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That boat is going to sail anyway,  will you be waving from the shore 🖐 or hopping aboard? * I know where I will be! 🌞👙⛵ * There is no guarantee that what you want will happen unless you are willing to put forth the time and effort. It won't happen overnight, you have to put in the work. Make your choices, fail a lot, get back up, try again. Be one if the top 3% of the population who didn't give up and actually made their dreams come true. 😘 * * * Wickedly Epic Journey 💯
Keep your focus on what's coming. Only look back to see how far you've come!🔥 - Follow and join us 👉🏻 @2GetBusy 👈🏻 - Share the content that motivate you the most on #2GetBusy
Ein echter Dackel, braucht auch einen echten Hochstand 🤗. Noch konnte ich Frauchen nicht davon überzeugen, so ein Ding auch in unserem Garten aufzustellen, dabei hätte ich dann die Nachbarschaft viiieeel besser unter Kontrolle 😉👀😅. . PS🐾sind markiert 😊 . . . #hochsitz #hochstand #aussicht #aussichtsturm #blauerhimmel #bluesky #rauhaardackel #mutig #courage #courageous #perch #jagd #jagdhund #oben #above #hund #dog #photooftheday #dogphotography #dackel #dachshund #dachshundlove #dachshundofinstagram #dachshundonly #thedoxiworld #doxie #doxieofinstagram #sausagedog #gimli
Don’t be afraid to be you today! Keep pushing to be a better version of yourself! #inspirationalquotes #authenticity #vulnerability #courageous #blogger #yyc #yeg
Samasource and LXMI founder and CEO Leila Janah describes herself as a real optimist. “I believe that if something doesn't exist, I can believe that it should exist and then will it into existence,” she says. It’s that mindset that helped her stand her ground with the Samasource board chair when she wanted to invest more into creating initiatives that would tie back into her initial vision: moving people out of poverty via access to work opportunities and technological skills. Her argument to the board was simple. She would step down as the company’s leader if she would not be able to see her goals for the company through. Janah’s conviction won out in the end and since then, her company’s sales have quadrupled. “I woke up in this period and thought, wait a minute, I'm running a multimillion dollar business here with Google and Microsoft as clients, who I recruited. The idea is mine. I built a whole team,” Janah recalled to Entrepreneur." I absolutely deserve not just to have a seat at the table around strategy, but to set the strategy. That's my job." In 2008, Janah launched Samasource as a nonprofit business to help women in low-income and marginalized communities in East Africa, South Asia and the Americas find employment through the internet. A digital skills spinoff initiative called Samaschool launched in 2015. Janah is also the founder of organic skincare brand LXMI, which makes products sourced from East Africa, which provides women in the region work that allows them earn at least three times local wages. Samasource has helped move more than 33,000 people out of poverty since 2008. And more than 20,000 people from 65 countries have taken courses with Samaschool. “All that we can do is try our best to make the world a little bit better,” Janah says of the driving force behind her companies -- and what inspires her doing tough moments. “If it's too easy, it's probably not worth doing.” Janah says that her ultimate aim is to inspire everyone to reassess their perceptions about charity, work, reducing poverty and solving social problems. #successmindset #femaleentrepreneur #ladiesgoneglobal #entrepreneurquotes #lover #shareholder #readyforit
“Summon the courage to be yourself, say how you really feel, fly in the face of convention and stand out like the unique person that you are.” #brave #bold #strong #refreshed #courageous #fulfilled #living
Happy JUNETEENTH Folks! May we all channel the strength of our ancestors more on today than we did just yesterday, giving us the determination and courage to be bold and free enough to manifest our wildest dreams today and always! I LOVE YOU BLACK PEOPLE! 💌✨ • • #juneteenth #happyindependenceday #blkcreatives #blackandproud #creativeentreprenuer #tuesdaymotivation #tuesdaymorning #tuesdayvibes #celebrateblackhistory #celebrateblackness #blackcreatives #blackwomen #blackmen #positiveaffirmations #courageous #blackhistory #freedom
I’ve never really considered myself courageous. I guess bc I used let my fear dictate my days. I don’t have severe anxiety but I’ve had anxiety about certain situations in the past. I identified them & was mostly able to avoid them. . I mean, I don’t have to drive in bad weather, pick up spiders, swim in the ocean, stay by myself overnight or board an airplane. ✈️ I convinced myself that I could absolutely live a happy meaningful life but still avoiding these things. . What I ended up doing is opting out of experiences & not just for me but also for Husband. He got the brunt of most of my anxiety & is always so patient/helpful. But now, its affecting me & him ... & to be sure as soon as my kids got a little older, these things would project into them. . I made a decision to find strength to move forward even when something scares me. That is courage & I can now say that I am becoming courageous. It is an empowering feeling & I’m actually loving doing things that scare me. . I didn’t become courageous overnight. I haven’t done hours of therapy. * I haven’t been taking anxiety medication. * . So how did I make this shift? • I did some hard work & self reflecting. • I listen to personal development books consistently that help me get out of my own head & see things from a different perspective. • I surround myself with people that encourage me to grow & live life to the fullest. My tribe has made all the difference when it comes to overcoming anxiety. • I do small things that scare me in order to build confidence. • I pray for wisdom. • I seek out guidance when I don’t know the answers. • I own my story ... I bring the hard things to the light & then I pray more and ask for help if needed. . I have a LOT more growing to do in this department but I know I have made leaps & bounds in the past 1.5 yrs. On Thursday, I will board a plane by myself & I know that’s on the other side is completely worth being a little scared. . Let’s do this!!!! 🤜🏼🤛🏼 . . * If you are working through severe anxiety, please reach out to a professional that can help. I am 💯 supportive of therapy, counseling, coaching and medication when needed.
FEAR - it has two meanings. Forget everything and run OR face everything and RISE. It’s a choice. I’ve spent the majority of my life running (figuratively). My life is far from perfect and it may not be what I’ve dreamed of, but it’s a LIFE worth living. In the midst of my circumstances, I can choose JOY. 🏃🏻‍♀️ So, this morning I ran (literally) & I set my ‘intention’ to NOT entertain the negativity, to face the challenges head on, to be grateful for what I have, and to RISE above it all - enJOY this life because it’s worth living. ✨ #morning3miler 🏃🏻‍♀️ ✅ #rungirl #geaux #goscared #justgo #intentionalliving #intentions #ketonesmademedoit 🦄
Stepping into the unknown... @silviasunata Guess who walked with me? #strong #courageous #childlike #faith #obedience
The Blue Door :: There aren’t any blue flowers she would say, I must have instinctively wanted and asked for blue at least 50 times over the course of 10 years. It was blue that I wanted to express in the gift of my heart, but a ‘no’ was placed in front of me, it does not exist. For years I accepted That reality. Blue please I asked and she said ‘ok’ these are your options. How did that happen? I went to visit a builder. We got to discussing #thefrontdoor He an artist too, cherry wine was his color, purple pop was on my brain but a could not utter it, it was too avant-garde and he a traditionalist. Rejection was sure to be the result. Everyone was wearing purple all at once. Why? #SeasonsChange I suppose. I began pushing myself to dance with those I’d not danced with. Wow, I thought...I’ve been missing out, but my eye kept going back to her, something was different, something small but powerful, I couldn’t help but to steal a glance. Those finishing touches really make the difference I thought. From wow to omg, I took that thought and packed it into my head as the crowd thinned. Did I learn something about myself? What was it? #action was the topic of my class today. Take action and results you will find. It was an odd resource but to took it and turned a few pages, the topic was that of joining souls together and the actions that facilitate an enjoined connection. The caution was to understand and ask, do I want my soul joined this way. This was also the topic of my boat ride with a trusted soul. He shared with me a most valuable story. There was no question my she was deeply buried in my heart, but there were lights that had not been turned on, parts of what we had were dark...which I suppose is to be expected...but they were important rooms and the key to access was not within my power or do it seemed. She was always in the corner, more than excellent in ability, would you like to dance? My name is Allen. What an amazing experience, what had held be back before was no longer an obstacle...I’d freed myself from fear and taken action and it was good, as I suppose may often be the case with fear. #purpose #purple #honesty #engaged #opendoor #courageous #forward
This is so hard to grasp...especially when you are in the midst of a storm yourself...but there IS blessing in the storm! God promises to bring good of every situation and circumstance and yes...even the darkest of storms. If your heart is seeking His and you have faith to know that HE will see you through. It may not be easy...believe me I have been through some bad ones...but (I love that there is always a BUT) God strengthened me through my storms and brought me out the other side even more blessed. Stay strong, have faith, and press in. Our God is an awesome mighty God. And...He loves you! #blessed #faith #storms #blessings #godisgood #victory #courageous #bebold #havefaith #fighttherightway #takeittogod #momoffour #loved
Be brave enough and you will be the winner #courage #courageous
"If you are going to try, go ALL the way." - This is one of the first quotes I posted over a year ago when I started this blog project and IG account. Time to step up my game and live up to my own message. Let's go! #rockon
🗣🗣 Stop revisiting the pain y’all. ⠀⠀ Sometimes we let our thoughts get the best of us .. overthinking and over analyzing a situation!! Especially the ones that hurt or make no sense to us!! But I’m here to remind you today...STOP!! Stop allowing the situation to remain open ... leave it be .. walk away and let it resolve it self! Focus on what’s ahead .. you will be just fine.. I’m sure someone needed this reminder today !! YOU WILL BE JUST FINE!! Look up and not down.... we got ESSENCE in us that needs to be ESTABLISH! ⠀⠀ #EstablishingEssence #FaithonFleek #Christian #Inspire #Love #GoodVibes #Thankful #Blessed #LiveyourPurpose #KristinaEssence #Mindset #TheGoal #bebrave #bebold #beyou #selflove #passion #purpose #Godfirst #BeGreat #LiveyourTruth #vulnerable #courageous #peace #simplemessage
#Mood 🤣🤣🤣 I act like #albert from off of that #movie #thebirdcage rt #flamboyant #emotional #womanly #energy feels #good today, ya see in order to feel you must be #courageous cuz the #culture is all about #escapism 😎 I've been #crying & #pouting and #writing and #playingwithmykids and just #chilling while being mad #emotional and guess what? I like it 😁😘 #warmheart #mealive
Screenshot🌅 and comment down below👇 what you are✊🔥. #motivationrpg - #entrepreneurquotes #millionairemindset #ambitious
The motivation for today is to be courageous! Challenge yourselves to step fully outside of your comfort zone in some way. 🦋 *** Then, and only then will you truly know who you are and and what you are capable of. 💜 *** As humans we have been taught to live in fear, which is an illusion. Choose to live in love. Choose to be free and most importantly, choose to be fearless. 🦋 *** Happy Tuesday! Be courageous! • • • #courage #fearlessness #courageous #chooselove #tuesdaymotivation #comfortzone #bebrave
GOD sent this to me today! Eventhough I have a migraine and I know where that usually leads, a seizure, GOD tells me don’t be afraid Tamee, I got your back because I’m always with me! Such peace when I stay scared of them! Gotta smile to make someone else’s day! That’s great joy for me in my own pain! Hope y’all have a wonderful day too!#smile #faith #godslove #believe #hope #strong #courageous #thankyou #god #for #beingbymyside #neverleaving #fear #seizure #makesomeonesday #makeadifference #helpothers
See my previous post 🦋
Happy birthday, to this awesome girl! Love you! #funny #courageous #loveroflife #adventurous #smart #social #senseofhumor
Two years of true sobriety from alcohol and recreational drugs today. I think the worst thing I did with my brand when I started it was pretending to be something that I'm not. I said this was easy, that I found a way to be happy all the time. But the truth is that it's been the hardest thing I've ever attempted to do in my life, as I've struggled mightily with depression and the urges on a daily basis. I want to use my story to be genuine from here on out and the message is this: this IS hard. Trying to make new friends and re-learn how to live your life IS excruciating at times. But it's worth it. And today I'm nothing but grateful for my new life. I have my family back. I'm on my way to opening multiple businesses and becoming a self-made millionaire. And the only thing that will ever stop you from doing the same is you and you only. Don't you dare be afraid to fight for a better life, no matter how tough it is. I'll always be here fighting, just so the world can see that it's possible to turn your life around.
Eyes speaking in silence with a Thousand words. Timid. Shy. Courageous beauty. #photographersmuse #fashion #moda #modelo #mymuse #eyes #cover #coverup #timid #courage #shy #courageous #follow #skin #beautifulskin #legs #legsfordays
Today a new adventure begins for me. 🎶🦋✈️ 6 years ago I was unemployed and asked myself a question: “Nat, what do I love so much I’d do it for free?” . Hmmm. My answer: travelling, writing and encouraging people ☺️ . So I decided that since these were clearly my passions, and CLUES to what I’m here on earth for 🌏, I was going to somehow turn them into my career. Simple right? . Hmmmm. Well although there were many tears, freak out sessions, moments of questioning my sanity, thinking I’d made a mistake quitting my job, I KNEW in my gut there was something more for me. . So despite the gripping fear I kept dreaming. Following the clues. And in Oct 2012 it literally did happen. After dreaming and imagining I would ‘somehow’ land a job “travelling, writing and encouraging people”, the most miraculous thing happened. I kid you not. Andrew, my now boss had seen my blog, called me out of the blue and offered me a job as a travel writer. . So for the past 6 years in addition to launching The Writer’s Ink and The Dreams Co., this has been my job 👆🏻(watch videos). . And now today is a special day. Today my story changes. I will continue to take @spectrumholidays tours to Alaska and write articles about travel... but I am starting a new adventure. I’m so thankful to Andrew, Hugh and Lorraine for the last 6 years, what an amazing opportunity. 🦋✈️🌏 The journey continues. :) . More details of my new adventure to come. But let me encourage you. Take risks. Dream BIG. Follow that gorgeous massive heart of yours. Despite the tears, the confusion, the anxiety, the fear, the pain, talk to people, keep holding on, trust your gut and don’t give up. This year has been a painful one for me, I’m still in a place of healing but I’m moving forward. 🦋 And I’m standing with you my friend :) 🌸 . Thank you for being on this journey with me. Stay tuned 😉 . To be continued........ 🦋 Nat xo
It’s Time Your Gift is Restless 💙
The secret to HAPPINESS is FREEDOM... and the secret to freedom is COURAGE . . . #freedom #happiness #courage #free #feelfree #feelhappy #courageous #liveyourlife #beyourself
Fear. If you're doing something big you should be afraid. If you're not afraid then you're dreaming too small. Ok, so you're afraid. Now what? Do you summon the necessary courage or play small? #Believe . . . . . #motivationalquotes #motivation #tuesdaythoughts #fear #bigideas #thinkbigger #thinkbig #courage #courageous #couragequotes #couragetosoar #entrepreneurmindset
These three men are just some of the guys that keep me grounded and on the right path. They are quick to point out truths to get me back on track. . . In the gym, you need a spotter. In life you still need spotters. Those that help you build up rather than tear down. . . Prov. 24:6
This doesn’t mean being “heroic” or “putting your life on the line. It means putting your vulnerability on the line which takes a hella lot of courage! This is so true and the opposite is true too. When you are busy hiding, numbing, running and living a fake life.... you are keeping yourself down and all those around you too. If you refuse to give yourself permission to be authentic and live authentic, there is no way in hell you will be comfortable with those around you being authentic and vulnerable! This means your loved ones and your kids too. Think about that. You can’t give others what you yourself don’t have. No matter how much you claim or profess to love them! 💫 💫 💫 #motivation #inspiration #quotestoliveby #quoteoftheday #inspirationalquotes #courage #courageous #lifequotes
The policeman also learned how to get rid of the invisible but real chains, many heard the Truth ...some of them decided to chose Jesus 🔥👑🔥JESUS IS THE SAVIOR 🔥👑 🔥 #christ #christisall #spirit #holy #holyspirit #spiritbreakout #christspiritbreakout #breakeverychain #king #kingdom #heaven #jesus #noothername #faith #believe #savior #healing #all #theather #courageous #love #beloved #recklesslove #all #decision #choice #repented #soul #rescue #godfoundme #grace
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