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This popped up on my #timehop #5yearsagotoday I still believe this!!! #believeinyourself #believeinyourpower
Over, and over, and over, and over I repeat this to myself today. . I let go. . I let go. . I let go. . Let it be. . Let it be. . Let it be. #trustyourmagic#believeinyourpower 💫 #letgo #letbe
When it seems impossible, that is when you focus in and see the task all the way through. Fear will cripple your dreams, goals, and vision. Do not allow small thoughts to diminish your large dreams. There is always an obstacle but you are stronger and the ability to overcome is much greater. Use this week to work on everything that seemed impossible! #BelieveInYourPower #PowerfulBeginnings #ItisPossible
Apply this to anything you’re currently going through. Heartbreak, Finances, Friendships, Loss, Grief, Depression. Lack of ________, Anything. . . 👇🏾Repeat after me: Where I’m at right now is only a season; not a life sentence. . Happy Monday 🦄
Great success always starts with a small step. Happy Monday, everyone! Make it a great week. #MondayMotivation #BelieveInYourPower #HealthIsWealth
“Willpower is the key to success. Successful people strive no matter what they feel by applying their will to overcome apathy, doubt or fear.” -Dan Millman #PowerfulBeginnings #Fearless #BelieveInYourPower #Greatness
No one is you and that is your power. ❤️Feeling powerful in my new workout fit by @ideologyactive exclusively at @Macys #BelieveInMovement #Sponsored #Motivation #BelieveInYourPower #MondayMotivation
It was a perfect evening ... the sun was going down and the weather had cooled off ... @raubinpierce and I had our blanket out and ready for the show. Stella and Scarlett were giggling and dancing to the music, blowing bubbles and putting smiles on everyone’s faces. . Well ... that was the vision I had in my head at least. . Now for what actually happened ... . I went to get the bubble guns out of my bag when I realized I had forgotten THE most important thing ... the batteries! . No dancing. Certainly no laughing. And no bubbles. . Then in the midst of me pleading and apologizing to the girls, out of nowhere a beautiful tie-dyed angel appeared and handed each girl a bubble wand and bubbles. . How … ? What … ? Did that really happen? . IT WAS MAGICAL! . There’s lots of places we could take our girls this summer ... many historical sights and breathtaking scenes around this great land. But this is why we chose to take our girls on a mini summer tour to @deadandcompany. Here is where they can learn about life and see and feel first hand the power of love, joy, acceptance and most of all, kindness. . Their souvenirs aren’t anything they can play with or put on a shelf in their bedroom, but what they do leave with is something that will stay in their hearts and minds forever. Our hope is they will take what they see, learn and feel in this magical place and sprinkle it out into the real world sharing their heart (and bubbles) with the next person who might be in need. Who will we see in Boulder?!? ❤️⚡️❤️⚡️ . Scarlett’s pants inspired by @johnmayer
What goes down on Tuesday night my weekly team call✨ Amazing so much good vibes and takeaways tonight . This coaching opportunity has changed me to over come fears. For anyone that knows me for a long time my fear of public speaking is outside this world. Today @amanda.pennino asked me to share my take aways from super Sunday. I was sweating and so scared outside of this world but I did it. I feel on top of this world 🌍. Push yourself out of your comfort zone that’s where the magic happens. This coaching opportunity has made me strive for better, it not only the physical aspect internally I’m growing, becoming the best person I can be. After my amazing call I put in the work and showed up and today was Day:2 of B4L4 Legs are dead after only 20 mins. So imagine how great Liift4 will be! Join me and my amazing team get results. •8 weeks •workout 4 days •rest 3 days •optional cheat meal What more info send me a message, or drop a emoji of your fave food. 🍕🍔🍟🥨🥓🥞🌮🥗
Day 2 Passion for Jesus 弟兄們,我不是以為自己已經得着了;我只有一件事,就是忘記背後,努力面前的, 向着標竿直跑,要得神在基督耶穌裏從上面召我來得的獎賞。腓立比書3:13-14 #younggeneration #believeinyourpower #原住民為神敬拜跳舞
Done is better than perfect right? I know that’s what everyone keeps saying, but … . it sometimes feels like we use that as an excuse to make mistakes or as a way to defend our mediocre work. . I’m not saying we should try to make everything perfect, but what about somewhere in between? There’s a big difference between done and well done. I know we can’t be perfect, but I think we should challenge ourselves to do better. . Would if we tried just a bit harder to think through an idea and make it our own? What if we paid a little closer attention to the details? What if we spent just a little longer figuring out how to blow someone’s socks off rather than just delivering what they asked for. . A good idea today could turn into an even better one tomorrow. . We need to give ourselves time … time to be creative, time to think, time to let it come to us and time to make something really really good.. . What do you think? Do you think there’s an in between done and perfect we should be striving for? How do we find more time to think? 🌹 ⠀⠀
#mondaymotivation ✨ Yesss! Read my shirt that’s me all the way Perfectly Imperfect. Here’s a smile that is always brought to my face after ever workout I do in my little space. It’s my outlet, yes we struggle to get started but believe once you do. You won’t feel crappy after a good sweaty session. So just do it!
My Cosmic insight today... write your proclamation for what you want to visualize for your next two years... Jupiter goes direct tomorrow; then we have a Solar Eclipse & new moon in Cancer this Thursday, July 12th✨The Jupiter Retrograde months can help you solidify your inner conviction, faith, & optimism for a brighter world & future, both personally & collectively. We all get to cash in on this fantastic gift as soon as Jupiter turns direct. Lucky us! Use Jupiter Direct's power wisely. Here's an analogy that might help you understand the significance of Jupiter's influence when he turns direct on July 10, 2018 -- and how to make sure you use it wisely. When first disappointing forces show up immediately meditate about how much better you & the world might be once you can enjoy the yummylicious abundant mindset that is shifting in you!! Recall how strong your faith is or bring back the faith in yourself & your inner gifts, watch everything fall into place. The answers were inside of you all along … you just had to believe. Jupiter Retrograde 2018 begins on March 8 at 23° Scorpio and ends on July 10 at 13° Scorpio. Jupiter retrograde represents a time of philosophical or spiritual introspection & reflection. This year the central theme of Jupiter retrograde is intoxicating your value system, morals that will affect your physical health. Jupiter retrograde 2018 signals the right time to start detoxifying. It is time to purify your body, mind & soul. Jupiter retrograde 2018 is even more powerful when you know the Numerology connected to Jupiter retrograde in your natal chart followed by the general meaning of Jupiter retrograde in transit, so book a Mind, Body, Soul session with me & find out... thanks for tuning into the COSMOS... 🌀✨🌙✨🌀💥 . . . #mindbodysoulsessionsbykristag #cosmicinsightsbykristag #jupitor #retrograde #abundancementality #timeforfaith #believeinyourpower #lovehealsall #astrologymatters #spirtualnumerology #numerologist #healingartist #soulularprocess #souldoctor #soulliftreadingsbykristag
🔴NUEVOS DISEÑOS🔴 ------->>> Aretes Pin Botones Florales. Cómodos y van con todos tus outfits. DISPONIBLES en stock y por pedidos en todos los colores. $ 4.00 🔴 🔴 🔴 #aretes #earrings #handmade #textil #refashion #artesano #panama #pendientes #red #rojo #aretesrojos #aretesdemoda #bedifferentbeyou #believeinyourpower #hechoamano#emprender #entrepenuer
Everyone has the power to help themselves & others #ivegotthepower #believeinyourself #believeinyourpower
The minute you become your #1 priority, you’ll see a shift. This happens naturally because of the focus you put on yourself and your highest of wants and needs. . . 🙌Wouldn’t it be amazing to get the most of yourself? Your life ? The time you put into things? 👇 . . Eliminate the distractions, people, and things not serving you. All of that is blocking & stopping you from what’s most important. . . Put yourself first and don’t feel bad or selfish because being a priority in your life is the BIGGEST BLESSING YOU COULD EVER GIVE YOURSELF!
I’ve been scared of it my whole life, but if you ask me why, I couldn’t tell you. ⠀⠀ .. ⠀⠀ Maybe something happened to me or one of my friends when we were younger or maybe it’s just me being scared to try anything new … I really don’t know. ⠀⠀ .. ⠀⠀ All I know is … I’m afraid. ⠀⠀ .. ⠀⠀ We’ve all been there, right? Nervous to step out of our comfort zone, do something new or take a risk. ⠀⠀ .. ⠀⠀ We play it safe, hide or say it’s not really our thing rather than try anything we aren’t totally comfortable with ... and then we miss out on so much. ⠀⠀ .. ⠀⠀ It’s okay to be scared ... we’re all scared. Courage comes not from being fearless - but from being afraid and doing anyway. ⠀⠀ .. ⠀⠀ At least that’s what I told myself last night as I decided to conquer this life long fear. ⠀⠀ .. ⠀⠀ As both my girls watched, I leapt out of my lawn chair ... grabbed the punk ... and took that mortar down to the end of the driveway and lit a firecracker for the first time ever (and then ran for my life) … ⠀⠀ .. ⠀⠀ What about you? Have you got out your comfy chair recently and stared down the barrel of one of your fears? How did it feel? (‘Cause I kind a liked it). ⠀⠀ .. ⠀⠀ Thanks to my friend @joanlsutton for the gentle nudge I needed to make this possible 💥 ⠀⠀ #ipreview @preview.app
Y’all, I used to be on the SEE-food diet... you know- the diet where you SEE 👀FOOD🍰 so you eat it?!! The hardest part for me is this “diet” crept in when I found out I was pregnant and continued long after I gave birth to MacKenzie. It’s what led me to gaining 65lbs during my pregnancy and assured me that I wasn’t going to lose the weight for almost a year after giving birth. I actually remember eating more than one cookie/dessert at a time because I had this weird mental struggle of only being able to eat things in even numbers. So I couldn’t have just 1, I had to have 2... not 3, but 4... 🙈 LEGIT- the struggle was REAL. . Whether you have yet to change your mindset around food or whether you’re on day 372 and still struggling, know that BELIEVING that you can change your mindset around food is the FIRST step to success! . ▪️Food doesn’t control me, I control what I eat. ▪️Food doesn’t have power over me, I have the power. I can choose to eat just 1 cookie vs. 4. ▪️Food can be an emotional trigger for me, but I take charge on how I feel. ▪️Food is amazingly delicious for me, because I choose to find ways to enjoy healthy, great tasting dishes 85% of the time and still indulge in the not so healthy (but GOOD AF!) desserts, savory pastas, and wine! . We don’t have to give up everything we enjoy eating in order to change our mindset around food. Once we stop giving food THE POWER, we then have the power to change our relationship with what we eat. I decided one day to stop giving food MY POWER. Is today the day you take back YOUR POWER?? . . . . #thatfitmommylife #youareincontrol #mindsetiseverything #food4thought #takebackyourpower #trustandbelieve #believeinyourpower #believeinyou #takebackcontrol #mindsetshift #foodforhealth #foodporn #thursdaythoughts #fitmommylife #fitmomstrongmom #momlife #absafterbaby #fierceandfocused #believeinyourself #believetoachieve #mommysupport #fuelyourgoals #weightlosssupport #weightloss #weightlosssuccess #focusonyourgoals #girlmomlife #foodstagram #foodlover
🇺🇸 Celebrating our Independence today!🇺🇸 . How blessed are we??! 🎆 . I’m thankful to spend time with my family and friends at the lake today!🙏🏼 . . 🙏🏼 What are you Thankful for today?👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼
Hike 26. Sometimes life is like this ladder, you've climbed the mountain, you've wrapped yourself in tinfoil the wind's so cold, there's 1 more top to summit,1 more valley to traverse, those rungs were icy the drop on the left sheer, but she knew with certainty that it was going to work out & the beauty from up there was infinite.🙆🏻🏞#love #hike #themountainsarecalling #livefearlessly #girlswhohike #lovetoexplore #pushforyourdreams #roamtheplanet #climbergirl #aroundeverycorner #forceofnature #alifealive #mountainbabes #andshesdopetoo #yesyoucan #believeinyourpower #radgirlslife #sheisnotlost #babessupportingbabes #womenwhoexplore
What do you see when you look in the mirror??👁 . Confidence? Happiness? Strength? Beauty? Self Confidence? Weakness? Sadness? . . Once you truly see yourself you will know what your strengths are and your weaknesses... . . You can choose to ignore the weaknesses or you can turn them into your strengths. You decide! . . Work on the hard stuff... it’ll always be worth it. #goals
This guy @raubinpierce insists on doing a cannon ball EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. he gets in the pool 💥 I love him 😍
to my dear someone #believeinyourpower #youarecourageous #youarestrong 💪🏻💕
Let nothing take away your inner happiness...that right there will attract miracles into your life! ~Push Girls ___________________ 📷 @thaitaistudio Left to Right @miaschaikewitz @therealangelarockwood @autiangel @tiphanyadamsfitness #innerhappiness #believeinyourpower #miraclesdohappen #syncronicity #girlsempoweringgirls #womenempowerment
I have this vision in my head of her wearing these beautiful handmade patchwork dresses with flowers in her hair. 🌸🌸🌸 There’s only one problem … .. Scarlett hates dresses. She also isn’t a fan of zippers, buttons, fitted pants or shirts that have tight sleeves. That leaves us with a closet full of super cute barely worn clothes and some pretty heated conversations between the two of us. .. As desperately as I want this picture in my head to come to life, I know deep down that’s my style, not hers. And she isn’t me. She’s Scarlett. She’s this adorable yet hilarious jokester with a huge heart. She has a smile that lights up a room and loves to pretend she’s shy. .. How could I even consider trying to force her to wear something or be someone she isn’t? .. We’re all born creative and unique. It’s not till we get older that we start to get scared to stand out and be different. .. This makes me wonder ... .. What if instead of pushing our kids to be who we think they should be and instead we encourage them to be more of who they really are, maybe it would give them the courage and confidence at an earlier age to be proud of their differences knowing that’s what truly makes them special. .. Happy 7th birthday to my pajama loving one of a kind Scarlett! 🦋 🌈🎂❤️ Let’s be proud of being different. Share with me what makes you different.
This is the kind of positivity I needed to see today... Let's break those chains that's trying to dim our lights! We've got this, we're invincible👊💪 #inspire #motivate #believe #live #love #laugh #celebrate #support #confidence #invincible #greatness #believeinyourself #believeinyourpower #ownyourtruth #community #network #movement #byMrsA 💋
My mantra for today..... . . ✨❤️❤️🙏🏼😊🙏🏼❤️❤️✨
Desde que tengo memoria ha sido complicado comprar ropa. Primero por no estar tan gorda para plus size ni tan flaca para poder usar algunas marcas y segundo debido a que soy petite todo lo que es largo debo cortarlo. Entre que no debo usar algunos estampados, ni algunos largos o cortos, ni esto o esto otro, la vaina se complica. Pero lo bacano es que mi petite se presta para los vestidos de verano. Encuentra lo que te queda bien y apodérate de ese estilo como si fueras la última Coca Cola del desierto, eso es en verdad ser sexy, no andar medio encuera sin poder ni moverte con libertad o vistiendo tallas más pequeñas que las tuyas. #beyourself and #believeinyourpower #tinygirlproblems #embracingmycurves 📸 @ijgarciacatron
A Healer does not heal you. A Healer is someone who holds space for you while you awaken your Inner Healer, so that you can heal yourself 🙏💜 - Maryam Hasnaa
“Be Strong”—>this is my theme and mantra for the day! 💓💪🏼 . When faced with unexpected events that question our strength , I’m talking emotionally and mentally here, I’m finding that believing, talking yourself into believing you are strong is what you have to do. Envision it. 🙏🏼 . Don’t ever question your ability to get through hard times, tragedy and / or loss... . YOU ARE STRONGER THAN YOU THINK. BELIEVE IT! . Love to all my friends and family that may be struggling right now. I am sending strength, peace and love.💞
It's a happy Monday!! No more grey 💇!! . I seriously feel like 10 years younger when I looked in the mirror this morning!! . Motivated with big goals this week!! . Be intentional each day and be kind to ALLL those around you!! . Sending you ALL Love & Laughter . LIVE, LOVE & SPARKLE Xo D💋 #fitforties #naturalcurlyhair #weeklygoals #biggoals #beintentional #believeinyourpower #believeinyourself
I know that the statement below is true because I have seen the strength, courage, bravery and absolute determination of women many times with my own eyes. I know what women are truly capable of and it's nothing less than magic! BELIEF is everything... I tell my daughters this often, but there are times when I forget to tell myself! So beauties, today I am remembering to believe in myself and I want to remind you to believe in your own power too! Believe-Act-Manifest ✨ #womenempowerotherwomen #believeinyourpower #igniteyourinnermagic #inspire #action #manifest #belief #trustinyourself #feminine #girlpower #magic #strongwomen #strength #courage #brave #determination #empowerment #success
🌞🌼Sono ma loro la mia carica di energia mattutina!! 🐶🐕🏃‍♀️ Molto meglio di ogni sveglia: alle 8.00 ti assalgono nel letto e scalpitano per farti vedere la luce del SOLE.. e appena catapultandoti fuori ti avvolgono i suoi raggi, capisci che questo è il buongiorno più spontaneo, naturAle e speciAle...che tu possa desiderare.... VI AMO. A.❤ @suipassidialeonlus @resilienzailfilm @silvana_cartei_righi #RESILIENZA #loveyourlife #loveyourself #believeinyourpower #morningpower #positivevibes #love #life #lifeenergy
I am here: To heal. To grow. To learn. To take full responsibility for my life. To use every last blessing, talent, gift and advantage for expansion, for LOVE, and for good. To help others do all of the above. WHAT YOU CHOOSE TO BELIEVE HAS A HUGE IMPACT ON YOU Only YOU are in control of your thoughts, what influences you and who you allow to influence you 💥 Happy Saturday! 📸 @hilaryhyland . . . . . . #believeinyou #believeinyou #believeinyourdreams #believeinyourselfie #BelieveInYourBrand #believeinyourdream #BelieveInYourselfLoveYourself #believeinyourvision #believeinyourbarber #believeinyourselfalways #believeinyourpower #believeinyouself #believeinyourangels #believeinyourselffirst #believeinyour #believeinyourpassion #believeinyourseld #believeinyourabilities #BelieveInYourYourself #believeinyourpotential #believeinyourchildren #believeinyourgoals #BelieveInYourCurves #BELIEVEINYOURESLF #believeinyourbrilliance #believeinyourselfleo #believeinyoupartner #believeinyourselfs #BELIEVEINYOURPRACTICE #believeinyoursself
‘As I slowly emerge from what I can only describe as a hibernation, I know I am strong, I am powerful and I am love’ . - My Journal . . #standinyourtruth #straightfromthejournal #youarepowerfultoo #healthandwellness #saturdaymorning #deepfeels #fromtheheart #meditation 🙏 #selflove #believeinyourpower #befierce #emerging #ylangylang #innerchildcomingout
Shaun Ross Cover of ACAPELLA Magazine Photographer EMIN@EMINOHOTO.COM Stylist Ty-Ron Mayes @stylisttyronmayes #Relaunch #SoExcited #Somuchtocome #BelieveinYourPower #Beimpeccable #ACAPELLAMagazine
Gaffer credit on set of Dissonance. Wrapped out this short film in 4 days. So grateful to have been apart of such an incredible team of likeminded and passion driven individuals. . . . . . . . . . . #losangeles #film #gaffer #gripandelectric #memories #workhard #playhard #fightforyourdreams #makeithappen #believeinyourpower #trusttheuniverse #havealittlefaith #jump #fly #runshit #livingthedream #career #passion #goals #dream #fight #succeed #create #energy #makelifebeautiful #feelgrateful #blessed #give ❤️📽🤘🏼😊✨
There's no one like you. Believe in yourself. Go forward with confidence. The possibilities you possess are endless. #speckitintoexistence #dependonnoone #BelieveinYourPower #Loveyourself #GOFORIT #AnthonyDriven
When you love all the craziness about you, the imperfections, the good, the beautiful, the not so beautiful, you become unbreakable. Self love you see is so important. Embrace you cause guess what? Nobody is like you and believe me you will attract and inspire the right people. Once you accept and love YOU, my dear nobody can get you. Your light is a gift! You are a gift! Go show em 💃🏻
Cardio every day Narrow to wide squats 45seconds 10 second rest Repeat 3X Booty Burn🍑 In less than 4 minutes you can start feeling the burn and get your heart rate pumping. I love adding at least a quick 10! to 15 minute cardio at the end of my workouts every time. When do you like to do your cardio? Before or after your workout? #cardiochick #happyfitgirl #lovewhoyouare ❤️
The journey of abuse will leave you focused on insecurities and hurt. Taking that journey and allowing the transition to build you and create a foundation of self love and rebirth to the person you want to be is the ultimate goal. Use your energy to reinvent yourself and start a life that will amaze the people who didn’t know it was possible. #BelieveInYourPower #SelfLove #Transition #DomesticViolence #Abuse
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