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Corre, corre, corre corazón
Simply living @vans 🌅
Pantai pede. Pantai yg sdh tak asing lagi bagi masyarakat Kota labuan bajo & sekitarnya. Pantai yg sedari saya masih kecil sdh menjadi tempat menghilangkan penat diwaktu hari libur (Minggu) bagi para pekerja kantoran, pelajar, pebisnis, dll, yg sibuk akan pekerjaannya masing-masing. Dari sini, kita bisa menikmati keindahan” alam seperti sunset, pasir putih yang bersih (sekarang), dan suasana sejuk angin laut. Sempat di tutup untuk tidak berekreasi di daerah ini, dikarenakan ada masalah tertentu. Lokasi ini dibuka lagi untuk tujuan sebelumnya (tempat rekreasi) dan juga ditambahnya fitur” baru, seperti wahana bermain untuk pengunjung. Mari bersama-sama menjaga tempat ini, walaupun dengan cara yang berbeda-beda. . . . Take by iphone 6s @kopi.flores . . . #pantaipede #exploreflores #thelensofntt #iphone6 #exploreindonesia #labuanbajo #indotravellers #madewithfaded #photooftheday #visualgang #visualsoflife #visualjalanan #discoverearth #artofvisuals #collectivenomads #collectivecreate #liveauthentic #peoplecreatives #indonesianwondersproject #insta_global #amazingphotohunter #ig_fotografdiary #trappingtones #creativetones #nakedplanet #worldtones #pics_feature #randommagazines #kerengan
Hazy, smokey mountains of Colorado 🔥 hopefully all of the wildfires are contained soon 🙏🏻 Miss being home with @dozzbaba and @mtnpdoz already ❤️
Adventurous gal @heathernolanphoto
Exploring around the bay and snapping pics, back a few months ago.
One of the biggest lessons my dad has taught me over the years is to create memories and to buy experiences, not things — to savor moments like these, keep your lust for life wild and free, and to never fully “grow up” by keeping your soul young. Here’s to you Dad, Happy Father’s Day, I love you so much 🌎❤️ @squirmn // wearing sustainable reclaimed fabric cosmic dress from @kindomshop ♻️💫📷: @ohheyits_ish
If you stay beside me I won’t hit the ground
flock of birds trying to navigate the fog #shotoniphone
His timing, not mine. 💛
weekend vibes ✌🏼excited to go to the MTV movie and tv awards today, should be dope 😎 What are your Saturday plans?! | 📷: @kaitness
Today’s they day they say “ I do” #weddingseason #seattlebride #sonyalpha
Strong coffee and a buttery croissant. The recipe for an excellent start to the weekend. #calderahouse #luxurydestinations
But you’ll never be alone I’ll be with you from dusk till dawn
Udah? Segitu doang berjuang nya? Ahh payah katanya cinta... . . . . . *Justcapt
Find someone who will follow you into the wild. #followmeto #amongus #sonyalpha
Where having a good warm soak counts as a perfectly acceptable activity. #calderahouse #jhdreaming
hope everyone's having a sexy friday. 🌹
Dangling off a cliff at 14,265 ft in Colorado 😅Couldn’t have asked for a better few days at home with the family ❤️
Patois: Mi deh yah, Everyting criss🇯🇲
Fluffy neon clouds make me happy 🍬 #cottoncandy #pnw #sonyalpha
Soooo I never post anything personal on this account, barely post pics of guys except for couples sessions, and only probably 30% of you know what I look like because you know me personally or have found my other personal/blog account.... BUT, today is a special day for me and this cutie in the frame. This is a *RARE* pic my boyfriend let me take of him over a year ago in Bryce Canyon. Mind you, he HATES photos, which is actually quite ironic with how handsome he is and how I’m a photographer and blogger and want to take pics 24/7😂 Anyways, today is our 5 year anniversary❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ that’s such a loooong time when I think about it😳 I’m so blessed to have him in my life and love him the world👫
Feeling small in Yosemite✨ ••• I was lucky to have a part of Glacier Point all to myself on this night. A few beers and a sunset all to myself was something I’ll never forget.
Early mornings on the coast. *coffee not pictured* #pnwisbest #camping #sonyalpha
When one sees a photographer or two lying low next to a big puddle, ask them if they need water. They may just love you for that offer! Shooting the #vividsydney festival after the rain has stopped is indeed challenging; but one just wish that the puddle is just a little bigger for that shot! . . @Sonyalpha A7ii @Samyang_australia AF 35mm F1.4 FE Lens @Siruiaustralia W-1204 Tripod ISO 1600 | F3.2 | 1/5 sec . . @dcwarehouse @photologyau #creativespace2018 #dcwcreative #worldmastershotz_australia #australiapassion #australia_shotz #ig_australia #australiagram #wow_australia2018 #ilovesydney #lowlightleague #creativeoptic #gramheist #fatalframes #sonyalpha #vividamex #globalnightsquad #renegade_dark #gallery_of_dark_arts #sombresociety #moody_captures #exploringaus #tv_australia #ozshot #ig_aussiepix #nomadiccreators #collectivenomads #tonetality #MG5k #takemetoaustralia
Into the forest we go... 📷: @atter.cliffe ^ ^ ^ Go check out the artists page and explore more amazing work. Tag: #bohemianbear #inspiredbythebear to be featured. Follow @bohemian.bear to see more stunning views like this!
chase your stars ✨ //@ryanarmstrong16
Day Dreams. Visual by @jcvzn x @makenzielauuren #Houstonvisuals
New Avi: Messin’ around with a 1956 Voigtländer Prominent. She still works like a charm. Things used to be crafted to last decades, now companies manufacture poorly built products so you can go and buy whatever it is all over again the next year. Technology and capitalism progress at the same pace. I appreciate things of a simpler time.
Really need some ocean water in my life right now ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Greece | 2015 IPhone
“When we find the courage to share our experiences and the compassion to hear others tell their stories, we force shame out of hiding and end the silence.” -Brené Brown . One of the greatest gifts photography has ever given me is creating a space for someone to share their truth with me. I’m capturing so much more than their form when I work with them. I can explore all of their beauty slowly and appreciate it. I’m feeling quite grateful for this one. #mymuse
And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair. — in frame: @gabriellaastella
Would give anything for this serenity right about now. 😊
☀️❤️☀️. • • •Yesterday’s Sunset • • #BANGSSummerSunClub
Keep. Moving. Forward☀️
Immortalizing moments. #exploretocreate #NewZealand #sonyalpha
I was in awe walking through Antelope Canyon for the first time. The combination of the rock formations, sand, and beams of light shining down made the whole experience pretty magical ✨
honestly. if i’m being real honest, i’ve never liked the city, the smells, the buildings, the concrete. like literally nothing, but nyc you’ve grown on me. plus, the fact that there is a 843 acre park in the middle of you is actually fantastic. #FromWhereISmell #NYC
Emang lagi syantik
we were on a mission for a coolest icelandic cottage and i think we found it //
Taking in the glow of the sunset as it accentuates the landscape carved from the waves.
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