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How many women out there struggle with lifting weights???🙋🏋🏼‍♀️ Afraid it's gonna make you look bulky? Or too manly?😬 Can I let you in on a little secret??🤔 Lifting weights is SOOO GOOD for you!!!🏋🏼‍♀️💪🏻💥 I know I may not have the exact numbers right....but did you know that for every 1 pound of muscle you have on your body, it burns 5 more calories than a pound of fat!!🙌🏻❤️ #win #buildthatmuscle I used to be one of the girls that would spend hours on the treadmill or elliptical thinking that was the way to lose weight, and just be completely exhausted afterwards with little to no energy.😫 Anybody else relate??🙋 Don't get me wrong....I enjoy cardio, and running or walking outside....but you have to do MORE than just cardio to get stronger and tone up. That is where lifting weights comes in. 🙌🏻❤️💪🏻 So lift those weights, tone that body, make it stronger, and make some fat cry among the way!!👊🏻💦💦 #day2 #circuittraining #liftweights #bestrong #strongmama #fitmama #athomeworkout #coach #empower #inspire
Afternoon snack packed with protein! Super good and that sriracha packs a little heat 🔥 @epicbar . . . #afternoon #snack #protein #protienpacked #epic #macros #buildthatmuscle #gains #chicken #chickenjerky
Eatin’ on the run I’m a busy dude, and my schedule is always changing. . I work a regular job, do my fitness thing, and I’m a dedicated daddy! . Sometimes in my mad rush to get everything done I don’t have time cook, when I don’t have meals pre prepped, but I’ve got a back up plan! . I keep a meal replacement protein on hand 🤚and my go to is #level1 by @1stphorm . This is a sustained assimilation protein made of both whey protein isolate (90% protein 10% carbs n’ fats) and digests rapidly. While also having whey protein concentrate (80% protein 20% carbs n’ fats) which digests slowly, and mimics the digestion of whole food by digesting over a 2-3 hr period. . So I always try to eat my meals every 3hrs, I do this to keep my body in that Anabolic state where I’m preserving/building muscle and burning fat. And I always make sure I’m getting bout 30g of protein in each meal to keep me in that state. And when I can’t eat a well rounded meal, I hit up my #level1 and 💥 I’m good to go! . This is just another tool in my arsenal to keep me headed towards those goals of building a lean mean weight lifting machine lol 😂 . Ohhh by the way, if ya are confused bout any of this nutrition/fitness stuff, hit me up and I’ll do all I can to help. Just shoot me a message, or e-mail me @ brawleyjames84@gmail.com . . #protienshake #protienpowder #mealreplacementshake #1stphorm #legionofboom #burnthatfat #buildthatmuscle #musclebuilder
Let’s get this training started, shall we 💁🏻‍♀️😊🖤. #gym #beastmode #fittness #fitmom #lift #girlswholift @girlswith6packs #girlswithmuscles #buildthatmuscle
The 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 in my hamstrings, actually all over, at this minute is ridiculous..... I’m so sorry for what I have done though gosh the growth will be AWESOME! The weight I used this morning was 10kg vest (though not in jumping) 28kg BB 15kg BB in between circuit squats (added after I posted the photo in my story) 2x 12kg KB 10kg s’bag for bridges Plus my resistance band of 14kg .... Lots of stretching will be on call throughout the day Crush your Monday people, rid your mind of thoughts by empowering the body with growth 👊🏼❤️👊🏼 #legday #mygymspace #mindbodysoul #crushyourmonday #strength #gettingstronger #getitdone #fitfam #fitnessatanyage #bestronger #veganbodybuilding #vegan #goheavy #buildthatmuscle #myday #lovelife #nextlevelfit #beastmode #believinyourself #loveyourself #lovewhatyoudo
Last set of 5X12 back squats @ 60% Just the right amount of spicy 🌶 #crossfit #squats #buildthatmuscle
One thing I’ve noticed these last few months is that BCAA’s have made ALL the difference in my muscle tone since I started drinking them back in January!! . . For so many years I was so opposed to taking nutritional supplements, even as a college athlete. I didn’t understand the purpose of them, I thought They would cause me to bulk up, and I knew that a lot of them had artificial junk and chemicals in them so I just avoided all of them. . . When I started this 80 day program back in January (Im now on round ✌🏻), I decided to add BCAAs to my daily routine as a post workout supplement. Now I’m not sure I can go without them! . . In addition to helping me combat muscle soreness after lifting weights and doing high intensity interval training, they have also help me retain my lean muscle mass and have made my muscles more defined. The extra protein has helped curb my hunger and I don’t find myself snacking through the afternoon like I used to. 👏🏻☺️ . . Other benefits of BCAAs: 🔘reduce muscle fatigue & soreness 🔘 accelerate recovery 🔘 improve the use of fat for energy 🔘 trigger protein synthesis and inhibit the breakdown of muscle cells - even in the absence of exercise! 😃(So yes you should still take them even if you have to take a break from workouts for some reason! It will help you preserve your muscle) . . The three amino acids that make up BCAAs are leucine, isoleucine, and valine. They are essential because the body is unable to make them out of other amino acids, meaning they must be ingested through food or supplements. . . I wish I had known about these sooner in my fitness journey, but at any rate this is one thing that I will not take out of my routine! . . . (☝🏻Make sure you look for one that has no artificial sugar, flavor or colors in it as well as chemicals, preservatives or other ingredients you can’t pronounce! ) . Do you take BCAAs? If so, what benefits have you gotten from them? 😎
Be stronger than your excuses 💪🏻💪🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 #buildthatmuscle #feeltheburn 🔥 #seeresults #unstoppable #fitfamforlife 💪
What's that.. 110kg on the leg press?! YEAH IT FUCKING IS!!! And for 5 sets of 8... 💪🤘😝 Building those legs, baby!! #liftheavy #ladieswholift #stronglegs #buildthatmuscle #selfimprovement #smashinggoals #goaldigger #gymtime #strongwomen #strongmum #showmygirlsawomancandoanything
The accessory work is what actually kills me. Rows, more rows, DB rows, bent over rows, banded rows, meadow rows, T-bar rows...🤪🤪🤪 #butoloveit #prettyback #buildthatmuscle #rows #back
Signature look back at it pose. Hit em with your best angles. 🍑😘#bodybuilding #competitor #bikinigirl #motivation #bluesuit #glam #alreadybeenamonth #bulktime #buildthatmuscle #backtoit #whatsnext
And that’s a wrap! I’m pretty sure I smashed my body today... wore ‘all the things’ Thank you @bodyrocktv_lisamarie for posting this from last year! @michnmike.mf Thank you for the suggestion ... I know it will burn later as it has already set in 🙈🔥🔥🔥 #smashtheday #workoutbuddiesaroundtheworld #trainingaroundtheworldwithfriends #bodyrocktv #bodyrocker #bodyrockersunite #strength #resistancebands #getitdone #buildthatmuscle #vegan #veganfitness #rawfood #lovewhatyoudo #mylife #fitfam
I'm all in.
Attempting to get back into a routine this month since I’m walking (mostly) normal. Goals for the first week of July: 1. 4000 steps a day 2. OMAD (how many days can I do the beef and butter fast?) 3. 30 day workout challenge app daily 4. Rehab for my knee (which hurts more than the broken leg) 3 times per week #mondaymotivation #joinme #buildthatmuscle
I tend to eat more fat in the early day to help keep me full, and center a little extra protein and a lot of carbs around my workout. 💪🥔🍅🍳 This meal is: 29g protein 27 g carbs 25 g fat Its a pretty typical late breakfast: 3 eggs 5 oz red skinned potatoes 1/3 cup shredded cheddar 2 Tbsp salsa Cilantro and lime, salt and pepper #fuel #buildthatmuscle #eatwell #health #colors #ilovefood #limeallday #fitness #feedthequads
Phase 1 is in the books! This phase definitely hasn’t been perfect, so I am ready for what feels almost like a “start over!” 80 Day Obsession changes up the workouts with each phase and challenges you in different ways to keep you from plateauing and honestly...getting bored! I love the deliberate opportunity to re-evaluate your nutrition before each new phase and to make sure you’re getting what you need as your body changes! So excited for Phase 2!!! #buildthatmuscle #80dayobsession #phase2begins #butfirstarestday
Lifting weights feels so good! I used to shy away from weights because I didn’t want to build muscle and look “bulky” 🤦🏼‍♀️ But the truth is, if you want to look toned, you have to build some muscle 💪🏻 I used to strictly do cardio and wonder why I didn’t have abs, or why my arms didn’t look as toned as I wanted them to 🤷🏼‍♀️ Once I started resistance training, I saw a HUGE difference. I also FEEL different! I have more energy, I know it’s great for my bones, and I feel more confident now than I have in a very long time 💕 So ladies, flex those muscles! Lift those weights! 🙌🏻💪🏻. If you need some training tips feel free to reach out 👌🏻 . . . . . #flexfriday #womenwholift #liftweights #buildthatmuscle #p90xinstructor #insanityinstructor #ladieswholift #findyourtribe #resistancetraining #bonehealth #curlsforthegirls #ladieswhoflex #groupfitness #fitnessinstructor #iam1stphorm #fitnessgoals #bodygoals #fitnessmotivation #fitspo #healthyliving #bicepcurls #shoulderpress #fitmom #momoftwo #navywife #fitwife #girlmom #strongnotskinny
Det er ikke alle udfordringer som man skal tag.! Tendensen er at jeg aldrig sige nej og altid udfordrer mig selv, nogle gange mere end hvad godt er. Og den her gang, bliver det et Nej.! Med stort N. Omkostningerne vil være for store, kan jeg se nu. Jeg har en kæreste, familie, venner og ikke mindst et job, som er vigtigere end det ene øjeblik, blot for at vise at jeg kan stå sceneklar. Ikke fordi jeg nogensinde ville stille mig på den, for det siger mig intet, blot for at bevise at jeg kan. Men det er en åndssvag udfordring🙌🏽. Så hermed er det officielt slut med at gå low. DER BULKES😂 #bulking #nomore #lowdiet #backtonormal #itisnotworthit #ihavetostopchallangemyself #crazychallange #buildthatmuscle #bodiesunderconstruction #backtonormal #bodybuilding #fitnessworlddk #dfna #denmark #maybesomeday #enjoywhatsaroundyou #liftheavyshit #bodytransformation #bodyunderconstruction #stayfocused #berealistic #dontbetoselfish #openminded #wakeupcall #weekendmodeactivated @anja_blicher
Ladies, don’t fear muscle gain! It is so important to build our muscles...especially as we age.💪🏼Take a look at the reasons... 1. More muscle = More Fat Burning. ~ When you do strength training, your metabolism stays elevated and you continue to burn fat for several hours afterward. During regular cardio exercise, you stop burning fat shortly after the workout. 2. More Muscle = More Curves ~ Weight training can slim you down, create new curves, and help avoid the “middle-age spread.” So, no, you won’t bulk up — women don’t have enough muscle-building hormones to gain a lot of mass like men do. 3. More Muscle = Better Metabolism ~ The less muscle you have, the slower your metabolism will be. As women age, they lose muscle at increasing rates. When you diet without doing resistance training, up to 25 percent of the weight loss may be muscle loss. Weight training can help you preserve and even rebuild muscle fibers. The more lean mass you have, the higher your metabolism will be and the more calories you’ll burn all day long. 4. More muscle = Stronger Bones ~ It’s been well documented that women need to do weight-bearing exercise to build and maintain bone mass. Just as muscles get stronger and bigger with use, so do bones because they’re made to bear weight. 5. More Muscle = More Heart Health ~ More than 480,000 women die from cardiovascular disease each year, making it the number-one killer of women over the age of 25. Lifting weights increases your “good” (HDL) cholesterol and decreases your “bad” (LDL) cholesterol. It also lowers your blood pressure. The Journal of the American Medical Association reports that people who do 30 minutes of weight lifting each week have a 23 percent reduced risk of developing heart disease compared to those who don’t lift weights. 6. More Muscle = Better Blood Sugar Levels ~ Strength Training can improve the way your body processes sugar by as much as 23%. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 16 weeks of strength training can improve glucose metabolism in a way that is comparable to taking medication. 💪🏼TIME TO BUILD THAT MUSCLE LADIES!!!💪🏼
Day 3 Cardio Core Round 2 of #80dayobsession ✅ Couldn’t have done it without the support and accountability of my #gymcats and a new baby #gymcat in training 😸🤘🏼💪😅 • • • • And **UPDATE** the whey protein was a NO GO 🙅 WAY too inflammatory for me and my husband and literally a shit show 💩😫🤣. I’m going to try whey protein isolate next time because DUH 🙄 that’s what’s in my @questnutrition bars and I’m totally fine! • • • #portionfix #21dayfix #celiac #celiacdisease #autoimmunedisease #autoimmuneprotocol #autoimmunepaleo #aipdiet #sahmlife #workoutroutine #buildthatmuscle
There are honestly many things I can write about patience. I’m sure we all have lived through testing times where our PATIENCE was being tried! . . One thing I’ve learned is that it teaches you a form of discipline, where you can’t get your way. Rather, you need withhold from getting what you want IMMEDIATELY , then you will have to endure and finally, you will possibly get it. . . Whether our patience is tried with our loved ones or with money ( like WAITING for it to drop in your bank account), it puts us in the PROCESS. That PROCESS is key to where you are meant to go ! . . Do not skip the PROCESS, because within it, your patience is developed , which sharpens your character ( hopefully) so that you can SUSTAIN what is to come. . . It’s just as important to KNOW how to get it ( which involves process) to being able to SUSTAIN it! Don’t drop the ball & learn to enjoy the process. It’s a key that will unlock other life doors. . . Believe me , it’s worth it in the end. Think about it ! You wouldn’t want quick money , (that money leaves quickly), or loose weight quickly , or accelerate pregnancy , or go through any other aspect of life that is giving what you want QUICKLY! Although it may seem “nice” to get these things, truth be told , you wouldn’t APPRECIATE it nor be able to SUSTAIN it. • • • • • • #lifelessons #patience #buildthatmuscle #lifequotes #patienceisavirtue #patienceiskey #kingsandqueens #royalgenerations #miami #miamientrepreneur
Thankful for #armday today! I'm still recovering from Monday! 😥 Upped the #rowingmachine to 38bpm for 1000m. That machine always feels good. 💪❤ Wish I could get on the water, though! #fitness #fitbefore40 #kickinit #gettingstronger #buildthatmuscle #sweatingnotglowing #rowing #toohotoutside #cmonfall
The whole ground be shaking with these deadlifts 😂😂 5 x 6 x 250# #prettyback #girlswholift #liftheavy #countoutloud #buildthatmuscle #workhard #fitness #fitfam #strongereveryday
Baby, you make my knees feel weak Just kidding... yesterday was leg day. _ _ _ _ I have a feeling I’m going to be feeling this way A LOT over the next 10 weeks! _ _ _ _ I’ve made the most progress in my lower body strength in the last 5 months than ever before. It’s definitely something I’m most proud of, but always working on. _ _ _ _ Resting my knee last week made a huge difference. I’ve been slowly incorporating more legs into my workouts, adding weight, but continuing to modify when necessary. _ _ _ _ I CAN’T WAIT to build on the foundation I’ve created over the last few months & build some muscle tone with my new program! Hoping that building up the muscles around my joints will provide more support at my ankle, knee, & hip joints! _ _ _ _ Hey, when I’m 80, I want to be able to get in and out of bed and sit down & stand back up from the toilet without issues. That means taking care of my legs.🤷🏻‍♀️ * #teamnowobblyknees * * * #teamradiateresiliency #summerbodygoals #transformationtuesday #legsworkout #wobblyknees #buildthatmuscle
Puedes estar adolorido/a, cansado/a, sucio/a, acabas de llegar de un viaje y siente la fatiga, pero te prometo que si la meta la pusiste tu, para ser mejor, hallarás la fuerza de voluntad y determinación para hacer lo que tienes que hacer... ya sea a las 6am o a las 11pm los dias que lo tengas que hacer... Ten fé en ti mismo/a como yo la tengo en tí #workoutwithpurpose #goals ❤️ #getfitstayfit #buildthatmuscle #burntharfataway #healthylifestyle
I'm not going to lie. I was pretty excited to try this one! Tonight I added this delicious protein powder to pancakes and made it a meal. Didn't even stop to take a picture of the actual pancakes. Lol. All you need: One mashed banana One egg One scoop of fruity cereal milk protein powder #fitfoodie #proteinpancakes #protein #getit #fitness #myoplexshred #eathealthyeveryday #gainz #buildthatmuscle
I used to hate being a beginner at anything. 😡 I would get so frustrated that I didn’t know how to do something STRAIGHT up. #hardonmyself When I read that back I know how cray cray it sounds but it was conditioned long ago by well meaning parents who wanted me to succeed and ‘get things right’. They would ‘help’ me by stepping in and doing it if I took too long (I think every parent does this by the way- even me!) but it set up a habit of expecting myself to know things even when I am a beginner. . . Anyone else relate? . . How have I slowly started to overcome this? I put myself in new situations all the time. I try new things that make me sit in the uncomfortableness of learning from scratch. #buildthatmuscle . . I stop and think about how I would talk to someone else learning like I am. I am then kinder and more patient with myself. . . What’s something you would like to learn but feel uncomfortable about? #newbies #growth #intention #healthymind #explore #mindset
Sometimes veganism may seem complicated - some vegans (including myself) really like to cook, but you don’t have to enjoy cooking to go vegan! This is one more of my favourite to-go meals: fried rice with beans 🙌 This really is muscle food! - Recipe: While the rice is cooking, fry garlic in a pan, add the beans. Then you add the rice, turmeric, chilipaste (if you like it spicy🌶🌶🌶) and some soy sauce and it_is_ready! Takes 5-15 min depending on the rice! I love it 🌈🕺🕺🕺🙌 #vanligmaterbranok #plantematervanligmat #veganfood #veganlove #foodiseverything #animalsarefriendsnotfood #goodfood #foodforfuel #quickmeal #buildthatmuscle
I can come up with some crazy excuses! I get pretty creative! Then I feel guilty later for not doing what I should, for not eating healthy foods or not doing the workout. #chooseprogress #dotheworkout #eattheprotein #skipthechocolate #eathealthy #moveyourbody #burncalories #buildthatmuscle #weightloss #fitnessmotivation
How badass is my beautiful girl @cultivated_wifestyle !! Here is her most recent transformation: . . “I feel stronger in my late 30’s than I EVER did in my 20’s. : I decided after last summer of fun in the sun and those little thangs called Coronas- I took to my nutritional cleansing #likeaboss . Pics are Fall to the start of this summer and I’ve JUST BEGUN to workout. 💪🏼 : Needless to say this little thang I love called #nutritionalcleansing has clearly added some small gains to me olde back side. : Just entered another #isabodychallenge and this time I am determined to get some lean muscle. Showing you the back side BC I’m working on the front side-so for now you’ll have to wait. Point being this is the way to go.... : No I’m not on a DIEt. It’s a LIFEstyle. And quite frankly a lifestyle that I have stuck to for almost two years. : I don’t deprive myself of anything. I know how to eat, when. And when I feel like indulging, I do. : Guys-stop wasting your time and energy on these “DIEts” and come over to the Good side!” : We are waiting for you!!!! #eatitloveitshareit #gainz #buildthatmuscle
Xq la prote no tin e q saber mal y puede nutrir más 😜 #healthyandtasty #corazondelcampo #proteinshake #oats #creatina #buildthatmuscle #instafit
One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star PC: @peayewareveeaye #pump #adrenaline #lean #mean #summer18 #summerbody #chisel #raisethebar #buildthatmuscle #buildthecore
This is the face of pure happiness and excitement! Today, my body surprised and amazed me. Today, for the first time, I was able to do an unassisted pull up. It wasn’t perfect, it was a bit messy, and I needed a bit of a swing to help a little... but... I did it, and it counts. (For me at least😂) This was after a day of work. A boxing workout, and an upper body weight session. Every day my body and mind gets stronger. I continue to achieve more, push further, and smash through the goals I set for myself. Today was amazing. #greatday #fitgoals #fitness #heathylife #stillaworkinprogress #weightlossjourney #buildthatmuscle #progressnotperfection #nutritionwarehouse #genetixnutrition #proteinforrecovery #proteinshake
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