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The thing about life is that you’ll never know how high you can climb until you reach a threshold. And after you’ve caught your breath you’ll realize that in time you’ll be able to make it to the pinnacle. ⛰ #grandcanyon #arizona #usa
“Life is like a wheel. Sooner or later it always comes around to where you started again.” - Stephen King #borjomi #georgia
U P D A T E : Satisfying my wings craving🙊 Happy Friday everyone! . . . . . #happyfriday #wingscraving #foodiedubai #dubailife #dubailifestyle #dubailifestyleblog
Put down the map and get wonderfully lost. 🌎 #washingtonstate #whidbeyisland #usa
Go out and just breathe. 😌 The weekend is finally here! #moscow #russia #nature
Find happiness in the simplest of things.
U P D A T E : aaand we’re back! 👊 The best part about university is that you’re surrounded by people who share your passion and ideas. 💕 . . . . #journalismstudents #mediastudentslife #universitystudents #dubailife #dubailifestyleblog #backtouniversity
Create your own style with this beige skirt! By the way, what kind of style do you like the most? Classic? Sport chic? Romantic? Elegant? Answer below in a comments 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 Создавайте свой стиль каждый день! Умейте показать себя через одежду. А мы вам в этом поможем 💋 Кстати, какой стиль в одежде вам нравится больше всего? Делитесь в комментариях 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 . . . . . . #designerclothes #fashionbloggerstyle #thebeachdubai #thebeach #dubailife #dubailifestyleblog #dubailifestyle #mysubai #dxp #clothes #blog #stylist #smile #fitnessmotivation #fitness #fashion
Taking a morning stroll down @mydubai , where the cool breeze gives you a certain kind of high. And what joy to revel in the winter sun, at 8am when your day has only just begun! ☀️ #dubai #uae #mydubai #visitdubai . . Outfit from @sheinofficial #linkinbio #sheingals
Don’t worry if you’re moving in the opposite direction, your destiny is not the same as every one else. ✨ #florence #tuscany #italy
Don’t lose your focus. If it doesn’t happen today, you could hit that target tomorrow. 🎯 What are you most excited about this year, be it a travel, personal or career goal? 😉 #colloseum #rome #italy
Children teach you that you don’t know as much as you think you do, which many a time shakes your self-confidence. But children also teach you, that you are stronger than you could’ve imagined, because you brought them into this world. So even if you don’t consider yourself the best, to your children you are much more than that. 💕 So enjoy them now while they’re still young, before they grow old enough to tell you otherwise! 😅 #motherandson
When wearing faux fur in Dubai may deem too ‘extra’ for any ordinary day, you find a secluded beach and make your own ‘furry-tales’ come true! ✨ Get those fuzzy feels from the #linkinbio . . Thanks to @sheinofficial my wardrobe is always perfect for the season. Did you know? Now you can enjoy special offers exclusively on the #SHEIN app. Or you can shop online at http://ar.shein.com/ Ships Worldwide 🗺 #sheingals #fauxfurcoat
Currently doing the total opposite of sipping on a Cafe Society mocktail, that is, stuck in bed slurping up some cough syrup. 😷 So let me just imagine! 😉 Whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner, or even just for drinks, @cafesocietydxb is the spot for an intimate tête-à-tête or socializing with your amigas. And it has a book corner too if you’re feeling a little anti-social! 🤣 #whatimwearing @newlookmiddleeast
Gourmet meets Gatsby @cafesocietydxb. This fusion restaurant, cafe and bakery puts the class in casual dining, with its gold trimmings, marble finish and epicurean specialities that ignite one’s palate. Inspired by 1920s-1960s society cafes, it exudes an aura of elitism down to the servers whose garb are a nod to the era, bringing the plates to your table with white cotton gloves. How fancy, huh? But far from intimidating, mind you. Its cozy atmosphere, art deco design, plush velvet chairs, and soft jazz ambient music, is rather inviting and made for socializing with friends for hours on end.
. So what did we order? For starters, we had the Truffle Mushroom Croquettes balls which a crispy golden brown outer coating, as well as, the Cafe Society Barley Soup, a creamy, healthy alternative that quite reminded me of the Filipino Arozcaldo. For the main course we had the Beef Tenderloin with Portobello Risotto, which I have to say was my favorite on the menu, as I had quite my fill of it, which left little space for tasting the other dishes. Then on to the Wagyu Ribeye, cooked medium well with roasted vegetables and topped with chimichurri butter. For pasta, we tried the Lamb Explosion Ravioli which revealed a juicy center at every bite, and the Black Ink Spaghetti with turmeric sauce and Octopus bits. Quite an exotic array of dishes, I must say. And there’s much more on the menu!
. We ended our feast with a sweet ending of Chocolate Dulce de Leche that consisted of Vanilla Ice-cream, Dark Belgian Chocolate Mousse, Chocolate Ganache, Milk Chocolate Parfait and the star of the show, the Chocolate Dulce De Leche Molten Cake. 👌 #cafesociety
Blending in with the Tuscan woods. What’s life without a little bit of drama, eh? 😉 Have a great weekend everyone! 😘 #tuscany #italy
It’s cape season, and you don’t have to be a super hero to rock this one. So get tapping on the link in my bio to join in my crusade to save the day in style! 😉 . . Thanks to @sheinofficial my wardrobe is always perfect for the season. Did you know? Now you can enjoy special offers exclusively on the #SHEIN app. Or you can shop online at http://ar.shein.com/ Ships Worldwide 🗺 #sheingals #cape
Curled up beneath the shade of a parasol. Shielding myself from the drizzle, rather than the sun. Rumor has it there might be rain tomorrow, so if it starts pouring this won’t suffice, I may need an actual umbrella. Oh, isn’t that nice! ☔️ #tuscany #italy #valdorcia
“It’s funny how, in this journey of life, even though we may begin at different times and places, our paths cross with others so that we may share our love, compassion, observations and hope.” - Steve Maraboli #valdorcia #tuscany #italy 📸 @sheldonrodriguez_ . . So glad our paths have crossed @yallamelo 😘 . . #whatimwearing #forever21me #dress @sheinofficial #belt
Who would have thought that my passion for Brazilian Jiujitsu would land me a spot in @samsunggulf ‘s #dobiggerthings campaign 💙 All I ever I wanted to was to learn, love this sport and to show everyone that hitting the BIG 4-0 is NOT a death sentence 😊 2017 saw my blue belt promotion and my competing at the World Masters Tournament in Las Vegas 💙 This year and for all years to come, do everything with all your heart and hustle hard for that dream 💙 OSS 💙 * * * * * #alwaysajiujitsugirl #faixaazul #jiujitsu #dobiggerthings #iamwonderwoman #empoweredpinay #empoweredwomen #annadeleon #womanbyanna #mydubai #mycity #lifestyleblog #dubailifestyleblog #dubailifestyleblogger #aspiretoinspire #fabat40 #fitmoms #veganathlete #veganmom #plantpowered
Your vision captures that which I cannot see. I may not have the face that could launch a thousand ships, but through your eyes, I feel beautiful. And that’s all that matters to me. 💕 📸 @sheldonrodriguez_ 📸 #tuscany #italy
“Because she chooses to see the world in bright bold colors.” 🌈 #wowjbr #colorsoflife #mydubai
Sugarholics unite, because this drink ain’t going down without a fight. Prepare to get your hands sticky, after which you can literally call it finger-licking good! This mind-boggling concoction is called the ‘Do-nut Disturb’, strawberry #milkshake mounted with donuts, cotton candy and a unicorn lollipop drizzled in caramel sauce and sprinkles. Catch more of these ‘Crazy Shakes’ @catch22dxb. 🍧🍩🍭 #watch @danielwellington
I came for the dessert, I stayed for the nonchalant pop art vibe, and I ordered takeout because I just had to give the folks at home a taste! 😋 . . The Lotus French Toast puts all other French toasts to shame, with an indulgent filling of Lotus cream that oozes out from the warm crusted brioche when you dig your fork into it, crowned with vanilla bean crème anglaise that made for a succulent pairing. I made it rain with vanilla sauce and more Lotus cream on top, and with that I can't have sugar for a week! 🙀 . . Now on to the food. The Filet Mignon was decidedly one of the best I've ever had, quick grilled beef Filet smothered in truffle sauce, sea salt and spring onion. If you like burgers and quesadillas, you get the best of both worlds with the Cheeseburger Quesadilla. Finally, the Fresh Seafood Pasta left me quite nostalgic, holding a piquant likeness to the seafood pasta I had at Monterosso al mare in Cinque Terre just a few months ago. 👌 . . And because I could not resist, I took home the Angus Beef Sliders which consisted of melted mozzarella, crisp beef bacon, spicy pickled jalapeños, grilled onions and sliced avocados with a secret sauce. As if the ingredients weren't enough to make it quite exotic, there's a reason they keep the sauce a secret. 😋 And P.S. I took another Lotus French Toast to go! 🍞 @catch22dxb #lotusfrenchtoast #filetmignon #cheeseburgerquesadilla #seafoodpasta
U P D A T E : One more week before I’m back to this mess. Can you imagine me ever going live? 😅 #Bloopers2 . . . . . #bloopers #mediastudentlife #mediastudentstruggle #journalismstudent #dubailife #dubailifestyleblog
By the gravel roadside, across a lonely barn. Hair on fire, I stood bathing in the embers of the dipping sun. #sunset #bologna #italy #countryside
Ciao a tutti! I was seduced by Italy far too many times and looking back I have the fondest memories such as skipping through the streets of Bologna because how else can you keep warm in -1 degree Celsius? ❄️ I reminisce because I feel winter is almost over in Dubai. 🤣 #bologna #italy #ootd @splashfashions @maxfashionmena
The Library of the Archiginnasio in the heart of the city of Bologna is dubbed as a "knowledge box" which has housed the civic library for two centuries. What I found remarkable were the emblems painted across the walls and ceilings. I discovered later that these were dedicated to cardinal legates and teaching professors, the coat of arms of students who came from all over the world to obtain a wealth of knowledge, are alternated with commemorative monuments in memory of the library's donors. #bologna #italy #Archiginnasio
Mornings are made better with a hot cup of coffee and sunshine through your window. Hope y'all are having a relaxing weekend, wherever you are in the world! 💕#bologna #italy
U P D A T E : This man is proudly going to serve the army. Until next time, soldier! 🇦🇪 . . . . . #armyservice #militaryservice #dubailifestyleblog #january2018 #uaepride
We travel far and wide in search of beautiful destinations, new ground to walk on, new views to set our sights upon, but often there are terrains that you have yet to explore in your own backyard. Just a mere 1.5 hour drive from Dubai lies the rocky mountains of Hatta, a rugged landscape where you can enjoy a good hike in the pleasant weather and of course, a photo op. 📸 #hatta #uae #mydubai #visitdubai
Good morning beautiful people! How has the first week of 2018 been treating you so far? In Filipino tradition, we welcome the New Year with a bowl of fruits, one for each month to bring good luck throughout the year. So I'm hoping the rest of your 361 days are fruitful, and at times juicy too! 🍊🍐🍎🍇 That said, here’s my first post for 2018 after a week of reflection and downtime. 😘
In 2018, may it be smooth sailing across the open seas, jet setting through vast clear skies, and rolling down unperturbed roads to destinations known and unknown. Though there's no promise that storms aren't going to rage, that turbulence ain't going to shake us, and there may be bumps along the road, let's remember to look onwards and upwards for that too shall pass. Happy New Year to one and all! And with that, this is my last post for 2017. 2018, bring it on! ✨ #hatta #hattakayak #hattadam
It's the last weekend of the year, so I'm letting my hair down and looking forward to making the most of it. Hope the rest of your 2017 is well-spent, whether it's catching a spectacle of fireworks, kissing that someone special when the clock strikes 12, or being in the arms of the people who love you! 😘 #philippines
Spread your wings and prepare to fly, For you have become a butterfly. 🎶 If your New Year had a soundtrack what song would be your cover? 📻 #tuscany #italy #valdorcia #toscana #dress @maxfashionmena
I had many messages asking about the details on the dress. The dress is from @missselfridge. Red is the new black 🔴.
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