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- ME WATCHING THE PRESS CONFERENCE TODAY 🤦🏽‍♀️ - 1. ksi's dumb rats started chanting chloe's a hoe and fuck your girl AND I AINT GOIN SIT HERE AND SAY YOU SHOULDN'T DISRESPECT A GIRL LIKE THAT CAUSE YOU SHOULDNT DISRESPECT ANYBODY MALE FEMALE OR TRANS LIKE WHAT THESE IDIOTS DID TODAY😪💔 2. saw a comment on @thebreadbatch 's post " if you remove the c and the l all you have left is hoe" my baby doesn't deserve all this 😿💔 3. Chloe Bennet we love you🥀 stay strong cause your future is so bright and i just love everything about you mom 🙈🖤 @chloebennet #ksivsloganpaul
. YOO 😫💗💖💓 THEY ARE ADORABLE I FORGOT HOW TO BREATH PROPERLY 🙈😩🖤 @chloebennet @loganpaul
. "just like my relationship with chloe bennet" y'all remember this 😳😪💔 it did work out logz 🖤 @chloebennet @loganpaul
💖💗💞💖💕💖💗 logan's smile when he saw herrr😍💕 im so high on chlogan rn sorry yall😫🙈♥️ @chloebennet @loganpaul
. this couple will slay 2018 i cant wait to see whats yet to come! logan and chloe be making my heart explode😤💖 @chloebennet @loganpaul
IM SURE ALL YALL HAVE SEEN LOGAN'S ADORABLE FUCKIN INSTAGRAM POST BY NOW💕 and all i have to say is congrats to my FAVE SHIP SKS😢💜 - - i've been inlove with you guys 's chemistry since valley girl and to see you guys develop from movie partners to friends to best friends TO BOYFRIEND AND FRIKIN GF means everything to me <3 i lav you two so much and thank you logan for brightening up my year with that cute ass ig post ILY LOVE BIRDS💖 @chloebennet @loganpaul
Hello friends it's me #avengerswarofinfinity as you know I had 27k followers than all of the sudden what happened ?? Someone hacked my account and stole it from me and changed email and my mobile no. and Instagram didn't helped me to recover it Some how I get my account name back Cause he changed my 27k account name to @iamgknows I hope I'll get u r love and support back as u gave me in past And help me to do my 50k before avengers 4 love u guys 😍😍😘😘😎😎
The Avengers war of infinity.who watched this wonderful film? #avengers #avengerswarofinfinity #stiverogers #capitanamerica #vacanda
Thanos em andamento🎨 Thanos step by step 🎨 #desenhosrealistas #drawing #draw #lapisdecor #avengers #thanos #pencilcollor #collorpencil #artebrasileira #euapoioaarte #avengerswarofinfinity follow me guys🙏🎨
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