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I’ll be the first to admit class was intense today. Congrats to everyone that survived with their souls intact! #vegan #fitness #weallsurvived #dowork #noexcuses #moretomorrow #dontrunfromit #itsgoodforyou #healthylifestyle #idothisbecauseicare
“Not everything that is faced can be changed but nothing can be changed until it is faced” -James Baldwin 🙌🏻 #girlswithink #blueeyes #optimistic #jamesbaldwin #dontrunfromit #learnfromit #lovethis #thirstythursday #fitchick #alwaysblack #mamaseyes
🏃🏽 MANY PEOPLE SPEND A LIFE TIME RUNNING FROM THEIR OWN SUFFERING.. • I know I did for many years. I happen to be very dense and learn the hard way. I think it’s been that way since I was a child. I was the type of little boy that liked to put his hand on the hot stove to test it out, or push my limits with my tongue until I pisssd you off enough for you to retaliate. Over the years the lessons got more difficult. • My first defeat was with opiates, they brought me to my knees. Until I was ready to face the pain of addiction I couldn’t get clean. Continuing to run from the underlying pain of my past I created more suffering for myself through drug abuse. All the neurotic behaviors I was doing couldn’t free me from the suffering I felt deep within my core. The feelings of unworthiness, shame and fear dominated my psyche. Until I was ready to face the pain I was always in the bondage of self. • Many people are trying to escape suffering and don’t even know that their unconscious “running” is perpetuating and keeping their suffering alive. I know the justification and projection kept me running in place for years. That is until the suffering was so great I had to stop and listen or take my own life. Until I was finally ready to face my suffering it followed me everywhere. Turning toward myself with love and kindness for the miracle of healing to take place has been my life’s greatest gift. In the heart of the pain is the healing. • If this post resonates with you, feel free to private message me. I would love to hear about your story as well. One of the best ways I believe we heal is through sharing our stories.
While comparison can be the thief of joy, there are also many things you can learn from it. Who a person compares you to, whether positively or negatively shows you the level they hold you at, whether they realize it or not. The only person Lebron or Kobe haters compare them to is MJ, that says even their haters hold them comparable to the arguable GOAT (Greatest Of All Time). So the question is, who do people compare you to? #compare #comparison #challengeyourself #dontrunfromit #embraceit #levels #Selzspeaks
You Say you want to Grow 📏But You try to avoid all of these 👊🙅 Let them come, And learn from them 💪
The reason why so many people quit is because they look at how far they’ve got to go when in fact they should look at how far they have already came!! 💫 I use to be that person done it hundreds of times. I Always start out well but it was never happening fast enough for me so I gave up 🤦🏼‍♀️ I use to look at fit people & say hey its ok for them they don’t find it hard, they love working out how come its so hard for me. 🎻 The minute an exercise started to burn, get to hard Id quit! 🛑 Id count the calories burnt & say “all this hard work for what?? Ive just burned off a bag of crisps, Im never going to look that those people, so stop dreaming” 😫 I use to think getting a fit body required restricting your diet & knocking your pan out at the gym. After a week Id be so darn depressed, jumping on the scale every 2 minutes for it to not move & would simply give up before I had even blooming tried! 😞 Does this sound familiar with anyone else?? I decided a few years back that enough is enough I was going to start taking photos of my body every week & focus on these progress pics. I looked into fuelling my body correctly instead of starving myself & quickly learned that the fitness people I envied did have their struggles to. I was just too ignorant to ask & just assumed. 😳when I stopped obsessing with the scale, fuelled my body right & moved my a$$ my goals were becoming a reality 👌🏻 On days I have struggles where I just wanted to give up, (yip I still struggle) I’d look out my photos at how far I’ve came cause progress is PROGRESS, & not just physically but mentally to. Every day I complete a workout I feel great, I won that fight in my head on those days I wanted to quit! 💪 Every day is a step closer to your goals, forget how far you still have to go & remind yourself on how far you have came. You’ve got this! But you know if you want support & accountability on reaching your goals reach out to me. Come join me & my girls – Together lets crush our goals 💞
His love gives us life and restores all things... if you are a believer in Christ - Believe that HIS love changes everything and is everything! He gave Himself because He loves you ❤️ It did not stop on the cross, it is still a constant action. HE LOVES YOU. #recieveit #dontrunfromit #helovesyou // #REPOST @sweetgirltime
His love gives us life and restores all things... if you are a believer in Christ - Believe that HIS love changes everything and is everything! He gave Himself because He loves you ❤️ It did not stop on the cross, it is still a constant action. HE LOVES YOU. #recieveit #dontrunfromit #helovesyou
“The tragedy of life is not death ... but what we let die inside of us while we alive “ #followyouheart #dontrunfromit #loveyourself #bodyart
🤦🏻‍♀️🤣🤣 CALL ME SiS i have a lot of teaching u to do ... 🤷🏻‍♀️🤣 #blacchyna #thoughtyouwasgrown #dontrunfromit #youknowihadtosaysomething #wtfwasyoudoing
The thing about Complex Trauma and PTSD is you’re never really ok. You just learn how to cope with not being ok. There is a heavy price I pay for sleep..... I have to be willing to allow myself to dream and accept the terror of a flashback that sometimes comes with it. Today I know I’ll have to try to sleep again tonight, despite waking up this morning in a panic feeling like I never want to sleep again. I also know that lack of sleep will often cause daytime flashbacks that come with emotional flooding, preoccupation, rumination and catastrophic thinking. Creativity is my addiction. It’s how I cope with this feeling like I’m never ok. Despite it I choose to be positive and do positive things. Although some days that doesn’t express to be much more than just resting and breathing through it. I made a choice to Grow, learn and stretch myself and to not allow it to dictate my every move. I can embrace it and use it for something good. I can use it to lift myself and inspire the hearts of others.. or I can run and allow it to destroy me and re-victimize myself. I’m not interested in the latter... #complextrauma #complexptsd #ptsd #myptsd #oknotok #beproductive #dontlosehope #hope #strive #creative #create #heal #healyourpain #itsoktonotbeok #dothebestyoucan #inspire #dogoodthings #inspirehearts #liftheartsliftheavy #dontgiveup #soulbreathe #artistlife #artist #findyourjoy #live #embraceyourpain #dontrunfromit #beresponsible #loveothers #findpeopletoinspireyou
Don't get stuck, imagine and go after bigger things🙌🏽
Day 28/80 It’s not about how much farther you have to go on your journey it’s about how far you have come, about what you have accomplished and how much stronger you are today than yesterday! Each day I press play I remind myself that I am strong, confident and capable of anything I put my mind to! YOU ARE TOO! Believe it! Own it! Achieve it! Phase 2 day 2 DID IT! It wasn’t pretty but sometimes we have to struggle to reap the rewards 💕 #struggle #embraceit #dontrunfromit #day28 #notgivingup #ukfitfam #manchester #fitmom #fitmum #motherrunner #mumswhotrain #fitover40 #strongisbeautiful
Can you be tested? Can you Handle the Heat? Stop praying for God to take away the difficult times, and start asking God for the courage and strength to go through it. A diamond won't become a diamond if it does not go through the heat and cutting process to become a diamond.💯✂️ Don't run from it, Go through it.🔝🦁 @etthehiphoppreacher #ButGod #gothroughit #dontrunfromit
“God, make me so uncomfortable that I will do the very thing I fear.” ~Ruby Dee . . I love helping coachable people. People who are motivated and serious about achieving results...people who are ready to become a better version of themselves . . Maybe you set some goals for 2018 and fell off track. Maybe you could use some accountability and support. If this is you send me a message and let me help you. Don't let fear hold you back instead, let it propel you forward to reaching your goals. The worst thing that will happen is you will lose a few pounds and build self-confidence 🤗😁💪🏾✌🏽🏋🏽‍♂️💓
Sometimes, Change will make you second guess what's happening because it's different. #DontRunFromIt #ChangeIsGood #Smile4TheCamera
I can look at myself in the mirror and finally be happy with what I see.#oldthingsarepassedaway #staystrong #newday #dontrunfromit #mypath #thetoineshow #manshit #freeman
"We hate ourselves because we run from the people we love" #LoveYourself #DontRunFromIt
The struggle is real!!! Day 17/80 Time to get up and grind...I'm tired but I'm still showing up! Let's go y'all 💓✌🏽💪🏾 . . Want to be my virtual workout partner??? Send me a message.
Turkey meatloaf...yummy! Healthy food doesn't have to be boring💗✌🏽 . . Learn how to meal plan and prep with me starting Feb 5. 👉🏾send me a message or check the bio👈🏾
Hey all, I've realised that as time has went on its became harder for people to talk about things in life. You all would have seen my recent post about my current battle against depression and anxiety, I felt that this was something I had to openly talk about cause I know I'm not alone. So I urge, if anybody needs to talk, to just let things out, I'm here. I won't tell anyone, I'll just listen and try to help. I'm not a miracle worker but I've had my fair share of life's experiences. DM at any point and as I say, I'll listen and try to help, feel free to share this to everyone 🙏🏽🙏🏽. #talkaboutit #messageme #talkaboutit #heretohelp #letmehelp #openup #stayfocused #dontrunfromit
KEEP GOING!!!! Day 10 is in the books. I was on the struggle bus today with my nutrition.🙊 I didn't get all of my meals in but I didn't skip my workout. 😊 Things may not go the way we intent them to everyday but keep going and don't quit on yourself💪🏾💕✌🏽 Those of you who applied for the booty werk group that starts Feb 5th, I will send you the info this weekend. There are still a few spots open 👉🏾Deets on the bio (ig: @tonymla )💄💕👡
When you take care of yourself, it makes it easier to be who you are destined to be.🤗 . . I'm so glad it only took me looking at the picture on the left to realize this ain't me (NOT proper English I know😂). I've always been into fitness and taking care of myself but somewhere in life, I let work and taking care of everyone else become my priority🙊 . . When will you make yourself YOUR priority?🤔😴 . . Are you woke yet? I'm not trying to convince you just wake you up!!!💗👉🏾check the bio for more info👈🏾 💕🍑✌🏽💋💪🏾
Oh yes the past can hurt. But the way I see it, you can either run from it, or learn from it. #raffiki #quotestoliveby #learnfromthepast #dontrunfromit #goodvibesonly #freeyourspirit
Happy Monday Everybody!!! 🤗Today is a great day and this will be a week full of accomplishments and opportunities😁😁. . . . I am into my second week of my new abs and booty werk group. I can complete 2 pushups before I have to drop my knees...ever little bit is progress. When you are overcoming neck and back issues you feel you can never get better. I'm here to tell you where there is a will there is a way, just don't give up💪🏾 . . While you are sitting on the side lines thinking about getting into shape. Me and this team of ladies are getting bikini ready and building our confidence and strength. Wanna know more??? 👉🏾the link is in my bio👈🏾 💕💗✌🏽💋
A little bit of fear can mean a whole lot of growth. You have one opportunity to live this day, LIVE your life (yes, just like Rihanna sang it). I 😍that song. . . Even though you are scare of the outcome, what others will say about you, if it will make you look silly.... do it anyway!!!! You will never know the outcome if you don't try. You were given one life, what are you going to do with it? Now, what is holding you back?🤔
"Understand when someone no longer positively affects your life, let them go. Don't hinder your growth." #growth #dontrunfromit #happyhumpday #negativitybegone
The darker, colder, and scarier the better. #embraceit #dontrunfromit #runtoit #thestruggle #gratitude
Busted out a 10k after shoulders and traps. A mixture of the run zombie run running game and nonstop DMX in the rain got it done. Conquering the Day is what it's all about. I will worry about tomorrow when we get there. #motivation #running #jogging #cardio #keephammering #inspireothers #juststart #beastmode #nevergiveup #warriorambition #warrior #feeltherain #dontrunfromit
I could literally read this (and NEED this) every day. You feel me??? . . #regram #thankyougod #adabible #momlife #worryfree #2018goals #anxiousfornothing #anxietyisreal #dontrunfromit
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