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Ideas swirl, but don’t stick. They appear, but then run off like rain on the windshield. w/ @samanthaowens499 • The Cribs - Be Safe 🎶
I’ve always enjoyed shooting with mirrors. w/ @samanthaowens499 • Playboi Carti - Poke It Out 🎶
more new work w/ @samanthaowens499 coming soon • fijimacintosh - Nocturnal Eclipse 🎶
This time tomorrow I’ll be posting photos from Dubai, but until then, here’s the last photo of @theemilyrae for BadHabits • Pouya - Don’t Bang My Line 🎶
Here’s some recent work with @theemilyrae for @kanekichii & Bad Habits! If you want this shirt, visit his page and click the link in his bio! • Lukrative - timeless 🎶
Photographer: infinity fine art
Allow your passion to become your purpose, and it will one day become your profession. Model: @marah.nox @rogueundergroundcircus
Photographer: infinity fine art
Wild beauty - with sensible footwear @sveet.cheeks is beautiful while being totally down to earth. #bayareamodel #longhairdontcare #blackandwhitephoto #nude #boots #leica
I hate feelin in control I want someone else’s role
Most Fierce Shoot I have done in awhile! You ladies are amazing! @kali.spinner @iindiica
the wonderful @klamb1215 • grayera - when winter begins 🎶 p.s. sorry I don’t post enough ☹️
Guilty as charged. I’m happy to have @driftendrifter to keep this Hot Mess together!
La vie en rose @undergroundvisual
So @uriah_forest , @evyeniaaaaa and I drove two hours in the snow to get to winter wonderland yesterday and of course I left the camera battery in the charger at home 🙃🙃🙃 so anyways enjoy all of these nice iPhone photos I will be posting for the next few days lmao
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