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For anyone new, this is part of a series of posts showing the anti-Black ableism & mental health stigma discrimination I am experiencing, which began when a younger internet user from a church afterschool I volunteered at when she was a teen, profiled me as a hypersexual temptress for platonically dm'ing a guy she was involved with. I stood up to these microaggressions which graduated to overt discrimination, that used biased laws to keep me from screenscrabbing her mental health stigma tweets. Other users joined in on this stigma gossip, rooted in anti-Black ableism. Gathering proof of these posts & confronting these posts, which were shared after Deborah Danner was already killed, was further profiled as stalking & harassment. Keep in mind that as a Black person, I had already been seen as suspicious in several other scenarios throughout my life, so this, especially when Black women with certain health conditions are being killed off before my news- watching eyes... was the last straw. So now, several people posting this ableist discrimination, are using already biased laws to say I defamed.. them.. for speaking out. If you don't know what ableism is yet or how it affects Black people differently, look into it, because it is affecting people tremendously, as we are constantly seen as suspicious, profiled, gossiped about, & made targets for standing up for ourselves. There are several other posts on i.g. I shared that show these users' discrimination in their language. The young internet user who began posting these things is no longer with the guy she profiled me over. I stood up to this ableism for 2 yrs, which interrupted the comfort of those posting discrimination, when this discrimination has affected many people for longer. The 1570's are referenced in the photos. #deborahdanner #donterobinson #rashonnelson #whileblack #ableism #ableismisantiblack #antiblackableism #biasedlaws #mentalhealthstigma #stereotypes #blackwomenmatter #blm #disabledblacklivesmatter #blackwomen
“My speech might not have caused a giant impact on society, but I do hope all the black girls and women realize there’s a growing value for them” - Naomi Wadler (Follow @minority.sorority for more posts!) . {#feminist #feminism #whiteprivilege #whitetears #womanist #womanism #intersectionalfeminism #woc #gainlikes #blackgirlsrock #blackgirlmagic #lgbt #lgbtq #lgbtrights #equality #peace #news #policebrutality #trending #naturalhair #gainpost #gayrights #equality #blacklivesmatter #guncontrol #blm #trump #change #racism ##naomiwadler }
Are these russian bots??
I can’t just be worthy when I am meeting society’s standards. My hair can’t just be beautiful and acceptable when my Afro is large ... when I have a twist out so I have more length to show the world ... it’s either accepted or it’s not. There can’t be conditions to my beauty and my worth. I can’t just be beautiful when I’m skinny ... I have to beautiful in whatever form my body is in at the moment with the freedom to change that or not ... If people are going to accept the beauty of the black woman, it has to be that black is beautiful, regardless of society’s standards. It can’t just be the fit girls with the big Afros who are excellent at contour so their features are manipulated, whose skin is always dipped in oil so it’s glowing and whose edges are always on edge control. It can’t just be the girls with the extensions and the weave that are acknowledged as beautiful black women. It has to be acknowledged that Black is also beautiful, regardless of the trend. I should be able to leave the house in my rawest form and without being questioned why I’m not what people would like to see. This is also what black women look like. #blackisbeautiful #blackisworthy #blackwomen #beautyofablackwoman #selfacceptance #blm #blackgirlmagic #afro #shrinkage #shrinkageisreal #nomoreedgecontrol #nomorecontouring #blackfeaturesarebeautiful #blackfeatures #blackfeaturesmatter #blackwomenmatter #societystandardssuck
Touché Regrann from @thegaywhostrayed - No lies detected 🤷🏼‍♀️ Comment some others below! Thanks @conservative__logic for the template 🤣 . . . . 👍 First like: @cadeorgill . 📝 First comment: @conservative__logic #blm #blacklivesmatter #racism #lol #truth #maga #donaldtrump #trump #oof #proudamerican #kek
Colton was workin on some round pen skills during the clinic this AM. Way to go buddy!
At this point I don’t care what people think about what I say. I try to speak basic truths and spread ideas I believe in. You’re welcome to debate me on them but I don’t care about your insults or your feelings. I’m just going to ignore you if you throw those at me. They do nothing. Breitbart was a good man. RIP to a based OG. . This was taxed from @unorthodox.theory. It’s taxation so you have no choice 🤷🏻‍♂️As always I would love to hear your thoughts on this either in the comments or in my DMs, which are always open and please follow me @new.england.conservative for more!! . Please turn on post notifications!! . GO FOLLOW THE BROSKIS: •@another_liberty_capitalist.v2@notacollegeliberal@c_i_a_n_w@conservatysm@makeliberalismclassicalagain@refoundingfather@the_moderate_republican@pragmatic__viewpoint@przybyla.ism@nh.conservatives . Tags #trump #usa #tax #maga #MAGA #2017 #capitalism #americafirst #trump2020 #trump2016 #🇺🇸 #2amendmentrights #2amendment #2A #blm #conservative #liberal #liberalismisamentaldisorder #hashtag #benshapiro #benshapiro2020 #benshapiro2024 #benatberkeley #femkinism #feminismiscancer #wagegap #wagegapmyth #taxationistheft
I NEED A G.p #Cinderella_syndrome @sadiq @conservatives @thegreenparty PC #ChrisMoloney PC #stuartslater & co of #Croydon authority NEVER revealed their racism to me directly so I found out officially & without a doubt in-directly via the crown court witness statements they submitted which meant that their poor treatment of me finally began to make sense... But now because they hid their contempt/racism so well....what now? Because none of you did anything to help the situation or repair it even after I pointed out that even the @kensingtonroyal @theroyalfamily name had been abused/misused too (I doubt #hrh would be pleased tbh, do you?). Now though, what's left as I've no one available who WOULD DEAL COMPETENTLY with a racial issue (that they don't want to hear (smh at the flashbacks smh) but never the less DID TAKE PLACE.....so.......deal........with.........it........FGS!). Because none in relevant positions was interested in my ordeal, so now my #cancer maybe returned????! What now????!!! Because my g.p wasn't interested in my ordeal....really.....so why trust to tell them of my poor physical health?! You can't leave #citizens like this! Change needs to take place. Replace the faces around #England with a fairer racial proportion, take the black g.ps, judges, councillors, mp's of from welfare & swap some as I've no access to any help as a #windrushgeneration the 3rd, and I call for it to end. I never thought about how trusting I was until AFTER I was cheated from help & then justice. I never cared for who 'treated me' until I found zero resonance from my local authority when I was under a nazi attack in my home January 2016 (the police chief was replaced immediately after my case filled with lies by their staff's collapsed....so don't be next ;) indicating to me that it's because I am black. Well, if they ALL care so much (to keep top jobs, etc) I must too! So I care that I have zero access to a black g.p in my local area. Yes, I'll hate inquiring specifically for one, but you all care, so so should I. Bcoz if tables were turned? Non ethnics would be just fine with access to a wealth of knowledges and helps... Meanwhile #windrush generations, etc, #blm , etc
Ol bucket fell on its face in Renton traffic yesterday.. #towlife #brokeboi #blm #chevyastro #vandwelling #goodexcusetoridemybike #evendoctorsgetsick
💫More Life💫
This is LITERALLY my backyard. Sometimes I forget to give thanks. 🙏 #Oregon #blm #woods #atv #wideopenspaces #friendship
That moment when u realize that your two majors in religion are worth jack shit...
Alhamdulilah siap bskt susu permintaan sicilik .#Blm raya dah buat bskt raya...
kulot Cerepe @100.000
So, today is the day! After months of preparation and thinking about the concept for our page @defloration.club , this is our first post. Welcome -we hope you enjoy the content. We’re four admins from europe who’ll try to build an aesthetic, deep and most importantly open, tolerant, respectful and awareness-rising Instapage. -Shine bright fellas-
ME VS PTSD: I hide behind yellow, the colour of sunshine, happiness. Yellow is bright. Bold. It shines enough to prevent others from seeing the darkness I’m trapped in. You love, you care, but you forgot what it feels like to be normal, normal is long gone. Normal is no more. And though you may try to deny it, you may try to hide it or rid of it, the demons are a part of you now and there is no cure. You are trapped. Alone. Model: @thegirlwiththeweirdshoes @gabby.lu_
ME VS PTSD: Every moment you are on high alert, there is no switch, no way to calm it down. You feel you can’t trust anyone and you are constantly looking over your shoulder. The feeling that someone is watching or following you is constantly on your mind and no matter how hard you try, you can’t shake that thought. Dreams and reality become dioriented and distorted; distiguishing between the two become near impossible at times. Flashbacks have a way of occurring at the most inconvenient of times, you forget where you are and what’s happening. And quite quickly, your past becomes a danger to your future.
Had another amazing shoot with @thegirlwiththeweirdshoes Go show her some love ⭐️💕🌈
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