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|| serenity. || • {...there was such a calm in last night’s sunset. A gentle haze and breeze infused each breath, each wave crashing onto the shore. These are the bones of it. . Have you ever put your hand to the sand to feel its temperature & texture? And then stay there_holding the tension, making space. “Don’t move so quickly,” it says, Stay. Stay in this moment & feel that rhythmic sway, intoxicating sway, as it wins your heart_over & over_again & again & again. . I’ve had these words rolling around inside of me. They’ve been written before, but with new breath_they sing, “When I find you, I find healing, when I find you, I find peace.” That sums up my relationship with water. With longing, I want to sink my head into its chest, its very center_to breath it in & let out a sigh. A sigh of relief. The sound of peace. . You know, even when your name literally means “warrior,” you get tired of fighting. I have fought my whole life. I have wept_the tears of a warrior_wept. To know that the ocean gets you and has cradled those tears is beyond expression. To have your tears returned to you in peace, washing over you with hope & healing haze leaves you breathless. It does. It just does. . And so my heart is full. And I’m ready to live off of this until next year. However I might not wait a year before I let the ocean hold me again. It’s a feeling that must be felt. Intoxicating & sweet. Okay, friends. I’ve waxed poetic again. With that, Let’s keep bleeding hope. Much love & good night. 💕✨ . #bnwnature #bnwlife #bnwphoto #bnwphotography #bnwmood #oceanlife #atlanticbeach #fromwhereidream #poetsofinsta #visualpoetry #writerslife
Apparently today is #worldsnakeday . If it weren't for Instagram, I would never know about these things lol. Found a copperhead and this rat snake earlier today with a friend. #blackratsnake #easternratsnake #ratsnake #blackandwhite #bnw #bnwnature #scalesandtales #snake #reptile #vscocam #vsco #vscowild #herp #herping #herpingPennsylvania #PAherps #PAwildlife #gh4 #leica45mm
Good very early morning! Wishing you one sleepless from the Nordic heath wave.
[My first time ever recording video and I'm glad it happened to be with this little fella. 10-17-15] • • • #blackandwhite #bnwnature #spider #highcontrastbw #spiderweb #bnw #blackandwhiteisworththefight #bnwvideo #visualoflife
100 Days in Black & White - 86/100: Queen Anne’s lace by the lake. #100daysofblackandwhite #bnwphotography #blackandwhite #flower #bnwnature #bnwflowers #lakebanook
In our lives we all have obstacles which seem impossible to overcome.
|| crashing over me. || • {...Thoughts like the grains of sand, touching soul_ little kindnesses between my toes. shards of glass no more_ no more cutting_ cutting me down_ with lies. grains of truth remain_ they sing, you are beautiful in your awkwardness, in the newness of time you are beautiful_ First sight of Sun_ stunning rays that glisten, your dew drops down_ stunning in ocean's waves, They quench deep rhythms_ Syncing rhythms, crashing_ washing over me_ touching the sand Beneath my feet_ I. Am. Home.}. . I love the mountains, but I really love the beach. I love nature. I love grass between my toes, but I really love sand between my toes. Although as my son said tonight, Sand is magical but also, annoying (so true:)! Those grains of sand have a way of sticking with you!! . I’ve been meditating a lot this trip. My heart feels full. Pretty full. One last stop tomorrow & then onwards. I’m going to miss the ocean, But man, I miss the dogs & my studio/study, too. If only I could have both/and!! Longing is the real deal, friends. It makes sense though_the rhythm of fulfillment & longing. . On another note, it does make sense that I love water. My birth month is a water month (February). So if the Zodiac is authentic in any way, it nailed my heart. Spot on. . Until next year, friends!! See you on the other side_back in Kentucky.}. I. #bnwnature #bnwlife #bnwphoto #bnwphotography #bnwmood #oceanlife #atlanticbeach #fromwhereidream #poetsofinsta #visualpoetry #writerslife
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