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Disc on and bleed. floating rotors only please. This things gunna ride so good can't wait to get it finished! . #fox #kona #foxshox #cowan #mtbos #bike #cycle #cycling #biking #mavic #hope #Superstar
[ My thoughts will echo your name until I meet you again ] • [highley recommend listening to the song to this edit] • - — - #rilaya #rileymatthews #mayahart #rilayaedit #gmw #girlmeetsworld #rowbrina #cowan #riarkle #coreyfogelmanis #sabrinacarpenter #rowanblanchard #gaintrick #gainpost #follow4follow #like4like #likeforfollow
She's getting cuter by the time. Who thought it was possible?💞
— this is so me if i meet Sabrina some day except way more crazy fangirl and going all mad snnsnsjwjjxh
swipe right -> tbh this is what should have happened that night + do you guys want me to keep editing theories of riarkle??
i woke up this morning and my dog was staring straight at me it was weird Q: pet peeves?
Part 29. Is it the truth or another lie? #rilaya #gmthebet
New Levern path link under construction. #waterworks to #cowan #barrhead #greeninfrastructure #greennetwork
Look how intense the situation of the kiss was, we they even acting? Maybe not but oh well. #sabrinacarpenter #lucayacampfire #lucaya #peybrina #peytonmeyer #coreyfogelmanis #rowanblanchard #cowan #corbrina
Cutie 😘💕
[ i love you, farkle. i always have. ] dt: @lucayadarlin. - hey dudes! from now on I'll be posting photo edits like this AND video edits bc i really enjoy doing both. it's been a long time since my last photo edit (like 8 months) so this is a little eh. psd by @multipsd
me and @sabrinacarpenter in aeropostale
if there aren’t aliens in the alien mv im unstanning @sabrinacarpenter @jonasblue
— if you hadn’t noticed yet im starting to post only row and sabs facts bc its harder to find corey facts nowadays plus our young ladies of tomorrow are rocking 2018 with these amazing achievements alr !!!!!! 🤤
i have so many theories of riarkle and i’m just like the triangle was so unnesscary smh dt; @rilayaww
Part 28. Hi Maya 👋🏼 #gmthebet (Felt too lazy to manip so pretend it’s all Lucas and Riles)
Really proud of Sabby 😭💕 #jimmykimmel #jimmykimmellive
me, why am i so dumb? happy spring (even tho it was yesterday lol)! q: would you rather always be hot or always be cold?
— what’s your favorite movie right now? MINES THE GREATEST SHOWMAN YES — also damnnn she looks so good in here 🤤 wait actually she always does OK NVM
[ Maya Hart as Parker ] hAPPY BIRTHDAY PARKER ILYSM WE’VE BEEN FRIENDS FOR ALMOST A YEAR OR SMTHN I DONT HAVE A GOOD MEMORY I SOWWY BUT I LOVE YOU AND yOuRe a biG kiD nOw ( even though you’re like....older than me by a few years bUT IK WHAT IM SAYING) also idk what parker was referring to in the last box whoops
{ #reallyliveau } whoopsies
No Filter! #NattyRing #COWAN
Idc who you are or where you're from but you don't have the right to say the words "kill yourself." You don't know what ppl are going through everyday so even if someone's life seems "perfect", it can be not so perfect in reality. It's never okay to say that , even as a "joke", either it's on instagram or in real life. So either be nice, or stfu
. — i love and miss cowan so much:(💛 ac & ib// celestiallucaya song// mirrors by justin timberlake instagram made the audio and video look and sound like shit kms tags #cowan #coreyfogelmanis #rowanblanchard #riarkle #rileymatthews #farkleminkus #girlmeetsworld #gmw #omggmw #corey #rowan #riley #farkle #mayahart #lucasfriar #corymatthews #topangalawrencematthews #auggiematthews #stewartminkus #rucas #lucaya #markle #zaya #zayley #larkle #smarkle #explorepage
i miss tour
[ new girl ] My fav headcannon is Lucas realizing he has feelings for Maya and then his friends are all just like “yeah we beEN KNEW”
Part 27. Looks like Rucas need to make room for #zarkle #gmthebet (This is suppose to be part 27 ignore the mistake on the pic)
i’m seeing one of my friends today and im honestly SO HAPPY Q: favourite animal?
Landlord 'You girls seem so sweet & innocent' 🕊 as a wild topless Russian runs about #cowan #evicted #sorryjesse
heyyy so i used to have an account for sabrina (suchabeautifuldarlin) before i sadly got logged out sometime last night
Omfg this is the second time I’ve had a dream about Sabrina!!! I never told anyone the first dream but for now to my second dream. I had a dream that me, Sab and some of her friends (who were Sab’s friends) were on our way to Disneyworld (she was wearing the iconic silver mickey ears) but the thing that sucks is that all of her friends were always talking or hanging around her all the time so I never got a chance to even say anything to her!!! All she did was look at me at times and smile. That honestly warmed my heart!! 😭😂 I had this dream like an hour ago and it’s 4:57 am 😴
posting a cowan edit after school!! who’s on?? ( LOOK AT HOW LITTLE THEY ALL ARE GLDJSKDJSKDJDK) #cowan
[ ‘cause I don’t wanna lose you now ] I just remembered this song and I forgot how good it is and now I just listen to it while staring at my ceiling and I feel things
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