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What a #wasteoffilm by the talented @travislikesfilm. What a guy! 💯
Sarah and Andy 2017
Lonesome rims Portra 160/Bronica SQ-Ai #belousovph
Mexico is sitting on a goldmine of sweet classic cars. Tulum, 2017 🇲🇽 #35mm Olympus XA2 / Fujifilm Superia 400
Sup ✌️
More test shots from the Pentax with the 43 years expired #trix320 Elmira, California #pentax67 #120film #filmphotography #filmphotographic #photofilmy #back2thebase #deathb4digital #somewheremagazine
Jordan Pentax 67 Portra 400
[9/15] The Altiplano, a region so otherworldly yet full of life it can only be a creation of who the Incas believed to be everything: Pachamama. Mother Earth. Altitudes over 3000 meters leave you gasping for air. Tire tracks become distant mirages, leading deeper into the landscape. Dormant volcanoes line the horizon, their snow-capped peaks reaching well over 6000 meters. Salt flats mark the location of evaporated lagoons. Extraordinary rock formations pierce the thin air. Eroded by the howling afternoon winds and winter downpour, these lands seem to exist solely in the imagination of an abstract painter or on the surface of sci fi worlds. For centuries, indigenous peoples have used their ingenuity and wisdom to domesticate animals and cultivate these high plains, but the extreme conditions have driven many to urban areas. On the Altiplano the balance between humanity and nature is always at the mercy of Pachamama. Shot on 35mm film.
Shapes in space
More from walkin’ around downtown 🌆
Alaska from the air.
Palladiotype on Arches Platine. 4x5 film.
It lasts longer
Faire pousser l’asphalte 💦
May 2018 #120mm #6x7
@ivegottiredeyes starting out our Friday!
not going anywhere #slidefilm
Almost everything is #crooked ...not in life, just in this picture. 📷: #CanonAE1Program 🎞: #KodakPortra400
Dart; late night Before Mark abandoned us for the Canadian wilderness. #analogphotography #deathB4digital #pentax #kodakporta400 #35mmfilm
Sometimes you just gotta risk taking that handheld multi second exposure.
Push Through Self
Life is just a bunch of separate paths to choose from and I only want to be on the one in my mind Provia 100f slide film Pentax IQZoom 140
Tilbage fra ferie så der er pinky promise om flere billeder Leica m6/Zeiss zm 35 2.8 Ilford HP5
All smiles in the Land of Smiles #wanderlusteurgoestothailand
Not a Clue | Les Chats (3/3) 'I miss my cat.' My cat Thomas Oberon (or Mr. Meow as later in life he became deaf and meowed a lot. And he was a socialist), left the world behind on 7th October 2014, about two weeks after I had left to go to University. He was 18 and he'd had enough. He was one of the most amazing cats I've ever met and he'd been in my life since I can remember. It was some weeks back and it just hit me that in that moment I really missed him. The next day, this majestic, mysterious beast was chilling on our front steps. He/she then invited themselves in, enjoying some attention and exploring the whole house (and I mean the WHOLE house) before getting up and heading out. A few days later he/she turned up again and now, every once in a while they pop in, stay for a bit and leave. Every time this cat turns up, it makes my day. For the cat, it's probably just one stop on a list of houses where they can get attention and possibly free food. What a slag. But nah, this cat's great. Please come back I miss your fluffy face. . . . . . #35mm #ilford #portraitphotography #ilfordphoto #vulgarismag #somewheremagazine #analoguepeople #filmisnotdead #portrait #blackandwhite #bwportrait #bnwmood #ishootfilm #canonf1 #xp2 #uncertainmag #deathb4digital #blueneongallery #developedcollective #shootmorefilm
That three wheel action
The gothic quarter. #35mm #slidefilm #barcelona
Stanwick - Agfavista 200 - Olympus Mju.
Anotha one from the zine with @sideroads_mag on #fujisuperia400
Beach walk
„walk of shame“
Patiently waiting Provia 100f slide film Shot on Pentax IQZoom 140
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