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FARM FRIDAY 🚜 Our organic French lavender is coming back to life and showing lots of new growth. We can’t wait to harvest those beautifully fragrant organic flowers ☀️ #californiababylavender
FARM FRIDAY🚜 Walking the French lavender field checking our pruning method to see if we were aggressive enough to encourage maximum bloom. I check the fields, the hawks above check on me. #californiababylavender ☀️
FARM FRIDAY 🚜 Here’s a close up view of our very own French lavender! 💜 Lavender gets its name from the Latin lavare, which means ‘to wash’ and if you take a trip to Provence France, you will see plenty of soaps scented with lavender.  We love it so much that we have planted acres of this beautiful plant and plan on planting many more of our special California Baby hybrid. #californiababylavender