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It ripples out, So prominent at first, And then disappears , Like everything else.
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Maybe I need to go back to photo manipulation....
Cold mornings
I Deep Blue Sea I
3:00AM. I smacked my alarm. too early. much too early. I cracked open the door to my rented Kia Sportage and glanced between the two tents set up in the parking lot next to my car. I didn’t hear a sound, no rustling, no speaking, and more importantly, no alarms. I shut the door, and studied the inside of my eyelids. 4:00AM. There was movement, then some noise, then there were voices. maybe we weren’t going to sleep through sunrise after all. It was going to be a long and steep hike to where we needed to be, the most difficult and long hike in the area, or so I was told and I got 4 hours of sleep, which made it a total of 9 hours in 3 days. nice. the hike began in silence, but as we approached our destination, tension rose. blue hour was fading, and pinks and blues littered the undersides of the clouds. we’re we too late? was that extra hour of sleep our undoing? we hiked on, hoping that the sun would hide behind the peaks until we could make it. my spirits were high, i’m abnormally optimistic in these types of situations. then, near the top, during a short water break, my eyes went wide. I could see flames in the distance, then giant yellow billowing fabric, I couldn’t make it out at first, but then I saw more. three, then four, all billowing and lifting slowly and lazily into the air. some were already lifting into the sky, while others were still hovering on the valleys close to the ground. magical. that was the word that kept sliding from my lips as i galloped to the top and the first lookout point I could find. whooping and hollering with excitement as the sun popped over the horizon and lit up the landscape in warm yellow light. it’s moments like this that have shaped my passion for long drives, sleepless nights, and early morning hikes.
You could get around the entirety of Hawaii’s big island in half a day, but there is never a lack of places to explore. Whether it’s the lush (and wet) east coast, the beaches of the west, the southern cliffs, the northern valleys, the sweeping vistas of the mountain summits...you name it. This place has something for everyone. 🤙🏻
[AZORES STORY -> BIO] Two months ago I had the opportunity to explore the Azores Islands in collaboration with @globetrotter_schweiz We have the same mindset when it comes to planning trips. As always our plan wasn‘t really to chill for a week but more to see as much as possible of the Azores. @globetrotter_schweiz made our intense travel schedule possible and everything went well. Looking back at a memorable trip with the boys @_fabiozingg @jonglr @dominiclars & @andrin.owa | #reisenstattferien
Breathtaking views everyday for this fella. Boy was he friendly!
Story: There’s Something about Marfa Read the full story on our online journal at: https://rucksackmag.com/journal/theres-something-about-marfa
When in Vallila. 18/05/22 ☀
Slide the shot to see more action from @justin_shreeve from @drift_evolution #BFTP
Selena Gomez // "You are already being pursued by God who knit you together and called you His. You don't know that this will become the most important relationship, but just wait. You will find freedom here. You will learn that your truest identity is loved and chosen, as the chosen daughter of God. You will be sitting in a service and everything within you will shift. The God that has been pursuing you all along will feel tangible. The Holy Spirit will speak louder than anything that has called for your attention. On your 23rd birthday, Jesus will become real to you. More than a nightly prayer, more than the strength of your friends, more than the name in a devotional, He will become real. You are enough because you are a child of God who has been pursued from the very beginning. You are enough because His grace has saved you and covered you. Every good thing you do will flow from this truth."
🌊 (📸: @sarahmiah )
views for dayzz ⛰️
Stunning @tuvaundrum in her fantastic Bunad!🇳🇴😍
This is the ski slope down from down in the valley - from here we crossed the river and went down to the water to skim stones for a while and toss rocks into it to make the biggest splashes - trust me, you are never too old for this! We then walked along the river for a few kilometres back into town admiring all the beautiful autumn colours. Afterwards we went to buy the most delicious €1.50 Syrian falafel - 1.50!!!!⠀
Moments like these are what I love most about hiking alone in the mountains! #unreal
german mirror lake with that fairytale bridge every lemming wants to climb on. 🙊 i have met people from all over the world who came here just for a quick snap. and some of them were surprised that it is prohibited to climb/stand/walk/jump on it. to preserve this piece of art and history as long as possible, please be responsible and don’t share anymore images with a person on top of that bridge. don’t care if „it’s photoshop“ or not- either way, it encourages unaware viewers to repeat that nonsense… . . . . . #enter_imagination #houseoftones #meistershots #theearthoutdoors #watchthisinstagood #leagueoflenses #exploreourearth #takemoreadventures #roam @roam #nature_perfection #ig_podium #adventurethatislife #modernwild #discoverearth #stayandwander #folkvibe #folkgood #createscenery #alphahype @germanytourism #visitgermany #germanytourism #topgermanyphoto @topgermanyphoto @sharegermany #sharegermany @in_germany #in_germany @deutschland_greatshots #deutschland_greatshots @ig_deutschland #ig_deutschland @saxonytourism #visitsaxony @simplysaxony #sogehtsaechsisch
@ossiep blowing minds with quite possibly the coolest college project ever. . .
ix - sofia ♡
Springtime near the water
Every sunset we witnessed was Golden. ° ° ° ° Walking from Coit Tower and over the Golden Gate into Sausalito was a feat. But man was it worth all the views! ° ° ° #pier39   #autogramtags  #goldengatebridge   #ferrybuilding   #sanfranciscolove   #undefined   #baybridge   #undefined   #lamdscape   #nature   #clouds   #tree   #norcal   #eastbay   #thebayarea   #walnutcreek   #kitesurfing   #kitesurfingphotos   #kiteboarder   #kiteboarding   #moodyvibes   #visualgang   #soft_vision   #createscenery   #fatalframes   #ig_underdogz   #creativeoptic   #thevisualscollective
H O M E V I E W S E R I E #homeviewserie
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