelte sie an und sagte: P:" Komm, ich pass auf dich auf und du schläfst hier in Ruhe. Wenn irgendwas sein sollte, weck mich einfach." Ich gab ihr einen Kuss auf die Wange und wir legten uns hin. Sie legte ihren Kopf an meine Brust und schlief langsam ein.. -Wie süß kann man nur sein?.. Sie ist so perfekt womit hab ich sie verdient?-, und ich schlief auch langsam ein. /Zeitsprung 31.12.2017, 15 Uhr/ Ambers Sicht: A:"Mama!!!", rannte ich zur Tür mit offenen Armen. AM:"Naaa, Süße. Wie geht's? Ich hoffe ihr habt keine scheiße gebaut.." Plötzlich umarmte mich jemand langsam von hinten. -Palle.. hat so warme und sanfte Hände..- AM:"War doch nur ein Spaß. Dein Vater kommt heute Abend gegen 8 und bringt viel zum Ballern mit.", ich nickte. Sie ging ins Wohnzimmer um Emma und Maurice zu begrüßen. ⬇️ #pallefanfiction #paluten #palle #palleff #ff #dado #fanfiction #palutenff #paledde #palette
BTS FMV - One Direction / BEST SONG EVER❤❤ ~ ~ ~ DIRECTIONERS , WHERE YOU AT ? ~ #bts #bangtansoyeondan #bangtan #1d #onedirection #fmv #Fanfiction #musicvideo #mv #infiresgurl #btsmv #btsfmv #ARMY #DIRECTIONER
•chapter 1• Car Accident 4 am |buZzzzZzzzzZzz| My phone went off. I groan and turn it off Y/N: Corbyn get up! Corbyn:Fine... He got up and I hugged him good morning Y/N:I wish you didn't always travel all the time I miss hugging you😭 Corbyn:I know... Corbyn kissed me and I kissed back Corbyn:your coming on tour with us...😍 Y/N:OFC!😚😍 I go pack 4 suitcases 2 of clothes 2 of makeup and I bring like 16 bags and sneakers slides heels etc. I also have my phone charger computer and all that stuff for school.•on the bus• I started to sing one of my Songs And I forgot they didn't know I sang Y/N: She was a rose in the hands of those who had no intention of keeping her she got torn and heart broken she started to cut... I started to tear up and cry Zach: wow depressing... Corbyn: I didn't know you sing... Y/N: yea all my songs are depressing... Daniel gave me a hug. Y/N: Thanks Daniel 25 likes for more... #corbynbessonfanfiction #fanfiction #Wdw #wdwfanfiction
I took a long time for this edit!💗 My Edit!💄 - Like and comment!😇 - Have a good time❣ - #edits #fanedit #fanfiction #hash #like4like #featurethis #featureme #fo #follow4follow #bestpic #pretty #l4l #f4f #Loveislove #Muser #Privat #Different #Move   #Deutschland #Austria #Filter #❤😊❤ @madelame @madelame @madelame @madelame
Heyaaa!! Alright so this fic is one of my absolute favs, it has everything. There’s angst, smut, thrill, crime, and Sam! I would definitely recommend it and you’ll find the link to it in the comments. I love y’all and sorry I’ve kinda not been around much, I’ll make up for it❤️ -Kajol #fanfiction #fanfic #samwinchester #sam #cas #castiel #castiel #castielnovak #destiel #destielfluff #destielfanfic #deanwinchester #destieliscanon #Destiel #destielfanfics #fanfic #ship #otp #twistandshout #jensenackles #mishacollins #jaredpadalecki #au #alternateuniverse #destielficrecs #cockles #jenmish #cocklesfluff
Yes, it has a few typos. Yes, there are a couple of formatting issues I will address next time I upload a manuscript. Yes, the writing can be better. But that's my name on the cover, and I couldn't be happier. You can read The Angels' Notes for free on Wattpad (without the issues above, they were edited out after I submitted the MS. Oops!) by using the link in my bio. Alternatively, it's also on fanfiction.net: search 'The Angels' Notes' under the 'Plays/Musicals - Phantom of the Opera' category. #bookish #amwriting #bookproof #proofcopy #createspace #phantomoftheopera #alternateending #firstbook #notforsale #wattpad #fanfiction
Intro+Chapter 1 Y/n-your name Y/m-your mum Y/d-your dad Y/b-your brother - Y/n-15 Finn-16 Sadie-16 Millie-15 Noah-15 Jack15 (More characters will be introduced later on in the story.) - You have always wanted to be an actor so when you heard Drake! Was holding auditions out to the public for a teen girl to be in his music video, you KNEW you had to give it a shot and audition. - Y/n:MUM! You shouted calling out from your room. Y/m:yes! Y/n: please come here, I need to ask you something! Y/m: coming! Your mum walks into your room and sits on her bed. Y/n:soooo... I was wondering if you would let me audition to be in Drake’s new music video. I read the description of the role and I will be wearing makeup if I get it and an outfit with small boot heels. I need to send in an audition ASAP so I can get a better shot at getting it. Y/m: well... sure, you can audition.. just don’t get your hopes up to high Y/n:OMG YAY ok, can you record me while I act? Y/m:Ye sure Your mum grabs the camera and starts recording. After 30 minutes of perfecting your audition you send it through to Drake’s company. You have been waiting for a response all day but you haven’t gotten a response yet so you just get ready and go to sleep. You wake up in the morning to your phone beeping ALOT. You get out of bed and walk up to your phone and pick it up, what you see shocks you. - - - I hope you enjoyed this chapter 🙂 Next chapter up tomorrow. Spam comments if you liked it 🤗. This story is a Finn x reader. But when will you meet Finn ? Soon? 😂maybe. - Tags💓⬇️ @finnwolfhardofficial @netflix #fanfic #fanfics #finnwolfhardfanfic #fanfiction #finnwolfhardfanfiction #strangerthings #strangerthingsfanfiction #itfanfiction #strangerthingsanditfanfiction #finnfanfic @strangerthingstv
So bad news. I’ve been taken to hospital again because I passed out and wasn’t waking up. I’m awake now but I’m I’m still really unwell. The good news is I might not have to stay in hospital. I might be discharged within a few hours I might have to stay a few days. I don’t know at the moment. I kinda knew this would happen because I’m an actual dumbass and didn’t listen to my doctor. I’ll be alright I’m just not feeling good and I’m in loads of pain. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - #minyoongi #kimseokjin #kimnamjoon #junghoseok #parkjimin #kimtaehyung #jeonjungkook #seokjin #jin #namjoon #yoongi #suga #hoseok #jhope #jimin #fanfic #taehyung #jungkook #fanfiction #kookie #bts #bangtan #bangtansonyeondan #btsmemes #meme #babyboy #kpop #music
This is my Tokyo Ghoul Oc.. Her name is Ummi Binti Mohsein.. She a quarter ghoul.. She appear in fanfiction tittled Fallen Butterfly.. But please.. Dont flame since my grammar is aweful... And... A bit soft bxb. #ummi #ummibintimohsein #fanfiction #fallenbutterfly #tokyoghoul #tokyoghouloc #originalcharacter #quarterghoul #airaaura #aira_aura14 #iranordiana #digitalart #illustration
Here's to a hope that you @imsebastianstan are having a good day and you're surrounded by people who love you for who you are.
*Di’s POV* Claro que o descanso foi de pouco tempo... 😂 Esperanza está a cada dia mais inquieta e agora que começou a andar ninguém a para... Adoro ver como ela tem energia para dar e vender 😁 mas confesso que dá um trabalho bem grande, sempre preciso estar com um olho no que estou fazendo e outro nela... até agora não era assim eu deixava Esperanza na cadeirinha assistindo tv e preparava a jantar tranquilamente mas agora já não tenho essa possibilidade é só eu olhar pra outra coisa que ela já está fazendo das dela 😂😂 .... Di- Esperanzaaaa! Aí meu Deus que ela vai cair, 💭e tenho o comer a fazer vai queimar tudo.... (desliguei o fogão e fui correndo mais uma vez que nosso jantar fica a meio 😬😂😂) .... 😬😬😬 (meu coração veio parar na ponta do pé quando a vi em cima de Kira😧).... após aquele incidente ela não subiu mais em Kira e brincou tanto com ela que terminou adormecendo! Mas mal eu sabia que após o jantar tinha energia de novo para dar e vender 😬😬😬💓 #sims4family #simsstories #simstoddler #simsfamily #maecoruja #fanfic #fanfiction #sims4story
The kids in Derry, chapter 2 - Richie: Actually yes Bowers: Wasn’t talking to you idiot. Richie: Go fuck your dad Eddie: Shut up Richie. Bowers: Whatever *he walks away* Richie: Eddie stop trying to act cool Eddie: When was I trying to act cool Richie: Just now Eddie: SINCE WHEN Richie: NOW Eddie: GET YOUR FUCKING FACTS RIGHT. Richie punches Eddie, then they get into a fight Bill: BREAK IT UP YOU ASSHATS Bev: I’ll make a deal with you guys if you break it up Eddie: YES PLEASE Richie: Fuck you Eddie Eddie: No thanks. Richie: Whatever. Bill: How about we all come over to my house and chill. Richie: Sure Okay You get to Bills house and sit in a circle in his room Bev: Want to play a game? Stan: How about truth or dare? Everyone: Okay. Bev: Okay I’ll go first, Eddie truth or dare? Eddie: Truth Bev: Do you like someone? Eddie: what if I don’t want to answ- Richie: Why would he like someone he’s a flipping germaphobe. Eddie: Shut up Richie, anyways I said what if I don’t want to answer Bill: Ooh someone has a crush. Stan: Do a dare? Bill: I dare you, Eddie, to kiss one of the girls in this room. Richie: Again he’s a germaphobe, why would he do that. Eddie: Uhm Okay And shut up Richie He looks at you then at Bev then back at you Eddie: ... TBC - #stfanfic #itfanfic #finnwolfhard #noahschnapp #gatenmatarazzo #calebmclaughin #sadiesink #milliebobbybrown #jaedenlieberher #jackdylangrazer #sophialilis #wyattoleff #story #strangerthings #fanfiction
So this is what happens when I get obsessed with a fanfiction 😂 Also this stays one of my fave sq scenes of all time ❤️ dt: @sq.universe because it’s her birthday 😍 HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABE 🎂 #ouat #onceuponatime #oncers #ouatfandom #love #swanqueen #ship #otp #season2 #emmaswan #savior #reginamills #madamemayor #evilqueen #jennifermorrison #lanaparrilla #fanfiction #thestaircase #edit #blndtag
#kapitel6 ...Ich ging aufs Klo und wollte gerade wieder zur Klasse gehen als plötzlich jemand mich packte und auf die Jungs Toilette zog. Ich wollte schreien doch die Person hielt meinen Mund zu. Ich drehte um und sah in seine Augen. Ich stöhnte auf und verschränkte meine Arme vor der Brust. „Nana du stöhnst nur unter mir babe!“😏😉 ich schaute ihn geschockt an und wollte was sagen doch er legte einen Finger auf meinen Mund und nähert sich meinem Gesicht. „ du wirst früher oder später noch zu mir kommen und mich anflehen dich durchzunehmen. „Pah das werden wir ja sehen Singer“ ich ging ein Schritt von ihm weg,drehte mich um und warf meine Haare nach hinten. Ich ging raus und bewegte extra meine Hüfte und lief dann ins Klassenzimmer. *Mikes Sicht* Sie warf mir ihre Haare ins Gesicht und lief dann arschwackelt raus. Ich biss mir auf die Lippe und haute mit voller Wucht gegen die Wand. Oh Mann was macht dieses Mädel nur mit mir? Ok Mike nicht schwach werden du hast eine Wette am laufen. Ich darf meinen Titel als fuckboy nicht wegen ihr verlieren. Jedes Mädchen macht was ich will und wenn nicht dann wird sie bestraft. Und Mila würde ich echt gerne bestrafen, wenn sie so weiter macht wird es auch nicht mehr lange dauern. Ich muss schon zu geben, von all den Mädchen die ich schon hatte ist sie die hübscheste und sie hat dazu noch den geilsten Arsch🤤 sie sieht echt Extrems geil aus und hübsche Mädchen gehören nunmal zu mir... #fanfiction #mikiboysff3 Weiter ab 35 Kommis ❤️
«Quando si girò, per poco non gli venne un infarto. Denise Cooper entrò nella stanza, in tutta la sua stupenda bellezza. Sembrava una Dea – una meraviglia della natura che lui avrebbe tanto voluto ammirare per il resto dei suoi giorni. Quel vestito le fasciava le forme morbide in maniera impeccabile, la scollatura dritta le esaltava il seno, per non parlare del suo viso delicato impreziosito dal trucco leggero che le metteva in risalto gli occhi luminosi e le labbra invitanti. Era da mozzare il fiato – l'abito le stava alla perfezione e lui non riusciva a staccarle gli occhi di dosso, lo trovava praticamente impossibile.» And then I met You ~ Capitolo 14. Something unexpected - Parte 3 #katebeckinsale #perfectwoman #woman #women #beautiful #sexy #hairstyle #hot #fashion #beautifuleyes #beauty #beautifulwoman #mcu #marvel #tonystark #theavengers #fanfiction #wattpad #wattpaditalia #wattpadstory #angst #love #writing #fanwriter #fanwriting #fanwrite #story #writers #instatag4likes #instalike Follow us: -@katebeckinsalefansno1 Via: @polly_stark Thank you so much !
@ashleighmareeross IM SO PROUD OF YOU BABYYYY!!! for everyone who doesn’t know, Ashi has Crohn’s disease which is a really painful bowel disease, and it means that every now and then she has to go to hospital to get medicated. Today, she’s officially been diagnosed for a year! Oh, I also forgot to mention that she’s one of the best dancers out there, and one of the most inspiring people you’ll ever meet/see. If you’re reading this Ashi, you’re the strongest person I know and I’m so proud of you for fighting back! I love you soo much 💞 @ashleighmareeross
Rowdy exists On his own ROWDY TERMS....✊🤘 SPEAK UP. RISE UP. STAND UP. BE ROWDY Www.rowdyclub.in #speakup_ #riseup_ #standup_ #rowdy #3 #hours #rowdy #firstdayofsummer #drop #lovely #clothes #merchandise #meet #vijaydevarakonda #fanfiction #club #hatersgonnahate
The kids in Derry, chapter 1 - Stan: Y/n wake up before dad comes and- You: I’m up! I’m up! You get ready and leave for school Stan: How’d you sleep You: Good I guess You walk into someone Bowers: Watch it loser You: What? Victor: Your out of the group loser Belch: And so you you Stan. Stan: Whatever, let’s go y/n You and Stan walk to class, nothing happened it was just boring *After school* Stan: I’m going to go to the beach, wanna come? You: Sure! You guys walk to the beach and splash around in the water. A group of kids stare at you guys. Suddenly a huge wave comes and forcefully pushes you down, causing you to choke. You start to cough really badly. Stan brings you out of the water. Stan: Look at me, don’t worry I’m going to get help You: I n-need my i-inhaler. Stan: Shit we forgot it. You cough even more after you spoke, then the group comes to you and Stan. Boy 1: Is she okay? Boy 2: NO RICHIE SHE ISN’T OKAY DOES SHE LOOK LIKE SHE IS? Richie (Boy 1): Jeez calm down Ed’s Eddie (Boy 2): DON’T CALL ME ED’S Boy 3: What happened to her? Stan: A wave pushed her down and she choked on sea water and we forgot her inhaler. Eddie: Wait *He goes and comes back* Eddie: Here she can use mine Stan: Thanks *Taking it and giving it to you* You use it Five minutes later you stop coughing. You: Thanks for helping Richie: Wow she can speak You glare at him Boy 3: Shut the fuck up trashmouth Richie: No can do Bill. Bill: Whatever (btw Bill doesn’t stutter in this fanfic) Girl: We should introduce ourselves, I’m Beverly, Bev for short, that’s Eddie the boy that helped, that’s Richie the idiot that can’t stop talking and this is Bill. *She points to every single one of them* You: Well hi, I’m y/n and that’s Stan Bowers: Looks like the losers found new friends. What are you, a loser club? TBC - #stfanfic #itfanfic #finnwolfhard #noahschnapp #gatenmatarazzo #calebmclaughin #sadiesink #milliebobbybrown #jaedenlieberher #jackdylangrazer #sophialilis #wyattoleff #story #strangerthings #fanfiction
Teil 76 - Lea Meine Güte war ich heiß auf ihn. Es fühlte sich absolut richtig an mich Samu in dieser Art und Weise zu nähern. Ich vertraute ihm über alle Maßen. Als er meinen BH derartig schnell öffnete, blieb mir die Luft kurz weg. Hatte er wohl schonmal Sex? Eigentlich hatte ich gehofft, dieses Erlebnis mit ihm teilen zu können, doch ich wusste fast nichts von ihm. Mir war es auf einmal unangenehm, auch wenn ich Samu gegenüber ganz abgebrüht tat. Liebevoll gab ich ihm einen Kuss und versuchte meine Gedanken dadurch zu verdrängen. Vergebens! Ich sprang von Samus Schoß und schnappte meine Sachen "Hab ich was falsch gemacht? Es tut mir leid", sagte er flehend und stand mit seinem nackten Oberkörper vor mir, während ich mich wieder anzog. "Lea, rede doch mit mir", flüsterte er. "Es tut mir leid Samu, ich kann das noch nicht", warf ich schnell ein. Ich wollte gerade gehen, da hielt er mich am Arm und zog mich wieder zu sich "Was ist denn? Sag es mir und ich werde dir versprechen mich zu bessern. Egal was es ist." Ich wusste nicht, ob ich es ihm sagen sollte oder lieber nicht. Er würde mir sowieso nicht die Wahrheit sagen, wäre er noch Jungfrau, schließlich war er dafür doch viel zu cool. "Lea, bitte sprich doch mit mir. War dir das zu schnell?", fragte er ruhig. "Kann ich dir vertrauen?", er nickte. "Wirst du mir immer die Wahrheit sagen", wieder nickte er. "Samu, bist du noch Jungfrau?" Wie angewurzelt blieb er stehen und sah mich mit offenem Mund an. "Ok, ist klar", winkte ich ab und wollte gerade gehen. "Was macht das für einen Unterschied?", fragte er und kratzte sich verlegen am Kopf. Es traf mich wie ein Schlag ins Gesicht. Es machte einen riesigen Unterschied, warum verstand er das nicht? Aber so wie ich seine Gegenfrage interpretierte ging ich davon aus, dass er keine Jungfrau mehr war. Schnell schloss ich die Tür hinter mir und lief die Treppe runter. Verdammt, wieso nahm mich das so mit, dass er schonmal hatte, es änderte doch nichts an meinen Gefühlen für ihn. #samuxlea #samuhaberfanfiction #samuhaber #hapahaber #sunriseavenue #fanfiction #lovestory #christmas
(Hiccup) Almost 2 hours of searching and still Stormfly's nowhere to be found. I should probably return to look after Astrid. Oh Odin, what was I thinking when I decided to leave her just like that?! But if I would return without her dragon that would break her heart. And as gorgeous as her eyes look when she cries, I can't see her cry ever again. It's so heartbreaking. For me. It hurts so much to see her get hurt. No, there's no way. We got to keep going until we find Stormfly. Maybe it would be better to keep on looking for her on the ground tho. In this horrible weather it was obviously too dangerous to fly on a dragon. Especially because lightnings are often attracted by metal. And since I have a metal leg and Toothless wears a lot of metal too I supposed that it would be better if we landed. But just when I told Toothless to fly a bit lower and get ready to land, I felt a sudden and powerful pain in my whole body. I was strucked by a lightning. The next moment everything went black. I couldn't see, just feel that I was falling right towards the ground. I heard Toothless roaring and...That was it. Before I hit the ground I lost consciousness. (Astrid) I instantly hated myself for leaving the sanctuary and basically running right into my own death. If I wouldn't die because I got strucked by a lightning I would die by simply just being scared to death. That was probably the worst death of mine I could ever imagine. Being scared of something. Ridiculous! I'm Astrid. I'm NOT afraid. Of NOTHING. Just then I remembered what Hiccup once told me shortly after I got healed from my blindness. (More in comments)👇🏼👇🏼
The Flight💓New Tom fanfic • • • • #tomholland #fanfiction #tomhollandfanfic
Part #16 He was so near her and his hands were on her hands.I can't handle this.Okay Marcus,you messed with the wrong princess.I went to the kitchen and took a glass of juice.Then I went to Jessica Mia:"Hey Jessica you're really good at..."and I pretended like my foot stucked and I poured the juice on her. Mia:"Omg,I'm so sorry Jessica... Jessica:"Are u insane?" Mia:"I'm sorry,I didn't want to..." Marcus:"Come Jessica,let's clean your shirt" Martinus:"Miaa,why are u acting like this?" Mia:"Like what?" Martinus:"Why did you do that?" Mia:"I told you,it wasn't my intention to do that." Martinus:"I don't know why but I feel that you kinda don't like Jessica.You're jelaous." Mia:"Me??Jelaous?No way.Besides,why would I be jelaous?They're happy..with..ehmm..eachother..And I hope this relationship will last" Martinus:"Hahahaha.I can't believe you." Mia:"Why,what did I do now?" Martinus:"Just admit it,Mia!You're jelaous but you can hide it pretty well." Mia:"I'm not.If I was jelaous that would be obvious." Martinus:"Yeah yeah😁😁" Mia:"Why are you smiling?" Martinus:"Because you're very cute when you're jelaous." Mia:"I told you I'm not." Martinus:"Yeah yeah and I believe you." Mia:"What are u trying to do?" Martinus:"Nothing" Mia:"😠😠" After a while Marcus:"Mia,can you prepare something to eat?" Mia:"Oh yeah sure,I can make fried eggs,is that okay?" Marcus:"Yeah perfect" Mia:"Eggs are ready!" Marcus:"Jess,come down." Jess:"Why are they black?" Mia:"Who?" Jess:"Eggs!!" Mia:"Oh yeah,why are they black?Did I burned them?" Jess:"I can't eat that." Mia:"Look Miss Perfect,I tried my best.If you don't like them,go and prepare something by yourself😡.Gosh,help me!" Marcus:"Where are u going?" Mia:"Why do you care?" And I went out.Come,Leah!Let's go for a walk!Tell me,Leah!What should I do? Maybe I deserved this.But that doesn't mean that he has to hang out with that girl.Ughh,that girl is so annoying.I hate her!And now she's out there talking and laughing with my boy.Sometimes I feel like I wanna die and leave this world.Anyways nobody wants me here." #donky #tinus #donkytinus #marcus #martinus #marcusandmartinus #cometokosovo #kosovommer #mmfamily #imagine #fanfiction
orrr maybe he was just using his left hand to stab Thanos because then the dagger would only be visible to Thor (while he was hiding it) because the dark order was on Loki's right side...? • Do you believe Loki is alive?💚 • follow @loki.obsession for more Loki//Tom Hiddleston posts like this one!✨ • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • #loki #lokilaufeyson #tomhiddleston #lokihiddleston #marvel #avengers #lokiodinson #thor #fanfiction #odinsons #screencap #quote #odin #thread #meme #theavengers #fanpage #infinitywar #thorragnarok #thorthedarkworld #lokiedit #hiddleshands #letitiawright #sebastianstan
"I already had the longest day of my life and, oh look, it's only ten.” - Lorelai Gilmore. • • THREE // THE GILMORE'S FIRST DAY AT CHILTON. (FoxFables on FFN) (FoxFables on Wattpad) #Fanfiction #FanfictionStories #FanfictionWriter #GirlmoreGirls #KitGilmore #GilmoreGirlsisForever #GilmoreGirlsFan #GilmoreGirlsOC #fanfictionreader #fanfiction #fanfic #fanfictionstories #Fanfics #RoryGilmore #lorelaigilmore #EmilyGilmore #Wattpad #ffn #writer #writersofinstagram #nanowrimo #Coffee #Breakfast #horoscope #twins
"Aku percaya, setiap orang akan menemukan akhir yang indah. Jika tidak, tunggu saja. Mungkin kalian belum tiba di bagian akhir cerita." . . . #page482 . . . A novel by @putrilagilagi . . #novelwattpad #novelindonesia #novelindonesia #recomendednovel #readingbooks #literature #romancestory #fanfiction #indonesiamembaca #coconutbooks #putrilagilagi #imyours
I‘M BACK! I‘m so so so sorry for being inactive the past weeks🙏🏻, but I just didn’t have any inspiration for a next chapter. I don‘t know if this will happen again, but for now I may proudly present you: Chapter 12: File SC Enjoy reading💓 • Chapter 12: File: SC • Elli‘s POV: //Hospital room// Guys, the day has come. I‘m gonna be free tomorrow! Unfortunately not very free, but at least out of hospital. Don‘t get me wrong, all the doctors helped me getting healthy again, but home‘s still home sweet home. Anyways, do you remember my birthday? It was such a good time and also, my friends gave me the coolest presents! I‘m not complaining or anything, but Johnny didn‘t give me a present, which is kind of strange since he always talked about giving me the best present which would make me enjoy myself a LOT, but maybe I just have to wait and see. ~Johnny and Lisa enter~ J:“Hey El! How you doin‘?“ ~Lisa and Elli hug~ ~Johnny and Elli hug~ E:“Great, finally I get to escape these rooms and hallways and enter the real world again!“ L:“You‘re talking just like you were planning a breakout from prison.“ ~they laugh~ J:“Anyways, there‘s a lot of stuff to be packed and if your girls don‘t hurry, we‘ll still be here the day after tomorrow.“ E:“Ok, mum.“ J:“What did you just call me?!“ E:“Mum!“ J:“Oh, I‘m gonna get you.“ ~Elli sits down in her wheelchair and tries to escape Johnny‘s tickles from entering the hallways but Johnny hunts her~ J:“Wait up, El! You‘re not gonna get too far!“ E:“Watch me, loser!“ L:“Guys! We need to pack!“ J:“Oh come on, Lisa. Let the toothbrush be a toothbrush and help me catch El!“ L:“Ok, ok.“ J:“Oh shout, she‘s around the corner.“ L:“Elli? Elli?! Are you there?“ N (Nurse):“This is a hospital and not a playground so shut up!“ L:“Sorry.“ J:“Let‘s go this way.“ Suddenly I didn‘t hear Jo‘s and Lisa‘s footsteps hunting me anymore and I observed my environment. There was nobody left in the dark, black hallway,no bedsides were lying around I didn’t hear any patients waking or talking in their rooms.Right behind me there was a sign which said 'Authorised personell only' and furthermore 'Morgue'. How did I get here? • More in comments👇🏻
chapter (i’ll put it here later): “hello?” “hola pumpkin.” i hear a raspy voice say, “geez johnny, i have to go.” i say and i’m about to hang up when he says, “no you don’t.” “what do you want?” i say, giving up. “*cough* you *cough*.” “excuse me?” i say, surprised. “i meant, you and me, after school, coffee?” he said between laughs, asshole. “no.” i say and hang up. - me and ruth walk to our table in the lunch room, we sit at our table which is right next to the popular kids’ table, i notice johnny sitting there, probably because he’s a “badass” and (i can’t believe i’m saying this) good looking. i see johnny smirking at me, i turn my head to ruth and listen to her rambling, trying my best to focus on what she’s saying but i feel like someone’s staring at me hardcore... i wonder who that could be, ugh. - #johannie #johanniefanfics #johanniefanfiction #johanniefanfic #johnnyorlando #annieleblanc #fanfic #fanfiction #badass #badboy #goodgirl #hannie #jenzie #kenzieziegler #haydensummerall #loren #laurenorlando #austinbrown #madslewis
Drunk Love 💋 (by j) Jughead always had a big crush on Betty. But the thing is, Betty doesn't like him back. In fact, she thinks he is bad, evil and the worst person in the world. One day, they were in a party where Betty was drunk and all under control. Jughead knew he had a chance. And it definitely worked- he asked her out and she said yes! What will happen next?? Chapter one will be out soon!! Stay tuned :) ---------------------------------------------------tags: #riverdale #riverdaleedits #lilireinhart #lilireinhartedit #colesprouse #sprousehart #bughead #varchie #bettycooper #jugheadjones #veronicalodge #archieandrews #kjapa #camilamendes #gainpost #netflix #goals #likeforlike #l4l #selfpromo #follow #cherylblossom #madelainepetch #choni #vanessamorgan #jasonblossom #fanfic #fanfiction #riverdalefanfic #riverdalefanfiction
"he's mad because of what happened last night" what happened last night ??🤔
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