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Character concept art from the talented @kseniia_perfilyeva 😎 we are developing a Angry Fred standalone comic series as we speak. Angry Fred is actually based on my Dad Fred, although he’s not as angry and badass as Angry Fred he’s still a pretty cool guy! The series will follow Angry Fred a retiring gangster who is trying to understand how to deal with the younger instagram obsessed generation of criminals #angryfredcomics
The gold foil / printing on this proof from @catprint_llc is gorgeous. What do you guys think? #goldfoil #comicbooksofinstagram #comicbookpressingresults #orphne
The gold foil / printing on this proof from @catprint_llc is gorgeous. Not happy with the uneven edges though. What do you guys think? #goldfoil #comicbooksofinstagram #comicbookpressingresults #orphne
That time I sketched The Batman 🦇Who is your favourite movie Batman? Michael Keaton has always been my go to Bats - Lucas Scheffel Writer/Creator #angryfredcomics
Page 2 completed panel artwork for our first comic book “Outlaws of Oz: The Bushranger Chronicles”. Available soon via our website in the coming weeks. I’m really happy how illustrator Nikita Vasilchuk has brought my writing to life and given it a voice and outlet. I’ve written a swag of short stories that are sitting on a hard drive and many more that are stuck in my head just bursting to get out. There’s nothing worse as a creative than having ideas stuck in your head and they never find a medium or voice to be seen or heard #angryfredcomics
I own a lot of graphic novels, but I decided to focus this post solely on Jeffrey Brown. Though he is more known for his Star Wars books and children's books, he has authored a number of autobiographical works. I find them funny, touching, and pleasantly awkward. . #circleofbookishfriends - Graphic Novels
The exchange from an unlikely visitor. Find out more soon in our first comic book “Outlaws from Oz: The Bushranger Chronicles”. Artwork by Nikita Vasilchuk. #angryfredcomics
A wee snazzy table #tiltshift pic, of our very own comics, from @nicomicmart at the weekend!! You can pick up our awardwinning comics from our @etsy shop online that now accepts #paypal : https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/RevolveComics #Solstice #solsticecomic #IndieComics #indiecreator #comics #comicbooks #comiccreators #comiccon #comicconart #fantasycomics #comicsforsale #art #comicbooksofinstagram #comicsofinstagram #
A recent acquisition. I thought the Love is Love anthology for Orlando was beautifully done, so I was happy to see a collection was created for Puerto Rico. All proceeds go to relief efforts. . #grimdragon - Short Stories/Anthologies
Here are some Comic Book influences that helped inspire our villain, Doctor DeKay. The Silver Age, Lex Luthor, Jack Kirby’s Doctor Doom and of course The Red Skull. As always we love hearing from you, our Super Friends. Tell us what you think and who are YOUR favorite Super Villains from the Silver Age? Tag a friend to Join the Wonder! #nefarious #dymondcity #formula56 #atomicrays #ghostrider #redskull #lexluthor #doctordoom #rotm #returnofthetomorrowmen #heroicpictures #tomorrowman #kirbycrackle #comcicbooks #comicbookart #silverage #comicbooksofinstagram #webserial #comingsoon #l4l #f4f #instalike #instafollow #conceptart #followme #productionlife
After a lab accident at Dymond City University bathed him in Atomic Rays, the nefarious Doctor DeKay emerged with parasitic powers. Able to wrench the very life force from your soul. Do gooders beware! Crossing him will only lead to an excruciating death at the hands of evil! His ultimate purpose: Defeat the Tomorrow-Men, take over Dymond City and then eventually the entire world!!! Stay Tuned! #doctordekay #nefarious #dymondcity #formula56 #atomicrays #ghostrider #redskull #lexluthor #doctordoom #rotm #returnofthetomorrowmen #heroicpictures #tomorrowman #kirbycrackle #comcicbooks #comicbookart #silverage #comicbooksofinstagram #webserial #comingsoon #l4l #f4f #instalike #instafollow #conceptart #followme #productionlife Art: @corpusclestudio
A grab from the cover artwork for our first comic book “Outlaws of Oz: The Bushrangers Chronicles”. It’s a 8 page webcomic we are releasing in the next few weeks. Part Australian History part Sci-fi. Who’s a fan of Ned Kelly the iron outlaw? #angryfredcomics
I relaxed by the beach today and read Ed Brisson’s “The Last Contract”, a perfect read for those into noir, fast paced action type stories. In a nutshell the story is a fast-paced, hard-as-nails noir action tale. It follows an unnamed former hitman. He’s been out of the game twenty years and may or may not be suffering from Alzheimer’s. But he’s pulled back in one last time after a list of mob-ordered hits is stolen and threatened to be exposed. There’s an attack on his home and he ends up killing the two would-be assassins, stealing their car, and heading off to make amends for his past, his dog Harv tags along in tow. If you like gritty and chaotic art then you’re in for a treat, Lisandro Estherren’s art fits the mould of this noir tale ever so perfectly. It echoes the themes in the book to a tee. From deep blacks to night time blues and dark shadows it serves the themes well. If you’re into flawed characters carrying around their own baggage then check this comic book out! #angryfredcomics
In 2 weeks... you’ll feel it. In 4 weeks.. you’ll see it... in 8 weeks you’ll hear it. Make sure to keep up with your training folks 💪💪 . . @warriorbootcamp #superman #trainlikeasuperhero
As we ride into the weekend I wanted to share a grab of the inner cover to our first comic “The Outlaws of Oz: The Bushranger Chronicles”. This was a added bonus that illustrator Nikita Vasilchuk shared with me this week. He’s gone above and beyond with his artwork I can’t wait to share it all with you guys 🙂 What is everyone getting up to this weekend? I’m going to sit by the beach and read a graphic novel called ‘The Last Contract’. Comment below, I would love to hear from you guys 👋🏽 #angryfredcomics
Page 8 panel showing the Kelly Gang at their last stand in Glenrowan. What happens to Ned Kelly and his gang in this alternate take on a Aussie legend? I guess you will have to find out when our first comic book “Outlaws of Oz: The Bushranger Chronicles” is released. Do you have a favourite Bushranger or Outlaw? Illustrator Nikita Vasilchuck #angryfredcomics
Swipe for more pix!! Here are some pix of me modeling as Jetta from “Jetta: Tales of the Toshigawa”! Some are stills from a YouTube skit we did of me as the original comic book character Jetta sparing Deathstroke! You can click on the link only bio and scroll through my YouTube playlist to find it. This goes along with my last post. This cosplay is based off the comics, and these are stories of the ‘grown’ Jetta lol as opposed to the “Shinobi Ninja Princess” series. Be sure to give the creators @martheusaw and @jsaltygirl a follow and read more about their kickstarter project for there new series! - - - - #ninja #ninjaprincess #localcomics #comics #comicbooks #comicbook #model #cosplaymodel #modelsofinstagram #princess #jetta #jettatalesofthetoshigawa #talesofthetoshigawa #shinobininjaprincess #shinobininja #artist #localartist #artistsoninstagram #comicsofinstagram #comicbooksofinstagram #jettashinobininjaprincess #cosplay #cosplaygirl #cosplayer #ninjacosplay #jettacosplay #deathstroke #tennesseecosplayer #midsouthcosplayer
For today's prompt, Women Wednesday, I decided to focus on comic books or graphic novels by and about women. . #circleofbookishfriends - Women Wednesday
As seen on TV! 🤣 I’ve had the honor to model as an original comic book character over the past several years. Meet Jetta! This comic book is geared toward family and kidos, something everyone can read! From local creators @martheusaw and @jsaltygirl comes “Shinobi Ninja Princess” the backstory of “Jetta, Tales is the Toshigawa”! Please join the Kickstarter to help get these comics into libraries and schools! Here is the link for more details :) https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1817736211/shinobi-ninja-princess-hardcover-collection?ref=discovery&term=Shinobi - - - - #ninja #ninjaprincess #localcomics #comics #comicbooks #comicbook #model #cosplaymodel #modelsofinstagram #princess #jetta #jettatalesofthetoshigawa #talesofthetoshigawa #shinobininjaprincess #shinobininja #comicsforkids #kidscomics #artist #localartist #artistsoninstagram #comicsofinstagram #comicbooksofinstagram #jettashinobininjaprincess #cosplay #cosplaygirl #cosplayer #ninjacosplay #jettacosplay #tennesseecosplayer #midsouthcosplayer
Angry Fred Comics logo design 2 by the ever so talented @kseniia_perfilyeva 🙌🏽 this variant logo will feature on the cover of our first comic book “Outlaws of Oz: The Bushranger Chronicles”. (A little birdy tells me the first issue is basically completed!) What’s your favourite comic book publisher? The big two? Or indie publishers? Leave your comments below I’d love to hear from you guys 👋🏽 #angryfredcomics
A select page 4 panel from the first comic book we are creating called “Outlaws of Oz: The Bushranger Chronicles”. Here in our story we see a young Ned Kelly receiving a special reward after a brave act of kindness. How did Ned Kelly go on to become one of Australia’s infamous icons? Well we’ve got an interesting take on the story set in a alternate universe! I’ve just heard from talented artist Nikita Vasilchuk, he will be finishing off the comic by the end of this week for review. We’re gearing up to launch our website soon so in the coming weeks (fingers crossed) we will release our first 8 page comic for all of you to devour! - Lucas Scheffel Creator/Writer #angryfredcomics
“Who goes there?!” Panel grab from our upcoming comic “Outlaws of Oz: The Bushranger Chronicles” We’re not sure who you are pointing your gun at Ned?? I guess we will have to wait and see when the comic is released 😎 Shout out to Nikita Vasilchuk for his amazing artwork as always. Who is your favourite illustrator? Tag them in the comments below! #angryfredcomics
Who is standing in the shadow of famous Australian Bushranger Ned Kelly in our first comic entitled “Outlaws of Oz: The Bushranger Chronicles”? I guess you guys will have to wait and see! I love writing these short stories and describing the visions for each panel of comic artwork. It’s such a great process. Hats off to Nikita Vasilchuk for your amazing work 💪🏽 The weekend is wrapping up for me here, what creative ventures do you guys get up to this weekend? #angryfredcomics
Here’s my attempt at drawing Thanos. I figure with the hype of Avengers Infinity War he’s getting a lot of attention so I thought it would be good to get in on the action. I’m not the greatest of artists when it comes to illustrating I don’t know how I would go drawing a comic myself I think I’d struggle keeping the characters looking exactly the same frame by frame 😂😂 Maybe I’ll have a crack at sketching up some cover artwork for one of my comics one day soon. But for now I’ll stick to writing and creating. I find random sketches such as these ones a great way to fulfil my creativity and also help me keep calm and relax, it does wonders for focus too! Anyway! I drew this sketch with a HB pencil in a visual art diary which I’m going to fill with more illustrations over the coming weeks. What tools do you guys use to create your artwork? Keep on creating people! - Lucas Scheffel Writer/Creator #angryfredcomics
For #firstappearancefriday Thank you @palmettopunisher for the tag 🙏🏾. I went OG with Luke Cage Power Man 🏋🏾‍♀️ vol. 1 issue 19 “ Call him Cottonmouth “which is the first appearance of Cottonmouth 🐍 . Cover art by Ron Wilson. ❤️ the Bronze Age era of 📚#marvelcomic #marvelfans #marvel #lukecage #defenders #comicbookart #comiccollector #bronzage #harlem #harlemworld #powerman #ironfist #cottonmouth #newyork #coverart #superheros #daredevil #cartoonart #invincible #igcomiccommunity #comicbooks #seventies #lukecageseason2 #lukecagenetflix #instadaily #comicbooksofinstagram #artist #grilla_comics
Page 7 inks in progress by illustrator Nikita Vasilchuk for our first comic “Outlaws of Oz: The Bushranger Chronicles”. For those of you who know me well I’m a filmmaker by background, recently I decided to turn my back a little on filmmaking as I became frustrated with the process namely money holding me back, finding/working with the right people and of course time (which we all know there is plenty of). All these things aren’t really a problem, there’s always a solution it’s just a matter of how bad and desperately you want it to happen. After becoming a Dad and supporting a family my creative ventures went to the side and were pretty much left on the back burner. As much as I didn’t think I needed an outlet for my creativity I desperately did! Long story short I soon realised I had a lot of short scripts hiding away on a hard drive which I wanted to make into films. The more I looked at these scripts I began to see the potential to turn them into something visual such as comics. My scripts are filled with stories about hit women, gangsters, zombies and alternate worlds. They are the perfect candidates for comics and graphic novels. So what if they didn’t become films now! These stories needed to be taken out of my head and shared with the world in some way, shape or form. So here we are today on the brink of releasing my very first comic! This journey so far has been a lesson about listening to my own creative needs and not so much what I think I should be doing when it comes to creating art, more about expressing it to the world in a format that’s right for the content, the viewer and myself. I really hope what I’ve written made sense and someone reading this can relate - Lucas Scheffel Writer/Creator #angryfredcomics
Anyone watched the film “Road to Perdition” with Tom Hanks? It was written by Max Allan Collins who also wrote this comic I read today called “Quarry’s War” issue 3. The story is about former U.S. Marine sniper Quarry who has found a new vocation as a professional assassin. When his latest contract turns out to be an old acquaintance from his military days, the fresh-faced hit man finds himself battling against his own conscience as secrets from the past start to reveal themselves. Man! That synopsis gets me going! Trust me the clever dual storyline/flashbacks in this comic don’t let the reader down. Well worth subscribing to this series or buying it from your local comic book store. What comic did you read today? Thanks @minotaurentertainment for stocking this one! #angryfredcomics
(Even though @marvel7080 tried to steal my ahem, “Thunder,” recently...I’m using this cover anyhow. 😑👊😂) #may_coverartchallenge “Mommy’s little nightmare” Daredevil 209 (August, 1984). “Blast From the Past" written by Harlan Ellison and Arthur Byron. Art by David Mazzucchelli and Danny Bulanadi. Cover by Mazzucchelli. DD continues to be pursued by creepy little girl robots. 👧🤖😯 #igcomicfamily #igcomics #igcomicbooks #marvelcomics #daredevil #daredevilcomics #ddcomics #mattmurdock #instacomics #instacomic #comicbooks #comicbookcrusader #comicbooksofinstagram #comicbookcommunity #comiccommunity #comicsociety #comicbooksociety #davidmazzucchelli #daredeviladay
Page 3 final ink and colours for our first comic book “Outlaws of Oz: The Bushranger Chronicles”. Illustrator Nikita Valischuk has done a superb job bringing the vision to life. He’s working on the final touches of the comic as we speak. On this page we see Ned our main character get an unexpected visitor while hiding out in the Australian bush. We are itching at the bit to share this 8 page webcomic with you guys! Is anyone out there creating their own webcomics? Please share your comics on the comments #angryfredcomics
Currently reading Hazard Comic Series Part Two: Gone written by Victor Dean Hampstead published by Hazardous Publications. Another great indie comic I picked up at @minotaurentertainment in Melbourne 😎 What comics do you guys out there read and follow? #angryfredcomics
Page 2 of our first comic book “Outlaws from Oz: The Bushranger Chronicles” getting the ink treatment by artist/illustrator Nikita Vasilchuk. The “Outlaws of Oz” will become a five part series of single 8 page comics that focus on Australian history and bushrangers laced with a alternative sci-fi twist! #angryfredcomics
Random page 4 panel sketches from our first comic series entitled “Outlaws from Oz” it’s a mix of Australian History with a dash of sci-fi. I’ll share the inks and colours over the coming weeks by talented illustrator Nikita Vasilchuk. It’s been great to see the stories I’ve written come to life frame by frame. My background is in filmmaking so communicating my visions from page to page is second nature but condensing a story/action to a frame and across one page has really tested my creativity. Hats off to Nikita for realising the visuals from the written page, his work is stunning and by far surpasses my writing! This is my first time creating a comic. Are there any writer/creators out there experiencing the same? What’s your collaborative process when working with a illustrator/artist? Sharing more soon! - Lucas Scheffel Comic Creator/Writer #angryfredcomics
I feel like I'm taking the easy route for this prompt by choosing Green Lantern and Justice League, but here we are... 😒 . #grimdragon - You're a monster, Hollywood! (Terrible screen adaptations)
URGE from "Project 34" latest in the Hooligan Alley Comics Chibi Sticker Set that all backers of OMNI Kickstarter get for FREE!! Pledge $1 get a comic and a set of stickers. Link in my Linktree #hooliganalleycomics #OMNI #omnikickstarter #kickstarter #chibi #chibistickers #urge #project34 #supportindiecomics #comicbooksofinstagram #comicbooks
Hooligan Alley Comic Chibi sticker set (thus far) Dash (Future Force) Alex (Fall From Grace) WYLDFLIGHT and Nine (Project 34) Melting Man, Pamela Eaton, and OMNI (OMNI) You can get these stickers and more just back the OMNI Kickstarter. Pledges start at $1. Link in profile. Or just search OMNI at Kickstarter.com #kickstarter #chibi #chibiart #chibistickers #OMNI #fallfromgrace #project34 #FutureForce #comicbooksofinstagram #comicbooks
I was so excited to participate in Free Comic Book Day today! The past few years I've worked the first Saturday in May, so I've missed out. Since I knew I had the day off, it was a must for me and Nathan. . The store we went to allowed people to take 5 comics. Nathan also chose 5, so we were able to share some titles. I'm super intrigued by The Mall and Barrier. And look how cute that Howard Lovecraft book is! That's really the only reason I grabbed it. 🙈😂 . Free Comic Book Day isn't just about the free comics, but it's also about supporting your local comic book store. Therefore, I just had to pick up some books while I was there. #goodproblemtohave . . My haul includes The Spectacular Sisterhood of Superwomen, which I've been eyeing since last year. I was super pumped to pick that up! Sally Heathcote: Suffragette I'm not familiar with, but the women's history story sounded interesting. Winnebago Graveyard is by Steve Niles who is one of my favorite horror comic book writers. Finally, Unshelved: Book Club was only $1, so I figured, why not? . #grimdragon - Free Comic Book Day: Comics/Graphic Novels
Today is Free Comic Book Day! In celebration of today we have released our Angry Fred Comics logo 😎 Not only will Angry Fred be the face of our label he will also build the foundations of our brand with his very own comic book series. More details on this in the coming weeks. So back to today! Did you venture out and grab yourself a free comic book? If so what comics did you pick up? Let us know in the comments below 🙂👋🏽 #freecomicbookday #angryfredcomics Angry Fred Logo art by the talented @kseniia_perfilyeva
New comic book day. Star Wars and Walking Dead. My store was sold out of Avengers No. 1 so I'll add that as soon as I get a copy. #newcomics #newcomicbookday #comics #comiccollector #comiccollection #comicbooks #comicbooksofinstagram #marvel #marvelcomics #starwars #starwarscomics #thewalkingdead #thewalkingdeadcomics #imagecomics #skybound
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