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And I get more ass than a toilet seat 3 to the 1 from the 1 to the 3 Let me tell you how I made her leave with me #Eminem2018 #Groupies #HipThrusts #ErinSquared @ekmcgurl
Not Afraid. These lyrics have helped me soo much 😌
Role Model
already imagining all these ppl that don’t understand marshall’s sense of humor lol btw if anyone asks, ofc they aren’t dating, i mean, it would be like imposible, marshall would never admit he is dating @nickiminaj on and instagram comment like wtf¿ BUT seeing all the positive, this will forever make me laugh and i love the fact that, marshall mathers we are talking about, actually took the time to use instagram for two seconds lmao💖💖i love my idol, from now on i have been adopted by my new parents, eminem and nicki minaj y’all. #nickiminaj #bostoncalling
I see the selfie shenanigans have started again 😂😊💜
possibly the greatest thing ive seen on instagram 😂👌
Goodnight ☻
👇👇MY THOUGHTS ON THIS👇👇 Guys, just so ya'll know. Nicki recently did a feature in a song with YG called "Big Bank". She dropped some lines that go "Back to back Maybach, stack the M's, Told em' I met Slim Shady, bag the M. Once he go black, he'll be back again". Which is clearly just a reference to Eminem and his Alter Ego, Slim Shady. Aswell as his song 'Without Me' where he raps "Guess who's back, back again, shady's back". So in the same post above. Nicki replied to a fan's comment JOKINGLY saying that she's dating Marshall. He too being the joker he is replied by saying "Girl you know it's true...". This, is 100% A TROLL from her. Please don't take it seriously, don't believe any of these blogs/websites or fanpages that verify the statement. They're really just trying to get attention or some shit from this. Nicki has it in her personality to want to troll and play around like that. Not that there's anything wrong with that of course. Same would go for Marshall following on with this joke too 😂. So please calm the fuck down and understand that this was all just a big joke that ya'll probably just too a bit too seriously 💀 . . (Credit to whoever made the meme btw)
The Monster
This week's been hella busy for me. Hopefully I can start uploading more frequently soon enough 🙃. Goodnight ☻
comment down below your favorite name for a female and your favorite name for a male⬇️⬇️ my favorite name in english for a girl are valerie, anna, april and elizabeth. and for male are saint, jaime, leonardo and bryce.🦋
Stan. My personal favourite Em song and my favourite edit so far 🔥🔥
one of the all time great pics 🤣🤣 caption this below
if you are actually at high school or used to be, which area is your strongest, biology, math, literature, history, physics, chemistry or sports? and which is your weakest? for me, literature is by far my strongest topic, next to biology. also math is pretty easy to me. but i have problems with physics for example. also i think history is kinda fun and important to avoiding being ignorant. in my opinion it is important to have knowledge about world history topics. 🌎
Today's been feeling trippy, but good weirdly. Have a nice day 💎
“Don’t ever try to judge me dude, you don’t know what the f**k I’ve been through.” – Eminem #eminem #eminem_logic #eminemlogic #eminem2018 #eminemfan #music #rapgod #respect #rap #song #album #marshallmathers #inspiration #motivation #freestyle #revival #RevivalTour #8mile #movies
Til I Collapse. My favourite edit so far 👌
Link in bio for my top 10 saddest songs ! comment on here or on the youtube video what you think ! message me for sub 4 sub !!
Just dont give a fuck
reasons to like eminem and actually dedicate time to listen to his music: first of all, marshall is a lyrical genius. i can proudly say that he writes all his songs, he doesn’t has co-writers like many other rappers do. so, if you’re the type of person who likes to hear music with sense and true meaning, i can promise you that you will love it. second, he has history. in fact his whole life has been dedicated it to hip hop. with now having nine solo studio albums plus a bunch more of shady records, bad meets evil etc. you will be able to listen him crying, laughing, joking, meditating, realizing, screaming through his music. we have deep cut songs, playful ones, popular ones. on eminem’s music you can literally find any topic. from struggling drug abuse, to the murder of his best friend, the fighting with his mom to then telling her sorry and the growing life without a father to guide him. marshall mather’s music is raw. he doesn’t censor it cuss his life wasn’t like that. from being a discriminated white boy rapper at school, to being the best selling hip hop artist of all time. eminem. 🤘🏻❤️ (edit dedicated to @annalisarrusso )
good morning❤️
Rabbit Run
after all i still think that the slim shady lp is underrated af, like, it is definitely on marshall’s top three albums. i think we kinda forget it sometimes cuss its old, but, marshall’s flow and lyrics were just raw af, his flow was awesome, the beats were incredible cuss dre was on almost all of them, and i actually think that i like every song of that album. we have the popular ones like my mame is and guilty conscience. we have deep cuts like rock bottom, if i had, 97’ bonnie & clyde, we have the controversy too in just dont give a fuck, cum on everybody, brain damage, my fault. tbh i think that this album is great af. i know that it’s not THAT underrated like relapse for example. BUT i feel like everyone should be talking about it still like the marshall mather lp. if you know what i mean. 🤷🏻‍♀️
Been flirtatious with death, skirt-chasing, I guess 💀
Not Afriad 👊 for those who need some inspiration 👊
My Name Is
Goodnight ☻
From Walk on Water. Possibly my favourite part of revival. “bitch i wrote stan”
Arose - such a relatable quote 😔
Guess you could say Revival is about to be FRAAAMMMEEDD 🔨
The Way I Am
Beautiful Pain
New account for eminem Stans !! This edit was made by me as most of my uploads will be !
oh, here you have part II of my collage of randomly beautiful pics of laughing/cutie/smiling/shy marshall so yea, thank me whenever you want cuss im blessing your feed rn💕
I really can't wait for the Revival Tour, it'll be nice to have new photos of Em uploaded frequently kinda like we had during Coachella. Plus it'll be the first time he would've gone on an album tour since I'd started this account so it's kind of a new aspect for me too . . Credit: Reddit
can we all just take a moment to appreciate his light blue eyes and always-baby-face please ppl, thank you god for making such a cute smol potato, cuss he b my reason for livin, he b the mother i wish i had, the brother and sex partner of my holy dreams? a reason to wake up everyday and be happy knowing i dreamt of him💕
Grab holda ma bawls lik "dats right, fights on bish!!" 👊
Guts Over Fear is top 5 for post-hiatus Eminem songs. I haven’t heard him rap on a beat like that in a long time. “There’s nowhere else I can go with flows, I’m frozen”... Honestly, this should’ve been the lead single off Revival instead of Walk On Water. Although I replay WoW a lot, GoF has much more replay value. Thoughts?
Can we have a lil conversation? figure it out with no intoxication.
QOTD: Favourite Song from SSLP? AOTD: Rock Bottom 🏚
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