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That’s right: ONE WEEK.💕
•everything the light touches is our kingdom• • • • #disneysidecast #wecreatehappiness #disneyinternships #epcot #norway #worldshowcase #disneyworld #disney
Views👀from the Contemporary🚅 Only 8 more days until I see this view again!! What’s your favorite Disney resort?✨
When you’re small, you stand on your tippy toes for group pictures. 🤷🏻‍♀️ *Also, check out these guys, as well as @dreyc at Disney Springs. They’re talented, fun, AND entertaining.
•until the last petal falls• Ashley & I got to meet Belle today and we might’ve cried a little. she’s definitely a beauty, but a funny girl. something tells me she would be super fun to live in an enchanted castle with. @marince_stagram can you please tell Belle she is absolute perfection?? thanks🌹❤️ • • • #disneysidecast #wecreatehappiness #disneyinternships #magickingdom #belle #enchantedtaleswithbelle #beautyandthebeast #disneyworld
Welcome to my DCP gram page 🏰✨ thanks for stopping by and come dream along with me throughout these next few months in merchandise soon to be attractions ✨ • • • #disney #disneycollegeprogram #DCP #disneyhousing #magickingdom #disneyworld #DCP2018 #Disneyhousing #wdw #disneyparks #disneyinternships #disneyig #castmember #waltdisneyworld #waltdisneyworldresort #disneyphoto #disneygramers
*judges you in purple*
I love being a part of this story...🐭💕✨ #DisneyIntern
I got my first “Four Keys” card for Courtesy and Show, so I bought a backpack with a rose gold bow. ✨
•mental synchronization or something• • • • #disneysidecast #wecreatehappiness #disneyinternships #epcot #elsa #anna #norway #worldshowcase
•all my life has been a series of doors in my face, then suddenly I bumped into you• • • • #disneysidecast #wecreatehappiness #disneyinternships #epcot #elsa #anna #norway #royalsommerhus #starbucks
66 days 🏰✨ #DisneyCollegeProgram
Somebody once told me the world is gonna roll me
Came for the @rosegoldwall pics. Staying for Italian gelato and Guardians of the Galaxy. #wallsofdisney **Also, shoutout to Breanna at Mission: SPACE for helping me to find this spot. If you see this, thanks for being such a QUEEN.
•today is going to be a good day and here’s why: today at least you’re you... and that’s enough• I’ve been listening to the Dear Evan Hansen soundtrack everyday for the past three weeks and I still cry every time🤷🏼‍♀️ • • • #disneysidecast #wecreatehappiness #disneyinternships #disneysprings #animalkingdom
Back by popular demand: Me
•a voice keeps saying this is where I’m meant to be• IT FINALLY HAPPENED!!!!!! I am officially a Walt Disney World cast member. after years of waiting, wishing, and working, I get to call Animal Kingdom my home for the next 7 months while spending my time earning my badges as a Wilderness Explorer. I’m so blessed to have this opportunity. God is so good. my heart is insanely happy. I’m going to watch fireworks and bawl my eyes out now✌🏻 • • • #disneysidecast #wecreatehappiness #disneyinternships #magickingdom #animalkingdom #wildernessexplorer #animalprograms
Happy Birthday to my #1 Duck! 💙 @cordbrooke he says hello!
We’re kitchen sunk. 🍦
Jambo! 👋
Excited for a year of rockin’ out! Rock ‘n’ Rollercoaster is one of my absolute favorite rides in Walt Disney World and a must-do for my mom when she visits. What’s your must-do attraction? . . . . #rocknrollercoaster #aerosmith #disneygram #disneystyle #disney #disneyinternships #dcp #hollywoodstudios #disneyworld
Goodnight Bernie
2 years ago today I flew out to Orlando to make magic for the summer! In only 4 months I'll be flying out once again but this time to make magic for over a year, so excited✨#myyummystory
Planning outfits because my trip is in 22 days!!! Which park do you think I should wear this one to?⬇️❤️✨
New purple wall, who dis? 💜 Shoutout to @emdaviswilliams who made this shirt to raise funds for The World Race. She will be traveling to 11 countries in 11 months to share the love of Jesus, and make a difference in the lives of countless people. Ask me how you can support her in her journey and I will point you in the right direction!
Orlando, Florida 🌞 . 기억은 나지 않는 어떤,, 아름다운,,, 곳. 오프 내고(?) 다녀왔던 동네⛲️ 불타는 햇살 아래 플리마켓과 소소한 음식들을 팔았던 예뻤던 곳! 사진 찍을 때 애기랑 눈 마주쳐서 웃었던 순간📸 . . . #2016 #disneyinternships #summerbreeze #디즈니인턴십 #기억안나는 #throwback 🔙 #🌙istry
National Doughnut Day... am I doing it right? #kingdomlykuisine
Rides and attractions are great. Fireworks are lovely. Mickey bars are wonderful. But people... These great, lovely, wonderful people make Disney magical.
It's out with the old 💨 and in with the new 💦 goodbye clouds of gray 🌨 hello skies of blue ☀️
We weren’t ready for the Crush ‘N Gusher.
May we all find someone who looks at us the way KB looks at Goofy.
I had so many adventures in my short time here already. But this memory of officially becoming part of the Disney ‘Ohana again is by far one of my favorites. I’m so excited for all the memories yet to come! 💕 + #disney #disneycollegeprogram #disneyprograms #disneyinternships #disneyuniversity #dcp2018 #dcpsummeralumni #ohana #summer #adventures #travel #amusementparks #themeparks
HBD! Here’s to many more years of you being too tall to fit in a shot. 📷
Traditions is today, and that means two things: 1. We’ll become official Cast Members today. 2. I’m on my way to earning my *Mouse-sters* degree. ✨
Happy birthday, Goofy! 🎉 #DisneyPhotoPass
Many thanks to Jamie at the Grand for playing princess music for us to sing along to. We’ll be back soon!
I finally got in touch with my basic side and took a Disney Wall pic 💁🏽‍♀️ yesterday I went resort hopping with a bunch of friends and had such a blast! Definitely would recommend if you’re in Orlando but can’t get into Disney Parks! Link to the vlog is in my bio. 🌺 + #vlog #vlogger #disneyvlog #newdisneyvlogger #disneyparks #waltdisneyworld #disneyprograms #disneyinternships #disneycollegeprogram #dcp2018 #dcpsummeralumni #travel #amusementparks #themparks #travelvlogs
I hear Bob Iger is retiring soon #DisneyInternships
When two of your favorite redheads want to go to the Laughin’ Place, how can you refuse?
HEY GUYS! Thank you so much for over 300 followers in one day! I’m speechless! ❤️ I finally have a Disney related pic of myself and only because I borrowed ears from @brooke_630 !😂🐭
Who, me? 😊
Wishing I was walking “right down the middle of Main Street USA” instead of going to work today😓
Epcot. Disney Walls. Flower and Garden. Violet Lemonade. Frushi.
“No one will hire you with a music degree.” 😂
// i’ve been so excited for today to get home to my family, friends, and dog, but also dreading it because that meant I had to leave my disney ladies behind ☹️ (unpictured) Ashley, thank you for being the best mom and for keeping everyone in line. and for talking me out of self-terming, that was probably a good idea. Sam, friendships cultivated through Wawa, millennial pink, weekly Sprinkles visits, and Disney are the best kind of friendships. I AM SO ENDLESSLY THANKFUL FOR YOU. you better come see us soon or I’ll come find you. but seriously, I still have you on Find My Friends. Maddy, you’re not getting rid of me that easy. sorry. see ya in 2 weeks!! . #disneycollegeprogram #disneyinternships #dcpspring2018 #disneyprograms #disney
TODAY’S THE DAY! My sweet Mama and I are currently en route to Walt Disney World to spend a few days doing vacation things before I check in on Monday to start my DCP! 😍 I’m excited to announce that I will be working at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique at their Disney Springs location (formerly known as Downtown Disney) and will be living at The Commons! If any friends or family would like to have my mailing address, please send me a message, and I will forward that information to you as soon as I can.✨ I am so excited to get to live out one of my biggest dreams and to get to live and work at my favorite place in the whole world! God is good, y’all!
This was a YEAR ago! And now I’ll be starting my DCP at Walt Disney World a week from today. 😍
✨ONLY 99 DAYS UNTIL MY PROGRAM. WE’RE OFFICIALLY IN DOUBLE DIGITS!!!✨ Also, happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out here!💕
Summer’s one Mickey Bar away
Throwback to when I graduated from high school because my COLLEGE graduation is today! 😍
Shouting a huge THANK YOU to my sweet friend, @mrsbranham52 for creating the grad cap art of my dreams. And praising Jesus for bringing her into my life. And for getting me to this point. Can’t describe how excited I am for what’s to come! #ForevertoThee #DCP #FA2018
A YEAR ago, we flew all the way across the country for our first trip to Disneyland! We stayed the first night at Paradise Pier and were placed in a room with a theme park view! So I literally fell asleep watching this...and hearing California Screamin’ living up to its name.
Hindsight is very funny. I’ve worked so tactfully & meticulously all my life to try to make happiness click, as if it was a destination that could only be reached through strategizing. Who would have thought that the most illogical, thoughtless, and irresponsible decision I have yet to make would do just that - lock in a genuine, unwavering, and radiant happiness that I’ve been chasing for so long. It terrifies me to my core that an alternate reality almost existed. One where I didn’t wake up the day before the internship I had glossed over would have started, give myself a jolting reality check, and book a one-way, solo ticket to Florida for a four month-turned nine month stay to work for one of the world’s most renowned companies. Totally something to decide overnight, right? Not especially, but a total Lindsay move, if you ask me. I can still feel the uncomfortable, fidgety feeling I got in my spine as I tried so hard to explain the “logic” behind my move without sounding like an impulsive crazy. But the fact was, it wasn’t logic that spurred my move, it was pure gut. And, to this day, I still can’t quite pinpoint why I came down here. Maybe it was my obsession with coloring my life so boldly that it would scream in wild adventures. Maybe it was the fact that I was settling for being “pretty happy.” Or maybe it was the fact that I was settling, in general, in all areas in my life. But all that matters is that I came here, and because of that, I am a more whole person. As I sit, traveling northbound to Long Island, I could spend an infinite amount of time trying to scramble for the right combination of words to describe what my time here has done for me. But, for once, I’m content with being speechless because the phrase “words can’t describe” has never been more applicable. This program has CHANGED MY LIFE. I’ve never worn a more genuine & constant smile. I’ve never had more electric connections with any other humans in my life. And most importantly, I’ve never felt more at home in myself, in my friends, and in the places I’ve come to know. So instead of searching for words, I’ll let the pictures do the talking.
I may not have my bachelor's yet but at least i have my mouseteers #disneyinternships #disneycollegeprogram #graduationday
Stressing over finals? Feel like you can relate to Sadness? Check out my new blog post for 5 tips on how to stay happy during finals!💙 link in bio✨
50 days until I’m in my happy place💙✨ (and 105 until my DCP!!) what’s your Disney countdown??🏰
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