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Fuck that is so hard also it took also 45 minutes lol . . . @erikacostell @team10official #erikacostell #erikacostelledit #edit
Behind the camera of the photo session of Team 10 I love Team, Family💙👑 #jakepaul #jakepaulers #sunnymalouf #nick #kadespeiser #anthonytrujillo #chancesutton #chadtepper #justinroberts #erikacostell #costellars #team10
Only you Chapter 2: *kian arrived to tessas and knocked on the door and Tessa opens it* Tessa:kian!!!! Kian:tessa!!!! Tessa:befor we do anything I just wanted to say that I am so so sorry for snapping at you yesterday Kian:it’s okay,but can I ask you something? Tessa:yeah sure Kian:why are you with him Tessa:because he treats me right- Kian:oh I didn’t know hitting you and abusing you was treating you right! Tessa:kian please don’t shout your scaring me Kian:do you love him *he said calmly* Tessa:I do- Kian:do you love him Tessa:i don’t know Kian:why can’t you get it in you head that you don’t love him Tessa:because IM PREGNANT WITH HIS BABY! Kian:WHAT! *when tessa shouted that chance was at the door* Chance:YOUR WHAT! Tessa:o my god baby I didn’t see you there Chance:are you really pregnant Tessa:yes I’m a month pregnant Chance:oh no wonder why you are getting fat,I thought it was just you eating all the time Kian:excuse me! Chance:what she has Kian:so what if she has she is still beautiful Chance:yo bro she is my girl don’t call her that Kian:well she deserves better *as Kian said that he walked out* Tessa:kian wait! Chance:where the fuck are you going *she tried to run but chance grabbed her and threw her over his shoulders* Tessa:chance the baby!! Chance:why do you care about the baby your getting rid of it *he said while putting her down on the bed* Tessa:hell no wtf is wrong with you Chance:watch you mouth (Warning) *chance got on Tessa and started kissing her* Tessa:please get off your hurting me and my baby Chance:I know you like it *there where tears running down her face as she became week and gave up trying because she was going nowhere, and you know what happened next,chance was asleep and Tessa just sat there crying* Tessa:my baby @tessabrooks @kianlawley #tessabrooks #kianlawley #kessa #jakepaul #erikacostell #jeriks #dolantwins #ethandolan #graysondolan
I love this video! But an I the only who this this song goes better with his dancing than the song he used SMH Creds- @jerikaxlove_ . . . . . . . . . #jerika #jakepaul #erikacostell #team10 #jerikaforlife #edits #givecreds #vlog #ifyouwereadude
Carlys big batches! (Aka @slime_city_bitch_ ) Carly is my favorite slimer so ofc I had to do a comp - - - 🌲| credit: @slime_city_bitch_ --- 🌴| slime acc: @slimeywetpig --- 🌼| q: favorite slimers? --- 💧| a: @slime_city_bitch_ @yeetslimez and @slimesmores - - -
Can she be any more prettier? @erikacostell #erikacostell #jerika
Well i think 🤔 Danielle didn’t roast @erikacostell that much but let’s get things straight @erikacostell wasn’t looking basic at all like.. but @erikacostell said it that it was just for fun @erikacostell @angel_sheehan @shoperikacostell #erikacostell #BEAGOAT #COSTELLERS
For anyone wondering this is what I do at 2am😂👍🏼I don’t really like 3,4,5 but it’s okay🙃 - @erikacostell @sunnymalouf @madisonbontempo #erikacostell #sunnymalouf #madisonbontempo #jerika
I love this girl so much you have no idea❤️❤️😇 - @erikacostell #erikacostell #beagoat #costellers #jakepaul #jerika #team10 #loganpaul #logang #chlogan #omgpage
On a scale of 1 to 10 how pretty do you thing Sommer Ray is? I think she is a 10! ❤️😛 • • Credit ~ me😛 • • {tags} @sommerray @sommerray2 #chanteljeffries #chantel #alissaviolet #alissa #ricegum #fazebanks #fazeclan #cindykimberly #wolfiecindy #sommor #sommorray #cloutgang #jakepaul #erikacostell #loganpaul #team10 #beamaverick #logang #balissa #brendannorth
Haters gonna hate but, #jerika is real! ❤ #jakepaul #erikacostell
THIS WOMEN SLAYS SO MUCH. She is such a inspiration to me. Literally I would love to meet her one day ❤️👍🏼 @erikacostell #jerika #jakepaul #erikacostell #costellars #beagoat
Erika POV: This morning had started off magically, with a dance in the rain that was straight out of the movies. Drenched; I had returned to my room and narrated the whole event to Tessa, who thought it was the cutest thing she’d ever heard. While Jake and Tessa didn’t have any hope, she was staying on due to her popularity with the audience. In fact, half the girls left were only here because of the producers wishes. And me? Well, I knew Jake and I had a genuine connection, but apparently I was also a hit with the audience. At least that’s what my mom told me when were allowed to phone home earlier. “Erika, you’re a star!” she had squealed. “Everyone loves your spirit and humble roots. And you don’t even know how popular Jerika is!” “Jerika?” “That’s your ship name with Jake! Everyone is rooting for you two.” I felt myself smile. It was nice to know that people liked me, liked us together. “I want to talk to her!!” I chuckled as I heard my siblings grab at the phone. “Erika I told you Jake was going to go crazy for you!” I laughed. “Yes you did Max, yes you did.” It was my first time speaking to my family in months, and I couldn’t have been happier. We chat for a bit until I heard my mom take the phone back. “Sweetheart, I couldn’t thank you enough. You’ve changed our lives forever, and I’m forever grateful for your sacrifice. I love you.” I could hear the sincerity in her voice. “I love you too, mom. And don’t worry, it wasn’t that much of a sacrifice. I’ve had the time of my life.” “Wonderful. But I have to ask, are you falling for him?” I sighed. While I was confused about where my heart was at this point, I knew for certain that I felt something for Jake. Something deep. “Maybe?” “Erika, as your mom I can tell you truly like this guy. And as a viewer, I can tell Jake has fallen for you. I watch all the dates; from his hikes with Jenna to his mini golfing with Riley. I watch him hug Tessa, smile at Michelle and makeout with Ashley.” I cringe at the mention of the makeout. “But you and Jake have something incomparable. It’s pure magic to watch.” I laugh. “Ok mom.” “No, seriously! If only you could watch yourself with him. Then you’d get it.”
Best friends? Chapter 5 Erika POV Woah, did I just tell Jake I liked him? Wait did Jake tell me he likes me.... Everything's changing. He turned his camera off. J- so, Rik where does this leave us? He looked at me with his big brown eyes. E- I don't know J- well let me start by telling you that I know we're best friends but being so close to you made me realise I really like you. And seeing you with other boys makes me jealous because I want to call you mine and I never thought you'd feel the same. E- well I do feel the same and I think it started when you were always being protective and not letting anyone go near me. J- you like a protective guy He knudges me and winks We smile at each other before finishing the video. Jake POV I'm so glad me and Erika like each other and I'm glad she told me. I really do like her and always have. I'm going to ask her to go on a date with me. . . . . . . . @jakepaul @erikacostell #erika #erikacostell #jakepaul #jakepaulers #jerikamarriage #jerika #fanfiction #fanfic #jerikafanfiction
•Erika, I just want to say, you mean the world to me, Jake Paul • #jakepaul #erikacostell #jerika #jerikaedit #mr &mrsyoutube #jakepaulers #costellars #jerika4life #couplegoals #cringe #relationshipgoals #jerikaisgoals #jerikaisgoalsaf #goalsaf 🔥
We all know who the better couple is🤪 @jakepaul @erikacostell #jakepaul #erikacostell #jerika
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; ccp glitched again >:( ⠀ ⠀ dt; @gucci.dolanz @cloutxgvng @doublefluff07 @oof._.tay ⠀ ⠀ [ #omgpage #alissaviolet @alissaviolet ]
Whats up guys?? I’m new to the fandom. Hit me up. #jerikaforlife #erj #jerika #jakepaul #erikacostell #everydaybro #beagoat
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