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OMG Almost Kissed 😍🔥❤️😇😘😎
Hotness overload 🔥 - - - - #BIZZLE #justinbieber @justinbieber
Gangster in Paradise. dt: @dolancharming cuz i love your acc. ac: ehhhh??? song: gangsta‘s paradise by Coolio call it a plottwist or nah. #interludegrp #dolantwinsedit
He looks like teacher
he knows who he is 😉 @alpnavruz #alpnavruz #alpnavruzfan
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Ortak bi şarkı ama olsun sjjxn dj khaled bizle dasak gecti . . . . . . . . @justinbieber ______________ 🍕#JustinBieber 🦄#belivetour 👽#purposetour 👅#jerry 👾#drew 🔮#forever 🍷#bizzle 💕#believer 🍭#belieber 🔥#beliebers 🏆#walter 🚀#kidrauhl 🎭#company 🔪#purpose 🎸#JustinDrewBieber 🎙#justinbiebersong 🛡#cutejustin 🎓#mrbieber 💁#bieberfever 💸#justinbiebersmile 🕯#justindrewbiebermallette 🐽#belieberfamily 🐱#biebs 💣#beliebershelpbeliebers 🍫#rickthesizzler 🍬#wdym 🍼#jdb 🍯#coldwater 🌹#letmeloveyou 🍩#imtheon
cant think of a caption lol
I miss Bizzle. He cared. It didn’t matter what he was going through. He would’ve never abandoned us. I love Justin with my whole ass heart but he doesn’t seem to love us back anymore. He once said “My beliebers are going to grow up, have families, and one day forget about me. But I will never forget about them.” It breaks my heart to see what all this has come to now. I’ve unfollowed every Hailey and Justin update account because I’m tired of seeing it everywhere. The ignorance people have to all of this. The people that kiss Justin’s ass all the FUCKING time. He’s not a perfect being. Stop treating him like one. He’s an idiot, he’s compulsive, he acts really weird now, and even I can admit that. Justin is in a weird place right now. He doesn’t care about how he looks. He doesn’t care about his music. He hasn’t said a WORD about the new song with Dj Khaled. He never said anything about H2FR. I think Justin is still depressed as shit. He’s not in a good place and he hasn’t been since 2013.
😍😍😍 #bizzle #justinbieber
i got Starbucks
A lil appreciating post for this beautiful underrated friendship 😍 also I'm currently watching the movie" why him " and that shit funny AF
I can feel Justin slipping away from us. He just doesn’t care anymore and it’s obvious. He’s cut off everyone that’s been there for him because they didn’t agree with the engagement. And honestly neither do I. Justin has changed and not in a good way. It’s not even Justin anymore. Idk who he is now. And I know I’m not the only one that feels this way. But at the same time he does seem truly happy. For now. He’s losing the people that love him the most but he doesn’t care. All he cares about is Jesus and family. Not even his own family he grew up with. Just Hailey and the kids he will have. He once said he wanted to be married with kids by 25. He’s 24. He rushed this and it’s all becoming very clear now. This relationship isn’t healthy by no means. The beginning of a relationship is the best part. You’re happy. You feel like you love this person even if you’ve only been together for a month and I bet that’s why Hailey said yes. I hope Justin snaps out of whatever is going on inside his head.
Omgg i thought this was old !! He looks like 2015stin😻
I’m tired of themes I’m just gonna post whatever I want
I still don't get any kind of information about our new song bc ughhh!!! 😣😣 I'm so angry on the @djkhaled just bcoz he said that he will release today but he didn't 😩 @justinbieber pls give me some new songs I'm so fucking bore now 😞
comment an unpopular opinion and like the comments of the ones you agree with 🙄
When Do you Like More, He was 9 years or 19 years ? What Do You Think ? 😍😇🔥😎
They need to do a collab 💖 #justinbieber #arianagrande
look at this,bitch
HE LOOKS SO GOOD i‘m whipped
I need their reunion😩
y’all see how good he looks if he has his hair out of the way, lowkey lookin like 2015stin
Bu foroğraf cok hoşuma gitti ve Justin cok tatli degil mi? Insanin baglandikca baglaansi geliyor sevdikce sevesi geliyor yaa cok mutlu ve cok guzell 💕😇 ` Daha fazlası için beni takip edin 🍷 @justinbieber #justinbieber 🇨🇦 #justin #drew #bieber #justinbieber #justindrewbieber #belieber #beliebers #jelieber #jeliebers #kidrauhl #bizzle #rickthesizzler #believe #believetour #purpose #purposetour #stratford #ontario #canada #neversaynever #JB5 #jesus #god #jb #loveislove
i love her
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