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Legend hockey sticks in 3D for video animations 👌 everything covered! . [3D Modeling] @maneldaselva
First-time adventurer! #characterquest
Crowns for @roakbrewing - new work for them on our website, link in bio.
Don't have time for twitch at the moment with work and such. Checkout my main page though. @permanentglue If you like graphic design
God is a woman. 😎 #godisawoman ✌🏻
Introducing Daughters Baking, an airy, feminine brand for a baker who creates beautiful naked cakes in Birmingham, Alabama.⠀ -⠀ Created in collaboration with @emilywellsdesign
Personal Brand Experiment_03
"Star Dust" poster
Messing around with some candy Runts taste like hard chalk tho. Posting final product in a bit. Sorry no music Instagram blocks everythangggggg
At OC Kids, every Sunday we play, worship and teach your little ones all about the love of Jesus. We can’t wait to meet your future world changers! - Check in is 15 minutes prior to service! #oaklandchurchmi #ockids
High-fives ✋
#fbf to 2014. Branding and native app design for a social event-sourcing start up in London @ventsey. Four years on and I think the interface is still quite relevant. Timeless design even if it’s in digital form 📱. — #designbyjanekim
🍭🍭🍭Melting Your Identity Poster series, Social media Raising awareness campaign. 📡Social media is a great and scary thing. It is a place where businesses thrive and have the power of connecting people from the furthest ends of the world. It is a way of uniting people together who once had nothing in common, it allows us to perve over our heroes, celebrities, sportsmen and women, keep tabs on our family and share with our friends. The down side is that social media often leads to a loss of identity. There is nothing left to be personal. Everything becomes easily accessible and even the most valuable personal information becomes a product that businesses exchange in order to sell us products. Stay cautious to what you do on the network! . . #campaign #identity #posters #illustration #digitalillustration #illustration #vectorart #smart #imagine #imagination #graphicdesign #brandingdesign #logoinspirations #concept #creative #creativemind #art #inspirations #food #icecream #gelato #marketingideas #typetopia #graphicoftheday #thedesigntalks #designbot #mmmexplore #designfeed #designgang #recipe #theimaged
☝ Buy it Now .. link in Bio ☝
Here it is! Created these #magazinesthatdontexist period mags for @tomorganic for their pop-up gallery at @splendourinthegrass because period mags should EXIST, period. if for whatever reason you’re at splendour (coz who goes to listen to music??) take a snap.
ED + 🖤 Monogram exploration Feedback appreciated! by @gioinart
#Repost @caserne ・・・ 📦 Packaging for VENTRIX™
Here are a couple more spreads of the brochure I previously posted.
One of Eaze's delivery bags with my logo design. I keeped their phrase the same I just changed the font and color. Do you like the simple design? 👇 Comment below! 👇
Catching up @appliedartsmag ✌️
Tomb Raider / Day 078
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