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I just finished reading Wonder to my fourth grade class. Our fourth grade team’s theme this year is “Kind is the new cool in fourth grade”, so this book tied right in. We have held a fund raiser through Raise Craze (@raisecraze ), and the kids did acts of kindness to raise money. We have also raised items to be donated to local charities. I love that the kids enjoyed this book and ate up every word. I’ve always read aloud to my classes, but the kids really rooted for Auggie. I have to admit, I almost choked up reading Mr. Tushman’s words at the commencement ceremony. Looking over the top of the book and seeing my kiddos’ faces made me hope secretly inside that they were taking those words to heart. I had no idea the @365daysofwonderlettering even existed, but I’m so happy I found it this morning! Some of these precepts are gonna go in my classroom TOMORROW! Yay! #365daysofwonder #365daysofwonderlettering #lettering #wonder #precepts #letteringleague #iteachfourth #teachersofig #teacherlife #wonderthebook #auggie #leftylettering #creativetype #dailytype #calligrafriends
From the @metmuseum "Samuel Brown received a Masters degree in Fine Arts from the University of Pennsylvania, and quickly established himself as an expert watercolorist. He had the distinction of being the first African American hired by the Public Works of #Art Project (PWAP), the government's initial work-relief program for the arts." (Swipe to see the original piece from the #artist ) . Samuel Joseph Brown, Jr. Definitely the #CreativeType . Get your Creative Type t-shirt at www.mkt.com/aishadb-designer. . . This image is used under #Creative Commons Zero (CCO) through the wonderful Open Access At @metmuseum initiative. Thank you to The Met Museum for giving artists and #designers beautiful art images for free and unrestricted use. . . #CreativesOfColor
Horace Pippin, a self taught artist, "wrote and illustrated memoirs of his combat experience where he lost the full use of his arm during World War One". His #creative spirit in spite of adversity is inspiring. (Swipe to see the original piece from the #artist ) . Horace Pippin. Definitely the #CreativeType . Get your Creative Type t-shirt at www.mkt.com/aishadb-designer. #CreativesOfColor . This image is used under Creative Commons Zero (CCO) through the wonderful Open Access At @metmuseum initiative. Thank you to The Met Museum for giving artists and designers beautiful art images for free and unrestricted use.
Most of us SIT all day - at a desk at work, then coming home (sitting whilst commuting) and then for a few more hours at home. Then, we want to relax, and aren’t really active on the weekends. That kinda explains why... ▫1 in 3 Americans have Pre-Diabetes ▫Flat or big, yet weak 🍑(happened to me!!) 😑😧 . If you sit all day your glutes will forget how to work! Just being a weekend warrior or cardio junkie during the week doesn’t make you prevent “gluteal amnesia” - specifically train your glutes to strengthen and wake 'em up! 😴🌞😲😛 . These were some if my favorite 🍑 day moves! For some reason, it is so satisfying doing booty day on a Saturday... and I love that I can do it at home and hang out with my fur child (while she judges me)! 😼
"Freedum" my half-assed​ guardian angel seems to think fences and signage are merely suggestions. Artist: @bazookabliss . . Forcing myself to use oil pastels has been a fun challenge #mixedmedia #oilpastels #acrylicpaint #keepout #characterdevelopment #freedum #bazookabliss #anythingbutboring #mockup #creativetype #handdrawn #sketch #doodle
Art treasure boxes - ☆☆◇◇◇♡◇◇◇☆☆ functional art ~l. jewell, multifacetsflux #multifacetsflux #makingartdaily #makecreativitywork #ArtLove #artfundsupportRLlife #Art #artist #creativetype
breathe galactic air, 03.17.18 - ☆☆◇◇◇♡◇◇◇☆☆ digital art ~l. jewell, multifacetsflux #multifacetsflux #makingartdaily #makecreativitywork #ArtLove #artfundsupportRLlife #Art #artist #creativetype
I mean I'm no pro but I think my creative eye did a half decent job on these. Anyone looking for a graphic designer? I charge by the hour😌 I'm playing. Don't call me for that! Lol. #realestate #realestateagent #businesscards #diy #creativetype
Stand strong 💪🏾. #allblackeverything #Art #CreativeType
When you are just as fly as the art you're viewing. Whether he was intentionally trying to coordinate with the art or not, he nailed it! I think Picasso would be honored to have @adebayobolaji stand next to his work. Regram: from @majesticdisorder and #artist @adebayobolaji. #CreativeType #Creatives
"Love yourself first, and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world." - Lucille Ball 💋 . Loving yourself doesn't happen instantly - it's an endless, ongoing process. Taking baby steps each day to treat yo'self nicely will help you get ahead faster then you think (for me, it was spending more then 3 minutes on my hair, face, and outfit)!😗💇💆 . When we love ourselves, we start to create CONFIDENCE, meaning you can put yourself out there without the fear of rejection! We know what we're good at, and what we can offer. And when you learn to love yourself well, the whole world will seem open to you, and you'll be open to receive it! 😚🌎
Digital version of my previous post « Pour la Fiff, sing it ! » #fiff #singit
Witchery🔮✨ • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Photographer: Me😸 Model: @ashleyfayerussell 🖤 Top/Skirt: @la_femme_en_noir_ 🕸
kaleidoscope azalea cloaked golden saucer jewell, 03.15.18 - ☆☆◇◇◇♡◇◇◇☆☆ digital art ~l. jewell, multifacetsflux #digitalpastiche #commissionOne #multifacetsflux #makingartdaily #makecreativitywork #ArtLove #artfundsupportRLlife #Art #artist #creativetype
A huge congrats to Artist of the Month Jill Cameron! This woman is a bustling and busy bee when it comes to being creative. Her trendy jewelry and pottery goods are featured in the gallery shop, and we can't wait to see what she comes up with next! Follow her @jillcameroncreative #maker #creativetype #stalbertarts #artgalleryofstalbert
Happy Friday and Happy new issue! 🖤#marchishere
S H E F E E D S H I M with her being He SEES her He loves her She loves him He loves her beyond what she sees He gives her his all His only blanket to keep her warm His seat so she has extra space to lay and rest while he stands He brings her water before she says she’s thirsty and has her medicine ready He holds her hands as they shake uncontrollably But he also makes them shake Because As she’s awake he makes her laugh so hard her hands wave wildly And encourages her to feed him even if it’s a bit messy because she enjoys it No hesitation or doubt in their acts of love For his purpose is clear thru his actions To love her. She becomes tired again He gives her his seat, his blanket, his pillow. He tucks her in and kisses her twice. Once on the lips. Second on the forehead. She sleeps He stands tall behind her Gazes Smiles At her with so much pride and love He sees her more than anyone else Even when he doesn’t have to He wants to see her as much as possible He chooses... L O V E ——————————————————————————— I watched the couple beside me amazed and inspired by their acts of love. I could tell they were looking for something and asked if they needed help. They pointed to her mitten. We searched. The flight attendant came and asked if we needed help. She became the translator. She relayed messages for us first about the gloves. And then I told her to tell them I thought they were cute because all of the acts of kindness. Ying and Tom, thru kindness of Amanda(the flight attendant), shared with me their love story of how they met and why her hands shake. They don’t have cell phones or social media but we’re gracious enough to allow me to share their story and snap some candids during the rest of the flight. This was my favourite (check out our live story for more pics!) 🖤 Love comes in many forms. It’s always there. Even when we think it’s not. In order to feel it, sometimes we just gotta take the time to see it ✌🏽
Show everyone your mom raised a badass! Handmade jewelry available now! Link in bio! . . . . . #skulls #razorblade #chain #handmadejewelry #terminatorearrings #losangeles #supportsmallbusinesses #creativetype #different #notfoundinforever21
How lucky are we to live in a world that is so creatively diverse and mesmerizing that it can literally stop us in our tracks so we can gaze at its splendour? ✨ @flourishmotherhood Issue No. 2 is now available for preorder! For inspiring encouragements from fellow mothers + an article I wrote on how to cultivate creativity with your children ✨ Use code: FLOURISHFAM02 for 20% off . . . How are you cultivating creativity with your children today? Use hashtag #thegoldnmovment so I can see your adventures ✨ 📷: @menzevisuals
Another great shot of our Royal Botanical print for Trina Turk Swim! This time, in a flirty ruffled bikini. . . 👙 ☀️ 🕶 @bodydoublefenwick @trinaturk . . . #lovemyjob #designers #designerswimwear #creativetype #ruffledbikini #bikini #trinaturk #palmspringsstyle #california
An old one, inspired by @typebychris
Which hat do you wear most when working? If you haven’t read our latest blog post yet check it out now to find out! 💭💡 #creativethinking #thinkcreative #thinkingcap
Girly catch up today and the menu was this amazing platter filled with delicious Australian Cheese @thedairykitchen Not only were we supporting Aussie Farmers, we’re also supporting our health because 9 out of 10 Australian women don't consume the recommended amount from the dairy food group. Sounds like a few more cheese platters are in order #belegendairy #ladieswholunch #ad
C R E A T I V E J U I C E ☕️ What do you need to be creative? If you could be given something right now to boost your creativity what would it be? An outlet? The tools? More ideas?
andromeda phaeodaria jewell, 03.14.18 - ☆☆◇◇◇♡◇◇◇☆☆ digital art ~l. jewell, multifacetsflux #multifacetsflux #makingartdaily #makecreativitywork #ArtLove #artfundsupportRLlife #Art #artist #creativetype
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