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Today is all about Cinderella 💙 How nice is my mug that @frankieandtilly got me! . . Gorgeous bow complete with glass slipper is from @closetgeeksite 😊 #cinderella #disneyprincess #disneyinspiredbow #disneyobsessed #closetgeeksite
I have one very happy girl today because she has a pin flag for her Harry Potter pins! How fab do they look on it?! . . @closetgeeksite makes such good stuff 😁 Follow my stories for how to get 10% off! . . Makers tagged xx #harrypotter #pinflag #harrypotterpins #closetgeeksite #revealyourclosetgeek
My @closetgeeksite Brand Rep box arrived today! Check my highlights for more info on my goodies
Sewed up the pin flags I managed to get sewn today and really pleased with how they all turned out? What design or theme would you like to see on a pin flag? To be honest these are so pretty I think I could just decorate my walls with them and not add pins!
Who knows which ride this is at @disneylandparis ?? It's one of my faves! . . Little Miss' gorgeous Belle bow from @closetgeeksite - use code BRALISON10 for 10% off everything on the site 💛 #disneylandparis #disneyismyhappyplace #disneybow #belleinspiredbow #closetgeeksite #beautyandthebeast
Finally got around to making a Cast Member badge inspired tee in white and I’m really pleased with how it’s turned out! I now need to try out a WDW style one instead of Disneyland. Since they really need to have a name on them, that means I could do with a person who wants one... so if that’s you, leave a comment that includes ✨ and I will pick someone at random to receive a tee with their name on. Name will picked in the morning and I will DM you to discuss size, style and colour tee! #closetgeeksite
So this is the skirt I was working on last night and hadn’t quite finished. I changed a few colours of the balloons after the test run and I’m really pleased with how the embroidery turned out. I’m thinking about adding the design to a t-shirt as well.
A little sneak peek of something I’ve been working on today! It’s not quite finished in time to share fully but hopefully by tomorrow!
Happy Birthday to the Number 1 Duck, Donald! I made this skirt today, to celebrate his 84th birthday! Looking good for his age 😉
Tonight I’m sharing a dress that I’m really pretty happy with. This adult Wendy dress is something I’ve been planning to make for ages and finally have. It’s almost exactly like the kids version, except bigger obviously and I’m so pleased with how it turned out.
Got a busy day ahead of me so might not get to post much but thought I would share two of the designs for my upcoming Hercules collection - Meg and Hades. There will be other designs such as Pegasus, Pain and Panic, the Muses and of course Hercules himself. Would love to know what you guys think and if you’re hoping to grab a design, which one?
So yesterday I shared a possible design for a tee in my store and today I finally got chance to try it out on an actual t-shirt. What do you guys think? Would you like to see this (and other name tag options) available in the shop?
Yesterday Lucy posted this INCREDIBLE picture of her Edna tee, available in my store. Only available till the end of June and after that only Logo tees will be available! Repost from @lucysroomtoys Whenever I take a picture of myself, I never have my glasses on properly and so I always end up with weird double eyes or eyes that look all cut up lol 🙈 This was the best of a bad bunch and I nearly didn’t post it as I didn’t like how my eyes looked but then I thought, why the heck not? So here I am today! . #incredibles2 #theincredibles #ednamode #closetgeeksite #disneymug #mugsofdisney #disneystyle #disneyfashion #swatch #swatchwatch #lucysroomtoys #pixar #disney #disnerd #disneystoreuk #disneyuk
At the weekend I previewed a Mickey and Minnie Castle design and they were so popular I popped them straight in my shop and took quite a few orders! It occurred to me though that some people might like Minnie with a pink bow so I gave that a try today. Are you guys #teampink or #teamred when it comes to Minnie Mouse?
Whenever I take a picture of myself, I never have my glasses on properly and so I always end up with weird double eyes or eyes that look all cut up lol 🙈 This was the best of a bad bunch and I nearly didn’t post it as I didn’t like how my eyes looked but then I thought, why the heck not? So here I am today! . Edna mug from @disneystoreuk , Edna t-shirt from @closetgeeksite , Mrs Incredible necklace from @livinginwonderland112 , Watch by @swatch_uk 💖 . #incredibles2 #theincredibles #ednamode #closetgeeksite #disneymug #mugsofdisney #disneystyle #disneyfashion #swatch #swatchwatch #lucysroomtoys #pixar #disney #disnerd #disneystoreuk #disneyuk
Woody says the book cushions from @closetgeeksite are perfect for holding your hat whilst you read too 😉💖 . #closetgeeksite #toystory #woody #pixar #medicomtoy #medicomtoys #disney #disneystyle #disneyuk #lucysroomtoys
A little #ToystoryTuesday to start the day off. I love this all Toy Story fabric cushion which was requested as a custom order!
These Mickey Castle and Minnie Castle designs are now available in my store. Available in white, grey, red or request a colour in the notes. In various style tees, for kids and adults. Add a name, date or just leave as the castle design.
As I go away at the end of July, I’ll be posting July’s mystery box early and because of that I thought I would post June’s early too! So this month’s mystery giveaway box is Little Mermaid themed and for those of you who don’t know, the mystery boxes contain a variety of items like ears, bows and other items available in my store or on my page, with that them (or give me a good excuse to make new stuff). If you love Ariel and her friends, this is the giveaway for you! How to enter: 🐠 make sure you follow @closetgeeksite on Instagram 🐠 like this post 🐠 comment with your favourite Little Mermaid character and tag a friend who you think would like to enter! Giveaway is open to all, UK and internationally. Only entries on Instagram will be valid. Giveaway will close on Saturday 16th June and the winner will be announced within a few days. Winner must have followed all the steps above but people who unfollow after giveaways and then follow again for the next giveaway, will not be counted. Please only follow if you intend to stay afterwards. Thanks and Good Luck 🐠
After such an overwhelming response to these t-shirts, I have added them to my Wix site! (Which has also had a makeover) You can find the link in my Instagram profile (it will bring up my Linktree and it’s the top link - T-Shirt Drawers). You can pick any style and any colours, just add a note on the order if it’s not an option already there! T-shirts are £10 each for adults (£15 for Polo shirts) and £8 for kids 💖
The fab @closetgeeksite is less than 30 followers away from 5000 & it would be fab if we could help to get her there this weekend 😊 . . Bel makes such amazing stuff but she is also genuinely lovely. I feel very lucky she picked me as a brand rep & I love love love her stuff 😍 . . She makes Disney inspired ears, bows, clothes lanyards, cushions, pencil cases and lots more. Her Harry Potter inspired stuff is the best. Have a look on the site as pretty sure you would see something you like 😅 . . You can use my code BRALISON10 for 10% off everything 💙 #disney #disneyfan #disneyobsessed #disneyears #disneyinspired #disneybows #mickey #minnie #closetgeeksite #brandrep #disneylandparis #smallbusiness #supportsmall
These “his and her” t-shirts are actual a custom order/gift for someone but I really love the way they turned out. Would anyone be interested in me stocking something like this? Perhaps customisable with a date or name underneath.
Somedays I adult. Somedays I am Ariel #TheLittleMermaid #closetgeeksite #favourites ##revealyourclosetgeek
These ears will be available in the Ready to Ship Sale this evening, along with several other pairs. They will also be added to the shop shortly too!
Now my birthday celebrations are well and truly over, I am thinking back to all the amazing things I've done this year and how grateful I am 💙 . Love this photo of when Lucia met The White Rabbit at @disneylandparis in March. How happy was she 😊 . . Her Stitch bag was from @disneystoreuk and her fab Chip n Dale ears from @closetgeeksite who makes so many amazing stuff. I am brand rep for them but I'm not just bias as I was a big fan and a customer before that 😄 . . ** you can get 10% off all items in store at @closetgeeksite with my code BRALISON10 ** . . . . #disneylandparis #whiterabbit #disneystoreuk #closetgeeksite #revealyourclosetgeek #disneyobsessed #disneyaccessories #takemebacktodisney
With the launch of my Supers Collection yesterday, it seemed only right to add some ears and a pin flag to my store also! These items can be found in my Etsy store as normal, pin flag priced at £8 and ears at £12. —— Remember orders for Incredibles inspired tops and caps are available via a different store (link in profile) and will be dispatched no later than June 1st if ordered by the end of tomorrow and no later than June 8th if ordered by May 28th. After that tops will be placed in my Etsy store and will become standard 2-3 weeks for dispatch
So excited to wake up and find lots of orders for Incredibles merch! Have you guys seen my new site yet (link in my profile) and Incredible tees are only £10!
Made these Nemo themed ears today and I’m totally in love with the bow (no bias towards my own work of course 😜). I’m hoping to make a pair with a Dory themed bow too
Donald jumped on my suitcase and clearly wants to go to Mexico .. he's ready with his sombrero and his lanyard from @closetgeeksite 😁 . . Remember you can get 10% of products at Closet Geek using my brand rep code BRALISON10 💙 Bel makes so many fab things, definitely worth a look! :) #closetgeeksite #revealyourclosetgeek #brandrep #donaldduck #disneylanyard #disneyaccessories #ariba
Now that all my giveaways have gone live, I found myself a little lost for what to post this morning so I’m going for a little #MarvelMonday - I realised though I don’t have very much Marvel in my store so what else or who else would you like to see?
Not only does my daughter Megan draw beautiful designs, she also makes a great hat model. I’m still testing out designs and while it’s probably a bit too warm for beanies right now, caps for summer are a must!
Postponed from yesterday to today, tonight’s giveaway going live at 9pm will be Beauty and the Beast mystery box. This will be the last of the five mystery box giveaways to celebrate my birthday month but there is also a Spring Loop Giveaway live as of yesterday and more giveaways coming during the last week of May! #closetgeeksite
Despite the fact, Tink is one of my favourite characters, I don’t have a huge amount of Tinkerbell items in my store! However a mystery giveaway box is a great excuse to work on new items - Tinkerbell giveaway goes live tonight at 9pm. Hercules and Harry Potter giveaways are currently live too.
I’m 100% biased but how wonderful is this artwork by my 13 year old daughter @princess_meggy_moo (her art account is @m.artwork ) - I got these postcards printed and they will be in my shop for the bargain price of £1!
My first Mystery Box Giveaway went live last night and Hercules seems to be a very popular choice! Tonight’s giveaway begins at 9pm and is Harry Potter themed! I’m personally a Gryffindor but I will theme your box to your house as well as general Harry Potter stuff! #closetgeeksite
It may not be #MinnieMonday but I bet a lot of people have got that Monday feeling if they’re heading back to work or school after the Bank Holiday weekend. So here’s a little Minnie Mouse love to brighten up your day! #closetgeeksite
This weather is giving some serious Hawaiian vibes, especially when I make these Lilo inspired skirts.
Today has been amazing! Fab weather, I'm over my sickness bug and my mama is here 😁 . . Can we just take a moment to appreciate how gorgeous these things are that Bel at @closetgeeksite has made me 💙 I love them! . You can get 10% off anything at her shop with code BRALISON10 🤗 . . #puertopollensa #majorca #bluesky #disneyaccessories #closetgeeksite #revealyourclosetgeek #closetgeekbrandrep
My Moana tee from @thriftcouk and bow from @closetgeeksite . The t-shirt is so comfortable, and I'm so happy with the pattern I got on my patch again. The bow was actually a present for my cousin, and she loves it!! She wanted to wear it straight away #thriftcouk #closetgeeksite #RevealYourClosetGeek #moana #disneytshirt #disneymerch #hairbow #shopsmall #supportsmallbusiness #moanamerch #disney
We are off to the beach today so some definite mermaid vibes going on! Who else loves Ariel? 💚💜
Yesterday was Star Wars day so I thought I would share this cute picture of @livvybirdadventures in a custom make Leia dress which I made. To be honest the dress was pretty simple but I handmade the belt too and I was pretty pleased with how it turned out ✨
I have got no work done today, because of answering messages about Tsum Tsums but oh well! Here’s one I made earlier... this Monsters Inc pin display flag will be added to the store this weekend
These Hercules ears are flying out of the shop but you all seem to love the Meg bow the most!
Thank you to everyone who guessed my dress! It’s a custom make for @livvybirdadventures to wear in Florida this month and it’s based on this Lottie dress! Anyone who guessed Charlotte/Lottie can DM me with their address and I will send out a little prize 💖
How many of you have said they would love the NEW Kids Minnie Mouse Apron from Disney Store since seeing it ... Well now you can from @closetgeeksite - This apron are available in store now and not in just in red but pink aswell ✨ #Repost @closetgeeksite with @get_repost ・・・ I’ve seen a few people this week say that they wished Disney Store had made their range of aprons in adult size - well now you can grab one similar to those. These Minnie inspired aprons are currently available in red or pink and will be £15 each once added to the store ❤️💖 #minniemouse #minnie #disney #disneylife #disneyapron #disneylove #rockthedots #disneymagic #disneyobsessed #disneykitchen #disneyland #disneyfan #closetgeek #closetgeeksite
As you can probably tell, the red was taken a little later in the evening and I need to take a better picture tomorrow but these are two new Minnie inspired aprons that will be added to my store tonight.
“Oh Bother!” pretty much sums up the day I’m having but how cute is this Winnie the Pooh scrunchies that I just added to the store last night?
Villains for the Win. I’m such a huge Villains fan though I have to admit not necessarily the Evil Queen. I love Ursula, Hades and Maleficent the most but generally I love a baddie!
After making the Sleeping Beauty bow yesterday, I decided to make some matching matching ears. I’m really pleased with how they turned out 💙💖
Happy May 1st! I absolutely love the month of May - probably because it’s my birthday month but also the weather usually turns warmer and the trees get beautiful May blossom! To celebrate the wonderful month of May, there are going to be several giveaways, including “my birthday wish list” and the monthly “mystery box”, some one-day discount codes and a few more surprise along the way. So get ready for an awesome May! #closetgeeksite
Make it Pink! Make it Blue! New Aurora bow coming to the store soon and hopefully new ears as well!
Beauty and the Beast is one of my favourite movies and I even love the Live Action version too. Belle is my favourite princess and since I’m Bel, I often refer to my partner Chris as the Beast (he’s pretty hairy 😜). Who’s your favourite BaTB character?
Just a few of the pin flags I’ve made recently!
New style Moana Ears. These have actually been in the shop for a while but I keep forgetting to share them!
End of April sale - starts midnight and runs all day Saturday, Sunday and Monday! Grab 15% off all items in store!
Everyone is talking about the new Cath Kidston release being Alice in Wonderland so I thought I would share some of my Alice pieces. I’m hoping to make some adult skirts too
I’ve traded in my custom made Stained Glass fabric for the licensed one and it looks just Beautiful! Grab your Stained Glass Beauty and the Beast Ears now, with choice of character bow!
How cute is this little Minnie skirt in an age 2? Available in my store ❤️ sizes 6 months upwards to adult
Shared some Star Wars bows yesterday but these are some new style ears as well. Bows and Ears are in the shop already too
Little bit of Tiana on this Tuesday evening 🐸
Are these the droids you’re looking for? Who’s interested in an R2D2 or BB8 bow? ✨ or maybe a bowtie?
New Mary Poppins lanyard in the store!
New style Chip and Dale Ears
Cinderelly Sunday! Who’s your favourite Cinderella character? For me it’s probably Jaq and Gus - or maybe Lucifer!
"Mummy do a twirl" and this was the result!! I definitely don't act my age (we won't talk about what age that very nearly is) 😄 Life is better when you're laughing 😊 Castle @disneylandparis Ears @closetgeeksite 💙 #disneylandparis #disneycastle #ineveractmyage #laughteralways #disneymagic #closetgeeksite
Seeing as @closetgeeksite shared a photo of when the #no1duck Donald spotted my ears in the parade, I thought I would show you a close up of them! They are the first ears I bought from Closet Geek and I love them 💙 . . To then be chosen as a brand rep was amazing and all Bel's stuff is fab. We had so many comments on our ears/bows/skirts while at @disneylandparis 😊 . . If you want to get anything from her store you can use my code BRALISON10 for 10% off and that can be used unlimited times. I will be sharing some more pictures in my stories of some of our @closetgeeksite stuff 💖 #closetgeeksite #revealyourclosetgeek #disneylandparis #disneylandparis25 #disneyears #donaldears #number1duck #donalduck
When Donald Duck spots your ears! 😱 pic credit: @alulabelle3 📷
A little bit of Woody for this sunny Wednesday!
#TangledTuesday - Rapunzel Ears 💜💛 pic credit: @pixiedustederin 📷
Tinkerbell Tuesday! Did you know Tink is one of my favourites? Not really sure why as I’ve never been a fan of the Peter Pan movies but I love Tink and have loads of merch with her on. These are just a few bits of Tinkerbell things I sell in my store, including the new apron modelled by @livvybirdadventures
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