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Never grow up - it's a trap. Just swanning around in #Dubai planning my next vacation. Who has already booked their next trip? Come on, make me jealous 🌎✈ Float: @sunnylifeaustralia
Why not a tropical Christmas? Catch us at our @spectrumfairmanila Pop Up at Whitespace Makati til 9 PM today. #BLMfinds #boquerialifestylemarket #spectrumfairmanila
Sometimes, you just need a good coffee and a serene view to start your morning! Happy Sunday y’all!
Whatever happens, happens.
SEASIDE SATURDAY: How I wish to be transported in some warm Caribbean beach right about now. Cuba is definitely high on my travel list. I haven't been there yet, so any travel tips are highly appreciated here. Hmmmm... 🎶Havana... Oh..na..na 🎶. Literally that song is playing on repeat as I am posting this caption ( I prefer the @daddyyankee remix, reggaeton all the way 😉💃). I honestly feel that I am a Latina at heart 😄😘😜. I pretty much spent 3 years of my college days studying the Spanish language then ended up in a Dental field 🙈🤔. I sure need to brush up again on the language. Teach me please and maybe a little salsa dance to make it more interesting. I will definitely pay attention . . . BTW my photo has really nothing to do with my caption. Lol. Ask me anyway if you have any questions about it. I always appreciate any feedback. Have a wonderful weekend lovely people 😊. . . . . . . #vancouverite #Toronto #exploreontario #eastcoast #eastcoastlifestyle #getoutside #canada150 #beautifuldestinations #beautifulmatters #beautifulapparel #dailyhivestyle #exploreshareinspire #followme #citizenfemme #shareyourtravelpics #bloglovintravels #ForbesTravelGuide #TheTravelWomen #women_with_style #classyandfashionable #aboutalook #stylewatch #gramslayers #glowgetter #pictureperefect #bossbabe #goalgirls #fashion #canadianfashion #babeswhowander
I thought maybe we could make GINGERBREAD houses, and eat COOKIE DOUGH and go ICE SKATINGand maybe even HOLD HANDS. ✨buddy the elf
Growing up in Brooklyn, we lived next a major New York City metro station and grew used to the sounds of the train rumbling past our backyard every 15 minutes. That’s nothing compared to how the people in this neighborhood in Hanoi live! They literally use the train tracks to store things, sit and chat with their friends, have coffee, etc. Then a few times a day, they’ll pack up and move out of the way as a train rushes a hair’s length past their homes, then emerge as if nothing happened and do it all over again.
Prague, the Paris of the ‘90s
Just as I suspected. More than half of you told me in the poll that you had no idea there is a castle in Central Park. 👀 I didn’t know either until some months ago! So, don’t feel bad. The only ones who you need to shame are native New Yorkers that didn’t know. Nah, I’m just joking... 😛 ⇒ The castle was constructed in the 1800s & it was never meant to house anyone. ⇒ The National Weather Service uses the location to determine temp & wind speeds. ⇒ Pitch in, Pitch up - a volunteer program- meets here to pick up garbage around the park. You can join them to maintain the beauty of the area whenever you go and visit! 🏰 Go check out the blog post for more photos & information about Belvedere Castle.
Surround yourself with people that want more out of life. That won’t settle for average. People that you can connect with on a deeper level. Keep your circle fresh. Keep your circle full of quality rather than quantity. Full of cool ass humans that you can be yourself around. People that fill you up with nothing but love. People that want to see you succeed. People that GET IT. Good circle, good life! —Genereux Philip .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. And then once in a while, take Weekend trips with them. That changes everything!! .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. #travel #instatravel #travelgram #instago #wanderlust #ilovetravel #traveltheworld #travelingram #travelblogger #travellife #travelphotography #wearetravelgirls #darlingescapes #mytinyatlas #postcardsfromtheworld #sheexplores #sheisnotlost #girlsborntotravel #girlsmeetglobe #girlslovetravel #dametraveler #igglobalwomenclub #jetsettingchicks #sceniclocations #doyoutravel k#womenwhoexplore #citizenfemme
I dream my painting, and then I paint my dream
Gone swimmin’ 💦
《Happiness can be found in the darkest of times if one only remembers to turn on the lights.》 - Harry Potter PMQ is the place for all incubators of creatives amongst entrepreneurs. Find quirky buys and handicrafts by young budding Hong Kongers. Worth a visit away from the normal shopping malls. And.. many instagrammable spots too! Hong Kong . . . . . . #visithongkong #pmq #discoverhongkong
Water goddess @currentlychelsea 💎
Where the sky meets the sea.
Caribbean fruit: one of the beauty that offers this wonderful country. 🍍👣💚 • • • • • • #pasosverdes #iloverd #ecoturismo #neverstopexploring #dominicanrepublic #islabonita #tropicalfruit #colours #frutas
🇺🇸 After the crazy wind here today, I think fall is officially over since all the pretty leaves are gone. 😢 So.. let's begin the eternal debate: What's your favorite season? 🌱🌞🍁❄
Que pa ser feliz no hace falta una visa 🌅 #nofilter #costaesmeralda
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